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Advice for Employees New to Remote Work.

Remote work is becoming more common than ever. In fact, in a recent survey conducted by Indeed, out of the 500 employees surveyed, 55% percent said they were allowed to work remotely, and among those, 75% said this perk improved work-life balance. The following are some recommendations on successfully working off site.

* Join weekly meetings--Make sure a 1:1 meeting is set up with the manager and the individual starts joining regular team meetings to get a sense of how things work in the company.

* Identify roadblocks--The manager may not have insight into the struggles the employee is dealing with since he/she is not physically in the same office. Encourage the individual to speak up and start an open conversation.

Understand communication styles--How does the individual communicate best? (instant message, video chat, email?) If unclear, be sure to ask before kicking off any projects. It will make collaboration go much smoother.

* Schedule virtual meetings

--Regular interactions with colleagues are vital even if it is just for a casual 10-minute chat.

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Date:Apr 1, 2019
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