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Effects of skepticism about corporate social responsibility advertising on consumer attitude. Yang, Chao-Ming; Hsu, Tzu-fan Report Apr 1, 2017 6208
Predictors of the effectiveness of celebrity endorsement on Facebook. Um, Nam-hyun Report Dec 1, 2016 4524
Cultural orientation affects consumer responses to charity advertising. Kim, Yoojung Report Aug 1, 2016 3796
Golf product advertising value, attitude toward advertising and brand, and purchase intention. Lee, Yong-gun; Byon, Kevin K.; Ammon, Robin; Park, Sung-bae R. Report Jun 1, 2016 6135
To click or not to click? Investigating antecedents of advertisement clicking on Facebook. Kim, Yoojung; Kang, Mihyun; Choi, Sejung Marina; Sung, Yongjun Report May 1, 2016 4021
La voz en off en anuncios televisivos estandarizados en ingles y espanol. Pennock-Speck, Barry; del Saz Rubio, Ma Milagros Jun 1, 2009 7755
BADvertising targeting tweens. Battams, Rebecca Nov 1, 2008 629
Simultaneous media experience and synesthesia. Pilotta, Joseph J.; Schultz, Don Mar 1, 2005 4903
Comparing the current effects and carryover of national-, regional-, and local-sponsor advertising. Herrington, J. Duncan; Dempsey, William A. Mar 1, 2005 8146
A managerial investigation into the product placement industry. Russell, Cristel Antonia; Belch, Michael Mar 1, 2005 13068
Perceptions of handbills as a promotional medium: an exploratory study. Prendergast, Gerard; Man, Yuen Sze Mar 1, 2005 3991
Information source usage and purchase satisfaction: implications for product-focused print media. Pingol, Laura L.; Miyazaki, Anthony D. Mar 1, 2005 5033
Better practices in advertising can change a cost of doing business to wise investments in the business. Blair, Margaret H.; Kuse, Allan R. Mar 1, 2004 9439
Some key questions. Kover, Arthur J. Editorial Dec 1, 2003 517
The ecological fallacy: some fundamental research misconceptions corrected. Clancy, Kevin J.; Berger, Paul D.; Magliozzi, Thomas L. Dec 1, 2003 6351
Editorial: Robert K. Merton. Kover, Arthur J. Obituary Jun 1, 2003 465
Decision-making processes surrounding sponsorship activities. Thjomoe, Hans Mathias; Olson, Erik L.; Bronn, Peggy Simcic Nov 1, 2002 6553
Corporate stadium sponsorships, signaling theory, agency conflicts, and shareholder wealth. Clark, John M.; Cornwell, T. Bettina; Pruitt, Stephen W. Nov 1, 2002 11320
What is wrong with international advertising research? (Point of View). Taylor, Charles R. Nov 1, 2002 4153
Hispanic-targeted advertising: more sales? (Observations). Torres, Ivonne M.; Gelb, Betsy D. Nov 1, 2002 3701
Warning advertising may be hazardous to your health: ads pose a threat to physical, emotional, social, and cultural well-being. (Mass Media). Fox, Roy F. Statistical Data Included Nov 1, 2001 3667
Benchmarking advertising efficiency. Luo, Xueming; Donthu, Naveen Statistical Data Included Nov 1, 2001 6324
Using TV daypart "Double Jeopardy Effects" to boost advertising efficiency. McDowell, Walter S.; Dick, Steven J. Nov 1, 2001 5194
Consumer Perspectives on Standardization in International Advertising: A Student Sample. Backhaus, Klaus; Muhlfeld, Katrin; Doorn, Jenny Van Sep 1, 2001 5815
Just Say No to Traditional Student Samples. James, William L.; Sonner, Brenda S. Statistical Data Included Sep 1, 2001 5195
A Tale of Two Studies: Replicating "Advertising Effectiveness and Content Evaluation in Print and on the Web". GALLAGHER, KATHERINE; PARSONS, JEFFREY; FOSTER, K. DALE Jul 1, 2001 7166
Selecting Celebrity Endorsers: The Practitioner's Perspective. Erdogan, B. Zafer; Baker, Michael J.; Tagg, Stephen May 1, 2001 6446
Instrumental vs. Vocal Versions of Popular Music in Advertising. ROEHM, MICHELLE L. May 1, 2001 6936
So What? A Rejoinder to the Reply by Crites and Aikman-Eckenrode to Rossiter et al. (2001). ROSSITER, JOHN R.; SILBERSTEIN, RICHARD B.; HARRIS, PHILIP G.; NIELD, GEOFF May 1, 2001 1979
Commercial Liking and Memory: Moderating Effects of Product Categories. YOUN, SEOUNMI; SUN, TAO; WELLS, WILLIAM D.; ZHAO, XINSHU May 1, 2001 4418
Zapping Behavior during Commercial Breaks. BIU TSE, ALAN CHING; LEE, RUBY P. W. May 1, 2001 2739
Two tribes divided by a common language? Baskin, Merry; Coburn, Neil Mar 22, 2001 11088
Decoding competitive propositions: a semiotic alternative to traditional advertising research. Harvey, Michael; Evans, Malcolm Mar 22, 2001 5559
The Laws of Choice: Predicting Customer Behavior. Tolley, Stu Statistical Data Included Mar 1, 2001 1888
Measuring the audience to poster advertising. Bloom, Derek Dec 22, 2000 6848
Beyond the OTS: measuring the quality of media exposure. Galpin, James; Gullen, Phil Statistical Data Included Dec 22, 2000 7274
Overcontrol in Advertising Experiments. Farris, Paul W.; Reibstein, David J. Nov 1, 2000 3080
TV More Effective? TURNER, LANCE Brief Article Oct 16, 2000 132
A Model for Diagnosing and Reducing Nonresponse Bias. COLOMBO, RICHARD Statistical Data Included Jan 1, 2000 4934
What Is Wearout Anyway? SCOTT, DOUGLAS R.; SOLOMON, DEBBIE Sep 1, 1998 4109
Matching the Message to the Mind: Advertising Imagery and Consumer Processing Styles. LABARBERA, PRISCILLA A.; WEINGARD, PETER; YORKSTON, ERIC A. Sep 1, 1998 7985
Ad Agencies' Performance and Role in Providing Communication Services in Chile, Japan, and the United States. GRIFFIN, TOM; MCARTHUR, DAVID; YAMAKI, TOSHIO; HIDALGO, PEDRO Sep 1, 1998 6191
AOL CHOOSES ABC INTERACTIVE Article Jul 25, 1998 200
Size Of Audience Counts Less Than Quality: Survey Fitzgerald, Mark Article Jul 11, 1998 289
Internet ad buys - what reach and frequency do they deliver? Wood, Leslie Jan 1, 1998 3119
J.P. Jones and M.H. Blair on measuring advertising effects - another point of view. Lodish, Leonard M. Sep 1, 1997 3090
Archetypal research for advertising: a Spanish-language example. Maso-Fleischman, Roberta Sep 1, 1997 2643
Brand management in a marketplace war zone. Transcript Sep 1, 1997 3451
Effective frequency: then and now. Naples, Michael J. Bibliography Jul 1, 1997 3742
Validating STAS using BehaviorScan. Schroeder, Gary; Richardson, Bruce C.; Sankaralingam, Avu Jul 1, 1997 4401
Linking tracking to pretesting with an "ARM." (Advertising Response Model) Bruzzone, Donald E.; Tallyn, Deborah J. May 1, 1997 2821
The expanded ARF model: bridge to the accountable advertising future. Harvey, Bill Mar 1, 1997 6477
Strive for loyal brands, then loyal consumers. Tudor, Antony Editorial Nov 1, 1996 686
Understanding, measuring, and using brand equity. Dyson, Paul; Farr, Andy; Hollis, Nigel S. Nov 1, 1996 6805
Consistent advertising evaluation from multi-country inconsistent data sets. Meyers, Robert D. May 1, 1996 2010
Do you really want to know? Biel, Alexander L. Mar 1, 1996 3917
Why copywriters don't like advertising research - and what kind of research might they accept. Kover, Arthur J. Mar 1, 1996 2643
Changing demands. Wacker, Watts Jan 1, 1996 2802
Research in a world of expanding media options: chicken or egg? Donato, Paul J. Jan 1, 1996 4145
The changing face of advertising research in the information age: an ARF copy research council survey. Cook, William A.; Dunn, Theodore F. Jan 1, 1996 6695
Research that creates a foundation for advertising's future: an interview with Mike Naples, the outgoing president of the ARF. Interview Jan 1, 1996 7214
Simulating single-source data: how it fails us just when we need it most. Cannon, Hugh M.; Seamons, Brett L. Nov 1, 1995 5482
SAM: the Self-Assessment Manikin. An efficient cross-cultural measurement of emotional response. Morris, Jon D. Nov 1, 1995 2438
GSR reconsidered: a behavior-based approach to evaluating and improving the sales potency of advertising. LaBarbera, Priscilla A.; Tucciarone, Joel D. Sep 1, 1995 12033
A new approach to measuring product category membership. Adams, Arthur J.; Van Auken, Stuart Sep 1, 1995 3283
Are aggregate scanner data models biased? Link, Ross Sep 1, 1995 2222
"Wanted: bungee jumper.... Cook, William A. Editorial Jul 1, 1995 918
Applying laddering data to communications strategy and advertising practice. Reynolds, Thomas J.; Whitlark, David B. Jul 1, 1995 5075
Consumer understanding and advertising strategy: analysis and strategic translation of laddering data. Gengler, Charles E.; Reynolds, Thomas J. Jul 1, 1995 7823
Seeing the voice of the customer: metaphor-based advertising research. Zaltman, Gerald; Coulter, Robin Higie Jul 1, 1995 9142
Single-source research begins to fulfill its promise. Jones, John Philip May 1, 1995 2970
Measuring immediate response to advertising: what you see may not be what you get. Koschat, Martin A.; Sabavala, Darius J. May 1, 1995 5219
Use of foreign language and models in print advertisements in East Asian countries: a logit modelling approach. Neelankavil, James P.; Mummalaneni, Venkatapparao; Sessions, David N. Apr 1, 1995 6132
The passive people meter: an agency perspective. Baron, Roger Mar 1, 1995 1964
Commercial television: dead or alive? A status report on Nielsen's passive people meter. Cook, Barry Mar 1, 1995 3906
How media directors view reach/frequency estimation: now and a decade ago. Leckenby, John D.; Kim, Heejin Sep 1, 1994 6298
Length of screening interval and print media audience estimates. Appel, Valentine Sep 1, 1994 2561
Understanding and using likability. Plessis, Erik du Sep 1, 1994 4810
Why liking matters. Walker, David; Dubitsky, Tony M. May 1, 1994 5740
A rejoinder to "Conclusions from the ARF's Copy Research Validity Project." (response to John R. Rossiter and Geoff Eagleson's article in this issue, p. 19) (Special Issue: Copy Testing) Haley, Russell I. May 1, 1994 1193
Convergent findings increase our understanding of how advertising works. Blair, Margaret Henderson; Rosenberg, Karl E. May 1, 1994 4779
The missing measures of copy testing. Haley, Russell I.; Staffaroni, James; Fox, Arthur May 1, 1994 5611
How advertising response modeling (ARM) can increase ad effectiveness. Mehta, Abhilasha May 1, 1994 5617
Recognition versus recall. du Plessis, Erik May 1, 1994 9739
Point of view: recall revisited: recall redux. Dubow, Joel S. May 1, 1994 9427
Recall revisited: recall redux - some reactions. Gibson, Lawrence D. May 1, 1994 623
"Recall Revisited: Recall Redux" - more reactions. Ross, Harold L., Jr. May 1, 1994 1402
Convergent findings increase our understanding of how advertising works. Blair, Margaret Henderson; Rosenberg, Karl E. May 1, 1994 4811
The missing measures of copy testing. Haley, Russell I.; Fox, Arthur May 1, 1994 5607
How advertising response modeling (ARM) can increase ad effectiveness. Mehta, Abhilasha May 1, 1994 5635
Recognition versus recall. Plessis, Erik du May 1, 1994 9761
Point of view: 'Recall Revisited: Recall Redux.' (comment on article by Lawrence D. Gibson, Journal of Advertising Research, vol. 23, p. 39, 1983) Dubow, Joel S. May 1, 1994 9209
Recall revisited: recall redux - some reactions. Gibson, Lawrence D. May 1, 1994 605
"Recall Revisited: Recall Redux" - more reactions. Ross, Harold L. Jr. May 1, 1994 1384
Increasing the odds for marketplace success - advertising development at FCB/LKP. Budner, David M. May 1, 1994 2695
Goodyear advertising research: past, present and future. Conlin, Ronald P. May 1, 1994 1779
Effective reach and frequency: does it really make sense? Cannon, Hugh M.; Riordan, Edward A. Mar 1, 1994 5232
The key is to understand consumer response. McDonald, Colin Sep 1, 1993 4782
New insights into reader quality measures. Philport, Joseph C. Sep 1, 1993 3469
Observations: toward the internal validation of cognitive age measures in advertising research. Van Auken, Stuart; Barry, Thomas E.; Anderson, Robert L. May 1, 1993 1591
Newspapers and retailers: survey examines advertiser impression of effectiveness and service. Stein, M.L. Sep 5, 1992 418
Perceptions of accountant advertisements. Ott, Richard L.; Andrus, David; Ainsworth, Penne Dec 1, 1991 1296
Do more research: execs from the nation's leading retailers advise newspapers. Stein, M.L. Apr 27, 1991 1013
Finding the magic: cognitive aspects of mood and emotion in advertising. Rago, Rosalinde Jun 22, 1989 1873
Copy research: fact and fiction. McCollum, Donald H.; Spielman, Harold M. Jun 22, 1989 2472
Audience research: pragmatism at work. Roslow, Larry Jun 22, 1989 2231
Broadcast ratings and ethics. Goldberg, Melvin A. Jun 22, 1989 1690
Tracking research: the state of the art. Frank, Newton Jun 22, 1989 1849
The age of the single source. Kamin, Howard Jun 22, 1989 2432

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