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Thin out rows of carrots, beet, turnips and lettuce sown in June.

Lift autumn-sown onions when the bulbs are ripe and allow to dry before storing in a cool, airy place.

Cut back delphiniums as they fade to encourage new growth and the chance of a second display.

Buy cabbage seed for sowing later this month or in early August to provide crops next spring.

Take cuttings from azaleas.

Damp down the floors and staging in the greenhouse and check every day to see if plants need water.

Lift garlic bulbs, bunch loosely and hang in an airy place to dry.

Mow the lawn regularly, raising the height of the cutting blades in very dry weather.

Give roses a final feed for the year.

Prune summer-flowering deciduous shrubs over three years old as they finish flowering.
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Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Jul 26, 2005
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