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Adventures on Tianmen Mountain.

Experience a new height in adventure on the amazing Tianmen Mountain in south-central Hunan Province, China.

Test your fear of heights by riding on a cable car to Tianmen Mountain. It is considered the world's longest cable car with the most beautiful, but one of the scariest, views one can ever look at. Mountain peaks, 99 bends on a road up to the peak, and deep valleys are some of the sights you'll see. A full journey on the aerial tramway ride can take about 30 minutes, covering a seven-kilometer area. Each cable car can hold for up to eight people, including the guide.

One of the walkways that tourists should check out is the Cliff-Hanging Walkway. It's a challenge for the tourists because it is built along the edge of the mountain, giving a grand view of the ground below. The walkway measures more than one and a half kilometers long and a thousand and four hundred meters high.

Another is the Coiled-Dragon Cliff Glass Walkway, which opened to the public August 2016. The glass floor will take your fear of heights to the next level as it gives you a glimpse of the mountains. The glass walkway measures 100 meters long and 1.6 meters wide and makes you feel like you might be walking on thin air.

The third one is called the Walk of Faith, the original skywalk that opened in November in 2011. It is 60 meters long and five feet wide. The walkway can be very dangerous for those who have heart conditions. It can be also fun to walk on it, and a way to overcome your fear; but always consider the potential danger. As the name implies, it takes faith to really cross this walkway.

The Tianmen Cave is another site to visit. It's a hole a hundred feet wide between two peaks. If you want to reach the Stairway to Heaven, you should take the challenged of climbing up 999 steep and narrow steps. It's an exercise that will really get your blood pumping! By the time you reach the top, you'll definitely feel like you've climbed all the way up to heaven itself.

Plan your trip ahead of time so you can try these awesome adventures. The mountain air will be good for you and you'll be able to experience sights you won't be able to find anywhere else.

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Date:Nov 21, 2016
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