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Advantis wields hammers and brushes.

Just in time for fall, Advantis Credit Union has helped spruce up some Portland-area homes during the REACH Community Development Paint-and-Repair-A-Thon.

Twelve credit union volunteers swung hammers and splashed paint brushes, upgrading the homes of low-income seniors and disabled.

An annual event, REACH Paint-and-Repair-A-Thon guarantees each home is spiffed up with individual attention--upgrades include painting homes inside and out, yard maintenance and basic home repairs.

In total, 22 senior and disabled persons are now able to enjoy safer, more energy efficient homes and a healthier environment.

REACH Community Development is a non-profit organization whose mission includes being the permanent resource for the development and maintenance of affordable housing for low-income people.

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Publication:Credit Union Times
Date:Oct 7, 2009
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