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Advantame approved in Europe.

In a move that will make it easier for food and beverage companies to meet commitments to reduce calories and sugar, the European Commission has approved Advantamc, the new low caloric sweetener from Ajinomoto, from the beginning ofJune this year.

Advantame is a new ingredient with a clean, sugar-like taste that can be used to reduce calories, while maintaining the excellent sweet taste that consumers expect. In the words of the Commission Regulation: "Advantame will provide manufacturers with greater flexibility in formulating energy-reduced foods with a similar taste profile as the full calorific equivalent."

A spokesperson for Ajinomoto Co Inc said: We welcome the approval of Advantame by the European Commission. Advantame blends well with sugar and other calorific sweeteners, providing food and beverage companies with an opportunity to both reduce calories and to manage sweetening costs."

Advantame was approved for general use, as a sweetener in foods and beverages by the US FDA in mid May this year. Advantame is also FEMA GRAS approved in the USA for use in frozen dairy applications, milk products, beverages and chewing gums. The ingredient has found success in North America and Asia in applications where it is used to enhance certain flavours. Advantame also extends the duration of the sweet taste in confectionery.

The spokesperson for Ajinomoto continued: "The need to address the over-consumption of calories is self-evident, not just in Europc, but throughout the developed world. With the approval of Advantame, we can provide a unique, value-added ingredient to food and beverage companies.

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Date:Sep 1, 2014
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