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Advancing to offset.

Advance Publications dailies in New York and Alabama are leaving letterpress behind.

In a new plant to be connected with its existing facility, Syracuse Newspapers will install a Wifag shaftless press to print its morning and evening papers. The OF 370 will consist of 52 couples in four-, five-, and six-high towers with flying page-change capability, eight autopasters (three with split-arm reels), and two jaw folders.

Straight-run capacity is 64 pages, with 32 pages of process color (more with no page changing). Installation is slated to begin in May 2001, with live production in January 2002.

On Alabama's Gulf Coast, the Mobile Register also bought 52 couples of shaftless offset with two jaw folders. Its MAN Roland Geoman in four four-high and two five-high towers over 13 RTPs with split-arm reels will print up to 48 pages in four-color and 16 pages in black in straight mode. To go into a new plant on the city's De Tonti Square, the press is expected to be operating in two years.

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Date:Mar 20, 2000
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