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Advancing excellence and woodworking innovation: the WMIA and its members work to advance North American wood products manufacturing, rewarding producers and educators that excel with a wooden globe award.

The Woodworking Machinery Industry Association works with wood products manufacturers to advance the competitive ness of woodworking in North America.

Below, WMIA President John Park discusses the association's activities and how they benefit the North American woodworking industry.

Woodworking Network: What is WMIA?

John Park: We are the Woodworking Machinery Industry Association. Our members are high technology machine importers, dealers and distributors in the United States. Additionally, we have a class of associate members that represent many other sectors in the woodworking industry.

WWN: The WMIA presents the annual Wooden Globe Awards. Please explain their significance?

John Park: The Wooden Globe Awards recognizes companies who made sound investments in technology resulting in increased production and a better bottom line. The technology of the new woodworking machines permit customers to be creative, solve their problems and help make the companies more profitable. (See winners pages 4,6 and 8)

WWN: What are some of the other programs WMIA offers to benefit the woodworking industry?

John Park: The WMIA provides scholarships for woodworking education. We've awarded scholarships to students at over 60 colleges, and to date, have given away well over a quarter million scholarship dollars. The goal of the WMIA Education Foundation is to encourage young people to pursue higher degrees in woodworking and its related fields. (See pages 10 and 12)

In addition to helping to provide a future workforce, WMIA is working with the International Standards Organization (ISO) and ANSI (American National Standards Institute) to harmonize international standards for woodworking machinery. The WMIA sponsors the U.S. Technical Advisory Group which is the voice for the United States on the ISO committee. The U.S./TAG is comprised of key U.S. importers, distributors and manufacturers of woodworking machines, educational institutes and trade associations, (i.e. WMIA, WMMA, AWI, etc.)

We now have the ability to influence and participate in the development of standards at a global level and to bring those standards back to the U.S. (Read more on page 3)

We live in a highly competitive based manufacturing arena, and for the U.S to remain relevant, it's absolutely imperative for the U.S. to have a role and a place at that table. By establishing and funding the U.S./TAG, WMIA has helped to secure the U.S. an active role in this process.

WWN: What does the purchase of IWF bring?

John Park: The fact that we were able to purchase the IWF show as equal partners with WMMA [Wood Machinery Manufacturers of America] is good for the industry. It strengthens the show and returns value to the industry. WMIA and WMMA are charged to deliver to the industry the best, most comprehensive show in North America every two years.

IWF is a unique opportunity for the entire industry to gather in Atlanta; to see the newest technology for the woodworking industry. In addition, there are a multitude of "must-see" educational opportunities and technical presentations, both on the exhibit floor and in the formal sessions.

John Park, WMIA President

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Comment:Advancing excellence and woodworking innovation: the WMIA and its members work to advance North American wood products manufacturing, rewarding producers and educators that excel with a wooden globe award.
Author:Park, John
Publication:Wood Products
Date:Jul 1, 2014
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