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Advances in Seafood Biochemistry, Composition and Quality.

This publication contains papers taken from the symposium Seafood Chemistry - Composition and Properties, sponsored by the American Chemical Society and other organisations and held during their annual meeting in New Orleans.

Like all symposia, if you weren't there, you may have missed something and one way of catching up is to purchase a copy of the Proceedings of the event, which is what this text is. More than 20 papers are reproduced here and their titles run: Potential and physical properties of underutilized species, Menhaden; Trimethylamine-N-oxide demethylation and protein denaturation in fish muscle; Factors affecting physical properties of fish protein gel; The implications of omega-3 fatty acids in human health; Lipid oxidation in fish muscle; Recovery of pigments and chitin from pink shrimp peeling wastes; Enzyme preservation of fresh seafoods; Supercritical fluid C|O.sub.2~ fractionation of fish oil esters; Concentration of eicosapentanoic acid by supercritical fluid extraction - a design study of continuous production process; Dietary fatty acids and eicosanoid biochemistry; Allergic reactions to seafood - identifications of allergens; Gelling and storage performance of surimi from a range of Atlantic Canadian species; Changes in fish muscle proteins at high and low temperature; Methods of extending the storage life of fresh tropical fish; Non enzymatic oxidation of seafood lipids; Bioavailability of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids; Proteolytic degradation of food proteins; Biochemistry and chemistry of colour and colour change in seafoods; Instrumental analysis of farm-raised catfish flavour quality; Surimi products - a review; and Non protein nitrogen compounds in fish and shellfish.
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Date:Oct 1, 1992
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