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Advances in Organobromine Chemistry 1.

Bromine chemistry is experiencing some measure of resurgence, with the First International Conference on the Chemistry and Applications of Bromine and its Compounds (1986) followed by the First International Symposium on Organobromocompounds and their Uses in 1989. The present volume brings together the main contributions presented at the 1989 symposium. The chapters are organized under five broad headings: preparation of organobrominated compounds (synthesis; reaction mechanisms); use of organobrominated compounds (synthesis; reaction mechanisms); and economical aspects and applications. The first four sections are concerned with ways of controlling reactivity by substrate and reaction choice, and by use of new techniques, such as use of microporous solids for catalysis or control of bromination reactions. The last section is concerned more with commercial applications, e.g. flame retardancy, of organobromocompounds and prospects for their use.

This symposium attracted both academic and industrial chemists working in the field, and this is the group most likely to be interested in this well produced, if somewhat expensive, volume.
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Author:Gibson, M.S.
Publication:Canadian Chemical News
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Date:Jun 1, 1992
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