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Articles from Advances in Natural and Applied Sciences (May 1, 2017)

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A comprehensive of symptoms of retinal disease and its segmentation: survey. Durai, B. Sakthi Karthi; Benadictraja, J. Report 3537
A detailed survey on brain tumor detection and classification systems based on features and classifiers. Selvapandian, A.; Manivannan, K. Report 1348
A fuzzy rule based decision making algorithm for detection of flood event. Mehuva, E.; Maheswari, N. Uma Report 2614
A glove based communication aid for quadriplegia patients. Jason, Jebasingh. G.V.; Suresh, ChanderKapali. B.; Michal, Dina Keziah. J.B.; Mohana, Lakshmi. A. Report 2343
A literature survey in ECG feature extraction. Thirumurugan, P.; Surendhar, S.; Raaj, R. Sathesh; Ezhilmathi, N. Report 2833
A modified Frank Wolfe algorithm for social recommendation based on user preference in multimedia application. Sukanya, P.; Shanthi, D.; Manivannan, K. Report 4057
A multi-swarm particle swarm optimization model for web page security classification. Thangammal, N.; Pethalakshmi, A. Report 2263
A novel approach for detecting and correcting errors using combinatorial testing. Swethasree, R.; Galeebathullah, B. Report 1988
A novel energy methodical digital self-interference cancellation technique for 5G applications. Sornalatha, R.; Janakiraman, N.; Balasharmitha, T. 3782
A privacy preserving data mining approach for handling data with outliers. Priya, V.V. Vishnu; Ilavarasi, A.K.; Bhama, B. Sathiya Report 2484
A review of classification methods and algorithm in prediction of heart disease in the area of big data. Kalaivani, K.; Maheshwari, N. Uma Report 3637
A secure pattern based near field authentication for P2P systems. Dhanalakshmi, G.; Akshaya, M.; Chetana, V.; Jayanthi, P. Report 2467
A survey of data sharing and security issues in P2P networks. Ravichandran, C.G.; Xavier, J. Lourdu Report 3367
A survey on IoT: business perspective predictions, trends and marketing. Mohandas, R.; Aravindhar, Dr. D. John Report 2905
A survey on various fault tolerant and resource management techniques in cloud computing framework. Dhasarathapandian, S.; Dhanalakshmi, K.; Somasundaram, S.K. Report 2738
A trust based mechanism for preventing compromised and faulty nodes in wireless sensor networks. Hemalatha, P.; Dhanalakshmi, K. Report 4521
ACM based segmentation of pulmonary lung nodule in ct images. Kalaivani, S.; Sathiya, T.; Sathiyabhama, B. Report 3497
An efficient approach for mining potential high utility itemsets from dubious database. Niveditha, C.; Karthikeyan, R. Report 5556
An efficient constant bit rate information bit approach for Video Steganography. Bama, J. Report 3152
An efficient friend recommendation system and Multiparty Access Control in online social networks. Shanmugapriya, K.; Dhanalakshmi, K. Report 4133
An innovative android application for maritime border alert system. Kowsalya, G.; Palani, U.; Hemalatha, P. Report 2726
An intelligent face recognition system using eigen feature approach for crime investigation. Karuppanan, P.; Dhanalakshmi, K. Report 3064
An overview of numerical weather forecasting algorithms for agriculture. Karthika, B.; Umamaheswari, N.; Venkatesh, R. Report 3082
An overview on healthcare in Big Data. Gayathri, K.; Maheswari, N. Uma; Venkatesh, R.; Prabu, B. Ganesh Report 2434
Analysis of optimal muscle fatigue index using multichannel surface electromyogram data acquisition system. Prathisha, M.; Kapali, B. Suresh Chander; Jebasingh, Jason; Rakshana, Annette Shalom; Preethi, M. Report 1814
Analyzing the structure of protein synthesis and transcription. Thangamani, M.; Kalaiselvi, B. Report 3909
Artificial intelligence based demand management in smart grid. Raihana, A.; Rengasamy, T.R.; Jayanthi, M.; Hemalatha, S. Report 2427
Assistive Android Application for hearing impaired people using Sign Language. Joshi, A.; Homeminitha, M.D.; Pavithra, P.; Srilakshmi, B. 1798
Association rule mining and Blind Turing machine based privacy-preserving outsourced in vertically partitioned databases. Rajasekaran, M.; Thanabal, M.S. Report 3747
Automatic image annotation and image retrieval in social networks using hadoop. Arthy, S.; Shanthi, D.; Buvana, M. Report 2795
Big Data analysis: a step to define. Pradeep, D.; Sundar, C. Report 2824
Boost H-bridge inverter with reduced hardware configuration for harmonic minimisation. Srinivasan, S.; Ganesan, R.; Srinivasan, A. 3086
Cloud based result analysis and management system using rest API. Pavithra, N.; Suganya, G.; Sofia, A. Sathya Report 1920
Cloud computing and power systems applications an overview. Hemavathi, S.; Nithiyananthan, K. Report 4495
Comprehensive performance evaluations and an optimistic solutions using M/M/M queuing system for cloud centre. Poobalan A.; Maheswari N., Uma; Mohideen K., Khaja 3932
Computational analysis of ducted fan for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. Rajashree, V.; Hariramakrishnan, L.; Ajithkumar, R.; Muneeswaran, M.; Saradha, P. 1496
Cotton fiber quality analysis system using fuzzy C-means clustering algorithm. Iswarya, E.; Manivannan, K.; Shanthi, D. 3522
Design and modeling of TL MTM structure for antenna applications. Margaret, D. Helena; Manimegalai, B.; Kalaimathi, P. 1442
Design of multiband patch antenna for S band and C band applications using modified ground structure. Kumar, M. Prem; Mahendran, C. 1594
Design of pressure sensor using 2D photonic crystal. Dharchana, T.; Sivanantharaja, A.; Selvendran, S. 1836
Design of SIL 3 programmable logic controlleer for LNG compressor. Thangam, S.; Murukesh, C.; Gowthaman, A. Report 2271
Designing of all optical NAND gate based on 2D photonic crystal. Divya, S.; Raja, A. Sivanantha; Selvendran, S. 1589
Detecting and recognizing the license plate number for fast moving vehicle using smearing algorithm. Karthikeyan, G.; Somasundaram, S.K. 4402
Detection and classification of respiration disorder based on breathing pattern using fuzzy min-max classifier. Shanmathi, V.; Jeyanthi, S. Report 3326
Detection of malicious patterns using effective sequence mining algorithm. Priya M., Mohana; Reenadevi, R. 2631
Detection of security threats and vulnerabilities of e-learning systems in cloud computing. Lavanya, N. Anu; Buvana, M.; Shanthi, D. Report 4266
Developing the image quality of the two dimensional photonic crystal slab by modifying shape of the photonic crystal. Arulkumar, Y.; Sivanantharaja, A.; Selvendran, S. 1535
Dual band circular monopole antenna for DCS, WiMax and LTE 3400 applications. Narayani, J. Gowshiga; Margaret, D. Helena 1443
Dynamic business rule engine. Priyanga, V.; Nandini, V. 3068
EECP: energy efficient clustering using PEGASIS in Wireless Sensor Network. Raghini, M.; Brindha, S.; Dhaariny, S.; Devi, P. Krithika Report 3151
Energy efficient mechanism in cache memory using in ETA method. Manikandan, P.; Mangayarkarasi, P.; Hemadevi, N. 1751
Energy optimization analysis in wireless sensor network. Prasanth, A.; Pavalarajan, S. Report 3685
English cursive hand written character recognition. Hepzi, J. Leena; Muthumani, I.; Selvabharathi, S. 2666
Enhanced multicomponent data secure mechanism for cloud storage system using elliptical curve cryptography. Britto, A. Lauro Eugin; Maheshwari, N. Uma Report 3904
Feature extraction and classification algorithm for screening of melanoma. Vishnuvarthini, O.; Sathiyabhama, B. Report 2784
Generation of self-pulsating source based on regenerative SPM and realizing high-quality-pulse source. Priya, B. Selva; Mahendran, C. 1810
Hardware implementation of interleaved boost converter for wind-solar hybrid system. Katyal, Pranati; Muthu, Ranganath 3133
High compact temperature sensing using 2D PhC basedsilicon on insulator technology. Devi, M. Saranya; Raja, A.Sivanantha; Selvendran, S. 2163
High sensitive triple nanocavity biosensor based on 2-D photonic crystal. Divya, J.; Raja, A. Sivanantha; Selvendran, S. 2056
Human stress monitoring system using wearable sensors. Josphineleela, R.; Haripriya, M.; Sree, S. Divyaa 2690
Hysteretic controlled Buck Boost Fed PV Inverter System with LCLC filter. Dhanasekaran, S.; Sivakumar, R.S. Report 2828
Image retrieval using chromatic histogram. Biju, J.; Shanthi, D. Report 1708
Improving security in mobile network access using screen brightness and symbols. Sherly, S. Irin; Abirami, K.; Amoka, M.; Kalaivani, T.E. 3470
Information security and resource sharing using AWS public cloud. Joyce, A.; Deepthi, S.S.; Priya, V. 2587
Innovation with learning management system. Kalpana, N.; Balamurugan, S. Appavu Alias 4756
Let us knoWHOw a vision to public about the government office through mobile. Kasthurirengan, P.; Pandian, N. Rajesh; Suresh, D.; Raj, Y. Arockiya 2127
Load balanced job scheduling in cloud using heuristic clustering algorithm. Jayabharath, A.; Sathiyamoorthi, V. Technical report 3388
Maximum power point tracking based stand alone photovoltaic system using PSO algorithm. Ruthra, G.; Malarvizhi, E. Report 2277
Modified seven level symmetric inverter with reduced switch count. Thiyagarajan, V.; Somasundaram, P. 2638
Moving wheel chair based on voice command for a disabled person. Divya, Nancy E.; Divya, R.; Deepa, Lakshmi C. 1165
Multi-constraint fuzzy logic based optimal MPR selection in OLSR. Dhanalakshmi, N.; Sathya, C.; Sri, G. Kiruba; Suresh, K. 2694
Numerical analysis of polarization filter using photonic crystal fiber with gold metal. Rajeswari, D.; Raja, A. Sivanantha; Selvendran, S. 2248
Optimizing relay nodes in wireless sensor networks. Rathinaprabha, R.L.; Usha, M.; Lavanya, S. Report 2825
Performance analysis of segmentation algorithms for real time crowd detection and tracking. Mahalakshmi, M.; Kanthavel, R.; Dhaya, R. 5335
Performance based investigation of scheduling algorithm on multicore processor. Prabhaker, M. Lordwin Cecil; Manivannan, K.; Janani, S.; Sitalakshmi, P. 4196
Performance metric measure of LDPC codes in the deep space communication. Immanuel, J. Samson; Manoj, G.; Haran, P. Report 2341
Performance optimization of a quadruple tank system using particle swarm optimization algorithm. Komathi, C.; Saidurga, K.; Sindhujaa, S.L.; Gunasundari, A.; Zubair, Roshna 2038
Phase disposition PWM based Reduced Switch Reverse Voltage multi level inverter. Karthikeyan, V.; Jamuna, V. 4959
Predictive analysis on inadequacy of children healthcare. Tharani, N.; Pushpalatha, S. Report 3266
Quatitative and Qualitative analysis of sweat. Jeya, Daisy I.; Paarkavidevi, C.; Sathish, Kumar B.; Ammu, G. Report 2121
Reduction of phase aberrations in the terrestrial free space optical communication with a novel approach. Thanmayie, V.G.; Amudha, A.; Kaviya, B.; Selvi, J. Arputha Vijaya 2474
Secure access control on data aggregation for remote sensor networks. Aishwarya, R.; Babu, S. Sathees Report 3480
Secure cluster communications in modern collaborative and cluster oriented applications. Mani, P.; Shanthakumar, P. 3866
Segmentation algorithms for extraction of coronary vessels in angiographic images--a survey. Aravindhar, D. John; Sambath. M. Report 2314
Simulation of force sensor and analysis of its characteristics using panda ring resonator. Priya, K. Padma; Mahendran, C. 1979
Skeleton based leaf identification and detection of grape plant leaf disease by using K-means clustering algorithm. Jenifer, J. Divya; Raja, J. Benadict Report 3799
Sleep scheduling strategies in wireless sensor network. Karthihadevi, M.; Pavalarajan, S. Report 3625
Smart attendance system using face recognition. Devan, P. Arun Mozhi; Venkateshan, M.; Vignesh, A.; Karthikraj, S.R.M. 2420
Smart devices code of floading using Mobile Cloud Computing: A survey. Jeevanantham, B.; Manivannan, K. Report 2555
Smart irrigation and nutrition monitoring system. Dhanalakshmi, G.; Sruthi, K.; Supriya, V.N; Vinitha, T. 2720
Solar PV array employing zeta converter based MPPT controller supplying BLDC motor drive. Anand, R.; Deepika, M. Chella 3779
Surface wave bandgap analysis of modified mushroom like EBG structure. Margaret, D. Helena; Manimegalai, B.; Thilaga, V. 1855
Sustainable development. Arivumani, Ar.; Vijayalaxmi, I. 1864
Tamil text recognition using KNN classifier. Elakkiya, V.; Muthumani, I.; Jegajothi, M. 2094
Task scheduling for profit maximization in cloud. Amirthavarshini, L.J; Varshini, R.; Jeyabalaraja, V. 992
Text detection from complex background image using connected component approach. Vinothini, R.; Muthumani, I.; Sangeetha, S. 2880
Three factor authenticated key agreement scheme for telecare medicine information system using chebyshev chaotic maps. Janani, T.; Gokulakrishnan, P. 4093
Three level boosting power factor correction for Bldc motor using field programmable gate array. Ramakrishnan, Velmurugan; Krishnan, Mahadevan; Iruthayaraj, Gerald Christopher Raj Report 2232
Trust based route discovery using key randomness scheme in MANET. Lavanya, S.P.; Pushpalatha, S. 3463

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