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Articles from Advances in Natural and Applied Sciences (June 1, 2017)

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A cloud computing revolution in business perspective. Nirenjena, S.; Divya, A.; Aswini, R.; Jayalakshmi, S.; Saradhambal, G. 5971
A comprehensive comparison of evolutionary algorithms Vs. artificial neural networks for DDOS attack detection in networks. Mohamed, R. Basheer; Arumugam, S. 4462
A review of heat transfer enhancement using nano fluids with different base fluids. Kumar, P.C. Mukesh; Muruganandam, M. Report 2462
A review of image compression based on transform coding. Sudha, P.; Elatharasan, G. Report 1254
A survey of various prefetching techniques in P2p video streaming. Sandhya, S.G.; Hemalatha, P.; Anishya, F.; Giridharan, S. Survey 3871
Aerodynamic design and optimization of wind turbine rotor blade for different wind speed. Velmurugan, T. Report 2908
An investigation on microstructures and Mechanical properties of AA1050 in friction stir processing technique. Bharathikanna, R.; Elatharasan, G. 2196
Analytical investigation of frp confined R.C. column using ANSYS. Krishnan, L.; Manivannan, R.; Mugesh, A.; Sasikumar, S. Report 2891
Analytical study on behaviour of concrete filled steel tubular columns. Tamilselvan, N.; Chandrikka, V.; Krishnan, L.; Narmadha, S. 4617
Cpw fed square patch antenna with ISM band. Suganthi, S.; Noorjahan, M.; Selvan, P. Thiruvalar Report 3512
Design and analysis of agent architecture for dashboard platform domain services. Raghunathan, V.S.; Sathya, A.; Devi, N. 3731
Design and analysis of weld fume extraction and filter apparatus. Vinoth, P.; Subramanian S., Siva; Rajeevan, V.S.; Rajapavithran, R. Report 3601
Design and implementation of high step up DC to DC converter using flipped Cockcroft Walton voltage multiplier. Mathiyazhagan, R.; Prasad, D.; Elavarasan, T. 1985
Design of 8-Bit shift register using power Pc-style flip flop. Gowthami, B.; Maheswari, C.; Navya, V. 2720
Design of absorptive silencer of drum safety valve. Karthikeyan, M.; Sharmila, B.; Madhan, M.; Silambarasan, S. 2409
Design of Emi immune bio potential amplifier for EOG. Asuvaran, A.; Elatharasan, G. 2143
Design of energy efficient and low power asynchronous 8*8 multiplier. Maheswari, C.; Gowthami, B.; Neelima, K. 2127
Design of quad band K-slotted 2x1 array UWB antenna for enhanced bandwidth in wireless communications. Prasad, G. Guru; Neelima, K.; Bhargavi, V. Pranava 2053
Designing and simulation of power electronic solid state circuit breaker for medium voltage transmission line protection. Elavarasan, T.; Chandrasekar, S.; Mathiyazhagan, R. 3360
Designing of pattern reconfigurable antenna for wireless applications. Elamaran, P.; Srivatsun, G. Report 1497
Effect of punch radius and sheet thickness on spring-back in V-die bending. Kartik, T.; Rajesh, R. 1704
Effect of substrate temperature on the optical and electrical characteristics of In:Sn[O.sub.2] film by aerosol spray pyrolysis. Karuppasamy, Balasubramanian; Gayathri, Venkatachari Report 2323
Effect of tin as dopant on zinc oxide thinfilms for solar cell applications. Selvi, M. Senthamizh; Sankarasubramanian, N.; Vasuki, R.; Rajathi, S. 3732
Effect of welding parameters on mechanical properties of aluminium thin sheet joints produced by ultrasonic welding. Kumar, P.; Venkatakrishnan, P.G.; Karthik, V. 1607
Energy aware load balancing using heuristic VM live migration in cloud environment. Deepthi, M.; Senthamarai, N. Report 4513
Enhancement of material removal rate in micro EDM of titanium alloy using coated electrodes. Sathies, T.; Krishnaraj, V.; Anthuvan R., Naveen 3913
Erosive wear behavior of SiC reinforced Titania coating deposited by High Velocity Oxy (HVOF) fuel spraying. Sathiyamoorthy, R.; Shanmugam, K.; Balasubramanian, V. Report 2248
Experimental analysis and mechanical characterization of HDPE waste and leather waste polymer composites. Moses A., Jacob; Sumathi, M.; Parthasarathy. A.; Rakesh, S.; Revanth, N.S.; Sivarama, Krishnan C. Report 2226
Experimental investigation and performance analysis on 100 watts air-breathing PEM fuel cell stack. Subramaniam, Shanmugasundaram; Rajaram, Gukan; Panthalingal, Manoj Kumar Report 3315
Experimental investigation on influence of process parameters in electric discharge machining of P20 mould steel. Kathiravan, S.; Kumar J., Pradeep 2760
Fabrication and characterization of cerium substituted hydroxyapatite/Polyvinyl pyrrolidone coating on Ti-6al-4v alloy for orthopedic applications. Mathi, D. Bhagya; Karthika, R.; Priya, A. Bharathi; Mydhili, A.; Gopi, D.; Kavitha, L. 2758
Fabrication and testing of sisal fiber reinforced polymers. Manikandan, A.; Raj, Cyril Reuben; Ashvin, J. 2717
Failure investigation of an industrial crankshaft made of ductile iron. Chidambaram, S.; Kamaraj, Ashok Report 1786
Fatigue behavior of aluminium reinforced metal matrix composites (Al6061+SiC+Ti[O.sub.2]+Mg). Elatharasan, G.; Krishnaraj, S. 2067
FPGA based speech recognition using dynamic MFCC. Virgin, A. Joe; Nidhyananthan, S. Selva Report 2726
Friction stir welding optimization of AA7075 and AISI 1045 steel using grey-fuzzy logic approach. Singh, A. Punjab; Elatharasan, G. 3249
Hidden and exposed nodes in wireless sensor networks. Kavitha, M.G.; Sendhilnathan, S. Report 2652
High temperature oxidation behavior of 316alloy with [Al.sub.2][O.sub.3] and [Cr.sub.2][O.sub.3] coating. Gurumoorthi, G.; Mathiazhagan, P.; Narayanan, G. Hari 2319
Human hair as fiber reinforcement in concrete. Kumanachakravarthi, M.; Sivaraja, M. Report 1614
Impact of Manganese Dopant on Structural, Morphological and Magnetic properties of coated Co[Fe.sub.2][O.sub.4] nanoparticles. Margabandhu, M.; Sendhilnathan, S.; Hirthna Report 2297
Implementation of Computerized Relative Allocation of Facilities Technique (CRAFT) for redesigning production layout in flywheel manufacturing industry. Sathiyamoorthy, M.; Dhanashekar, M.; Kumar, V.S. Senthil Report 4574
Implementation of integrated double buck boost converter and fuzzy logic controller for power factor improvement of LED lamps. Kathir, I.; Priya, S. Seetha Report 3798
Influence on ultimate strength of coldformed steel lipped channel columns subjected to interaction on distortional-global buckling. Anbarasu, M. Report 4350
Influences of tool pin profile and mechanical properties of AA 6061-T6 welded joint by friction stir welding. Manikandan, R.; Elatharasan, G.; Karthikeyan, G. Report 1574
Investigation of enhanced a.c electrical conductivity of nano aluminium particles doped with polymer composite by in-situ chemical oxidation polymerization method. Sowmiya, G.; Velraj, G.; Shanmugapriya, C. Report 2143
Management of electronic waste disposal in India. Sivakumaran, R.P.; Anandkumar, K.M.; Shanmugasundaram, G. Report 3328
Maximum flow problem in fuzzy environment. Rajesh, B.; Mohideen, S. Ismail 1335
Mechanical and thermal properties of untreated bagasse fiber reinforced cardanol eco-friendly biocomposites. Balaji, A.; Karthikeyan, B.; Swaminathan, J.; Raj, C. Sundar Report 3486
Optimization and analysis of manual paddy transplanter. Kavin, P.; Sivakumar, A.; Gaudam, A.L.; Kamalakannan, V.M.; Moulidharan, M. Report 3574
Optimization of machining force and delamination factor of GFRP in dry drilling process using taguchi method. Shunmugesh, K.; Rajasekar, R.; Moganapriya, C.; Karthik, V. 4676
Optimization of PCI coal usage in coke making: a cost control initiative. Mathai, Reji; Theepan, T.K.; Srinivasan, M.; Kumar, S.M. 2035
Optimization of tribological properties of magnesium-2% aluminium alloys using design of experiment. Nagaraj, A.; Gopalakrishnan, S. 4300
Oxidation behaviour of austenitic steels 304 and 309 alloys at high temperatures with [Al.sub.2][O.sub.3] and [Cr.sub.2][O.sub.3] coating. Gurumoorthi, G.; Mathiazhagan, P. Report 4486
Parameter selection in optimizing the Cnc tool paths by genetic Algorithm. Karuppanan B, Raja Chinna; Saravanan, M. Report 3409
Performance analysis of grooved heat pipe using nano fluids. Aruna, V.; Alagappan, N. Report 2199
Performance analysis of routing protocols for MANET using NS2 simulator. Sathiyajothi, J. Report 2934
Performance and trial evaluation of tungsten with titanium carbide by sintering and casting techniques. Sukumar, S.; Elatharasan, G. Report 2485
Performance of the heat transfer behavior of Tri Ethylene Glycol (TEG) based cuo and sin nanofluids in a rectangular pipe under the turbulent flow condition. Balasubramanian, Rajappa; Mukeshkumar, P.C. 7141
Preparation and characterization of modified bitumen. Thamilpriya, V.; Elangovan, G. Report 1891
Preparation and characterization of zinc doped CdS thin films for photovoltaic applications. Rajathi, S.; Vasuki, R.; Sankarasubramanian, Thir N.; Senthamizhselvi, M. Report 3471
PV based fuzzy logic control for four switch three phase BLDC motor using single current sensor. Ramkumar, R.; Kirubha, R.; Kaviya, S.; Geethanjali, G. Report 2535
Quickest and efficient spectrum sensing in cognitive radio networks. Radhika, P.; Jayanthi, A.N. Report 5949
Removal of malachite green from aqueous solution using activated nerium oleander leaves. Sheeja, J.; Sampath, K. 4166
Review of recent trends in manufacturing processes and property analysis of magnesium matrix composites. Karthikeyan, G.; Jinu, G.R.; Elatharasan, G. Report 5328
Review on electronics cooling systems. Kumar, C.M. Arun; Kumar, P.C. Mukesh Report 6359
Sign to speak--hand shape descriptors and speech translation technique based tamil alphabet fingerspelling recognition system. Nidhyananthan, S. Selva; Madumathi, A.R.; SelvaKumari, R. Shantha Report 5988
Stability analysis of MWCNT with distilled water as a base fluids. Muruganandam, M.; Kumar, P.C. Mukesh Report 3278
State of the art in research on wind energy conversion system: A review. Priya, S. Shenbaga; Elatharasan, G. Report 3146
Statistical study on tensile properties of friction stir welded dissimilar aluminum alloys. Manoharan, C.; Devadasan, S.R.; Rajamanickam, N.; Aravind, D. Report 3928
Structural performance of cold-formed lean duplex stainless steel flat oval hollow columns. Anbarasu, M. Report 5174
Synthesis of phenolic bio-resin for advanced biocomposites reinforced with coconut shell particle: mechanical and thermal properties. Sankar, R. Udhaya; Karthikeyan, B. Report 3503
Thermal energy storage in packed pebble bed heat exchanger-a review. Franklin, S. Benjamin; Ramesh, K.; Ramesh, S.; Thoufeekahamed, M.; Rahesh, B.; Prakash, A. 4829
Thermogravimetric analysis of phoenix sp. Fibre. Kavitha, C.; Hariharan, V.; Rajeshkumar, G. Report 3047
Tweet segmentation and classification for short text in rumor based identification using KNN approach. Kaladevi, A.C.; Parkavi, R. Report 2277

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