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Articles from Advances in Natural and Applied Sciences (July 1, 2017)

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A comparative study of data mining algorithms for decision tree approaches using WEKA tool. Rajesh, P.; Karthikeyan, M. Report 6502
A novel parametric analysis of the performance dynamicity of optical network. Kumarnath, J.; Batri, K. Report 4365
Alkaloid immunomodulatory effects of sambiloto (andrographis paniculate l.) on the response of gamma interferon and t helper cell ([cd4.sup.+]). Wurlina; Meles, Dewa Ketut; Mustofa, Imam; Zakaria, Sunarni; Adnyana, I. Dewa Putu Anom Report 2794
An analysis of effective clustering techniques for web data mining. Sheshasaayee, Ananthi; Logeshwari, L. Report 3418
An efficient approach for indexing web pages using various similarity features. Manjula, R.; Chilambuchelvan, A. Report 5105
An efficient stereo matching method to reduce disparity quantization error. Balakrishnan; Kavitha, V. Report 2378
Application of heat pipes in HVAC systems: a review. Nethaji, N.; Mohideen, S. Tharves Report 4011
Artifact removal via image decomposition for computed tomography images. Santhosh, T.K.; Hariprasath, S. Report 2775
Biologically inspired clustering algorithms in mobile wireless sensor networks: a survey. Sudha, M.; Sundararajan, J. Report 18414
Cluster based secure performance on mobile ad-hoc network using zone routing protocol. Gopalakrishnan, S.; Jaganath, S.; Parthasarathy, P.; Jairin, P. Jesu; Ragumadhavan, R. Report 5306
Combined effect of turbulence and weather on radio over free space optics Ro-FSO. Adnan, Salah Aldeen; Ali, Mazin Ali A.; Saeedi, Sarah Ali. Al- Report 2031
Comparison between ultrasonic and laser shock peening treatment on fatigue life performance of Al-Alloy 7075. Hassan, Shaker S.; Hamzah, Mohsin N.; Abed, Raad M. Report 2892
Comparison of discrete L-band Raman fiber amplifier in two different configurations. Abass, A.K.; Adnan, Salah Aldeen; Hadi, Ban K.; Salih, Mohammed A. Report 2496
Design and fabrication of the heat exchanger by smooth tube for recovering, utilizing the exhaust gas energy of small diesel engine aiming at heating bio-oils. Hoang, Anh Tuan Report 4953
Detection of plaque in coronary artery in CMRI images and 3d visualization of blood flow. Jainish, G.R.; Jiji, G. Wiselin; Infant, P. Alwin Report 5084
Effective diagnosis of heart disease through stacking approach. UmaMaheswari, K.; Valarmathi, A.; Jasmine, J. Report 2769
Efficient cluster-based routing protocol for wireless sensor networks with mobile sink using CRSSI. Senthilkumar, C.; Manickam, J. Martin Leo Report 3638
Experimental and finite element analyses study of superelasticity behavior of shape memory alloy NiTinol wire. Amin, Samir Ali; Hassan, Ali Yasser Report 2092
Experimental investigations on the effects of aluminium oxide nanoparticles on biodiesel. Ragu, R.; Sai, Krishnan G.; Dasa, Prakash J. Report 2025
Fingerprint identity watermark to authenticate digital camera images. Mahmood, Mohammed Shakir Report 3624
Fractional order PID controller for a shell and tube heat exchanger. Girirajan, B.; Rathikarani, D. Report 3228
Hydrothermal zones detection using airborne magnetic and gamma ray spectrometric data of mafic/ultramafic rocks at Gabal El-Rubshi area, Central Eastern Desert (CED), Egypt. Eleraki, Mohamed; Ghieth, Baher; Rahman, Nehal Abd-El; Zamzam, Sara Report 5068
Importance of soil organic matter in fertility maintenance and productivity under farming management system in Abakaliki, Nigeria. Nwite, James Nte Report 5670
Improved algorithm to identify the images in underwater. Gowripriya, S.; Shanmugapriya, S. Report 3403
Indices of drought stress tolerance and sensitivity of [M.sub.3] rice mutant lines (Oryza sativa L.) on organic system. Junita, Dewi; Bakhtiar; Efendi Report 4973
Investigation of the ion release from titanium implant surface treated by Nd-YAG laser. Hassani, Emad S. Al-; Hassani, Fatima J. Al- Report 3645
Measurements of wind and solar energies in Najaf, Iraq. Hachim, Dhafer Manea; Alsahlani, Assaad; Eidan, Adel A. Report 2774
Performance evaluation of hybrid fibre reinforced concrete with polyolefin and basalt fibres. Dhanam, M.; Eswari, S. Report 1986
Physicochemical study and organoleptic of Aceh's local rice (Oryza sativa L.) mutant [M.sub.3] as a result of irradiation of gamma ray. Maulina, Dara; Hayati, Rita; Efendi Report 4064
Quality (nanoscale) assessments of calcium carbonate present in shells of Anadara granosa, and Crassostreao virginica marine species located in the coastal part of South India. Sudhaparimala, S.; Usha, R. Report 3169
Seismic behaviour of irregular RC framed buildings with Re-entrant corners. Balaji, K.; Eswari, S. Report 1673
Source side harmonics detection and compensation in commercial substation. Maheswari, C.; Thottungal, Rani; Santhiya, R. Report 3001
Statistical analysis of medical image fusion techniques based on edge detection. Abbas, Heba; Ahmad, Sally Report 4242
Stock recommendations using bio-inspired computations on social media. Swamiraj, Sophia; Kannan, Rajkumar Report 4479
Study of effect Ti[O.sub.2] additive on the properties of glass-ceramic products from soda lime glass. Talab, Hussein; Marza, Marwa Report 3874
The (M, N) policy for a repairable batch arrival single service queueing system with distinct behaviour of service interrupted customers under J-vacation policy. Fijy, Jose P.; Begum, M.I. Afthab Report 6202
The alkaloid fraction of achyranthes aspera Linn increase NK cells in breast cancer cells. Meles, I.D.K.; Meles, Wurlina; Adnyana, I. Dewa Putu Anom Report 2039
Time stationed traffic prioritization protocol for wireless body area network (WBAN)--modeling and energy consumption analysis. Banu, S. Sindhuja; Baskaran, K. Report 3572

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