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Articles from Advances in Natural and Applied Sciences (September 15, 2016)

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A control strategy to overcome LVRT issues in wind turbine driven squirrel cage induction generator. Merlin, M. Bijo; Mayurappriyan, P.S.; Saravanan, M.; Subashini, A. Report 2355
A hybrid power control concept for PV inverters using resonant converter. Babu, Brighty Mariam; Mayurappriyan, P.S.; Subhashini, A. Report 3724
A modified three phase four wire UPQC topology with reduced dc link voltage rating. Mahalakshmi, V.; Ramamoorthy, S. 1170
A testbed for anomaly-based fault detection in pervasive computing system. Rajinikanth, V.; Dharmalingam, S. Report 4080
Android based corporation complaint system using voice recognition. Mohanapraksh, T.A.; Hariprakash, B,; Mithilaesh, J. Report 1225
Classification of dermoscopic images for the detection of melanoma. Janaki, R.; Devi, S. Nirmala Report 4026
Comparison of the performance of noise reduction methods as a function of intensity resolutionusing cochlear implant simulations. Kasturi, Kalyan S.; Dinesh, K.; Dwarakanadh, K.A. Report 4362
Detecting high level system problems by analyzing the error logs using spark. Sarumathi, A.; Ezhumalai, P. Report 4728
Detection of spammers in Twitter applications. Maithili, K.; Murugappan, S. 3972
Diabetes mellitus abnormality detection using AHMM (Auto Regressive Hidden Markov Model). Dhivya, S. 2486
Easy tax: a user friendly mobile application. Rajeswari, A.; Ranjithkumar, S.R.; Sarabesh, N.R. 1407
Effect of flaky and elongated aggregates with modified compaction technique using superpave gradation. Rajkumar, J. Samuel Simron; Vijayalakshmi, M.M.; Lakshmi, S.; Murugesan, R. Report 2586
Energy conservation in automatic teller machine integrated with IVR technology. Poonkodi, P.; Anitha, K. Report 1512
Error analysis of data throughput and BER for the wireless OFDM PSK network. Meena, M.; Rajendran, V. Report 1195
Experimental investigation on grooved heat pipes using copper oxide nan fluid. Gajalakshmi, Senthamarai Kannan; Senthilkumar, Rathinasamy; Sasikumar, Gnanasekar Report 3115
Experimental verification of sensorless rotor position estimation for 8/6 pole switched reluctance motor drive using regression technique. Sridharan, S.; Sudha, S. Report 3703
High efficient carry skip adder in various multiplier structures. Arun, Sekar R.; Naveen, Balaji G.; Gautami, A.; Sivasankari, B. Report 2160
High voltage-lift Quasi-Z-Source fed modified cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel Inverter. Sunder, G. Prem; Shanthi, B.; Nachiappan, Alamelu; Natarajan, S.P. Report 1906
Impact of metakaolin on the properties of concrete: a literature review. Kalaignan, R.; Reddy, S. Siva Murthy 7703
Implementation and performance evaluation of QoS routing based on energy conservation with malicious node detection and isolation in MANET. Dhanalakshmi, N.; Alli, P. Report 2639
Improved cloud security using bio-metric mobile app. Venakatesan, N.; Kumar, M. Rathan 4332
Improving power quality using thyristor controlled series capacitor. Ganesh, V.N.; Banerjee, Rajarshi; Debgupta, Binayak Report 2207
Instance based matching and retrieval in the heterogeneous datasets using interlinking methodology. Saravanan, M.; Nithiya, P.; Umashankar, J.S.; Lakshmi, D. Report 2025
Low noise electronic stethoscope. Gupta, Sanket; Pandey, Shubham; Jiavana, Ferents Koni Report 1677
Mitigation of voltage collapseat Davanagere receiving station. Chayapathy, V.; Anitha, G.S. Report 3792
Performance analysis of fast and slow moving vehicles using Cdma techniques for underwater wireless communication network. Vijayalakshmi, P.; Rajendran, V. Report 1612
Power minimization of 10t full adder using sub-microntechnique & pfalfull adder using adiabatic logic. Thiripurasundari, C.; Sumathy, V.; Thiruvengadam, C. Report 3588
Privacy-preserving public auditing for data storage security in cloud computing. Pavithra, B.; Anita, C.S. Report 2135
Salient object detection using segmentation process. Titus, Anita; Sakthi, Preethi R. Report 2354
Smart gun with Rfid, Gps and Gsm modules for remote enabling/disabling of trigger. Swetha, B.; Swathi, T.E.B. Report 1631
Study of vertical coherence in shallow water ambient noise. Banu, S.M. Asha; Murugan, S. Sakthivel; Venugopal, P. Report 2010
Virtual reality based controlled home appliances. Arivumani, A.; Gowri, R.; Dhaarani, K.; Kiruthika, B.; Kalaichelvi, K. 1248
Vlsi implementation of gabor filter based image edge detection. Sathesh, K.; Prabakaran, R.; Arthi, R. Report 2288
Well-organized handover mechanism of Pmipv6 grounded on multi-homing technology. Indumathi, L.K.; Punithavathani, D. Shalini 2277

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