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Articles from Advances in Natural and Applied Sciences (March 1, 2016)

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A comprehensive review of phase change materials in construction. Vasumathi, A.M.; Greesan, R. Report 2520
A new cascaded multilevel inverter with reduced number of switches. Vasanthprakash, M.; Mahendran, R. Report 2286
A novel low cost three arm Ac automatic voltage regulator. Ramkumar, R.; Tejaswini, N. Report 3964
An experimental and analytical model of solar chimney power plant for Holley Kerbala City. Abbood, Mohammed Hassan; Shareef, Abbas Sahi; Ridha, Murtadha Basim Mohammed Report 2094
Analysis on mechanical properties of zircon and Al2o3 of aluminium metal matrix composite. Raju, K.; Satheeskumar, V.; Chandar, S. Report 2404
Behaviour of outrigger system for high rise slender building. Khanapur, Siddhaling S.; Visuvasm, J. Report 2117
Capacitor voltage balancing control for modular multilevel cascaded inverter based on phase shifted pulse width modulation technique. Rajan, M.S.; Seyezhai, R. Report 2666
Cascaded multilevel inverter with series connection of H-bridge units. Vinothkumar, R.; Balasubramanian, T. Report 2653
Comparative studies on application of various adsorbents in fire industry waste water. Kumar, P.S.; Kumarand, S. Arun; Balamurugan, P. 4722
Comparative study of linear and nonlinear behaviour of RCC irregular and regular buildings. Mary Williams, P.; Tripathi, R.K. 1824
Design and development of a portable Ecg acquisition system using cadence. Anuradha, K.; Saravanan, M.; Sathya, K.; Prabhu, N.; Karthik, M. 2184
Design and performance analysis of absolute polar-duty cycle division multiplexing system with different data rates. Manonmani T., Savari; Margaret D., Helena Report 2090
Development of switched capacitor based single phase multilevel inverter for isolated applications. Taj, S. Yasmin; Yamuna, M.; Sait, H. Habeebullah Report 3499
Experimental study on bacteria based self-healing concrete. Monica, R.; Nandhini, V. Report 2736
Exploitation of mechanical properties Ine-glasswoven roving with epoxy (Ly556). Yadav, K. Varun; Thillairaja, S.; Thanishkumar, R.; Velmurugan, G.; Manojprabhakar, K.; Palaniswamy, Report 2177
Fuzzy based load frequency control for four area hydro thermal power system. Sabarinathan, K.; Kumar R., Satheesh 2509
High-performance hybrid photovoltaic--battery system based on quasi-z-source inverter for distributed generation applications. Anbarasan, M.M.; Muthuvinayagam, M.E. 2392
Hybrid energy consumption model to improve the wireless sensor network lifetime. Senthilarasu, S.; Karthikeyan, N.K. 2590
Interference management techniques for heterogeneous networks. Gauthaman, N.; JesvinVeancy, B.; Yogesh, P. 2328
IOT based home appliances monitoring using Arduino Kit. Mohan, P.; Thangavel, M.; Saravanan, V. Report 3027
Mechanical behaviour of reinforced E-glass fiber and epoxy composite material. Thillairaja, S.; VarunYadav, K.; Manojprabhakar, K.; Thanishkumar, R.; Velmurugan, G.; Venkatesan, S Report 2312
Modified interleaved boost converter implementation for higher step up conversion ratio. Ravindran, S.; Sivakumar, S. Report 1871
Multi-machine stability analysis of power systems using water cycle tuned dual input controller. Rangarajan, M.; Shivakumar, R.; Suresh, G. Report 3629
Performance analysing of a Cmos Circuit's by sub clocking method. Prabhu, N.; Ravichandran, T.; Anuradha, K.; Sathya, K.; Saravanan, M. Report 2362
Power factor correction based bridgeless single switch SEPIC converter fed BLDC motor. Nazar Ali, A.; Gowri, N.; Scholor, P.G. Report 2282
PV based SEPIC converter fed four switch BLDC motor drive. Ramkumar, R.; Ezhilarasi, M.; Sonar, Divya Report 3709
Quality of ground water assessment in Salem Districtusing GIS Techniques. Balamurugan, P.; Kumar, P.S. Report 2458
Reinforced epoxy and E-glass fiber composite material to improve the mechanical property. Naveen, E.; NaveenKumaran, G.; Velmurugan, G.; Venkatesan, S.P.; RamKumar, M.; Ahmed, B. Fayaz Report 2407
Remote health information system of soldiers using lab view. Ponmalathi, B.; Shenbagapriya, M. Report 2113
Silane chemical treatment to the surface modification for the natural fiber. Naveen, E.; Venkatachalam, N.; Naveenkumaran, G.; Ramkumar, M. Report 3077
Special Schemes and Announcements of State Government and Central Government towards IT Infrastructure Development Facilitating Rural Economy Development (Specially Focused on Katpadi Taluk, Vellore District, Tamil Nadu, India). Kumar, M. Varun; Venugopal, Pulidindi 4894
Stochastic dynamic optimization of wind energy converter using multilevel inverter. Vidhya, V.; Nagarajan, L. 3048
The effect of titanium oxide (Ti[O.sub.2]) addition on some properties of Unsaturated Polyester (UP). Obai, Massar Najim 1483
Transient stability analysis by optimal location and tuning of SVC using biogeography based optimization. Karthikeyan, K.; Dhal, P.K. 2043

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