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Articles from Advances in Natural and Applied Sciences (June 15, 2016)

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"Pinch point analysis in press shop". NaveenKumar, P.; Karthikeyan, M.; Srinivasan, PSS; Visagavel, K.; Sakthivel, D. 1463
5G wireless technologies in SDN network to avoid traffic signals. AntonyVigil, M.S.; U. Soumiya, P.S. 7145
A performance analysis of the innovative methods employed for outlier detection using data mining algorithms with three different applications. Devi, R. Delshi Howsalya; Devi, M. India 7092
A review of architecture and applications for internet of things. Kasturi, Kalyan S.; Reddy, P. Vishal; Rao, N. Achyuth; Vinod, S. 2388
A structural behaviour of A1 6061 and Magnesium materials used for punching applications via ANSYS modelling. Vetrivel, Santhakumaran; Krishnakumarc, B.; Madhankumar, G. 1973
A study on PPE cost management in heavy engineering industry. VinothKumar, P.T.; Kumar, M.A. Rajesh 1685
Adverse effects of night & rotational shift on Circadian Rhythms. James, Fabian Andrew; Sudha, S. Report 2378
Analysis of driving postres in forklift operations. Dhineesh, P.; Gopanna, Kuruva; Elavarasi, A.; Srinivasan, PSS; Visagavel, K.; Sakthivel, D.; Prakash 1795
Analysis of fire prevention & safety systems on toluene underground storage tank. Jeyaseelan, A. Daniel; kumar, M. Vinoth; Srinivasan, PSS; Visagavel, K.; Sakthivel, D. 2718
Analysis of workplace safety and health hazards in soda recovery plant. Dineshkumar, N.; Mugundhan, K.; Srinivasan, PSS; Visagavel, K.; Sakthivel, D. Report 2323
Assessment of sugarcane bagasse ash concrete on mechanical and durability properties. Subramaniyan, K.S.; Sivaraja, M. 2680
Attaining integrity, secured data sharing and removal of misbehaving client in the public cloud using an external agent and secure encryption technique. Shyamambika, N.; Thillaiarasu, N. 4816
Automatic fire extinguisher using robot. Richard, R. John; Senthil, M. 1919
Automatic fire sprinkler system in car. Naveenraj, V.; Sathyanathan, M.; Visagavel, K. 1460
Biodiesel production from high FFA rubber seed oil. Deepakkumar, S.; Arvind, M.; Aravinth, G.; Mohan, M.; Vijayadhasan, M.; Loganathan, M. 3850
Chain sprocket assembly for synchronous of table roll drive in hot rolling mill. Karthikeyan, P.; Ramesh, J.; yaduv, J. Sriram; Ajay, S.P.; Logesh, V. 4127
Comparative study on readymix concrete with and without stabilizer. Anuradha, R.; Vignesh, E. Report 2826
Design and comparision of adaptive controllers for full bridge three-level Dc/Dc converter for wind turbines. Sowthamani, R.; Sharmila, C. 2902
Design and implementation of virtua linvigilation system and smart exam scheduler. Meena, R.; Devi, T. Sujeetha; Vinodhini, R.; Vishwam, R.; Priya, H. Yamini 2081
Design of fuzzy controller for flow control applications. Hariguru, T.M.; Ayyar, K. 2726
Design of nanoscale memristive arrays for memory applications. Dharani, K.G.; Bhavani, S. 1155
Design, implementation of Arudino based power consumption in highway lamp system. Sabarivasan, S.; Karthick, K.N.; Vidyadharan, P.N.; Suganeshwaran, M. 1460
Development and testing of variable valve actuation (Vva) system in homogeneous charge compression ignition (Hcci) Engine. Selvakumar, A.; Senthil, M.; Prabhakaran, V.; Pavithran, S.; RakulprasathS; Keshav, S. 2075
Electrical safety systems in engineering industry using what-if analysis. Ranganathan, K.; Nagarajan, N.; Mugundhan, K.; Srinivasan, PSS; Visagavel, K.; Sakthivel, D. 2798
Enhanced safety through artificial intelligence in human life. Muralidharan, R.; dheenathayalan, T.; Visagavel, K.; Sathyanathan, M. 3436
Experimental analysis on solar water heater with and without phase change materials. Samuel, Bonskey Samson; Shafee, Shaik Mohhamed 2390
Experimental investigation and comparison of coated, uncoated and cryogenically treated HSS cutting tool. Prakash, M.; kumar, N. Muthu; Premalatha, B.; Rameeza, M. 2562
Experimental investigation of heat transfer on square pin fins. Nithyanandham, T.; Srigopalakrishnan, S.; Thiyagarajaperumal, T.; Vadivel, S.; Shibi, R. 2392
Experimental study on self curing concrete with and without polypropylene fibre. Anuradha, R.; Manikandan, S. Report 2557
FPGA implementation of Simon Cipher for wireless sensor node. Iniya, Abinaya M.; C., Thiruvenkataesan 2139
FPGA implementation of target tracking algorithm for wireless sensor node. A., Annie Femena; C., Thiruvenkataesan 2198
Hand pump using gear arrangement. Karthikeyan, P.; Ramesh, J.; yaduv, J. Sriram; Lavanya, L.; Logesh, V. 2013
Hazard analysis of a distillery industry for implementing the onsite emergency plan. Ramvigneshwaran, V.; Visagavel, K. 2995
Hazard and risk analysis in spray painting and powder coating of an automobile industries. Aswinprasath, G.S.; Sathyanathan, M.; Karthikeyan, M.; Visagavel, K.; Srinivasan, PSS; Rajmohan, P. 3944
Hazard identification and risk assessment for equipment erection & dismantling in construction site. Bhuvaneshwaran, T.; Zubar, H. Abdul 4053
Hazard identification and safety control in hot rolling mill. Sankar, E.; Suresh balaji, S.; Dheenathayalan, T.; Srinivasan, PSS; Visagavel, K.; Sakthivel, D. 1591
HAZOP study for chemical repacking and storage plants: a generalized approach. karthik, R.; vijay, P.; Senthil, M.; Srinivasan, PSS; Visagavel, K.; Sakthivel, D. 1320
Hazop study in high speed balancing machine and ammonia nitriding Furnace. Manivannan, N.; Abdul zubar, H.; Rajmohan, P. 1092
Hazop study in Lpg installation in process industry. Ajeysurya, S.; Murugabhoopathy, K.; Manigandan V.S.; Gowthaman, S.M. Report 1753
Heterogeneous method of approaching towards Hazop study for thermic fluid heater in a manufacturing industry. A.Aravind, A.; Srinivasan, PSS; Anbarasu, J.; Visagavel, K.; Sakthivel, D. 5544
Hybridization of model based and template based techniques for speech enhancement. Shanthini, V.; Senthamizh, Selvi R.; Suresh, G.R. Report 3527
Implementation of Pmv based thermal comfort sensing for energy efficient air conditioning. Yashwanth, S.P. Kishore; Kumar, V. Suresh 2611
Improved THD and simulation of quasi Z-Source inverter fed induction motor drive. kumar, V. Madhan; Siva, T.; Reddy, S. Rama 2756
Influence of corporate social initiatives on consumer trust and brand loyalty. Manimalar, R.; Sudha, S. 2938
Influence of drilling parameters in drilling of Hamc with vegetable based cutting fluid. Johnson, R. Deepak Joel; Vennimaal, M.R.; Selvaprasath, T.; Thanigaivel, S.; Swarnapraba, A. 2667
Lightweight encryption design for embedded security. Anupama, G.; Iyappan, M.; Karpagam, M. Report 2654
Manufacturing and testing of hybrid composites using palm and glass fibers. Sankar, A.; Ramesh, J.; Hariharan, E.; Premnath, M.; Karthikeyan, P. 2687
Occupational health and safety management in power plant construction. Sivakarthigeyan, J.; Dheenathayalan, T.; Srinivasan, PSS; Visagavel, K.; Sakthivel, D. 1684
On-site traffic safety management system in process industry. Kamalakannan, S.; Karthikeyan, V.; Surendar, S. 2028
Performance analysis as per safety compliances on pressure vessel at foundry and machine shop. Pratheep, J.; kumar, A. Chandra; Srinivasan, PSS; Visagavel, K.; Sakthivel, D.; kumar, K.S. Sathish Report 770
Performance enhancement of manet using co-operative bait detection approach. Binisha, L.R.; Dhanancheziyan, J. 2475
Phase disposition PWM multicarrier based 5 level Modular Multilevel Inverter for PV applications. Nagarajan, Booma; Immanuel, S. Joseph Sam; Boobalan, G. 3309
Pick & place arm attachedclawer machine's analysis. Suresh Balaji, S.; Ragunathan, S.; Kisorekumar, M.; Makesh, raj. S. 3718
Potholes alert system for riders. Manikandan, A.; Ramalingam, S.; Bhagavan, V. Aathi 1339
Preparation and characterization of compatibilized graphene oxide based natural rubber /nitrile butadiene rubber nano composites. Naveenkumar, S.; Thulasimani, G.; Malathi, S.K. 1487
Problems of rural women entrepreneur in salem district. Murugesan, G.; Gowtham, Ram Report 2322
Process parametersoptimization to reduce the sand casting defects. Kamalakkannan, A.; Govindaraj, S.; Balavignesh, V.; Suman, S.; Sakthivel, G. Report 2218
Reduction of impulse noise using improved weighted average filter. Aarthi, T.; Gayathri, R. 2053
Risk analysis in paint shop using Hira. Ranganathan, K.; Nagarajan, N.; Mugundhan, K.; Srinivasan, PSS; Visagavel, K.; Sakthivel, D. 1657
Risk assessment and environment impact Assessment on the electromechanical Industry. Vijayakumar, P.; Prabhakaran, K.S.; Srinivasan, PSS; Visagavel, K.; Sakthivel, D. 2914
Risk assessment and hazard evaluation for Paper industries. Saminathan, P.; Prakash, J.; Elavarasi; Srinivasan, PSS; Visagavel, K.; Sakthivel, D. 2398
Rtl implementation of preprocessing stage for Ecg signals. P., Minu Joy; Thangarajan, K. 2413
Segmentation of images applying with level set regularised method and intensity inhomogenity correction. Kumar, A. Saravana; P.Balasubramanian, M.E. 1717
Self-configurable semantic service architecture for multimedia service composition. Rathinam, N. Edison 6395
Study of noise survey in heavy fabrication industry. Lakshmi Narayanan, S.; Karthikeyan, V.; Karthikeyan, P. 2787
Surface modification of mild steel by electrodeposition process with Ni-ZR[O.sub.2]. Mahendran, A.; Jegan, A.; valladurai, S. 1699
Sustainable wind turbine power generation system. Malaravan, G.; Anguraj, T.; Karthick, K.N.; Palanisamy, M. 2166
Transform based speech enhancement using firefly algorithm. Dhivya, Rajeswari J.; Senthamizh, Selvi R.; Suresh, G.R. 2755
Voltage equalization for partially shaded photovoltaic generators with coordinated control and protection for islanded hybrid microgrid system. Vignesh, S.S.; Udayakumar, G. 3481
Zero knowledge based multi copy routing algorithm for heterogeneous mobile social networks. AntonyVigil, M.S. 3892

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