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Articles from Advances in Natural and Applied Sciences (April 1, 2016)

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A complete survey on various prevention approaches for denial of sleep attack in wireless sensor networks. Mahalakshmi, G.; Subathra, P. 3342
A mining approach for detecting unknown malware using N-Gram and SVM. Muthuvel, S.; Neelakandan, S.; Kumar M., Dinesh Report 2938
A new amalgam technique in CAD system for detection of abnormality in MRI brain images. Deepa, B.; Sumithra, M.G. Report 3567
A novel approach for watermarking in JPEG 2000 images using RC4-2S encryption. Pappa, C. Kanmani; Vijayaraj, M. Report 2975
A novel trust based routing approach in MANET. Patel, Kajal; Titiya, Mahesh 4505
A survey on approaches, methodologies, standards, and tools for ontologies. Titiya, Mahesh. D.; Shah, Vipul. A. Report 3461
A survey on maintaining data privacy a different perspective. Selvi, R. Senthamil; Valarmathi, M.L. Report 2951
An efficient artificial neural network for identification of volcano hotspots using satellite images. Rathnam, S. Muni; Ramashri, T. Report 3607
An efficient technique for face recognition using compact feature descriptor and semi supervised decision tree classifier. Thilagavathi, P.; Scholar, P.G.; Dhanalakshmi, K. 2989
An experimental study on physical and mechanical properties of agave lechuguilla fiber used in the concrete. Anandh, K.S.; Balasubramanian, M.; Stephen, P. Report 1735
An improved Hadoop performance model with automated resource provisioning and scalable data chunk similarity compression within constrained deadline. Selvi, D.M. Kalai; Ezhumalai, P. Report 3371
An survey on observation response to primary therapy in carcinoma victimization using dynamic contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging. Ahila, A. Report 3236
Analysis of noise impact on various parameters by response surface methodology for optimum safe working area. Boominathan, N.; Vijayaraghavan, G.K.; Kathiravan, R. Report 2668
Analysis of performance metrics of controllers for pitch controlled variable speed wind turbine. Nazreen, M. Fathima; Ali, E.A. Mohamed Report 2468
Application of hybrid wavelet neural network in one-dimensional signal denoising using multiple wavelet functions. Arora, Jasmineet Kaur; Murthy, Somanchi K.; Deodhar, R.S. 2821
Artificial neural network based performance assessment of thermosyphon solar water heating system. Premalatha, N.; ValanArasu, A. Report 4458
Automated learning methodology for document clustering analysis. Alam, M.M. Gowthul; Baulkani, S. Report 4410
Characterization of neighborhood total 2-domination with coloring parameter. Mahadevan, G.; Renuka, K.; Sivagnanam, C. Report 6016
Circularly polarized antenna design at 5.8GHZ. Rekha, K.; Shanthalakshmi, K. 788
Classification of varicose ulcer tissue images. Anusha, D.N.; Bhavani, R.R. 2184
Control of doubly fed induction generator based wind energy conversion systems using feedback linearization. Haneesh, K.M. Report 2091
Design and performance evaluation of explicit pulsed register element for low power VISI circuits. Priyanka, P. Jeya; Batri, K. Report 2158
Design of gain scheduling PID controller for network control system. Ponajitha, P.; Jaibhavani, K.S. 2196
Design of low power bulk driven current generator based subthreshold Cmos circuit. Saravanan, S.; Prasana, P. Report 2024
Design of polarization filter using surface plasmon resonance based square latticed photonic crystal fiber. Yogalakshmis, S.; Selvendran, S.; Helena Margaret, D.; Raja A., Sivanantha Report 2078
Detecting unauthorized access to a location using Lloyd's algorithm. Chandrasekaran, Sasitharani; Maheswari, N. Uma Report 4403
Detection of melanoma using High Level Intuitive features (HILFS). Sundari, M. Parvatha; Florinabel, Jemi 3147
Determinants of shopping experience exploring the mall shoppers of Bangalore City. Mohana, S.; Gangisetty, N.; Reddy T., Narayana Report 5097
Development of vitrified grinding wheel with low temperature bond. Thenmuhil, D.; Rohan, J.; Priyadarshini, B.; Sathishkumar, P.; Manohar, P. Report 2418
DFT analysis of metal complexes for selective nitrogen removal from the syngas based on binding energy criteria. Varghese, Akhil; Muraleedharan, C.; Arun, P. Report 2158
EEG based wheelchair navigation for paralysis patients. Deepalakshmi, R.; Revedha X., Anexshe 1980
Efficient feature extraction for text mining. Maruthu, Pandi. J.; Vimala, Devi K.; Anitha, V. Report 5325
Experimental investigation on friction stir welded aluminium alloy (6063-O)--pure copper joint. Samuel, L. Christon; Balachandar, K. 1915
Experimental studies of sisal fibre in Portland cement concrete elements on durability. Balasubramanian, M.; Senthilselvan, S.; Sabarish, K.V. Report 2822
Experimental study on performance and emission characteristics of a direct injection compression ignition engine with Fe3O4 nanoparticles. Mahendravarman, R.; Sivakumar, D.B.; Sivakumar, P. Report 3921
Fabrication of bamboo fibre reinforced polymer matrix composites. Manikandan, R.; Manimaran, T.R.; Babu, W. Roopesh; Samuel, M. 2718
Feature selection for heart disease using Enhanced Cuckoo Search. Archana, S. Ruba Arockia; Thanabal, M.S. 3213
Fuzzy logic control of heat exchangers. Thirumarimurugan, M.; Bagyalakshmi, N.; Sathya, S.; Paarkavi, P. 2341
Glaucoma analysis using disc localization, segmentation and SDC approach. Lydia, M. Dhasny; Jainish, G.R. 1690
GPS based energy-distance algorithm for efficient routing in wireless sensor network. Usha, M.; Prittopaul, P.; Ramachandran, S.; Vasanth, K.R.; Karthik, N.N. 2506
Hybrid filter for harmonic reduction and power quality improvement in domestic loads. Katta, Pradeep; Harikrishnan, M. 2181
Implementation of 4 bit electrical gray to optical binary converter using the electro optic effect in the Mach Zehnder interferometer. Muppidathi@saravanan.A; Raja, A. Sivanantha; Selvendran, S. Report 2130
Implementation of efficient CORDIC array structure based fast RADIX-2 DCT algorithm. Kumar, T.R. Dinesh; Bennet, M. Anto; Priya, P. Janani; Vijayalashmi, R.; Sophia, P. Charret Report 3282
Implementation of low-power and area-efficient carry save adder. Boopathi, K.; Dhayabarani, R.; Raja, S. Report 2524
Improving the network lifetime using network connectivity and target coverage in Mobile Sensor Networks. Sudha, K. Jeya; Abinaya, P.; Kalpana, M.; Kumar, T. Senthil Report 2838
Incentive-compatible approximation mechanism for auction-based VM provisioning in clouds. Kirubavathi, A.; Maheswari, N. Uma Report 4428
Investigating the performance of different models in estimating global solar radiation. Youssef, M. Elsayed; Hassan, Gasser E.; Mohamed, Zahraa E.; Ali, Mohamed A. Report 5970
Investigation of Indian IT Society using management information system. Kumar, M. Varun; Venugopal, Pulidindi Report 3160
Kinetic modeling of biomass gasification with carbon dioxide sorption. Mathew, Basil Issac; Rupesh, S.; Muraleedharan, C.; Arun, P. Report 2284
Mathematical model based energy efficient routing with prediction of mobile sink in WSN. Nagamalar, T.; Rangaswamy, T.R. Report 5235
Multi class cross domain sentiment classification using fuzzy mapped cluster. Latha, K.; Mohan, S.; Kumar, S. Sathish Report 4576
Nonlinear ring resonator of hybrid plasmonic waveguide. Hemadevi, N.; Margaret D., Helena Report 1912
O-to-O via social media--a novel initiative for enhancing teaching learning process. Selvarani, M. Pradhiba; Sankar, S. Hari; Duraisamy, Vendhan Report 2764
Performance & analysis of high efficient CAM using parity bit and gated circuits. Bennet, M. Anto; Suresh, R.; Christopher, Vivin; Inasu, Kelwin; Vignesh, S. Report 3298
Performance analysis of a low power high speed hybrid 1-bit full adder circuit. Devi, P. Uma; Muthuvel, C. Report 2560
Performance analysis of healthcare application using parallel k-means clustering algorithm. Vithyaa, T.; Manivannan, K. 3633
Performance analysis of palmprint pattern recognition techniques. Kanchana, S.; Balakrishnan, G. Report 3468
Placing sensors optimally in structures by combining Mse method with Aga for structural health monitoring. Benazir, P. Kalima; Suresh, P. Report 3026
Precision multiplier for aging-aware design with AHL in real time applications. Abinaya, L.; Kalaichelvi, K; Raja, S. Report 3025
QoS based service selection using genetic algorithm and association rule mining in MANET. Nandhini K.; Pushpalatha, S. Report 4337
QR based U-Learning Material Production System (QR-ULMPS). Sathyavathy, K.G.; Vijayaragavan, P.; Sharmasth, Vali Y. Report 3545
Railway track scrutinizing by using a wireless robot. Preetha, A. Sakthi; Shinolin, B.; Krishna, M. Ramya Report 1656
Resource discovery using hierarchical agglomerative method in cloud computing. Meenakshi, A.; Srimathi, H.; Ruth, J. Anitha 1770
Spectrum sensing technique using game theory model for cognitive radio networks. Arivazhagi, P.; Karthigaikumar, P. 2653
Student-driven learning circle through Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) methodology. Selvarani, M. Pradhiba; Sankar, S. Hari 2546
Study of heat pipes using nanofluids in heat recovery and energy conservation systems. Senthilkumar, R.; Manikandan, K.; Velmurugan, M. 3189
Survey of mobile based visual search methods. Nagap, Pallavi; Sonawane, Bhakti 3361
Synthesis of linear dipole antenna arrays with mutual coupling effect using novel particle swarm optimization algorithm. Yadav, Samir; Mandal, Durbadal 3546
Temporal predictability based blind source separation--an approach for denoising Eeg signal. Aswathappa, P.; Raj, S. Kamal 3302
Testing the effect of temperature and salinity on germination behavior of Thymus Fontanesii Boiss. & Reut. Dadach, Mohammed; Mehdadi, Zoheir 3602
Theoretical investigation of flow induced vibration for polymer matrix composite angled pipe. Fadhel, Essam Zuheir; Hunain, Mustafa Baqir; Hamzah, Ahmed Fadhil 2936
Theoretical prediction of pressure drop and under rib velocity of single serpentine and repetitive five pass spiral flow fields for polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells. Johnson, Anup; Shaija, A. 2751
Thermally induced cis-trans isomerisation in trilinolein studied by infrared spectroscopy and gas chromatography. Christy, Alfred A.; Arachchi, Subashini L. Report 3849
Threshold-based time tag routing in intermittently connected mobile networks. Subitha, A.; Revathi, T. 3141
Visible light communications for 5g wireless networking systems-Lifi technology. Jayasudha, S.; Bakkiyalakshmi, N.; Manju, M.; Sivabarani, R.; Subasridevi, M. 2376

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