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Articles from Advances in Natural and Applied Sciences (June 1, 2015)

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A Bayesian Gaussian approach for video streaming in mobile cloud computing. Tamizhselvi, S.P.; Muthuswamy, Vijayalakshmi Report 4478
A comparative study of two color based image segmentation for citrus recognition. Amutha, Thendral; Ambalavanan, Suhasini; Anupriya Report 2042
A container based IDS to automatically trace the web-application related attacks. Begum, Shahanaz; Geetharamani, G. Report 3766
A framework for an intelligent job migration in hybrid cloud environment. Vijayanand, K.S.; Mala, T. Report 3247
A framework for user customizable privacy preserving search. Padmanaban, R.; Valentine, Priscilla; Nivetha, A.; Aruna, A. Report 2845
A generic 3-D assisted face recognition framework using neural network architecture. Ramani, R. Geetha; Niranjan, Tharun G.; Navin Ranga, Eshwar U.; Ayappan, Vishak Report 2338
A hierarchical attribute based privacy preserving in cloud data sharing. Iyappan, P.; Anushka, A.; Anitha, T.; Shanthiya, B. Report 4102
A hybrid bee swarm optimized multicast routing for reducing packet loss in VANET. Vanitha, R.; Martin, A.; Madhusudhanan, A. Ramalingam J. Report 2725
A novel approach for converting 2D into 3D images using Hough feature extraction technique. Ramesh, P.S.; Letitia, S. Report 4137
A novel cricket chirping algorithm for engineering optimization problem. Deuri, Jonti; Sathya, S. Siva Report 3323
A novel medical support system for the social ecology of cervical cancer: a research to resolve the challenges in pap smear screening and prediction at firm proportion. Vidya, R.; Nasira, G.M. Report 1668
A study on reliable service composition model-research issues and opportunities. Nandhini, G.; Iyappan, P.; Sundaram, G. Shanmuga; Venkatesan, V. Prasanna Report 3332
A survey on code clone and detecting techniques. Kumar, R. Kavitha; Santhi, G. Report 2550
A survey on the protocols of vehicular ad-hoc networks. Kalpana, R.; Thenmozhi, A.; Vijay, V.; Subramanian, G. Siva Report 2303
A survey on trust management in cloud computing. Judgi, T.; Varalakshmi, P. Report 3453
A tamper-proof log architecture for cloud forensics. Geetha, V.; Udaya, Ponni N.M.; Devagi, T.C.; Nandhini, Priya M. Report 3323
Adaptive protocol for energy efficiency in clustered Wireless Sensor Networks. Venkatachalapathy, K.; Tamilselvan, S.; Kavitha, K. Report 2694
Age estimation in facial images using angular classification technique. Deepa, A.; Sasipraba, T. Report 3447
Alzheimer disease classification using SVM and multi-SVM. Pazhanirajan, S.; Dhanalakshmi, P. Report 3229
An ad-hoc algorithm for solar energy harvesting in wireless sensor network nodes. Madhumitha, J.; Shankar, S.S.V. Shiv Report 2417
An efficient handover optimization in wireless access networks using PCF based IEEE 802.21 Mill standards. Tamilselvi, R.; Hepzibah, C.; Sivaradje, G. Report 1955
An efficient knowledge discovery technique to identify the product of interest for web-buyers. Sandhiya, S.; Kannan, A. Report 2422
An efficient low power log based FPU design for FPGAs. Vaithiyanathan, D.; Seshasayanan, R. Report 3747
An efficient method to manage datasets in large database using clustering process. Venkatachalapathy, K.; Thiyagarajan, S.; Sumithra, R. Report 3232
An empirical study of mobility support in nested mobile networks. Sangeetha, V.; Newton, P. Calduwel Report 2273
An intelligent face and finger recognition using median filtering. Senthil, M.; Suganya, B.; Keerthy, M.; Gayathri, D. Report 3419
An intelligent web-fusion using mash up applications based web-scale probabilistic knowledge for complex operations. Sakthivel, B.; Gomathi, P. Report 2213
An overview of data warehousing and OLAP technology. Rajakumar, E.; Raja, R. Report 3262
Applying vector space model for poetic emotion recognition. Sreeja, P.S.; Mahalaksmi, G.S. Report 2951
Automatic detection of diabetic retinopathy based on color segmentation. Manju, A.; Kamalapriya, D. Report 2272
Automatic ontology construction through decision tree classification techniques. Ramani, R. Geetha; Sankari, S. Siva Report 2394
Automatic retinal vessel segmentation through Gabor filtering, principal component analysis and ensemble of classifiers (C4.5 with bagging). Ramani, R. Geetha; Balasubramanian, Lakshmi Report 3124
Automatic survey template generation using research relations. Manju, G.; Deepa, S.; Gayathri, A.; Suganya, M.; Geetha, T.V. Report 3018
Available bandwidth estimation through link prediction (LP-ABE) in MANET. Gnana Prakasi, O.S.; Varalakshmi, P.; Janani, J. Report 3034
Centralised and decentralised precoding framework in multi user-mimo wireless communication. Upasana, S.; Markandan, S.; Venkateswaran, N. Report 3006
Centrality measure based classification of schizophrenia disorder from resting state functional magnetic resonance images. Ramani, R. Geetha; Sivaselvi, K. Report 3439
Classification and comparison of ontology matching systems. Saruladha, K.; Arthi, J. Report 5521
Classification of multi-dimensional thyroid dataset using data mining techniques: comparison study. Senthilkumar, D.; Sheelarani, N.; Paulraj, S. Report 2868
Clustering algorithm based on Hadoop for big data. Jayalatchumy, D.; Thambidurai, P. Report 2573
Clustering of job applications using ART network. Praveen, Joe I.R.; Varalakshmi, P. Report 3484
Collision and transmission range based routing protocol for VANETs. Kalaivanan, S.; Siva Sathya, S. Report 2687
Color feature based image compression. Priya, R.; Anubala, B. Report 2051
Conserving the battery power of smartphones through computation offloading. Devi N., Vaishnavo; Mukherjee, Saswati Report 2904
Content based image retrieval using perceptual hashing. Puviarasan, N.; Bhavani, R.; Aruna, P.; Sindhiya, M. Report 2292
Content based image search and retrieval using multi sort indexing. Puviarasan, N.; Bhavani, R.; Hemavathi, R. Report 2760
Credit risk assessment using genetic algorithm and elastic search. Shanmugam, M.; Lavanya, D.; Aswini, T.; Subhasheni, S. Report 3066
Cross layer based anomaly intrusion detection in wireless sensor network. Srinivasan, V.; Vidhya, M. Report 3252
Data modelling & analysis in real-time process control. SriDevi, S.; Sakthivel, P. Report 3987
Deduplication in cloud backup services using geneic algorithm for personal computing devices. Neelaveni, P.; Vijayalakshmi, M.; Karthick, K. Report 3101
Design and verification of pervasive system security. Geetha, S.; Madhusudanan, J.; Venkatesan, V. Prasanna; Martin, A. Report 2495
Design of context-aware interactive voice response system. Thirumaran, M.; Soni, Subham; Gayathry; G., Brendha Report 3856
Detection and recognition of real-time indoor objects using sift features. Arunkumar, R.; Balasubramanian, M.; Vandhana, G. Report 2598
Detection of URL based attacks using reduced feature set and modified C4.5 algorithm. Rakesh, R.; Muthurajkumar, S.; SaiRamesh, L.; Vijayalakshmi, M.; Kannan A. Report 3702
Eaack--a secure intrusion detection system for manets. Selvakumar, K.; Revathi, G.; Murugan, V. Senthil Report 2771
Edge based video compression using modified SOM approach for surveillance services. Suresh, G.; Epsiba, P.; Subathra, S.; Kumaratharan, N. Report 2038
Effective analysis on data arrangement in big data. Priya, P. Indira; Kannan, A. Report 2896
Efficient illumination correction for camera captured image documents. Saranraj; Venkateswaran Report 2548
Energy based attack detection in virtual environment using COSMIC FFP. Anand, R.; Saraswathi, S. Report 3542
Enhancement of Gaussian noise affected images using modified threshold function in curvelet domain. Swamy, P.M. Shivakumara; Vani, K. Report 2219
Environmental sound classification using discrete wavelet transform. Lenin, T.; Dhanalakshmi, P. Report 3182
Epidemic based broadcasting for vehicular Ad Hoc networks. Chitra, M.; Sathya, S. Siva Report 2440
Extracting features in opinion miningusing inter dependent domain relevance. Abirami, R.; Ramesh, S. Report 3411
File deduplication using genetic programming for efficient cloud storage. Baskaran, Santhi; Madhubala, G. Report 4223
Hand gesture recognition for deaf and dumb people. Kathirvel, N.; Praba, R. Report 2277
Human face localization using normalized RGB color space. Mishra, Richa; Subban, Ravi Report 2861
Hybrid malware detect memory mapper in kernel centric virtual machine. Shanmugam, M.; Chandni, C.; Jennifer, J.; Raadhuka, S. Report 1639
Hybrid method based feature selection using simulated annealing and fuzzy clustering techniques. Aneetha, A.S.; Bose, S. Report 2846
Hyperspectral image classification. Sathya, P.; Vani, K. Report 2962
Identifying personality traits among peers in collaborative learning environment. Vindhya, Shri; Mala, T. Report 2753
Implementation of DSR protocol using different optimization techniques. Selvakumar, K.; Vijayalakshmi, N.; Murugan, V. Senthil Report 3209
Improved ultra high frequency design of rfid patch antenna. Thirumalai, T.; Kashwan, K.R. Report 1361
Improving content personalization through ant optimization in E-learning. Sivakumar, N.; Praveena, R.; Saranya, S. Report 3133
Improving end to end reliability and latency through Eqgor in Wsn. Saminathan, R.; Indhumathi, S. Report 2765
Indexing and retrieval of speech using perceptual linear prediction and sonogram. Thiruvengatanadhan, R.; Dhanalakshmi, P. Report 2804
Information retrieval using collaborative filtering and item based recommendation. Renugadevi, S.; Geetha, T.V.; Murugavel, N. Report 2501
Intelligent texture feature extraction and indexing for MRI image retrieval using curvelet and PCA with HTF. Rajakumar, K.; Muttan, S.; Deepa, G.; Revathy, S.; Priya, B. Shanmuga Report 3331
Intelligent trust based temporal data storage and retrieval methods for cloud databases. Sannasy, Muthurajkumar; Muthuswamy, Vijayalakshmi; Arputharaj, Kannan Report 3247
Iris identification based on appearance based approaches--a survey. Subban, Ravi; Susitha, N. Report 4360
Language independent categorization of documents based on the domain. Hanumanthappa, M.; Narayana, Swamy M. Report 1562
Learning concepts and relations for incremental ontology learning. Thenmalar, S.; Sathiya, B.; Geetha, T.V. Report 3224
Life time enhancement of nodes by reducing power consumption in cockroach network using DSR--a survey. Archana, Y.A.; Sivakumar, P. Report 2175
Lung tumor detection using pixel value matching (PVM) method. Vijaya, G.; Suhasini, A.; Selvi, D. Dravida Report 2814
Maximizing network life time and enhancing the security in MANET using Zrp protocol. Darani, C.P.; Saranya, A. Report 3348
Mining sentiments and sequential rules for event prediction. Preethi, P.G.; Uma, V. Report 3405
Modified Rock (MROCK) algorithm for clustering categorical data. Saruladha, K.; Likhitha, P.V. Report 2204
Multi-population group search optimization for function optimization. Raj, Joshil; SivaSathya, S.; Ghosh, Sebabrata Report 3462
Multimodal biometric analysis against spoofing attacks using image quality assessment. Nandhini, N.; Kathirvel, N. Report 2315
Multimodal biometric key generation for cryptographic security using face and iris. Balamurugan, G.; Jayarraman, K.B.; Arulalan, V.; Lokesh, V. Report 2513
Multimodal biometric systems using multiscale transform based fusion. Nair, S. Anu H.; Aruna, P. Report 3666
New real coded crossover operators for genetic algorithms based on incomplete dominance and gene memory. Pavai, G.; Geetha, T.V. Report 3437
NFR modeling from explicit natural language requirements specification. Durgadevi, M.; Abirami, S. Report 2888
Offline Tamil handwritten character recognition using statistical features. Raj, M. Antony Robert; Abirami, S. Report 3313
Ontology assisted data mining and pattern discovery approach: a case study on Indian school education system. Roy, Prokriti; Sathya, S. Siva; Kumar, Naveen Report 2754
Optimal clustering architecture to maximize sensor network lifetime. Kumar, G. Sangeeth; Thangarajan, R.; Lalitha, K. Report 2757
Optimal packet classification techniques for performance enhancement and intrusion detection. Vanthana, G.; Muthurajkumar, S.; Sairamesh, L.; Rakesh, R.; Kannan, A. Report 2054
Performance evaluation and characterization of IO workload analysis using data mining algorithms. Krishnamoorthi, N.; Kamalam, G.K.; Anitha, B. Report 2583
Performance evaluation of AODV routing protocol under black hole attack. Selvakumar, K.; Malarvizhi, N.; Murugan, V. Senthil Report 2541
Pre-processing and analyzing web logs for web analytics to improve web organization. Maheswari, S. Uma; Srivatsa, S.K. Report 3425
Preventing selfish node behaviors in MANETs through hierarchical ARM. Saminathan, R.; Jenithamary, C. Report 3037
Privacy preserving database and classification of multidatabase mining. Keerthana, G.; Sandhya, P.; Varun, R. Report 516
Privacy protection in personalized web search. Abinaya, M.; Anand, D. Vijay Report 2417
PROXUM: an energy efficient and privacy--aware data aggregation in heterogeneous wireless sensor networks. Kavitha, R.J.; Caroline, B. Elizabeth Report 2348
Quantifying concept proximity based on semantic measures. Sunitha, R.; Aghila, G. Report 3828
Review of security threats and its countermeasures in Mobile Adhoc Networks. Geetha, A.; Sreenath, N. Report 2982
Road map approach for sensor network assisted navigation in dynamic environments. Santhi, G.; Kumar, R. Kavitha Report 2768
Scale independent query processing using optimal access schema. Anuja, S.; Devi, M. Monisha; Senthilkumar, Radha Report 3225
Secure data sharing in cloud storage using KAC with certificateless encryption. R., Anitha; V., Pandiyaraju; S., Muthurajkumar; L., Sai Ramesh; R., Rakesh Report 3061
Secure data storage using decentralized access control in cloud. Jayakumar, Jenifer; Sairamesh, L.; Pandiyaraju, V.; Muthurajkumar, S.; Rakesh, R. Report 2551
Segmentation of medical images based on probabilistic markov random field model. Sophia, P.; Venkateswaran, N. Report 2907
Semantic context aware authorization for securing data in cloud. M., Auxilia; Raja, K. Report 2754
Sign gesture representation using and-or tree. Narashiman, D.; Mala, T. Report 2965
Speaker segmentation using Mfcc and Aann. Elakkiya, M.; Dhanalakshmi, P. Report 1516
Stable link in VANET using receiver based multicast routing protocol. Suganya, R.; Saravanan, D.; Kumarakrishnan, S.; Premkumar, K. Report 2221
Stamping layout evaluation using multi-criteria decision analysis. S., Senthil; Gokulnath, V.M. Report 2084
Summarization based on product review using intrinsic and extrinsic domain relevance. Jayabharathy, J.; Subathra, S.; Srinivasan, B. Report 3556
Syntactic and semantic based machine translation from Tamil to English. Lakshmanapandian, S.; Saranya, K.; Durkadevi, J. Report 1953
The COLLID based intrusion detection system for detection against DDOS attacks using trust evaluation. Poongodi, M.; Bose, S. Report 3918
Verification of SOII architecture using colored petri nets. Punitha, Devi C.; Venkatesan, V. Prasanna; Diwahar, S.; Meiappane, A. Report 4080
Virtualization environment for reporting logs using hyper monitor algorithm technique. Anthoniraj, S.; Saraswathi, S.; Harini, M. Report 2711
Vision based recognition of American sign language numbers using combined DCT-DWT features and machine learning. Nagarajan, S.; Subashini, T.S. Report 2422

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