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Articles from Advances in Meteorology (January 1, 2017)

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A Case Study of Anomalous Snowfall with an Alberta Clipper. Rochette, Scott M.; Market, Patrick S.; Gravelle, Chad M.; Niziol, Thomas A. Case study 7330
A Case Study of Mass Transport during the East-West Oscillation of the Asian Summer Monsoon Anticyclone. Luo, Jiali; Song, Jiayao; Tian, Hongying; Liu, Lei; Liang, Xinlei Case study 6336
A Case Study of Offshore Advection of Boundary Layer Rolls over a Stably Stratified Sea Surface. Svensson, Nina; Sahlee, Erik; Bergstrom, Hans; Nilsson, Erik; Badger, Merete; Rutgersson, Anna Case study 11154
A Comparative Frequency Analysis of Maximum Daily Rainfall for a SE Asian Region under Current and Future Climate Conditions. Daksiya, Velautham; Mandapaka, Pradeep; Lo, Edmond Y.M. Report 7393
A Comparison of Thermal Growing Season Indices for the Northern China during 1961-2015. Cui, Linli; Shi, Jun; Ma, Yue Report 9220
A Coupled 1D-2D Hydrodynamic Model for Urban Flood Inundation. Fan, Yuyan; Ao, Tianqi; Yu, Haijun; Huang, Guoru; Li, Xiaodong Report 5742
A New Method for Evaporation Modeling: Dynamic Evolving Neural-Fuzzy Inference System. Kisi, Ozgur; Mansouri, Iman; Hu, Jong Wan Report 5165
A New Variational Assimilation Method Based on Gradient Information from Satellite Data. Zhong, Bo; Wang, Yun-Feng; Ma, Gang; Ma, Xin-Yuan; Yang, Lu Report 6281
A New Vortex Initialization Scheme Coupled with WRF-ARW. Fung, Jimmy Chi Hung; Gao, Guangze Report 8224
A Potential Density Gradient Dependent Analysis Scheme for Ocean Multiscale Data Assimilation. Fu, Hongli; Yang, Jinkun; Li, Wei; Wu, Xinrong; Han, Guijun; Xie, Yuanfu; Zhang, Shaoqing; Zhang, Xu Report 6112
A Quality Control Method Based on an Improved Random Forest Algorithm for Surface Air Temperature Observations. Ye, Xiaoling; Yang, Xing; Xiong, Xiong; Shen, Yunpei; Hao, Man; Gu, Rong Report 5844
A Survey and Perspectives on Mathematical Models for Quantitative Precipitation Estimation Using Lightning. Minjarez-Sosa, Carlos Manuel; Waissman, Julio Report 8094
An Analysis of Tropical Cold-Point Tropopause Warming in 1999. Han, Yuanyuan; Xie, Fei; Zhang, Shiyan; Zhang, Ruhua; Wang, Feiyang; Zhang, Jiankai Report 6532
An Efficient T-S Assimilation Strategy Based on the Developed Argo-Extending Algorithm. Zhou, Chaojie; Ding, Xiaohua; Zhang, Jie; Yang, Jungang; Ma, Qiang Report 5318
An Improved Clutter Suppression Method for Weather Radars Using Multiple Pulse Repetition Time Technique. Yu, Yingjie; Li, Yong Report 3815
An Integrated Method of Multiradar Quantitative Precipitation Estimation Based on Cloud Classification and Dynamic Error Analysis. Huang, Yong; Liu, Huijuan; Yao, Yun; Ni, Ting; Feng, Yan Report 3410
Analysis of Spatiotemporal Evolution of Isolated Rainstorm Events in Huai River Basin, China. Liu, Simin; Wang, Hao; Yan, Denghua; Ren, Qingfu; Wang, Duo; Gong, Boya Report 7835
ANN Model-Based Simulation of the Runoff Variation in Response to Climate Change on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, China. Juan, Chang; Genxu, Wang; Tianxu, Mao; Xiangyang, Sun Report 9678
Application of Dynamical and Statistical Downscaling to East Asian Summer Precipitation for Finely Resolved Datasets. Yhang, Yoo-Bin; Sohn, Soo-Jin; Jung, Il-Won Report 4923
Applications of Cluster Analysis and Pattern Recognition for Typhoon Hourly Rainfall Forecast. Lin, Fu-Ru; Wu, Nan-Jing; Tsay, Ting-Kuei Report 7840
Arctic-Mid-Latitude Linkages in a Nonlinear Quasi-Geostrophic Atmospheric Model. Handorf, Dorthe; Dethloff, Klaus; Erxleben, Sabine; Jaiser, Ralf; Kurgansky, Michael V. Report 4581
Assessing the Impacts of the 2009/2010 Drought on Vegetation Indices, Normalized Difference Water Index, and Land Surface Temperature in Southwestern China. Zhang, Xiaoqiang; Yamaguchi, Yasushi; Li, Fei; He, Bin; Chen, Yaning Report 4847
Assessment of Meteorological Drought in Korea under Climate Change. Kwak, Jaewon; Kim, Soojun; Jung, Jaewon; Singh, Vijay P.; Lee, Dong Ryul; Kim, Hung Soo Report 6684
Assessment of Rainfall Intensity Equations Enlisted in the Egyptian Code for Designing Potable Water and Sewage Networks. Awadallah, Ayman G.; Magdy, Mostafa; Helmy, Ehab; Rashed, Ehab Report 5930
Assessment of Wave Energy in the South China Sea Based on GIS Technology. Lin, Gang; Shao, Long Tan; Zheng, Chong Wei; Chen, Xiao Bin; Zeng, Li Feng; Liu, Zhi Hong; Li, Rong Report 5957
Brewer-Dobson Circulation: Recent-Past and Near-Future Trends Simulated by Chemistry-Climate Models. Hu, Dingzhu; Guo, Yipeng; Wang, Feiyang; Xu, Qi; Li, Yuanpu; Sang, Wenjun; Wang, Xudong; Liu, Meiche Report 6974
Characteristics of Water Vapor in the UTLS over the Tibetan Plateau Based on AURA/MLS Observations. Sun, Yi; Chen, Quanliang; Gui, Ke; Dong, Fangyou; Feng, Xiao; Long, Qichao Report 5705
Characteristics of Winter Clouds and Precipitation over the Mountains of Northern Beijing. Ma, Xincheng; Bi, Kai; Chen, Yunbo; Chen, Yichen; Cheng, Zhigang Report 6198
Classifying Aerosols Based on Fuzzy Clustering and Their Optical and Microphysical Properties Study in Beijing, China. Zhang, Wenhao; Xu, Hui; Zheng, Fengjie Report 8673
Climate Change Impact on Monthly Precipitation Wet and Dry Spells in Arid Regions: Case Study over Wadi Al-Lith Basin. Almazroui, Mansour; Balkhair, Khaled S.; Islam, M. Nazrul; Fen, Zekai Case study 6338
Climatic Characteristics and Determination Method for Freezing Rain in China. Zhou, Yue; Yue, Yanyu; Gao, Zhengxu; Zhou, Yuehua Report 7408
Climatological Behavior of Precipitating Clouds in the Northeast Region of Brazil. Palharini, Rayana Santos Araujo; Vila, Daniel Alejandro Report 6048
Cloud Base Height Estimation from ISCCP Cloud-Type Classification Applied to A-Train Data. Liang, Yao; Sun, Xuejin; Miller, Steven D.; Li, Haoran; Zhou, Yongbo; Zhang, Riwei; Li, Shaohui Report 6981
Cold Outbreaks at the Mesoscale in the Western Mediterranean Basin: From Raincells to Rainbands. Mazon, Jordi; Pino, David Report 5430
Comparison of Analysis and Spectral Nudging Techniques for Dynamical Downscaling with the WRF Model over China. Ma, Yuanyuan; Yang, Yi; Mai, Xiaoping; Qiu, Chongjian; Long, Xiao; Wang, Chenghai Report 8268
Comparison of Chebyshev and Legendre Polynomial Expansion of Phase Function of Cloud and Aerosol Particles. Zhang, Feng; Liu, Kun; Yang, Quan; Wu, Kun; Zhao, Jian-Qi Report 3390
Comparison of the Long-Range Climate Memory in Outgoing Longwave Radiation over the Tibetan Plateau and the Indian Monsoon Region. Shen, Zhongping; Shi, Jun; Lei, Yadong Report 3659
Composites of Heavy Rain Producing Elevated Thunderstorms in the Central United States. McCoy, Laurel P.; Market, Patrick S.; Gravelle, Chad M.; Graves, Charles E.; Fox, Neil I.; Rochette, Report 8575
Composition and Thermal Structure of the Upper Troposphere and Lower Stratosphere in a Penetrating Mesoscale Convective Complex Determined by Satellite Observations and Model Simulations. Shi, Chunhua; Cai, Wenyi; Guo, Dong Report 4129
Contribution of Atmospheric Advection to the Amplified Winter Warming in the Arctic North Atlantic Region. Dahlke, Sandro; Maturilli, Marion Report 4911
Corrigendum to "Development and Application of Improved Long-Term Datasets of Surface Hydrology for Texas". Lee, Kyungtae; Gao, Huilin; Huang, Maoyi; Sheffield, Justin; Shi, Xiaogang Correction notice 1453
Corrigendum to "Mesoscale and Local Scale Evaluations of Quantitative Precipitation Estimates by Weather Radar Products during a Heavy Rainfall Event". Pauthier, Basile; Bois, Benjamin; Castel, Thierry; Thevenin, D.; Smith, Carmela Chateau; Richard, Yv Correction notice 177
Corrigendum to "Reliability of MODIS Evapotranspiration Products for Heterogeneous Dry Forest: A Study Case of Caatinga". de Queiroga Miranda, Rodrigo; Galvincio, Josicleda Domiciano; de Moura, Magna Soelma Beserra; Jones, Correction notice 238
Corrigendum to "Spatiotemporal Variability and Trends of Extreme Precipitation in the Huaihe River Basin, a Climatic Transitional Zone in East China". Ye, Zhengwei; Li, Zonghua Correction notice 154
Development and Application of Improved Long-Term Datasets of Surface Hydrology for Texas. Lee, Kyungtae; Gao, Huilin; Huang, Maoyi; Sheffield, Justin; Shi, Xiaogang Report 8696
Development and Assessment of the Sand Dust Prediction Model by Utilizing Microwave-Based Satellite Soil Moisture and Reanalysis Datasets in East Asian Desert Areas. Kim, Hyunglok; Zohaib, Muhammad; Cho, Eunsang; Kerr, Yann H.; Choi, Minha Report 8978
Disaggregation of Annual to Monthly Streamflow: A Case Study of Kizilirmak Basin (Turkey). Al-Zakar, Shatha H.D.; Sarlak, N.; Agha, Omar M.A. Mahmood Case study 5216
Downscaling of Open Coarse Precipitation Data through Spatial and Statistical Analysis, Integrating NDVI, NDWI, Elevation, and Distance from Sea. Ezzine, Hicham; Bouziane, Ahmed; Ouazar, Driss; Hasnaoui, Moulay Driss Report 9649
Drought Assessment and Projection under Climate Change: A Case Study in the Middle and Lower Jinsha River Basin. Yuan, Zhe; Xu, Jijun; Chen, Jin; Huo, Junjun; Yu, Yangyue; Locher, Peter; Xu, Bin Case study 7450
Drought Hazard Evaluation in Boro Paddy Cultivated Areas of Western Bangladesh at Current and Future Climate Change Conditions. Islam, Abu Reza Md. Towfiqul; Shen, Shuanghe; Hu, Zhenghua; Rahman, M. Atiqur Report 8662
Drought Trends in the Iberian Peninsula over the Last 112 Years. Pascoa, P.; Gouveia, C.M.; Russo, A.; Trigo, R.M. Report 9793
Dynamical Modulation of Wintertime Synoptic-Scale Cyclone Activity over the Japan Sea due to Changbai Mountain in the Korean Peninsula. Shimizu, Hiroyuki; Kawamura, Ryuichi; Kawano, Tetsuya; Iizuka, Satoshi Report 6321
Early Detection of Baby-Rain-Cell Aloft in a Severe Storm and Risk Projection for Urban Flash Flood. Nakakita, Eiichi; Sato, Hiroto; Nishiwaki, Ryuta; Yamabe, Hiroyuki; Yamaguchi, Kosei Report 8866
Ecosystem Drought Response Timescales from Thermal Emission versus Shortwave Remote Sensing. Andujar, Erika; Krakauer, Nir Y.; Yi, Chuixiang; Kogan, Felix Report 6955
Effects of Climate and Land Use Changes on Water Resources in the Taoer River. Liu, Jianwei; Zhang, Can; Kou, Limin; Zhou, Qiang Report 7685
Effects of the Representation of Convection on the Modelling of Hurricane Tomas (2010). Marras, Irene; Fiori, Elisabetta; Rossi, Lauro; Parodi, Antonio Report 8410
Error Analysis and Evaluation of the Latest GSMap and IMERG Precipitation Products over Eastern China. Ning, Shaowei; Song, Fan; Udmale, Parmeshwar; Jin, Juliang; Thapa, Bhesh Raj; Ishidaira, Hiroshi Report 7981
Evaluating the Solar Slowly Varying Component at C-Band Using Dual- and Single-Polarization Weather Radars in Europe. Gabella, M.; Huuskonen, A.; Sartori, M.; Holleman, I.; Boscacci, M.; Germann, U. Report 6526
Evaluating the TRMM Multisatellite Precipitation Analysis for Extreme Precipitation and Streamflow in Ganjiang River Basin, China. Jiang, Shanshan; Zhang, Zengxin; Huang, Yuhan; Chen, Xi; Chen, Sheng Report 5302
Evaluation of Satellite Precipitation Products and Their Potential Influence on Hydrological Modeling over the Ganzi River Basin of the Tibetan Plateau. Alazzy, Alaa Alden; Lu, Haishen; Chen, Rensheng; Ali, Abubaker B.; Zhu, Yonghua; Su, Jianbin Report 13622
Evaluation of the Impact of Argo Data on Ocean Reanalysis in the Pacific Region. Zhang, Xuefeng; Sun, Chaohui; Liu, Chang; Zhang, Lianxin; Shao, Caixia; Zhang, Xiaoshuang; Zhao, Yux Report 4834
Evaluation of TRMM Multisatellite Precipitation Analysis in the Yangtze River Basin with a Typical Monsoon Climate. Zhang, Zengxin; Jin, Qiu; Chen, Xi; Xu, Chong-Yu; Chen, Sheng; Moss, Elica M.; Huang, Yuhan Report 7276
Exploration of Use of Copulas in Analysing the Relationship between Precipitation and Meteorological Drought in Beijing, China. Fan, Linlin; Wang, Hongrui; Wang, Cheng; Lai, Wenli; Zhao, Yong Report 6658
Extreme Precipitation and Floods: Monitoring, Modelling, and Forecasting. Duan, Zheng; Gao, Hongkai; Tan, Mouleong Editorial 1492
Flood Forecasting Based on TIGGE Precipitation Ensemble Forecast. Ye, Jinyin; Shao, Yuehong; Li, Zhijia Report 4058
Forecasting Drought Using Multilayer Perceptron Artificial Neural Network Model. Ali, Zulifqar; Hussain, Ijaz; Faisal, Muhammad; Nazir, Hafiza Mamona; Hussain, Tajammal; Shad, Muham Report 5563
Forest Evapotranspiration and Energy Flux Partitioning Based on Eddy Covariance Methods in an Arid Desert Region of Northwest China. Ma, Xiaohong; Feng, Qi; Su, Yonghong; Yu, Tengfei; Jin, Hua Report 6350
Geospatial Analysis of Extreme Weather Events in Nigeria (1985-2015) Using Self-Organizing Maps. Akande, Adeoluwa; Costa, Ana Cristina; Mateu, Jorge; Henriques, Roberto Report 6424
Hydrological Evaluation of Satellite Soil Moisture Data in Two Basins of Different Climate and Vegetation Density Conditions. Zhuo, Lu; Han, Dawei Report 9132
Hydrometeorological Applications: Severe Weather Precipitation Detection, Estimation, and Forecast. Qi, Youcun; Cao, Qing; Yong, Bin; Zhang, Ke; Li, Zhe Editorial 1346
Identification of the Impacts of Climate Changes and Human Activities on Runoff in the Jinsha River Basin, China. Liu, Xiaowan; Peng, Dingzhi; Xu, Zongxue Report 4298
Impact of Mesoscale Motions on Monin-Obukhov Similarity and Surface Energy Balance over a Homogeneous Surface. Guo, Yang; Zuo, Hongchao Report 7937
Impact of Ozone Valley over the Tibetan Plateau on the South Asian High in CAM5. Li, Zhenkun; Qin, Hao; Guo, Dong; Zhou, Shunwu; Huang, Ying; Su, Yucheng; Wang, Linwei; Sun, Yang Report 4440
Impact of the Choice of Land Surface Scheme on a Simulated Heatwave Event: The Case of Sichuan-Chongqing Area, China. Ma, Y.; Zeng, X.-M.; Zhang, Y.; Wang, N.; Zheng, Y.; Wang, G.; Chen, C. Case study 9366
Impacts of Microphysics Schemes and Topography on the Prediction of the Heavy Rainfall in Western Myanmar Associated with Tropical Cyclone ROANU (2016). Maw, Khin Win; Min, Jinzhong Report 9304
Improving Accuracy of River Flow Forecasting Using LSSVR with Gravitational Search Algorithm. Adnan, Rana Muhammad; Yuan, Xiaohui; Kisi, Ozgur; Anam, Rabia Report 13909
Improving Daytime Planetary Boundary Layer Height Determination from CALIOP: Validation Based on Ground-Based Lidar Station. Liu, Zhao; Mortier, Augustin; Li, Zhengqiang; Hou, Weizhen; Goloub, Philippe; Lv, Yang; Chen, Xingfe Report 7882
Indoor/Outdoor Air Quality Assessment at School near the Steel Plant in Taranto (Italy). Di Gilio, A.; Farella, G.; Marzocca, A.; Giua, R.; Assennato, G.; Tutino, M.; de Gennaro, G. Report 5474
Influence of the Anomalous Patterns of the Mascarene and Australian Highs on Precipitation during the Prerainy Season in South China. Han, Xue; Wei, Fengying; Chen, Xingrong Report 7627
Intercomparing the Response of Tropospheric and Stratospheric Temperature to Two Types of El Nino Onset. Chang, Shujie; Shao, Min; Shi, Chunhua; Xu, Hua Report 6084
Interdecadal Changes in the Freeze Depth and Period of Frozen Soil on the Three Rivers Source Region in China from 1960 to 2014. Luo, Siqiong; Fang, Xuewei; Lyu, Shihua; Jiang, Qi; Wang, Jingyuan Report 7561
Land Surface Temperature and Emissivity Separation from Cross-Track Infrared Sounder Data with Atmospheric Reanalysis Data and ISSTES Algorithm. Zhang, Yu-Ze; Jiang, Xiao-Guang; Wu, Hua; Jiang, Ya-Zhen; Liu, Zhao-Xia; Huang, Cheng Report 6015
Large-Scale Analysis of Relationships between Mineral Dust, Ice Cloud Properties, and Precipitation from Satellite Observations Using a Bayesian Approach: Theoretical Basis and First Results for the Tropical Atlantic Ocean. Kluser, Lars; Popp, Thomas Report 12441
Long-Term Variations of Temperature and Precipitation in the Megacity of Istanbul for the Development of Adaptation Strategies to Climate Change. Toros, Huseyin; Abbasnia, Mohsen; Sagdic, Mustafa; Tayanc, Mete Report 9983
Mapping of Maize Growing Period over the Free State Province of South Africa: Heat Units Approach. Moeletsi, Mokhele Edmond Report 5262
Measuring Hydrometeors with a Precipitation Microphysical Characteristics Sensor: Calibration and Field Measurements. Hu, Yuntao; Liu, Xichuan; Gao, Taichang; Shu, Xiaojian Report 6764
Meteorological Drought Index Mapping in Bangladesh Using Standardized Precipitation Index during 1981-2010. Mondol, Md. Anarul Haque; Ara, Iffat; Das, Subash Chandra Report 8619
Modeling Temperature and Pricing Weather Derivatives Based on Temperature. Tartan, Birhan; Hayfavi, Azize Report 8520
Monitoring and Forecasting Air Pollution Levels by Exploiting Satellite, Ground-Based, and Synoptic Data, Elaborated with Regression Models. Michaelides, Silas; Paronis, Dimitris; Retalis, Adrianos; Tymvios, Filippos Report 10119
Monitoring and Modeling Terrestrial Ecosystems' Response to Climate Change 2016. Jiang, Dong; Liu, Gang; Wei, Yongping Editorial 573
Monitoring Water Resources over the Kotmale Reservoir in Sri Lanka Using ENSO Phases. Chandrasekara, Sewwandhi; Prasanna, Venkatraman; Kwon, Hyun-Han Report 4665
Multiscale Dynamics of the February 11-12, 2010, Deep South US Snowstorm Event. Taylor, Stephany M.; Kaplan, Michael L.; Lin, Yuh-Lang Report 9553
Numerical Simulation of Sea Breeze Convergence over Antarctic Peninsula. Comin, Alcimoni Nelci; Acevedo, Otavio Costa Report 4815
Numerical Simulation of Surface Energy and Water Balances over a Semiarid Grassland Ecosystem in the West African Savanna. Quansah, Emmanuel; Katata, Genki; Mauder, Matthias; Annor, Thompson; Amekudzi, Leonard K.; Blieferni Report 5994
Numerical Simulations of Fog Events in Southern Portugal. Policarpo, Carlos; Salgado, Rui; Costa, Maria Joao Report 8396
Observational and Simulative Study of a Local Severe Precipitation Event Caused by a Cold Vortex over Northeast China. Liu, Ying; Liang, Zhaoming; Li, Yupeng Report 7874
Observing and Modeling the Vertical Wind Profile at Multiple Sites in and above the Amazon Rain Forest Canopy. de Santana, Raoni Aquino Silva; Dias-Junior, Cleo Quaresma; do Vale, Roseilson Souza; Tota, Julio; F Report 4282
On the Potential of 25 Years (1991-2015) of Rawinsonde Measurements for Elucidating Climatological and Spatiotemporal Patterns of Afternoon Boundary Layer Depths over the Contiguous US. Lee, Temple R.; Pal, Sandip Report 10593
Optimal Physics Parameterization Scheme Combination of the Weather Research and Forecasting Model for Seasonal Precipitation Simulation over Ghana. Agyeman, Richard Yao Kuma; Annor, Thompson; Lamptey, Benjamin; Quansah, Emmanuel; Agyekum, Jacob; Ti Report 8635
Precipitating Cloud Characteristics during Changma as Seen in TRMM PR Observations. Seo, Eun-Kyoung; Kim, Kyu-Myong Report 6696
Prediction on the Peak of the C[O.sub.2] Emissions in China Using the STIRPAT Model. Li, Li; Lei, Yalin; He, Chunyan; Wu, Sanmang; Chen, Jiabin Report 5292
Probabilistic Interval Forecasts: An Individual Differences Approach to Understanding Forecast Communication. Grounds, Margaret A.; Joslyn, Susan; Otsuka, Kyoko Report 14200
Quantifying Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Solar Radiation over the Northeast China Based on ACO-BPNN Model and Intensity Analysis. Li, Xiangqian; Tong, Zhijun; Guo, Enliang; Luo, Xiaolong Report 8125
Quantifying the Spatial Variations of Hyporheic Water Exchange at Catchment Scale Using the Thermal Method: A Case Study in the Weihe River, China. Zhang, Junlong; Song, Jinxi; Long, Yongqing; Zhang, Yan; Zhang, Bo; Wang, Yuqi; Wang, Yuanyuan Case study 5057
Recent Decadal Trend in the North Atlantic Wind Energy Resources. Zheng, Chong Wei; Li, Chong Yin; Li, Xin Report 5788
Recognizing Dew as an Indicator and an Improver of Near-Surface Air Quality. Xu, Yingying; Zhu, Xinyue Report 7023
Regional Attenuation Correction of Weather Radar Using a Distributed Microwave-Links Network. Xue, Yang; Liu, Xi-chuan; Gao, Tai-chang; Yang, Chang-ye; Song, Kun Report 4646
Regional Frequency Analysis of Extremes Precipitation Using L-Moments and Partial L-Moments. Khan, Said Arab; Hussain, Ijaz; Hussain, Tajammal; Faisal, Muhammad; Muhammad, Yousaf Shad; Shoukry, Report 10007
Relation between the Atmospheric Boundary Layer and Impact Factors under Severe Surface Thermal Conditions. Ao, Yinhuan; Li, Jiangang; Li, Zhaoguo; Lyu, Shihua; Jiang, Cailian; Wang, Minzhong Report 7014
Reliability of MODIS Evapotranspiration Products for Heterogeneous Dry Forest: A Study Case of Caatinga. Miranda, Rodrigo de Queiroga; Galvincio, Josicleda Domiciano; de Moura, Magna Soelma Beserra; Jones, Case study 7710
Response of Extreme Precipitation to Solar Activity and El Nino Events in Typical Regions of the Loess Plateau. Li, H.J.; Gao, J.E.; Zhang, H.C.; Zhang, Y.X.; Zhang, Y.Y. Report 4869
Response of South American Terrestrial Ecosystems to Future Patterns of Sea Surface Temperature. Pereira, Marcos Paulo Santos; Costa, Marcos Heil; Justino, Flavio; Malhado, Ana Claudia Mendes Report 6144
Responses of Streamflow to Climate Change and Human Activities in a River Basin, Northeast China. Zhang, Hanwen; Xu, Wei; Xu, Xintong; Lu, Baohong Report 6086
Risk Assessment of Drought Based on IEAPP-IDM in Qujing, Yunnan Province, China. Deng, Menghua; Chen, Junfei; Liu, Guiyun; Wang, Huimin Report 5784
River Basin in China. Shen, Xiaojing; Wu, Xu; Xie, Xinmin; Ma, Zhenzhen; Yang, Meijian Report 5364
Satellite Observations of the Seasonal Evolution of Total Precipitable Water Vapour over the Mediterranean Sea. Palau, J.L.; Rovira, F.; Sales, M.J. Report 4514
Seasonal Multifactor Modelling of Weighted-Mean Temperature for Ground-Based GNSS Meteorology in Hunan, China. Li, Li; Wu, Suqin; Wang, Xiaoming; Tian, Ying; He, Changyong; Zhang, Kefei Report 7515
Seasonal Variations of the Urban Thermal Environment Effect in a Tropical Coastal City. Yuan, Yao; Xi, Chen; Jing, Qian; Felix, Ndayisaba Report 12333
Sensitivity Evaluation of Spectral Nudging Schemes in Historical Dynamical Downscaling for South Asia. Ramzan, Mehwish; Ham, Suryun; Amjad, Muhammad; Chang, Eun-Chul; Yoshimura, Kei Report 9014
Separation of the Climatic and Land Cover Impacts on the Flow Regime Changes in Two Watersheds of Northeastern Tibetan Plateau. Yang, Linshan; Feng, Qi; Yin, Zhenliang; Deo, Ravinesh C.; Wen, Xiaohu; Si, Jianhua; Li, Changbin Report 7848
Short-Term Wind Speed Prediction Using EEMD-LSSVM Model. Kang, Aiqing; Tan, Qingxiong; Yuan, Xiaohui; Lei, Xiaohui; Yuan, Yanbin Report 11530
Simulation of the Impacts of Urbanization on Winter Meteorological Fields over the Pearl River Delta Region. Luo, Naixing; Zeng, Liping; Lin, Wenshi; Li, Fangzhou; Jiang, Baolin; Li, Jiangnan Report 3824
Spatial and Temporal Features of the Frequency of Cloud Occurrence over China Based on CALIOP. Cai, Hongke; Feng, Xiao; Chen, Quanliang; Sun, Yi; Wu, Zhengmin; Tie, Xin Report 5362
Spatial-Temporal Patterns and Controls of Evapotranspiration across the Tibetan Plateau (2000-2012). Zhang, Hao; Sun, Jian; Xiong, Junnan Report 6742
Spatiotemporal High-Resolution Cloud Mapping with a Ground-Based IR Scanner. Brede, Benjamin; Thies, Boris; Bendix, Jorg; Feister, Uwe Report 7193
Spatiotemporal Variability and Trends of Extreme Precipitation in the Huaihe River Basin, a Climatic Transitional Zone in East China. Ye, Zhengwe; Li, Zonghua Report 8463
Spatiotemporal Variation of Frost within Growing Periods. Moeletsi, Mokhele Edmond; Tongwane, Mphethe Isaac Report 5647
Statistical Comparison of Cloud and Aerosol Vertical Properties between Two Eastern China Regions Based on CloudSat/CALIPSO Data. Qiu, Yujun; Wang, Jing; Yang, Keran Report 5986
Statistical Downscaling and Projection of Future Air Temperature Changes in Yunnan Province, China. Liu, Jiaxu; Chen, Sujing; Li, Lijuan; Li, Jiuyi Report 6997
Statistical Downscaling of Temperature with the Random Forest Model. Pang, Bo; Yue, Jiajia; Zhao, Gang; Xu, Zongxue Report 5683
Stratospheric Processes and Their Role in Climate. Xu, JianJun; Mohanakumar, K.; Guo, Dong; Liu, Yu; Yue, Jia Editorial 505
Study on the Variation of Terrestrial Water Storage and the Identification of Its Relationship with Hydrological Cycle Factors in the Tarim River Basin, China. Yang, Peng; Xia, Jun; Zhan, Chesheng; Zhang, Yongyong; Chen, Jie Report 6499
Study on Water Storage Change and Its Consideration in Water Balance in the Mountain Regions over Arid Northwest China. Xu, Min Report 7796
Summer Drought Patterns in the Middle-Lower Reaches of the Yangtze River Basin and Their Connections with Atmospheric Circulation before and after 1980. Li, Shuping; Feng, Guolin; Hou, Wei Report 10310
Surface Air Temperature Fluctuations and Lapse Rates on Olivares Gamma Glacier, Rio Olivares Basin, Central Chile, from a Novel Meteorological Sensor Network. Hanna, Edward; Mernild, Sebastian H.; Yde, Jacob C.; de Villiers, Simon Report 8844
Temporal and Spatial Changes in Snow Cover and the Corresponding Radiative Forcing Analysis in Siberia from the 1970s to the 2010s. Yu, Lingxue; Liu, Tingxiang; Zhang, Shuwen Report 7356
Temporal and Spatial Evolution Features of Precipitable Water in China during a Recent 65-Year Period (1951-2015). Wang, Hao; He, Jianxin Report 7924
The Advantage of Using International Multimodel Ensemble for Seasonal Precipitation Forecast over Israel. Givati, Amir; Housh, Mashor; Levi, Yoav; Paz, Dror; Carmona, Itzhak; Becker, Emily Report 6539
The Contribution of Geomagnetic Activity to Polar Ozone Changes in the Upper Atmosphere. Huang, Cong; Huang, Fuxiang; Zhang, Xiaoxin; Liu, Dandan; Lv, Jingtian Report 4875
The Effect of the Dry Line and Convective Initiation on Drought Evolution over Oklahoma during the 2011 Drought. Flanagan, Paul X.; Basara, Jeffrey B.; Illston, Bradley G.; Otkin, Jason A. Report 10765
The Effects of Sandstorms on the Climate of Northwestern China. Hu, Tiantian; Wu, Di; Li, Yaohui; Wang, Chenghai Report 7419
The Influence of the Intermittent Behavior of the Nocturnal Atmospheric Flow on the Prediction of the Diurnal Temperature Range: A Simplified Model Analysis. Gonzales, Leandro L.; Costa, Felipe D.; Acevedo, Otavio C.; dos Santos, Daniel M.; Medeiros, Luiz E. Report 5709
The Influences of the Model Configuration on the Simulation of Stratospheric Northern-Hemisphere Polar Vortex in the CMIP5 Models. Cai, Zelin; Wei, Ke; Xu, Luyang; Lan, Xiaoqing; Chen, Wen; Nath, Debashis Report 9865
The Relationship between Polar Vortex and Ozone Depletion in the Antarctic Stratosphere during the Period 1979-2016. Zhang, Yu; Li, Jing; Zhou, Libo Report 5372
The Role of Rossby-Wave Propagation in a North American Extreme Cold Event. Shi, Chunhua; Xu, Ting; Li, Hui; Gao, Yannan Report 3597
The Utility of the Bering Sea and East Asia Rules in Long-Range Forecasting. Renken, Joseph S.; Herman, Joshua J.; Bradshaw, Travis R.; Lupo, Patrick S. Markeand Anthony R. Report 9831
Two Different Integration Methods for Weather Radar-Based Quantitative Precipitation Estimation. Ren, Jing; Huang, Yong; Guan, Li; Zhou, Jie Report 5879
Urban Aerodynamic Roughness Length Mapping Using Multitemporal SAR Data. Zhang, Fengli; Sha, Minmin; Wang, Guojun; Li, Zhikun; Shao, Yun Report 8300
Vegetation Dynamics and Their Response to Climatic Variability in China. Zhang, Bowen; Cui, Linli; Shi, Jun; Wei, Peipei Report 5588
Verification for Different Contrail Parameterizations Based on Integrated Satellite Observation and ECMWF Reanalysis Data. Zhang, Jinglin; Shang, Jian; Zhang, Guoyu Report 5630
Vertical Variation of Z-R Relationship at Hallasan Mountain during Typhoon Nakri in 2014. Yoo, Chulsang; Ku, Jung Mo Report 5527

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