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Articles from Advances in Meteorology (January 1, 2014)

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A comparison of southern hemisphere cyclone track climatology and interannual variability in coarse-gridded reanalysis datasets. Eichler, Timothy Paul; Gottschalck, Jon Report 8711
A hidden Markov model applied to the daily spring precipitation over the Danube basin. Mares, Constantin; Mares, Ileana; Huebener, Heike; Mihailescu, Mihaela; Cubasch, Ulrich; Stanciu, Pe Report 6798
A modeling study of the initial formation of polar lows in the vicinity of the arctic front. Mingalev, Igor; Orlov, Konstantin; Mingalev, Victor Report 6415
A numerical investigation of the precipitation over Lake Victoria basin using a coupled atmosphere-lake limited-area model. Sun, Xia; Xie, Lian; Semazzi, Fredrick H.M.; Liu, Bin Report 7176
A physically based spatial expansion algorithm for surface air temperature and humidity. Su, Hongbo; Tian, Jing; Zhang, Renhua; Chen, Shaohui; Yang, Yongmin; Rong, Yuan; Mi, Sujuan; Qi, Jia Report 5321
A probabilistic rain diagnostic model based on cyclone statistical analysis. Iordanidou, V.; Koutroulis, A.G.; Tsanis, I.K. Report 5974
A regionalization of downscaled GCM data considering geographical features in a mountainous area. Kim, Soojun; Kwak, Jaewon; Kim, Hung Soo; Kim, Yonsoo; Kang, Narae; Hong, Seung Jin; Lee, Jongso Report 6965
A subgrid parameterization for wind turbines in weather prediction models with an application to wind resource limits. Fiedler, B.H.; Adams, A.S. Report 3398
A system dynamics approach to modeling future climate scenarios: quantifying and projecting patterns of Evapotranspiration and precipitation in the Salton Sea Watershed. Kjelland, Michael E.; Swannack, Todd M.; Grant, William E. Report 10583
A WebGIS-based information system for monitoring and warning of geological disasters for Lanzhou City, China. Miao, Fang; Yuan, Qi Report 4286
Accumulation studies at a high elevation glacier site in central Karakoram. Mayer, Christoph; Oerter, Astrid LambrechHans; Schwikowski, Margit; Vuillermoz, Elisa; Frank, Nicola Report 7372
Aerosol effects on instability, circulations, clouds, and precipitation. Lee, Seoung-Soo; Tao, Wei-Kuo; Jung, Chang-Hoon Report 5156
Aerosol modulation of ultraviolet radiation dose over four metro cities in India. Panicker, A.S.; Pandithurai, G.; Beig, G.; Kim, Dongchul; Lee, Dong-In Report 3913
Airmass trajectories and long range transport of pollutants: review of wet deposition scenario in South Asia. Kulshrestha, Umesh; Kumar, Bablu Report 9027
An eigenpoint based multiscale method for validating quantitative remote sensing products. Chen, Shaohui; Su, Hongbo Report 5604
An ENSO-forecast independent statistical model for the prediction of annual Atlantic tropical cyclone frequency in April. Xie, Kenny; Liu, Bin Report 6590
An integrated model for simulating regional water resources based on total evapotranspiration control approach. Wang, Jianhua; Sang, Xuefeng; Zhai, Zhengli; Liu, Yang; Zhou, Zuhao Report 3675
Analysis and discussion of atmospheric precursor of European heat summers. Trager-Chatterjee, Christine; Muller, Richard W.; Bendix, Jorg Report 7569
Analysis and forecast of a tornadic thunderstorm using multiple doppler radar data, 3DVAR, and ARPS model. Natenberg, Edward; Gao, Jidong; Xue, Ming; Carr, Frederick H. Report 7916
Application of short-range LIDAR in early alerting for low-level windshear and turbulence at Hong Kong international airport. Hon, K.K.; Chan, P.W.; Chiu, Y.Y.; Tang, Wenbo Report 4220
Assessment and validation of i-skyradiometer retrievals using broadband flux and MODIS data. Dipu, S.; Pandithurai, G.; Panicker, A.S.; Takamura, T.; Lee, Dong-In; Kim, Dongchul Report 4705
Atmospheric deposition of inorganic elements and organic compounds at the inlets of the Venice Lagoon. Morabito, E.; Contini, D.; Belosi, F.; Stortini, A.M.; Manodori, L.; Gambaro, A. Report 6409
Atmospheric deposition: sampling procedures, analytical methods, and main recent findings from the scientific literature. Amodio, M.; Catino, S.; Dambruoso, P.R.; de Gennaro, G.; Gilio, A. Di; Giungato, P.; Laiola, E.; Mar Report 23030
Atmospheric error correction of the laser beam ranging. Saydi, J.; Lotfalian, A.; Abedi, M.; Khalilzadeh, J.; Saghafifar, H. Report 2540
Automatic tracking and characterization of cumulonimbus clouds from FY-2C geostationary meteorological satellite images. Liu, Yu; Xi, Du-Gang; Li, Zhao-Liang; Shi, Chun-Xiang Report 8536
Black carbon and elemental carbon from postharvest agricultural-waste burning emissions in the indo-gangetic plain. Singh, Atinderpal; Rajput, Prashant; Sharma, Deepti; Sarin, M.M.; Singh, Darshan Report 6896
Capabilities of satellite-based precipitation to estimate the spatiotemporal variation of flood/drought class in Poyang lake basin. Li, Xianghu; Zhang, Qi; Ye, Xuchun Report 4645
Changes in glaciers and glacial lakes and the identification of dangerous glacial lakes in the Pumqu river basin, Xizang (Tibet). Che, Tao; Xiao, Lin; Liou, Yuei-An Report 5660
Changes in surface wind speed over North America from CMIP5 model projections and implications for wind energy. Kulkarni, Sujay; Huang, Huei-Ping Report 3762
Characteristics of the temporal variation in temperature and precipitation in china's lower yellow river region. Lu, Heli; Jing, Wenlong; Zhao, Jincai; Liu, Xiaojing; Huang, Zhong Report 5446
Climate change hotspots identification in china through the CMIP5 global climate model ensemble. Gu, Huanghe; Yu, Zhongbo; Wang, Jigan; Ju, Qin; Yang, Chuanguo; Fan, Chuanhao Report 4791
Climate change impact on photovoltaic energy output: the case of Greece. Panagea, Ioanna S.; Tsanis, Ioannis K.; Koutroulis, Aristeidis G.; Grillakis, Manolis G. Report 4468
Climate change scenarios of precipitation extremes in the Carpathian region based on an ensemble of regional climate models. Gaal, Ladislav; Beranova, Romana; Hlavcova, Kamila; Kysely, Jan Report 9834
Climate predictions: the chaos and complexity in climate models. Mihailovic, D.T.; Mimic, G.; Arsenic, I. Report 10636
Climate projections for south America: RegCM3 driven by HadCM3 and ECHAM5. Reboita, Michelle Simoes; Rocha, Rosmeri Porfirio da; Dias, Cassia Gabriele; Ynoue, Rita Yuri Report 7824
Climate variability in the Sudano-Guinean transition area and its impact on vegetation: the case of the lamto region in cote d'Ivoire. Diawara, A.; Yoroba, F.; Kouadio, K.Y.; Kouassi, K.B.; Assamoi, E.M.; Diedhiou, A.; Assamoi, P. Report 7554
Comparison of satellite and ground-based phenology in China's temperate monsoon area. Wang, Huanjiong; Dai, Junhu; Ge, Quansheng Report 5582
Comparison of the synoptic environments conducive to eastward versus southeastward transport of Asian dust events. Tsai, Fujung; Chen, Wei-Nai Report 6367
Correlation of dry deposition velocity and friction velocity over different surfaces for [PM.sub.2.5] and particle number concentrations. Donateo, Antonio; Contini, Daniele Report 7037
Critical studies on integrating land-use induced effects on climate regulation services into impact assessment for human well-being. Li, Zhihui; Deng, Xiangzheng; Huang, Jikun; Zhang, Rongrong; Huang, Juan Report 12311
Crop yield and temperature changes in North China during 601-900 AD. Liu, Haolong; Ge, Quansheng; Zheng, Jingyun; Hao, Zhixin; Zhang, Xuezhen Report 4089
Different multifractal scaling of the 0 cm average ground surface temperature of four representative weather stations over china. Jiang, Lei; Zhao, Xia; Li, Nana; Li, Fei; Guo, Ziqi Report 3598
Double compressions of atmospheric depth by geopotential tendency, vorticity, and atmospheric boundary layer affected abrupt high particulate matter concentrations at a coastal city for a yellow dust period in October. Choi, Hyo; Lee, Mi Sook Report 6900
Downscaling maximum temperatures to subkilometer resolutions in the Shenandoah National Park of Virginia, USA. Lee, Temple R.; De Wekker, Stephan F.J.; Wofford, John E.B. Report 5863
Dry deposition from Sahara sources regions of western Africa. Douaiba, B.; Azzi, A.; Khorsi, A.; Benlefki, A. Report 9090
Dust identification over arid and semiarid regions of Asia using airs thermal infrared channels. Xu, Hui; Cheng, Tianhai; Xie, Donghai; Li, Jiaguo; Wu, Yu; Chen, Hao Report 7115
Dynamical downscaling of climate change impacts on wind energy resources in the contiguous united states by using a limited-area model with scale-selective data assimilation. Liu, Bin; Costa, Katelyn B.; Xie, Lian; Semazzi, Fredrick H.M. Report 6617
Energy budget on various land use areas using reanalysis data in Florida. Cheng, Chi-Han; Nnadi, Fidelia; Liou, Yuei-An Report 6479
Ensemble hydrometeorological forecasts using WRF hourly QPF and topmodel for a middle watershed. Calvetti, Leonardo; Filho, Augusto Jose Pereira Report 5996
ENSO impacts on lomas formation in South Coastal Peru: implications for the pliocene? Eichler, Timothy Paul; Londono, Ana C. Report 3068
ENSO teleconnection pattern changes over the southeastern United States under a climate change scenario in CMIP5 models. Oh, Ji-Hyun; Shin, D.W.; Cocke, Steven D.; Baigorria, Guillermo A. Report 6537
Estimation of total yearly C[O.sub.2] emissions by wildfires in Mexico during the period 1999-2010. Vicente, Flor Bautista; Carbajal, Noel; Martinez, Luis Felipe Pineda Report 5169
Evaluating the marginal land resources suitable for developing bioenergy in Asia. Fu, Jingying; Jiang, Dong; Huang, Yaohuan; Zhuang, Dafang; Ji, Wei Report 5255
Evaluation of arctic land snow cover characteristics, surface albedo, and temperature during the transition seasons from regional climate model simulations and satellite data. Zhou, X.; Matthes, H.; Rinke, A.; Klehmet, K.; Heim, B.; Dorn, W.; Klaus, D.; Dethloff, K.; Rockel, Report 7877
Evaluation of coupled model forecasts of Ethiopian highlands summer climate. Jury, Mark R. Report 3656
Evolution of the water vapor plume over Eastern Europe during summer 2010 atmospheric blocking. Sitnov, Sergei A.; Mokhov, Igor I.; Lupo, Anthony R. Report 7279
Feature selection for very short-term heavy rainfall prediction using evolutionary computation. Seo, Jae-Hyun; Lee, Yong Hee; Kim, Yong-Hyuk Report 8654
Fog formation in cold season in Ji'nan, China: case analyses with application of HYSPLIT model. Wang, Xinfeng; Chen, Jianmin Report 3397
Forecasting hydrological disaster using environmental thermographic modeling. Emetere, Moses E. Report 3302
Forecasting strategies for haboobs: an underreported weather phenomenon. Dempsey, Mark J. Report 3211
Forest phenology dynamics and its responses to meteorological variations in Northeast China. Yu, Xinfang; Wang, Qiankun; Yan, Huimin; Wang, Yong; Wen, Kege; Zhuang, Dafang; Wang, Qiao Report 6095
Future changes in surface runoff over Korea projected by a regional climate model under A1B scenario. Lee, Ji-Woo; Ham, Suryun; Hong, Song-You; Yoshimura, Kei; Joh, Minsu Report 4447
Generalized scaling of urban heat island effect and its applications for energy consumption and renewable energy. Lee, T.-W.; Choi, Heung S.; Lee, Jinoh Report 2769
Ground-based polarimetric remote sensing of dust aerosol properties in Chinese deserts near Hexi corridor. Xu, Hua; Li, Zhengqiang; Li, Donghui; Li, Li; Chen, Xingfeng; Xie, Yisong; Li, Kaitao; Chen, Cheng; Report 6021
Impact of a detailed urban parameterization on modeling the Urban Heat Island in Beijing using TEB-RAMS. Jiang, Lei; Lu, Lixin; Jiang, Lingmei; Qi, Yuanyuan; Yang, Aqiang Report 5282
Impact of direct soil moisture and revised soil moisture index methods on Hydrologic predictions in an Arid Climate. Jajarmizadeh, Milad; Harun, Sobri bin; Shahid, Shamsuddin; Akib, Shatirah; Salarpour, Mohsen Report 5809
Impact of preceding El Nino and the Indian ocean dipole on the southern china precipitation in early summer. Li, Yan; Wang, Yafei; Mu, Lin; Wang, Qingyuan; Song, Jun; Wang, Guosong Report 4782
Impacts of aerosol particle size distribution and land cover land use on precipitation in a coastal urban environment using a cloud-resolving mesoscale model. Hosannah, Nathan; Gonzalez, Jorge E. Report 6674
Impacts of pond change on the regional sustainability of water resources in Taoyuan, Taiwan. Liou, Yuei-An; Wang, Tai-Sheng; Chan, Hai-Po Report 3057
Impacts of two types of el Nino and la Nina events on typhoon activity. Hsu, Po-Chun; Ho, Chung-Ru; Liang, Shin-Jye; Kuo, Nan-Jung Report 4362
Improving carbon mitigation potential through grassland ecosystem restoration under climatic change in northeastern Tibetan plateau. Huang, Lin; Xu, Xinliang; Shao, Quanqin; Liu, Jiyuan Report 5932
Improving regional dynamic downscaling with multiple linear regression model using components principal analysis: precipitation over Amazon and northeast Brazil. da Silva, Aline Gomes; Santos, Claudio Moises Silva Report 5348
Improving the operational methodology of tropical cyclone seasonal prediction in the Australian and the South Pacific Ocean regions. Wijnands, J.S.; Shelton, K.; Kuleshov, Y. Report 5892
Influence of biomass burning on temporal and diurnal variations of acidic gases, particulate nitrate, and sulfate in a tropical urban atmosphere. Behera, Sailesh N.; Balasubramanian, Rajasekhar Report 10956
Influences of urban expansion on urban heat island in Beijing during 1989-2010. Qiao, Zhi; Tian, Guangjin; Zhang, Lixiao; Xu, Xinliang Report 6757
Interactions between climate, socioeconomics, and land dynamics in Qinghai Province, China: a LUCD model-based numerical experiment. Deng, Xiangzheng; Huang, Jikun; Lin, Yingzhi; Shi, Qingling Report 5334
Interannual variability of Northern Hemisphere storm tracks in coarse-gridded datasets. Eichler, Timothy Paul; Gottschalck, Jon Report 7663
La nina impacts on austral summer extremely high-streamflow events of the Paranaiba river in Brazil. Sahu, Netrananda; Singh, R.B.; Kumar, Pankaj; Silva, Roberto Valmir Da; Behera, Swadhin K. Report 3069
Litter production and nutrient dynamic on a moso bamboo plantation following an extreme disturbance of 2008 ice storm. Ge, Xiaogai; Zhou, Benzhi; Tang, Yilin Report 6082
Maritime-continental contrasts in the properties of low-level clouds: a case study of the summer of the 2003 Yamase, Japan, cloud event. Eguchi, Nawo; Hayasaka, Tadahiro; Sawada, Masahiro Case study 8218
Meteorological and back trajectory modeling for the rocky mountain atmospheric nitrogen and sulfur study II. Gebhart, Kristi A.; Malm, William C.; Rodriguez, Marco A.; Barna, Michael G.; Schichtel, Bret A.; Be Report 10648
Meteorological influences on seasonal variation of fine particulate matter in cities over Southern Ontario, Canada. Liu, Jane; Cui, Siliang Report 8230
Mitigating the urban heat island effect in megacity Tehran. Sodoudi, Sahar; Shahmohamadi, Parisa; Vollack, Ken; Cubasch, Ulrich; Che-Ani, A.I. Report 12378
Modeling and monitoring terrestrial primary production in a changing global environment: toward a multiscale synthesis of observation and simulation. Pan, Shufen; Tian, Hanqin; Dangal, Shree R.S.; Ouyang, Zhiyun; Tao, Bo; Ren, Wei; Lu, Chaoqun; Runni Report 12800
Monitoring of the deposition of PAHs and metals produced by a steel plant in Taranto (Italy). Amodio, M.; de Gennaro, G.; Gilio, A. Di; Tutino, M. Report 8557
Multirule based diagnostic approach for the fog predictions using WRF modelling tool. Payra, Swagata; Mohan, Manju Report 5721
Multivariate regression analysis and statistical modeling for summer extreme precipitation over the Yangtze River Basin, China. Gao, Tao; Xie, Lian Report 5722
Multiyear measurements of the aerosol absorption coefficient near the surface in a small-sized urban area in Portugal. Pereira, Sergio Nepomuceno; Wagner, Frank; Silva, Ana Maria Report 5516
New role of thermal mapping in winter maintenance with principal components analysis. Marchetti, Mario; Chapman, Lee; Khalifa, Abderrahmen; Bues, Michel Report 5343
Noise reduction analysis of radar rainfall using chaotic dynamics and filtering techniques. Kim, Soojun; Noh, Huiseong; Kang, Narae; Lee, Keonhaeng; Kim, Yonsoo; Lim, Sanghun; Lee, Dong Ryul; Report 6219
Numerical study of traffic pollutant dispersion within different street canyon configurations. Miao, Yucong; Liu, Shuhua; Zheng, Yijia; Wang, Shu; Li, Yuan Report 5649
On the role of climate forcing by volcanic sulphate and volcanic ash. Langmann, Baerbel Report 15627
Possible biogeophysical effects of cultivated land conversion in northeast China in 2010-2030. Yan, Haiming; Zhan, Jinyan; Huang, Juan; Zhai, Tengteng Report 6521
Predicting downward longwave radiation for various land use in all-sky condition: Northeast Florida. Cheng, Chi-Han; Nnadi, Fidelia Report 6959
Prediction of convective storms at convection-resolving 1km resolution over continental united states with radar data assimilation: an example case of 26 may 2008 and precipitation forecasts from spring 2009. Xue, Ming; Kong, Fanyou; Thomas, Kevin W.; Gao, Jidong; Wang, Yunheng; Brewster, Keith; Droegemeier, Report 5345
Prediction of tropical cyclones' characteristic factors on Hainan island using data mining technology. Zhou, Ruixu; Gao, Wensheng; Zhang, Bowen; Fu, Xianggan; Chen, Qinzhu; Huang, Song; Liang, Yafeng Report 6511
Preliminary analysis on the global features of the NCEP CFSv2 seasonal hindcasts. Silva, Gyrlene A.M.; Dutra, Livia M.M.; Rocha, Rosmeri P. da; Ambrizzi, Tercio; Leiva, Erico Report 10684
Probabilistic ensemble forecast of summertime temperatures in Pakistan. Hanif, Muhammad Report 3000
Projecting future climate change scenarios using three bias-correction methods. Kum, Donghyuk; Lim, Kyoung Jae; Jang, Chun Hwa; Ryu, Jichul; Yang, Jae E.; Kim, Seong Joon; Kong, Do Report 5973
Radiative impact of fireworks at a tropical Indian location: a case study. Singh, B.P.; Srivastava, A.K.; Tiwari, S.; Singh, S.; Singh, R.K.; Bish, D.S.; Lal, D.M.; Singh, A.K Report 4983
Rainfall estimation using specific differential phase for the first operational polarimetric radar in Korea. You, Cheol-Hwan; Lee, Dong-In; Kang, Mi-Young Report 5089
Relationship between size of cloud ice and lightning in the tropics. Lal, Deen Mani; Ghude, Sachin D.; Singh, Jagvir; Tiwari, Suresh Report 4475
Relative contribution of the topographic influence on the triangle approach for evapotranspiration estimation over mountainous areas. Zhao, Xiaosong; Liu, Yuanbo Report 9414
Scenario simulation of the influence of land use change on the regional temperature in a rapidly urbanizing region: a case study in Southern-Jiangsu, China. Ke, Xinli; Ma, Enjun; Yuan, Yongwei Report 6275
Seasonal prediction of surface air temperature across Vietnam using the regional climate model version 4.2 (RegCM4.2). Van, Tan Phan; Van Nguyen, Hiep; Tuan, Long Trinh; Quang, Trung Nguyen; Ngo-Duc, Thanh; Laux, Patric Report 4062
Source allocation of long-range asian dusts transportation across the Taiwan Strait by innovative chemical-assisted identification methods. Jen, Yi-Hsiu; Liu, Yi-Chi; Ie, Iau-Ren; Yuan, Chung-Shin; Hung, Chung-Hsuang Report 5915
South American climatology and impacts of El Nino in NCEPS CFSR data. Eichler, Timothy Paul; Londono, Ana C. Report 6235
Spatial and temporal characteristics of meteorological drought in shandong province, China, from 1961 to 2008. Wang, Xiaoli; Hou, Xiyong; Li, Zhi; Wang, Yuandong Report 5886
Spatial and temporal variability of precipitation in Haihe River Basin, China: characterization and management implications. Luo, Yuzhou; Wang, Zhonggen; Liu, Xiaomang; Zhang, Minghua Report 6345
Spatial and temporal variation in PBL height over the Korean peninsula in the KMA operational regional model. Lee, Seung-Jae; Lee, Juwon; Greybush, Steven J.; Kang, Minseok; Kim, Joon Report 7032
Spatially explicit assessment of ecosystem resilience: an approach to adapt to climate changes. Yan, Haiming; Zhan, Jinyan; Liu, Bing; Huang, Wei; Li, Zhihui Report 7243
Statistical downscaling of era-interim forecast precipitation data in complex terrain using lasso algorithm. Gao, Lu; Schulz, Karsten; Bernhardt, Matthias Report 9467
Statistical prediction of summer rainfall and vegetation in the ethiopian highlands. Jury, Mark R. Report 3725
Stochastic models to generate geospatial-, temporal-, and cross-correlated daily maximum and minimum temperatures. Baigorria, Guillermo A. Report 5970
Studying summer season drought in western Russia. Lupo, Anthony R.; Mokhov, Igor I.; Chendev, Yury G.; Lebedeva, Maria G.; Akperov, Mirseid; Hubbart, Report 5638
Temporal variations in concentrations of ozone, nitrogen dioxide, and carbon monoxide at Osijek, Croatia. Kovac-Andric, Elvira; Radanovic, Tatjana; Topalovic, Iva; Markovic, Berislav; Sakac, Nikola Report 4257
The impact of nonlocal ammonia on submicron particulate matter and visibility degradation in urban shanghai. Jansen, Roeland Cornelis; Chen, Jianmin; Hu, Yunjie 6625
The impact of urbanization on the annual average temperature of the past 60 years in Beijing. Wang, Yong; Ji, Wei; Yu, Xinfang; Xu, Xinliang; Jiang, Dong; Wang, Zhangang; Zhuang, Dafang Report 5165
The influence of climate factors, meteorological conditions, and boundary-layer structure on severe haze pollution in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region during January 2013. Wang, Lili; Zhang, Nan; Liu, Zirui; Sun, Yang; Ji, Dongsheng; Wang, Yuesi Report 6054
The influence of precipitation and consecutive dry days on burned areas in Yunnan Province, Southwestern China. Chen, Feng; Fan, Zhaofei; Niu, Shukui; Zheng, Jingming Report 7158
The influence of topography on east African October to December climate: sensitivity experiments with RegCM4. Ogwang, Bob Alex; Chen, Haishan; Li, Xing; Gao, Chujie Report 7738
The role of the dominant modes of precipitation variability over eastern Africa in modulating the hydrology of lake Victoria. Smith, Kara A.; Semazzi, Fredrick H.M. Report 5017
The use of trajectory cluster analysis to evaluate the long-range transport of Black Carbon Aerosol in the South-Eastern Baltic region. Bycenkiene, Steigvile; Dudoitis, Vadimas; Ulevicius, Vidmantas Report 5779
Trajectory calculation as forecasting support tool for dust storms. Al-Yahyai, Sultan; Charabi, Yassine Case study 2645
Trends in dryness index based on potential Evapotranspiration and Precipitation over 1961-2099 in Xinjiang, China. Li, Yi; Zhou, Mudan Report 8802
Trends in moisture index, farmland area, and their combined effects on grain production in northern China. Lu, Qingshui; Gao, Zhiqiang; Xu, Xinliang; Ning, Jicai; Bi, Xiaoli Report 4343
Uncertainty assessment: reservoir inflow forecasting with ensemble precipitation forecasts and HEC-HMS. Yang, Sheng-Chi; Yang, Tsun-Hua Report 6055
Unusual warming in the coastal region of northern south china sea and its impact on the sudden intensification of Tropical cyclone Tembin (2012). Zheng, Zhe-Wen Report 3533
Validation of ASTER surface temperature data with in situ measurements to evaluate heat islands in complex urban areas. Song, Bonggeun; Park, Kyunghun Report 7392
Variations of near surface energy balance caused by land cover changes in the semiarid grassland area of China. Jiang, Qun'ou; Tang, Chengcai; Ma, Enjun; Yuan, Yongwei; Zhang, Wei Report 5182
Vegetation activity trend and its relationship with climate change in the three Gorges area, China. Han, Guifeng; Yang, Yongchuan; Yan, Shuiyu Report 7349
Wind velocity decreasing effects of windbreak fence for snowfall measurement. You, Ki-Pyo; Kim, Young-Moon Report 5190
WRF model methodology for offshore wind energy applications. Giannakopoulou, Evangelia-Maria; Nhili, Regis Report 9154

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