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Advances in Mesopotamian medicine from Hammurabi to Hippocrates; proceedings.


Advances in Mesopotamian medicine from Hammurabi to Hippocrates; proceedings.

International Conference "Oeil malade et mauvais oeil" (2006: College de France).



158 pages



Cuneiform monographs, v.37


As the title suggests by referring to the sick eye and the evil eye, the workshop encompassed both medical and magical aspects of ancient medicine. European Assyriologists, and one scholar of Greek compare Babylonian medicine with other contemporary systems of medicine in the region, explore the relationships between magic and medicine, and examine the social role of medicine and therapy within Babylonian society. They cover the Babylonian physician Raba-sa-Markuk, the Accadian verb sala'u (to be ill) and the substantive sili'tu, medical information outside the medical corpora, cuneiform tablets on eye diseases, medical technology in ancient Mesopotamia, and (in French) the medicine of Hippocrates.

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Title Annotation:Cuneiform monographs
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Date:Dec 1, 2009
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