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Articles from Advances in Mathematical Physics (January 1, 2014)

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A local integral equation formulation based on moving Kriging interpolation for solving coupled nonlinear reaction-diffusion equations. Yimnak, Kanittha; Luadsong, Anirut Report 2716
A new kind of shift operators for infinite circular and spherical wells. Sun, Guo-Hua; Launey, K.D.; Dytrych, T.; Dong, Shi-Hai; Draayer, J.P. Report 3604
A relativistic algorithm with isotropic coordinates. Ngubelanga, S.A.; D.Maharaj, S. Report 3461
Analysis of heat transfer in Berman flow of nanofluids with Navier slip, viscous dissipation, and convective cooling. Makinde, O.D.; Khamis, S.; Tshehla, M.S.; Franks, O. Report 4919
Antiperiodic solutions for a kind of nonlinear Duffing equations with a deviating argument and time-varying delay. Xu, Changjin; Liao, Maoxin Report 3491
Application of successive linearisation method to squeezing flow with bifurcation. Motsa, S.S.; Makinde, O.D.; Shateyi, S. Report 2927
Bifurcation analysis and different kinds of exact travelling wave solutions of a generalized two-component Hunter-Saxton system. Meng, Qing; He, Bin Report 4914
Classification of the group invariant solutions for contaminant transport in saturated soils under radial uniform water flows. Potsane, M.M.; Moitsheki, R.J. Report 5896
Computational dynamics of arterial blood flow in the presence of magnetic field and thermal radiation therapy. Chinyoka, T.; Makinde, O.D. Report 3943
Conservative difference scheme for generalized Rosenau-KdV equation. Luo, Yan; Xu, Youcai; Feng, Minfu Report 4033
Convergence analysis of legendre pseudospectral scheme for solving nonlinear systems of volterra integral equations. Tohidi, Emran; Samadi, O.R. Navid; Shateyi, S. Report 5225
Description of dispersive wave emission and supercontinuum generation in silicon waveguides using split-step fourier and Runge-Kutta integration methods. Li, Xuefeng Report 3665
Developing a local neurofuzzy model for short-term wind power forecasting. Faghihnia, E.; Salahshour, S.; Ahmadian, A.; Senu, N. Report 5625
Dimension spectrum for sofic systems. Ban, Jung-Chao; Chang, Chih-Hung; Chen, Ting-Ju; Lin, Mei-Shao Report 7330
Dual approximate solutions of the unsteady viscous flow over a shrinking cylinder with optimal homotopy asymptotic method. Marinca, Vasile; Ene, Remus-Daniel Report 6232
Effect of third-order dispersion on the solitonic solutions of the Schrodinger equations with cubic nonlinearity. Samet, H. Chachou; Benarous, M.; Asad-uz-zaman, M.; Khawaja, U. Al Report 4376
Effect of velocity slip boundary condition on the flow and heat transfer of Cu-water and Ti[O.sub.2]-water nanofluids in the presence of a magnetic field. Ebaid, Abdelhalim; Mutairi, Fahd Al; Khaled, S.M. Report 4467
Effects of a fluctuating carrying capacity on the generalized Malthus-Verhulst model. Calisto, Hector; Chaika, Kristopher J.; Bologna, Mauro Report 3292
Effects of behavioral tactics of predators on dynamics of a predator-prey system. Zhang, Hui; Ma, Zhihui; Xie, Gongnan; Jia, Lukun Report 6088
Exact solutions of the time fractional BBM-burger equation by novel (G'/G)-expansion method. Shakeel, Muhammad; Ul-Hassan, Qazi Mahmood; Ahmad, Jamshad; Naqvi, Tauseef Report 3989
Fundamental solutions for periodic media. Kuznetsov, Sergey V. Report 2407
Higher order compact finite difference schemes for unsteady boundary layer flow problems. Dlamini, P.G.; Motsa, S.S.; Khumalo, M. Report 4954
Hybrid dislocated control and general hybrid projective dislocated synchronization for memristor chaotic oscillator system. Sun, Junwei; Huang, Chun; Cui, Guangzhao Report 4881
Investigations on vehicle rollover prevention using LQG regulator. Balakrishnan, Binda Mridula; Rajaram, Marimuthu Report 6056
Iterative multistep reproducing kernel Hilbert space method for solving strongly nonlinear oscillators. Maayah, Banan; Bushnaq, Samia; Momani, Shaher; Arqub, Omar Abu Report 4502
Lie group method of the diffusion equations. Sun, Jian-Qiang; Huang, Rong-Fang; Gu, Xiao-Yan; Yu, Ling Report 2872
Limiting behavior of travelling waves for the modified Degasperis-Procesi equation. Yin, Jiuli; Zhao, Liuwei; Ding, Shanyu Report 5051
Local fractional Adomian decomposition and function decomposition methods for laplace equation within local fractional operators. Yan, Sheng-Ping; Jafari, Hossein; Jassim, Hassan Kamil Report 2805
Local fractional Laplace variational iteration method for fractal vehicular traffic flow. Li, Yang; Wang, Long-Fei; Zeng, Sheng-Da; Zhao, Yang Report 2917
Low temperature expansion in the Lifshitz formula. Bordag, M. Report 22191
N-Soliton solutions of the nonisospectral generalized Sawada-Kotera equation. Zhou, Jian; Li, Xiang-Gui; Wang, Deng-Shan Report 2037
On a nonsymmetric Keyfitz-Kranzer system of conservation laws with generalized and modified Chaplygin gas pressure law. Cheng, Hongjun; Yang, Hanchun Report 6189
On a system of two high-order nonlinear difference equations. Zhang, Qianhong; Zhang, Wenzhuan Report 4454
On the existence of central configurations of 2k + 2p + 2/-body problems. Jiang, Yueyong; Zhao, Furong Report 2754
Scales of time where the quantum discord allows an efficient execution of the DQC1 algorithm. Avila, M.; Sun, G.H.; Salas-Brito, A.L. Report 2901
Separation transformation and a class of exact solutions to the higher-dimensional Klein-Gordon-Zakharov equation. Chen, Jing; Liu, Ling; Liu, Li Report 4260
Shear wave propagation in multilayered medium including an irregular fluid saturated porous stratum with rigid boundary. Kumar, Ravinder; Madan, Dinesh Kumar; Sikka, Jitander Singh Report 3525
Signal processing for nondifferentiable data defined on cantor sets: a local fractional Fourier series approach. Chen, Zhi-Yong; Cattani, Carlo; Zhong, Wei-Ping Editorial 2562
Simulation of impinging cooling performance with pin fins and mist cooling adopted in a simplified gas turbine transition piece. Xu, Tao; Xiu, Hang; Li, Junlou; Ge, Haichao; Shao, Qing; Yang, Guang; Yu, Zhenglei Report 5253
Some exact solutions of nonlinear fin problem for steady heat transfer in longitudinal fin with different profiles. Mhlongo, M.D.; Moitsheki, R.J. Report 9834
Spectral relaxation method and spectral quasilinearization method for solving unsteady boundary layer flow problems. Motsa, S.S.; Dlamini, P.G.; Khumalo, M. Report 7686
The Deng algorithm in higher dimensions. Nyonyi, Y.; Maharaj, S.D.; Govinder, K.S. Report 2973
The nondifferentiable solution for local fractional Tricomi equation arising in fractal transonic flow by local fractional variational iteration method. Yang, Ai-Min; Zhang, Yu-Zhu; Zhang, Xiao-Long Report 2096
The study of fractional order controller with slam in the humanoid robot. Wen, Shuhuan; Chen, Xiao; Zhao, Yongsheng; Rad, Ahmad B.; Othman, Kamal Mohammed; Zhang, Ethan Report 3744
Twisted conformal algebra and quantum statistics of harmonic oscillators. Naji, J.; Heydari, S.; Darabi, R. Report 2178
Two conservative difference schemes for Rosenau-Kawahara equation. Hu, Jinsong; Xu, Youcai; Hu, Bing; Xie, Xiaoping Report 6535
Vibration control of fractionally-damped beam subjected to a moving vehicle and attached to fractionally-damped multiabsorbers. Alkhaldi, Hashem S.; Abu-Alshaikh, Ibrahim M.; Al-Rabadi, Anas N. Report 6313

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