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Articles from Advances in Materials Science and Engineering (July 31, 2020)

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A Clean and Sustainable Cellulose-Based Composite Film Reinforced with Waste Plastic Polyethylene Terephthalate. Xu, Airong; Wang, Yongxin; Xu, Xingmin; Xiao, Zhihong; Liu, Rukuan 3600
A Comparative Analysis of Asymmetric [(BaTi[O.sub.3]).sub.(1-x)[LAMBDA]]/[(BaZr[O.sub.3]).sub.x[LAMBDA]] Superlattices via X-Ray Diffraction and Raman Spectroscopy. Maslova, O.A.; Yuzyuk, Yu. I.; Barannikova, S.A. 4604
A Comprehensive Review on Bast Fibre Retting Process for Optimal Performance in Fibre-Reinforced Polymer Composites. Lee, C.H.; Khalina, A.; Lee, S.H.; Liu, Ming 19215
Adiabatic Temperature Rise Test of Cemented Sand and Gravel (CSG) and Its Application to Temperature Stress Prediction of CSG Dam. Jiang, Minmin; Cai, Xin; Guo, Xingwen; Liu, Qinghui; Zhang, Tianye 6423
An Improved Composite Fly Ash Gel to Extinguish Underground Coal Fire in Close Distance Coal Seams: A Case Study. Guo, Jun; Cai, Guobin; Jin, Yan; Zheng, Xuezhao; Liu, Yin Case study 5470
Analysis of Skid Resistance and Noise Characteristics for Varieties of Concrete Pavement. Fang, Jinmiao; Tu, Jinsong; Wu, Kunming 4731
Application of Statistical Experimental Design and Surface Plot Technique to Optimize Oxygenated Apatite Synthesis. Belouafa, Soumia; Chaair, Hassan; Digua, Khalid 4364
Biomineralization Performance of Bacillus sphaericus under the Action of Bacillus mucilaginosus. Hu, Yingying; Liu, Weitao; Wang, Wenjing; Jia, Xinlei; Xu, Lanjuan; Cao, Qing; Shen, Jianjun; Hu, Xi 4908
Compression Performance of Newly Designed Replaceable Tubular Steel Piers. Li, Haifeng; Zhao, Xuehang; Sun, Wei; Xiong, Zhe 9202
Corrigendum to "Study on the Mitigative Effect of Controlled Permeable Formwork (CPF) Liner on Early-Age Shrinkage of Box-Girder Concrete". Ye, Jianxiong; Yu, Linwen; Chen, Yong Correction notice 212
Crude Oil Source Identification of Asphalt via ATR-FTIR Approach Combined with Multivariate Statistical Analysis. Ren, Ruibo; Fan, Wenmiao; Zhao, Pinhui; Zhou, Hao; Meng, Weikun; Ji, Ping 8283
Curing Temperature Effects on the Tensile Properties and Hardness of y-[Fe.sub.2][O.sub.3] Reinforced PDMS Nanocomposites. Konku-Asase, Yvonne; Yaya, Abu; Kan-Dapaah, Kwabena 6811
Deviatoric Stress Evolution Laws and Control in Surrounding Rock of Soft Coal and Soft Roof Roadway under Intense Mining Conditions. Chen, Dongdong; Ji, Chunwei; Xie, Shengrong; Wang, En; He, Fulian; Cheng, Qiong; Zhang, Qing 10424
Effective Absorption Capacity Examined by Isothermal Calorimetry: Effect of Pore Structure and Water-to-Cement Ratio. Lee, Joo-Ha; Yoo, Do Guen; Lee, Bo Yeon 5811
Efficiency of Different Electrolytes on Electrochemical Chloride Extraction to Recover Concrete Structures under Chloride-Induced Corrosion. Lima, Thamara Tofeti; Ann, Ki Yong 7721
Electrochemical Performance of Steel Embedded in CSA Concrete and Its Interfacial Microstructure. Song, Meimei; Li, Qiu; Wu, Ke; Dou, Yihua 3813
Evolution of Computer-Aided Process Planning for Hybrid Additive/Subtractive Process. Abdulhameed, Osama; Al-Ahmari, Abdulrahman; Mian, Syed Hammad; Dabwan, Abdulmajeed; Alkhalefah, Hish 10570
Experimental Study on Improving the Compressive Strength of UHPC Turntable. Wang, Jiawei; Sun, Quansheng Report 11875
Experimental Study on Water-Jet Shock Microforming Process Using Different Incident Pressures. Quaisie, James Kwasi; Yun, Wang; Zhenying, Xu; Chao, Yu; Li, Fuzhu; Baidoo, Philip; Sekyi-Ansah, Jos 5315
Fineness Effect on Pozzolanic Activity of Cu-Ni Slag in Cemented Tailing Backfill. Xu, Wenyuan; Yang, Xiaocong; Li, Wenchen; Guo, Lijie 3906
Finite Element Simulation of NiTiNb Shape Memory Alloy Pipe-Joint Subjected to Coupled Transformation and Plastic Deformation. Chen, Xiang; Chen, Bin; Peng, Xianghe; Jin, Xiaoqing; Ma, Ying; Zhao, Yang; Zheng, Hengwei 7596
Finite Element-Based Simulation of Cooling Rate on the Material Properties of an Automobile Silent Block. Ozturk, Burak; Kara, Fuat 4303
Fire Resistance of Composite Beams with Restrained Superposed Slabs. Lyu, Junli; Chen, Qichao; Xue, Huizhong; Cai, Yongyuan; Lyu, Jingjing; Zhou, Shengnan 4989
Green Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles Using Waste Products (Apricot and Black Currant Pomace) Aqueous Extracts and Their Characterization. Vasyliev, Georgii; Vorobyova, Victoria; Skiba, Margarita; Khrokalo, Liudmyla 6318
Influence of Bionic Pit Structure on Friction and Sealing Performance of Reciprocating Plunger. Gao, Tianyu; Su, Bo; Jiang, Lei; Cong, Qian 3681
Influence of Both Soil Properties and Geometric Parameters on Failure Mechanisms and Stability of Two-Layer Undrained Slopes. Guo, Shuangfeng; Li, Ning; Liu, Wenpeng; Ma, Zongyuan; Liu, Naifei; Lv, Gao 8268
Interactive Buckling of Q420 Welded Circular Tubes under Axial Compression. Huang, Bin; Hong, Zhou Che 6290
Investigating the Contact Responses of the Roller Cavity Surfaces in the Compressor Blade Rolling Process. Jin, Qichao; Wang, Wenhu; Jiang, Ruisong 5635
Investigation of Phonon Vibrational Modes in Ga, Al, Fe, Co, Ni, and Zn Doped (110)-Oriented PBCO Thin Films. Kandel, Hom; Iliev, Milko; Arndt, Nathan; Chen, Tar-Pin 4581
Investigation of the Anisotropic Characteristics of Layered Rocks under Uniaxial Compression Based on the 3D Printing Technology and the Combined Finite-Discrete Element Method. He, Fan; Liu, Quansheng; Deng, Penghai 5927
Investigation of the Optical and Electrical Properties of ITO/ ZnO/CdS/CuO:Co/Ag Structure for Solar Cell. Nkhaili, L.; Narjis, A.; Outzourhit, A.; Kissani, A. El; Moznine, R. El 4564
Kinetic Analysis of the Thermal Decomposition of Polymer-Bonded Explosive Based on PETN: Model-Fitting Method and Isoconversional Method. Nguyen, Trung Toan; Phan, Duc Nhan; Do, Van Thom; Nguyen, Hoang Nam 6243
Magnetic Circuit Design and Magnetic Field Finite Element Analysis of Converging Stepped Magnetofluid Seal with Small Clearance. Yang, Xiaolong; Wang, Guohong; Zhang, Ruibo 7168
Material Removal Mechanism of Green Machining on Powder Metallurgy Parts during Orthogonal Cutting. Yang, Dayong; Lu, Longsheng; Wan, Zhenping 4751
Micromechanical Prediction Model of Viscoelastic Properties for Asphalt Mastic Based on Morphologically Representative Pattern Approach. Wang, Zhichen; Guo, Naisheng; Yang, Xu; Wang, Shuang 6488
Notch Effect on Plastic Deformation of Metallic Glass: A Numerical Study by Revised Free-Volume Theory. Yan, J.F.; Meng, W.J.; Chen, Z.; Guo, H.; Yan, X.G. 6303
Numerical Simulation on Cutting and Fracturing of Rock Plate with One Side Fixed and Three Sides Free. Lu, Zhenguo; Zeng, Qingliang; Meng, Zhaosheng; Wang, Zhiwen; Ga, Guanshun 5571
Pull-In and Snap-Through Analysis of Electrically Actuated Viscoelastic Curved Microbeam. Akrami-Nia, Ehsan; Ekhteraei-Toussi, Hamid 8928
Reuse of Clay Brick Waste in Mortar and Concrete. Zhu, Lihua; Zhu, Zengmei 9628
Strength Properties of High-Strength Concrete Containing Coal Bottom Ash as a Replacement of Aggregates. Yang, In-Hwan; Park, Jihun; Le, Nhien Dinh; Jung, Sanghwa 7422
Structural Behavior of Concrete Beams Containing Recycled Coarse Aggregates under Flexure. Yang, In-Hwan; Park, Jihun; Kim, Kyoung-Chul; Lee, Hyungbae 6788
Study on Restoration Materials for Historical Silty Earthen Sites Based on Lime and Starch Ether. Kong, Dequan; Chen, Jianxun; Wan, Rong; Liu, Hongli Report 8347
Study on the Influence of Closed-Cell Aluminum Foam on the Impact Performance of Concrete Pier after Equal Replacement with Stainless Steel Reinforcement. Zhou, Xiwu; Zhang, Honglong; Zhang, Wenchao; Zhang, Guoxue Report 8488
Study on Water Absorption and Thermal Conductivity of Tunnel Insulation Materials in a Cold Region under Freeze-Thaw Conditions. Li, Youyun; Wang, Huan; Yang, Li; Su, Shiqiang Report 5253
The Effects of Activation Energy and Thermophoretic Diffusion of Nanoparticles on Steady Micropolar Fluid along with Brownian Motion. Sabir, Zulqurnain; Ayub, Assad; Guirao, Juan L.G.; Bhatti, Saira; Shah, Syed Zahir Hussain 6054
The Mechanism of the First Hydration-Dehydration Cycle of Pure [alpha]-and [beta]-CaS[O.sub.4].0.5[H.sub.2]O. Zeitoun, E. Abu; Pritzel, C.; Sakalli, Y.; Trettin, R. 5626
Uniaxial Compression Mechanical Properties of Rock Samples in Soft and Hard Composite Strata. Wu, Bo; Huang, Wei 3883
Water-Cement-Density Ratio Law for the 28-Day Compressive Strength Prediction of Cement-Based Materials. Li, Siqi; Yang, Jinbo; Zhang, Peng 4146

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