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Articles from Advances in Materials Science and Engineering (September 30, 2019)

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An Estimation of the Thermal Properties of Pu-Rich Metallic Fuel. Odaira, Naoya; Arita, Yuji 3515
An Ontology-Enabled Case-Based Reasoning Decision Support System for Manufacturing Process Selection. Mabkhot, Mohammed M.; Samhan, Ali M. Al-; Hidri, Lotfi 11066
Characterization of Layer Number of Two-Dimensional Transition Metal Diselenide Semiconducting Devices Using Si-Peak Analysis. Zhang, Xian 4310
Chelating Effect of Cellulose Acetate Hydrogel Crosslinked with EDTA Dianhydride Used as a Platform for Cell Growth. Melero, Anna; Senna, Andre; Domingues, Juliana; Motta, Adriana; Haussen, Moema; Junior, Antonio Riul 6505
Control Design of the Wave Compensation System Based on the Genetic PID Algorithm. Zhou, Mingjian; Wang, Yuqin; Wu, Haibing 6344
Dynamic Behavior of Self-Piercing Riveted and Mechanical Clinched Joints of Dissimilar Materials: An Experimental Comparative Investigation. Ge, Yulong; Xia, Yong 4385
Effect of Additives on the Rheological and Mechanical Properties of Microfine-Cement-Based Grout. Zhang, Shuai; Qiao, Weiguo; Li, Yanzhi; Xi, Kai; Chen, Pengcheng 5875
Effect of Process Parameters on Short Fiber Orientation along the Melt Flow Direction in Water-Assisted Injection Molded Part. Zhou, Haiying; Liu, Hesheng; Jiang, Qingsong; Kuang, Tangqing; Chen, Zhixin; Li, Weiping 5519
Effect of Variable Thermal Conductivity on the Generalized Thermoelasticity Problems in a Fiber-Reinforced Anisotropic Half-Space. Xiong, Chun-Bao; Yu, Li-Na; Niu, Yan-Bo 4361
Effects of Aging on the Tensile Properties of Polyethylene Fiber-Reinforced Alkali-Activated Slag-Based Composite. Choi, Jeong-Il; Park, Se-Eon; Kang, Su-Tae; Lee, Bang Yeon 4698
Evaluation of Compression Performance of APM Aluminum Foam-Polymer Filled Pipes Prepared via Different Epoxy Resin Bonding Processes. Wang, Yanli; Guo, Qiaoyu; Wang, Lucai; Xu, Hong 4887
Experimental Investigations on Aircraft Blade Cooling Holes and CFD Fluid Analysis in Electrochemical Machining. Chai, Mingxia; Li, Zhiyong; Yan, Hongjuan; Sun, Xiaoyu 5712
Influence of Irradiation on Mechanical Properties of Nickel. Ma, Lei; Li, Changsheng; Shang, Xue; Hu, Wangyu 2846
Luminescence Nanothermometry Based on [Pr.sup.3+]: La[F.sub.3] Single Core and [Pr.sup.3+]: La[F.sub.3]/La[F.sub.3] Core/Shell Nanoparticles. Pudovkin, M.S.; Koryakovtseva, D.A.; Lukinova, E.V.; Korableva, S.L.; Khusnutdinova, R.Sh.; Kiiamov, 8348
Mechanical Properties of Paste Slurry under Constant Shear Rate in Initial Structure Failure Process. Dai, Chaoqun; Wu, Aixiang; Qi, Yan; Chen, Zhiqiang; Li, Bin 4278
Microscopic Techniques in Materials Science: Current Trends in the Area of Blends, Composites, and Hybrid Materials. Siskova, Joanna Rydz Alena; Eckstein, Anita Andicsova 1345
Microstructural Characterization and Mechanical Properties of Ti-6Al-4V Alloy Subjected to Dynamic Plastic Deformation Achieved by Multipass Hammer Forging with Different Forging Temperatures. Fang, Xiurong; Wu, Jiang; Ou, Xue; Yang, Fuqiang 6147
Numerical Simulation Virtual Test of Torsion Shear for Asphalt Mixture. Xie, Jun; Yang, Yougang 8239
Numerical Study of Particle Morphology Effect on the Angle of Repose for Coarse Assemblies Using DEM. Chen, Jing; Gao, Rui; Liu, Yangzepeng 7938
Optimisation of Cutting Tool and Cutting Parameters in Face Milling of Custom 450 through the Taguchi Method. Gokce, Harun 6420
Optimization of Magnesium Alloy Wheel Dynamic Impact Performance. Jiang, Xin; Liu, Hai; Lyu, Rui; Fukushima, Yoshio; Kawada, Naoki; Zhang, Zhenglai; Ju, Dongying 5196
Properties and Components of Recycled Engine Oil Bottom Rejuvenated Asphalt and Its Grey Relationship Analysis. Li, Jin; Yu, Miaozhang; Cui, Xinzhuang; Wang, Wentong 7599
Study on Strength Variation of Permeable Concrete Based on Differential Calorimetry Method and Multi-Index Test. Yang, Sanqiang; Guo, Meng; Duan, Shichao; Liu, Na; Wu, Haonan; Du, Erxia; Liang, Meichen Report 4472
Study on the Mitigative Effect of Controlled Permeable Formwork (CPF) Liner on Early-Age Shrinkage of Box-Girder Concrete. Ye, Jianxiong; Yu, Linwen; Chen, Yong Report 4057
Study on the Process Optimization and Wear Resistance of Electron Beam Cladding WC-CoCr Coating on Inconel 617 Surface. Liu, Hailang; Huang, Yiping; Wang, Bo; Wang, Xiaoyu 6279
Synthesis and Application of Novel Hybrid Nanomaterials in Catalysis, Adsorption, and Electrochemistry. Khieu, Dinh Quang; Dinh, Nguyen Thanh; Mau, Tran Xuan; Mai, Hien Duy 406
Synthesis of Mesoporous Ti[O.sub.2] Spheres via the Solvothermal Process and Its Application in the Development of DSSC. Velazquez-Martinez, S.; Silva-Martinez, S.; Jimenez-Gonzalez, A.E.; Alvarez, A. Maldonado 11022
The Use of Complex Additives for the Formation of Corrosion- and Wear-Resistant Epoxy Composites. Buketov, Andriy; Sapronov, Oleksandr; Brailo, Mykola; Stukhlyak, Danylo; Yakushchenko, Serhii; Buket 4009
Three-Point Bending Fatigue Test of TiAl6V4 Titanium Alloy at Room Temperature. Belan, Juraj; Kucharikova, Lenka; Tillova, Eva; Chalupova, Maria 6153

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