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Articles from Advances in Materials Science and Engineering (November 30, 2019)

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A Comparative Study of Void Distribution Pattern on the Strength Development between OPC-Based and Geopolymer Concrete. Nazari, Ali; Bagheri, Ali; Sanjayan, Jay; Yadav, Parth N.J.A.; Tariq, Hasnat 3887
A Novel Prediction Model of Strength of Paste Backfill Prepared from Waste-Unclassified Tailings. Cheng, Haiyong; Wu, Shunchuan; Zhang, Xiaoqiang; Li, Junhong 6237
Behavior and Splice Length of Deformed Bars Lapping in Spirally Confined Grout-Filled Corrugated Duct. Zheng, Yongfeng; Zhu, Zhangfeng; Guo, Zhengxing; Liu, Peng 6506
Characterization of Prototype Formulated Particleboards from Agroindustrial Lignocellulose Biomass Bonded with Chemically Modified Cassava Peel Starch. Kariuki, Stephen Warui; Wachira, Jackson; Kawira, Millien; Leonard, Genson Murithi 8992
Effect of Cyclic Freezing-Thawing on the Shear Mechanical Characteristics of Nonpersistent Joints. Lei, Daxing; Li, Hang; Chen, Yifan; Cao, Rihong; Wen, Zhijie 5475
Effect of Friction Stir Processing on Gas Tungsten Arc-Welded and Friction Stir-Welded 5083-H111 Aluminium Alloy Joints. Mabuwa, Sipokazi; Msomi, Velaphi 6987
Effect of the Third Element Ni on the Solidification Microstructure of Undercooled Cu-40 wt.% Pb Monotectic Alloy Melt. Hao, Xi; Li, Yugui; Hu, Ying; Geng, Guihong 3772
Evaluation of a Cold-Mixed High-Performance Polyurethane Mixture. Min, Sun; Bi, Yufeng; Zheng, Mulian; Chen, Sai; Li, Jingjing 6164
Experimental Study on Electrode Wear of Diamond-Nickel Coated Electrode in EDM Small Hole Machining. Liu, Yu; Wang, Wenjian; Zhang, Wenchao; Ma, Fujian; Yang, Dapeng; Sha, Zhihua; Zhang, Shengfang 5650
Experimental Study on Mechanical Properties of Cemented Paste Backfill under Temperature-Chemical Coupling Conditions. Liu, Yin; Li, Hao; Wu, Haifeng 6027
Fabrication and Characteristics of Mn@ [Cu.sub.3][(BTC).sub.2] for Low-Temperature Catalytic Reduction of N[O.sub.x] with N[H.sub.3]. Yao, Zhuo; Qu, Dianli; Guo, Yuxiang; Yang, Yujing; Huang, Hong 6023
Fatigue Life Behavior of Laser Shock Peened Duplex Stainless Steel with Different Samples Geometry. Jimenez, Cesar A. Vazquez; Alejo, Vignaud Granados; Gonzalez, Carlos Rubio; Rosas, Gilberto Gomez; Z 4319
Flexural Toughness of Basalt Fibre-Reinforced Shotcrete and Industrial-Scale Testing. Jiao, Huazhe; Wu, Yachuang; Chen, Xinming; Yang, Yixuan 4434
Increasing the Durability and Freeze-Thaw Strength of Concrete Paving Stones Produced from Ahlat Stone Powder and Marble Powder by Special Curing Method. Bakis, Abdulrezzak 7753
Influence of a Two-Stage Sintering Process on Characteristics of Porous Ceramics Produced with Sewage Sludge and Coal Ash as Low-Cost Raw Materials. Al-Qadhi, Esam; Li, Gaiye; Ni, Yaxing 7716
Influence of Flaw Inclination Angle on Cracking Behavior of Rock-Like Materials under Uniaxial Compression. Xu, Rongchao 4651
Influence of Hydrophobic Coating on Freeze-Thaw Cycle Resistance of Cement Mortar. Song, Zijian; Lu, Zhongyuan; Lai, Zhenyu 5466
Investigation of Bioactive Glass-Ceramic 60Si[O.sub.2]-30CaO-10[P.sub.2][O.sub.5] Prepared by Hydrothermal Method. Bui, Vuong Xuan; Vo, Mai Quang; Nguyen, Tien Anh; Bui, Hoa Thi 3589
Mechanical and Thermal Properties of UHPC Exposed to High-Temperature Thermal Cycling. Yang, In-Hwan; Park, Jihun 6758
Microstructure and Properties of TiSiN/AlN with Different Modulation Periods. Yan, Hongjuan; Tian, Qinye; Liu, Fengbin; Si, Lina; Dou, Zhaoliang; Zhang, Shuting 4232
Novel Synthesis and Applications of Metal, Metal Oxides (MOs), and Transition Metal Dichalcogenides (TMDs) for Energy, Sensing, and Memory Applications. Basnet, Pradip; Shehzad, M. Arslan; Li, Xi-Bo 837
Optimal Design of Inlet Passage for Waterjet Propulsion System Based on Flow and Geometric Parameters. Jiao, Weixuan; Cheng, Li; Zhang, Di; Zhang, Bowen; Su, Yeping; Wang, Chuan 10830
Parallel Offset Crack Interactions in Rock under Unloading Conditions. Zhou, Zihan; Chen, Zhonghui 7853
Performance Evaluation of Bone Glue-Modified Asphalt. Ali, Asif; Ahmad, Naveed; Adeel, Muhammad; Zaidi, Syed Bilal Ahmed; Jameel, Muhammad Sohail; Qureshi 7088
Precision Forming Technology for Crimping of Large Straight Welded Pipes. Fan, Li-feng; Liang, Pei; Wang, Ge; Gao, Ying; Zhang, Benguo 4318
Preparation of Superhydrophobic Multiscale Films for Oil-Water Separation in a Harsh Environment. Li, Depeng; Fan, Jinyang; Chen, Jie; Jiang, Deyi 10277
Research on Shape Change of Multimaterial Electrode for EDM. Wang, Wenjian; Liu, Yu; Zhang, Wenchao; Ma, Fujian; Yang, Dapeng; Zhang, Shengfang 5446
Research on Shear Capacity and Checking Method of MT x ZG-Joint for Application in Prefabricated Underground Structures. Yang, Xiuren; Shi, Zhongheng; Lin, Fang 3956
Seismic Fragility Analysis of Buildings Based on Double-Parameter Damage Models considering Soil-Structure Interaction. Zhai, Panpan; Zhao, Peng; Lu, Yang; Ye, Chenying; Xiong, Feng 6463
Sol-Gel Synthesis of Ti[O.sub.2] Nanocrystalline Particles with Enhanced Surface Area through the Reverse Micelle Approach. Nateq, Mohammad Hossein; Ceccato, Riccardo 6962
Solid-State Processing Route, Mechanical Behaviour, and Oxidation Resistance of TiAl Alloys. Cobbinah, Prince V.; Matizamhuka, Wallace R. 15177
Studies on Quasi-Static and Fatigue Crack Propagation Behaviours in Friction Stir Welded Joints Using Peridynamic Theory. Wang, Fei; Ma, Yu'e; Guo, Yanning; Huang, Wei 6755
Study on the Preparation and Fracture Behavior of Red Mud-Yellow Phosphorus Slag-Based Concrete. Li, Xianhai; Zhang, Qin; Mao, Song; Li, Longjiang; Wang, Jingbo Report 7984
The Effect of Welding Speed on the Micromorphology and Mechanical Properties of Laser-Sealed Vacuum Flat Glazing Joints. Miao, Hong; Li, Chong; He, Qiang; Zhang, Shanwen; Zhang, Yanjun; Liu, Sixing 2745
The Evaluation of Physicomechanical and Tribological Properties of Corn Straw Fibre Reinforced Environment-Friendly Friction Composites. Wang, Zhen-yu; Wang, Jie; Ma, Yun-hai 5773
Understanding the Preferred Crystal Orientation of Sputtered Silver in Ar/[N.sub.2] Atmosphere: A Microstructure Investigation. Hu, YuHao; Zhu, Jiajun; Zhang, Chao; Yang, Wulin; Fu, Licai; Li, Deyi; Zhou, Lingping 5198

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