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Articles from Advances in Materials Science and Engineering (March 31, 2019)

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A Discrete Element Model for Damage and Fatigue Crack Growth of Quasi-Brittle Materials. Gao, Xiaofeng; Koval, Georg; Chazallon, Cyrille 9136
A Stress-Strain Model for Unconfined Concrete in Compression considering the Size Effect. Yang, Keun-Hyeok; Lee, Yongjei; Mun, Ju-Hyun 8752
A Study on Rotary Friction Welding of Titanium Alloy (Ti6Al4V). Nu, Ho Thi My; Le, Truyen The; Minh, Luu Phuong; Loc, Nguyen Huu Report 4551
Aminopropyl Functionalised MCM-41: Synthesis and Application for Adsorption of Pb(II) and Cd(II). Du, Pham Dinh; Hieu, Nguyen Trung; To, Thuy Chau; Bach, Long Giang; Tinh, Mai Xuan; Mau, Tran Xuan; 9329
Bond Behavior of Reinforcing Steel Bars in Thermal Insulation Concrete Exposed to Freeze-Thaw Cycles. Tu, Jinsong; Zhou, Ming; Liu, Yuanzhen; Chen, Y. Frank 7017
Carbon Nanostructure-based Sensors: A Brief Review on Recent Advances. Bezzon, Vinicius D.N.; Montanheiro, Thais L.A.; de Menezes, Beatriz R.C.; Ribas, Renata G.; Righetti 19261
Characterization of Warm Mix Agent and Its Influence on Properties of SBS-Modified Asphalt. Zhang, Jiantong; Li, Kai 3734
Charge Transport and Thermo-emf in Tl[Fe.sub.1-x][Ga.sub.x][S.sub.2] Solid Solutions. Mustafaeva, Solmaz; Asadov, Salim 4085
Chloride Levels That Initiated Corrosion of Duplex Stainless Steel Embedded in Mortar. Wu, Yu-You; Presuel-Moreno, Francisco 3697
Crack Resistance Properties of HPFRC Beam-Column Joints under Cyclic Load. Wang, Dehong; Ju, Yanzhong; Shen, Hao 7586
Development and Field Test of New Environmentally Friendly Water-Rich Sand Grout Material. Hongbo, Wang; Rentai, Liu; Qingsong, Zhang 4610
Directional Solidification of Sn-[Cu.sub.6][Sn.sub.5] In Situ Composites. Fornaro, Osvaldo 4917
Distribution of Oxygen at the [Ni.sub.81][Fe.sub.19]/Ta Interface. Mori, T.J.A.; Pace, R.D.D.; Flores, W.H.; Carara, M.; Schelp, L.F.; Dorneles, L.S. 3776
Dynamic Mechanical Characteristics and Constitutive Modeling of Rail Steel over a Wide Range of Temperatures and Strain Rates. Liu, Peijie; Quan, Yanming; Ding, Guo 6795
Effect of [RE.sup.3+] on Structural Evolution of Rare-Earth Carbonates Synthesized by Facile Hydrothermal Treatment. Spiridigliozzi, Luca; Accardo, Grazia; Frattini, Domenico; Marocco, Antonello; Esposito, Serena; Fre 6668
Effect of Isothermal Treatment on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Cold-Deformed IF Steel. Barragan, Jose Luis Reyes; Diaz, Roberto Ademar Rodriguez; Martinez, Maria Luisa Ojeda; Jimenez, Sil 8563
Effect of Lanthanum Doping on the Microstructure, Thermal Stability, and C[O.sub.2] Adsorption Property of ZIF-8. Wang, Sheng; Zhang, Shengquan; Du, Xueyan; Shen, Yingying; Ma, Zhiwei 4148
Effect of Prior Rolling on Microstructures and Property of Diffusion-Bonded Mg/Al Alloy. Ding, Yunlong; Shi, Jialian; Ju, Dongying 3115
Effect of Temperature and pH on Early Hydration Rate and Apparent Activation Energy of Alkali-Activated Slag. Li, Ping; Tang, Jianhui; Chen, Xudong; Bai, Yin; Li, Qiyao 6695
Effect of the Interaction between Cavities and Flaws on Rock Mechanical Properties under Uniaxial Compression. Li, Jianwang; Zhou, Yu; Sun, Wei; Sun, Zheng 5730
Effects of Crimp and Textile Architecture on the Stiffness and Strength of Composites with 3D Reinforcement. Stig, Fredrik; Hallstrom, Stefan 5544
Effects of High Temperatures on the Physical and Mechanical Properties of Carbonated Ordinary Concrete. Xie, Qifang; Zhang, Lipeng; Yin, Shenghua; Zhang, Baozhuang; Wu, Yaopeng 5891
Elements-Added Diamond-Like Carbon Film for Biomedical Applications. Sunthornpan, Narin; Watanabe, Shuichi; Moolsradoo, Nutthanun 6416
Estimation of Minimum Torsional Reinforcement of Reinforced Concrete and Steel Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Members. Ju, Hyunjin; Han, Sun-Jin; Zhang, Dichuan; Kim, Jong; Wu, Wei; Kim, Kang Su 6231
Experimental Investigation of the Anchoring Effect of Two Different Types of Rock Bolts on Fractured Rock. Xu, Rongchao; Zhou, Hui 4661
Experimental Strength of Earth-Based Construction Materials in Different Regions of China. Zhang, Kun; Lu, Bairu; Wang, Yihong; Lei, Zhijun; Yang, Zhanshen 5095
Experimental Study of New Insulation Lightweight Concrete Block Floor Based on Perlite Aggregate, Natural Sand, and Sand Obtained from Marble Waste. Alyousef, Rayed; Benjeddou, Omrane; Soussi, Chokri; Khadimallah, Mohamed Amine; Jedidi, Malek 7662
Experimental Study on Long-Term Ring Deflection of Glass Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Mortar Pipe. Kim, Sun-Hee; Yoon, Soon-Jong; Choi, Wonchang 4669
Experimental Study on Mechanical Behavior of a New Backfilling Material: Cement-Treated Marine Clay. Zhou, Nan; Ouyang, Shenyang; Cheng, Qiangqiang; Ju, Feng Report 4243
Flexural Behavior of Hybrid Composite Beam (HCB) Bridges. Aboelseoud, Mohamed A.; Myers, John J. 7823
Fractal Loading Model of the Joint Interface Considering Strain Hardening of Materials. Wang, Yanhui; Zhang, Xueliang; Wen, Shuhua; Chen, Yonghui 7294
Fresh and Mechanical Properties of Self-Compacting Rubber Lightweight Aggregate Concrete and Corresponding Mortar. Lv, Jing; Du, Qiang; Zhou, Tianhua; He, Zuoqian; Li, Kunlun 7192
Fretting Wear Behavior and Damage Mechanisms of Inconel X-750 Alloy in Dry Contacts. Rustamov, Ibrohim A.; Sabirova, Ozoda Sh.; Wang, Zixi; Wang, Yuming 6882
Hydration of Reactive MgO as Partial Cement Replacement and Its Influence on the Macroperformance of Cementitious Mortars. Goncalves, T.; Silva, R.V.; de Brito, J.; Fernandez, J.M.; Esquinas, A.R. 7039
Influence of Water-Repellent Treatment with Silicon Resin on Properties of Concrete. Tian, Yupeng; Wang, Penggang; Zhao, Tiejun; Ma, Zhiming; Jin, Zuquan; Zhao, Haitao 6921
Jet Milling as an Alternative Processing Technique for Preparing Polysulfone Hard Nanocomposites. Llorente, Amaia; Serrano, Berna; Baselga, Juan; Gedler, Gabriel; Ozisik, Rahmi 5080
Low-Temperature Performance and Evaluation Index of Gussasphalt for Steel Bridge Decks. Ye, Hongyu; Wang, Xuancang; Fang, Naren; Su, Ziyuan 6712
Mechanical Properties Optimization of Friction Stir Welded Lap Joints in Aluminium Alloy. Viscusi, Antonio; Astarita, Antonello; Prisco, Umberto 6916
Pickling Behavior of Duplex Stainless Steel 2205 in Hydrochloric Acid Solution. Li, Huaying; Zhao, Aichun 2964
Preparation of a Cenosphere Curing Agent and Its Application to Foam Concrete. Liu, Zhongwei; Zhao, Kang; Tang, Yufei; Hu, Chi 5750
Preparation, Physicochemical Characterization, and Microrobotics Applications of Polyvinyl Chloride- (PVC-) Based PANI/PEDOT: PSS/ZrP Composite Cation-Exchange Membrane. Ahamed, Mohd Imran; Inamuddin; Asiri, Abdullah M.; Luqman, Mohammad; Lutfullah 5203
Research of Mortar Containing Phosphorous Slag and Calcium Carbonate Nanoparticles. Yang, Huashan; Che, Yujun 4643
Research on Simulation Analysis Method of Microbial Cemented Sand Based on Discrete Element Method. Tang, Yang; Xu, Guobin; Lian, Jijian; Yan, Yue; Fu, Dengfeng; Sun, Weichen 8563
Scaffold Techniques and Designs in Tissue Engineering Functions and Purposes: A Review. Eltom, Abdalla; Zhong, Gaoyan; Muhammad, Ameen 8874
Simulation of Material Removal Process in EDM with Composite Tools. Zhang, Shengfang; Zhang, Wenchao; Wang, Puyong; Liu, Yu; Ma, Fujian; Yang, Dapeng; Sha, Zhihua 6146
Size Effects of Finite Element Model for Three-Dimensional Microstructural Modeling of Asphalt Mixture. Wu, Kuanghuai; Deng, Qingzi; Deng, Naiming; Cai, Xu; Huang, Wenke 4317
Some Manifestations of Antioxidation Coating for Hot Precision Forging Gears. Li, Dongcheng; Han, Nana; Quagliato, Luca; Kim, Naksoo; Yu, Ge 5156
Strength and Deformation Properties of Fiber and Cement Reinforced Heavy Metal-Contaminated Synthetic Soils. Tang, Qiang; Shi, Peixin; Zhang, Yu; Liu, Wei; Chen, Lei 6146
Study on Effects of External Water Amount on Organic Intercalation of Montmorillonite and Its Mechanism. Wu, Limei; Wang, Yongbin; Yang, Lu; Wang, Qing; Xu, Changwei Report 4865
Study on Grinding Mechanism of Brake Pad with Copper Matrix Composites for High-Speed Train. Su, Chong; Wang, Chao; Sun, Xiaoshuai; Sang, Xinghua 4015
Study on Modification of Alkali-Free Liquid Accelerator of Mine-Used Wet-Mix Shotcrete. Lianjun, Chen; Pengcheng, Li; Gang, Pan; Wenhui, Bian 5246
Study on the Relationship between Mechanical Properties and Mesostructure of Microbial Cemented Sand Bodies. Yan, Yue; Tang, Yang; Xu, Guobin; Lian, Jijian; Fu, Dengfeng Report 5773
The Finite Element Modulation of Thermostressed State of Coating Formation at Electric Contact Surfacing of "Shaft" Type Parts. Berezshnaya, Olena V.; Gribkov, Eduard P.; Borovik, Pavlo V.; Kassov, Valeriy D. 9099
Thermodynamic Characteristics of Methane Adsorption of Coal with Different Initial Gas Pressures at Different Temperatures. Cai, Tingting; Feng, Zengchao; Jiang, Yulong; Zhao, Dong 5614
Thermosetting Coupling Analysis and Parameter Optimization of the Plastic Lining Pump Structure. Tang, Lingfeng; Liu, Mingwei; Ma, Feihong 9277
Transverse Deformations and Structural Phenomenon as Indicators of Steel Fibred High-Strength Concrete Nonlinear Behavior. Iskhakov, Iakov; Ribakov, Yuri 4851
Uniaxial Damaged Plastic Constitutive Relation of Recycled Aggregate Concrete. Hu, Xiaobin; Lu, Qinwang; Cheng, Shanshan 6887

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