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Articles from Advances in Materials Science and Engineering (July 31, 2019)

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Aesthetic and Mechanical Suitability of a Clear Synthetic Resin as a Unconventional Binder for Road Pavements. Pasetto, Marco; Baliello, Andrea; Giacomello, Giovanni; Pasquini, Emiliano 8229
Anaerobic Codigestion of Food Waste and Polylactic Acid: Effect of Pretreatment on Methane Yield and Solid Reduction. Hobbs, Shakira R.; Parameswaran, Prathap; Astmann, Barbara; Devkota, Jay P.; Landis, Amy E. 4787
Analysis of the Effect of Substitution Rate on the Mechanical Properties of Recycled Concrete Hollow Block. Yang, Lijun; Li, Shanqing 8476
Application of a Non-Coaxial Soil Model with an Anisotropic Yield Criterion in Tunnelling. Yuan, Ran; Zhang, Jia-Rong; Cui, Jian; Wang, Wen-Ming; He, Yi; Fang, Yong 4050
Attenuation Characteristics of Stress Wave Peak in Sandstone Subjected to Different Axial Stresses. Cheng, Yun; Song, Zhanping; Jin, Jiefang; Yang, Tengtian 6968
Chloride Diffusivity in Blended Cement Made from Selected Industrial and Agrowastes. Wachira, Jackson Muthengia; Marangu, Joseph Mwiti 5075
Composite Materials Based on Henequen Fiber as a Thermal Barrier in the Automotive Sector. Olivares-Ramirez, J.M.; Dector, A.; Duarte-Moller, A.; Diaz, D. Ortega; Dector, Diana; Cano-Lopez, J 5229
Construction Techniques and Quality Test and Evaluation of Lightweight Cellular Concrete Mixed with Fly Ash as Subgrade Material. Liu, Xin; Ni, Chengwei; Ji, Hong; Tan, Shuyan; Hong, Baoning 7121
Degradation Behavior of Concrete after Freeze-Thaw Cycles and Then Exposure to High Temperatures. Xie, Qifang; Yang, Liujie; Hu, Fangzheng; Hao, Wenming; Yin, Shenghua; Zhang, Lipeng 5696
Design and Analysis of a Novel Piezo-Actuated XY0z Micropositioning Mechanism with Large Travel and Kinematic Decoupling. Xiao, Ruijiang; Shao, Shubao; Xu, Minglong; Jing, Zijian 6395
Development of Multifunctional Film for Greenhouse Applications in Tropical Regions. Petchsuk, A.; Srinun, D.; Buchatip, S.; Supmak, W.; Sirikittikul, D. 7415
Dynamic Crack Propagation and Fracture Behavior of Pre-cracked Specimens under Impact Loading by Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar. Zhao, Shijun; Zhang, Qing 5559
Effect of Ultrasonic Flexural Vibration on Solidification Structure and Mechanical Properties of Large-Size 35CrMoV Cast Ingot. Shi, Chen; Li, Fan; Wu, Yongjun; Mao, Daheng 3693
Effects of Recycled Aggregate on Concrete Mix and Exposure to Chloride. Nakhi, Ammar Ben; Alhumoud, Jasem M. 3864
Estimation of Inelastic Interstorey Drift for OSB/Gypsum Sheathed Cold-Formed Steel Structures under Collapse Level Earthquakes. Liu, Xiangbin; Wu, Hanheng; Sang, Liurui; Sui, Lu; Xu, Congcong 7788
Evaluation of the Effect of Fly Ash and Slag on the Properties of Cement Asphalt Mortar. Le, Tri H.M.; Park, Dae-Wook; Park, Jin-Yong; Phan, Tam M. 6364
Evaluation of the Methods for Estimating the Fully Reversed Unnotched Fatigue Limits of Steels. Li, Jing; Qiu, Yuan-ying; Wang, Hai-dong; Wang, Zhao-xi 5707
Experimental Investigation on the Application of Ultra-Rapid-Hardening Mortar for Rigid Small Element Pavement. Han, Eui-Seok; Gong, Junho; Cho, Dooyong; Park, Sun-Kyu 4111
Fabrication and Uniaxial Tensile Properties of Soldered Porous Copper Fiber-Sintered Sheets. Liu, Ruiliang; Zhou, Wei; Li, Shuangli; Xu, Dongsheng 4671
Highway Performance Evaluation Index in Semiarid Climate Region Based on Fuzzy Mathematics. Yang, Sanqiang; Guo, Meng; Liu, Xinlei; Wang, Pidong; Li, Qian; Liu, Haiqing 3836
Investigating the Effects of Chopped Basalt Fiber on the Performance of Porous Asphalt Mixture. Wang, Sheng; Kang, Aihong; Xiao, Peng; Li, Bo; Fu, Weili 5518
Investigation on the Properties and Distribution of Air Voids in Porous Asphalt with Relevance to the Pb(II) Removal Performance. Zhao, Yao; Tong, Lei; Zhu, Yating 8731
Microstructural Changes and Mechanical Response of Aluminum-Based Composites Prepared with Dispersed Ce[O.sub.2] Nanoparticles. Baldenebro-Lopez, Francisco J.; Perez-Bustamante, Raul; Estrada-Guel, Ivanovich; Martinez-Sanchez, R 3833
Raking Effects on Aggregate Densification and Channelling in Thickening. Zhou, Xu; Wang, Hong-jiang; Jiao, Hua-zhe; Yang, Liu-hua 4800
Research on Characteristic Stress and Constitutive Equation of Confined Sandstone during Damage Evolution Based on Energy Evolution Analysis. Yang, Xiaobin; Cheng, Hongming; Hou, Xin; Nie, Chaogang; Lv, Jiaqi 7050
Scanning Electron Microscopy and Atomic Force Microscopy: Topographic and Dynamical Surface Studies of Blends, Composites, and Hybrid Functional Materials for Sustainable Future. Rydz, Joanna; Siskova, Alena; Eckstein, Anita Andicsova 10040
Selective Laser Melting of Diamond-Containing or Postnitrided Materials Intended for Impact-Abrasive Conditions: Experimental and Analytical Study. Rahmani, Ramin; Antonov, Maksim; Kollo, Lauri 4688
Shear Characteristics of Cement-Stabilized Sand Reinforced with Waste Polyester Fiber Fabric Blocks. Lv, Xiangfeng; Zhou, Hongyuan 6209
Study on Dynamic Erosion Behavior of 20# Steel of Natural Gas Gathering Pipeline. Lv, Dongli; Lian, Zhanghua; Liang, Lindong; Zhang, Qichao; Zhang, Tao Report 6496
Study on Electric-Magnetic-Acoustic Signal Regularity and Its Correlation during Rock Shear Failure. Jia, Huilin; Niu, Yue; Liu, Xiaofei; Wang, Enyuan Report 5704
Study on Surface Hardness and Microstructure of Pure Copper Chip Strips Prepared by LSEM. Pi, Yunyun; Yin, Xiaolong; Deng, Wenjun; Xia, Wei 5652
Study on the Influence of Pulse Current Cathodic Protection Parameters of Oil Well Casing. Xu, Xiang-qian; Zhou, Hao-bin 5724
Temperature Effect on the Thermal Conductivity of Expanded Polystyrene Foamed Concrete: Experimental Investigation and Model Correction. Shi, Jinyan; Liu, Yuanchun; Liu, Baoju; Han, Dan Correction notice 5584
Topological Indices of the Pent-Heptagonal Nanosheets V[C.sub.5][C.sub.7] and H[C.sub.5][C.sub.7]. Deng, Fei; Zhang, Xiujun; Alaeiyan, Mehdi; Mehboob, Abid; Farahani, Mohammad Reza 5772
Transformation of M/A Constituents during Tempering and Its Effects on Impact Toughness of Weld Metals for X80 Hot Bends. Qiao, Gui-ying; Han, Xiu-lin; Chen, Xiao-wei; Wang, Xu; Liao, Bo; Xiao, Fu-ren 4706
Using Coupled Rheometer-FBRM to Study Rheological Properties and Microstructure of Cemented Paste Backfill. Wang, Hongjiang; Yang, Liuhua; Li, Hong; Zhou, Xu; Wang, Xiaotian 7198

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