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Articles from Advances in Materials Science and Engineering (April 30, 2019)

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A Study on Depth Sizing for Surface Cracks in KTX Brake Disc Using Rayleigh Wave. Yeom, Yun-Taek; Kim, Min-Soo; Kim, Hak-Joon; Song, Sung-Jin; Lee, Ho-Yong; Kwon, Sung-Duk; Kang, Sun Report 6761
Adsorption of Arsenate from Aqueous Solution onto Modified Vietnamese Bentonite. Linh, Nguyen Le My; Van, Duc Hoang; Duong, Tran; Tinh, Mai Xuan; Khieu, Dinh Quang 7499
An Artificial Neural Network Model to Predict the Thermal Properties of Concrete Using Different Neurons and Activation Functions. Fidan, Sehmus; Oktay, Hasan; Polat, Suleyman; Ozturk, Sarper 5426
Analysis of the Possibility of Using Energy Harvesters to Power Wearable Electronics in Clothing. Dabrowska, Anna; Greszta, Agnieszka 9900
Antiferromagnetic Phase Transition in [Cr.sub.2]As via Anisotropy of Exchange Interactions. Valkov, V.I.; Golovchan, A.V.; Aparajita, Upali; Roslyak, Oleksiy 3533
Bloating Mechanism of Lightweight Aggregates due to Ramping Rate. Lee, Kang Hoon; Lee, Jae Hoon; Wie, Young Min; Lee, Ki Gang 5568
Comparative Study on Mechanical Properties of Compacted Clay under Freeze-Thaw Cycles with Closed and Open Systems. Xian, Shaohua; Lu, Zheng; Yao, Hailin; Fang, Ran; She, Jianbo 5709
Comparison of Micro-EDM Characteristics of Inconel 706 between EDM Oil and an Al Powder-Mixed Dielectric. Wang, Chenxue; Qiang, Zhang 5191
Computational Assessment of Thermal Conductivity of Compacted Graphite Cast Iron. Wu, Yue; Li, Jianping; Yang, Zhong; Ma, Zhijun; Guo, Yongchun; Tao, Dong; Yang, Tong; Liang, Minxian 3326
Corrigendum to "Representative Stress-Strain Curve by Spherical Indentation on Elastic-Plastic Materials". Chang, Chao; Garrido, M.A.; Ruiz-Hervias, J.; Zhang, Zhu; Zhang, Le-le Correction notice 233
Development of a Correlation between the Resilient Modulus and CBR Value for Granular Blends Containing Natural Aggregates and RAP/RCA Materials. Arshad, Muhammad Concert review 10710
Dynamic Response Law of Loess Slope with Different Shapes. Yan, Zhixin; Zhang, Sen; Zhang, Xuedong; Jiang, Ping 4199
Effect of Bedding Angle and Confining Pressure on the Brittleness of Geomaterials: A Case Study on Slate. Hao, Xianjie; Xu, Quansheng; Yang, Dequan; Wang, Shaohua; Wei, Yingnan Case study 8373
Effect of Polypropylene Fiber on the Flexural Strength Properties of Lightweight Foam Mixed Soil. Sukkarak, Raksiri; Jongpradist, Pornkasem; Jamsawang, Pitthaya; Sukontasukkul, Piti; Chindaprasirt, 7005
Effect of Rare Earth Ce on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of 34CrNiMo6 Steel for Wind Turbine Main Shaft. Ge, Yanming; Wang, Kehong 4472
Effect of Sterilization on the Properties of a Bioactive Hybrid Coating Containing Hydroxyapatite. Baldin, E.K.K.; Malfatti, C.F.; Rodoi, V.; Brandalise, R.N. 7823
Effects of Fabrication Parameters on the Properties of Parts Manufactured with Selective Laser Sintering: Application on Cement-Filled PA12. Gadelmoula, Abdelrasoul M.; Aldahash, Saleh A. 4186
Effects of High-Density Pulse Currents on the Solidification Structures of Cu-[SiC.sub.p]/AZ91D Composites. Hao, Xi; Hao, Weixin; Geng, Guihong; Ma, Teng; Wang, Chen; Zhao, Fuqiang; Song, Hao; Li, Yugui 3945
Effects of Incorporation of Marble Powder Obtained by Recycling Waste Sludge and Limestone Powder on Rheology, Compressive Strength, and Durability of Self-Compacting Concrete. Alyousef, Rayed; Benjeddou, Omrane; Soussi, Chokri; Khadimallah, Mohamed Amine; Mohamed, Abdeliazim 9646
Electrocatalytic Properties of Calcium Titanate, Strontium Titanate, and Strontium Calcium Titanate Powders Synthesized by Solution Combustion Technique. Jongprateep, Oratai; Sato, Nicha; Techapiesancharoenkij, Ratchatee; Surawathanawises, Krissada 3919
Enhanced Device Performance of Bulk Heterojunction (BHJ) Hybrid Solar Cells Based on Colloidal CdSe Quantum Dots (QDs) via Optimized Hexanoic Acid-Assisted Washing Treatment. Madsuha, Alfian F.; Yuwono, Akhmad H.; Sofyan, Nofrijon; Krueger, Michael 3372
Evaluation of Basalt Fibers on Wind Turbine Blades through Finite Element Analysis. Garcia, V.; Vargas, L.; Acuna, A.; Sosa, J.B.; Durazo, E.; Ballesteros, R.; Ocampo, J. 7173
Evaluation of Corrosion Resistance of Corrosion Inhibitors for Concrete Structures by Electrochemical Testing in Saturated Ca[(OH).sub.2] Solutions with NaCl and [Na.sub.2]S[O.sub.4]. Ryu, Hwa Sung; Lim, Chang Gil; Kang, Tae Won; Lim, Seungmin; Kim, Hong Tae; Shin, Sang Heon 6276
Evaluation of Structural Properties and Catalytic Activities in Knoevenagel Condensation Reaction of Zeolitic Imidazolate Framework-8 Synthesized under Different Conditions. Du, Pham Dinh; Thanh, Nguyen Viet Duy; Hieu, Nguyen Trung 3938
Experimental Methods to Assess the Effectiveness of Soil Conditioning with Foam in Fully Weathered Granite. Tao, Liming; Chen, Zhongtian; Cui, Jian; Wang, Huiwu; Fang, Yong 6724
Experimental Studies on the Mechanical Properties of Loess Stabilized with Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose. Ma, Hongwang; Ma, Qi 4887
Experimental Study on the Effects of Initial Shear Stress and Vibration Frequency on Dynamic Strength of Saturated Sands. Zhang, Jian; Cao, Jiuting; Huang, Sijie 5079
Experimental Verification of Impact of Sprinkled Area Length on Heat Exchange Coefficient. Kracik, Petr; Balas, Marek; Lisy, Martin; Pospisil, Jiri 5287
Flexural Behavior of the Innovative CA-UHPC Slabs with High and Low Reinforcement Ratios. Feng, Yu; Qi, Jianan; Wang, Jingquan; Liu, Jiaping; Liu, Jianzhong 7296
Fly Ash/Blast Furnace Slag-Based Geopolymer as a Potential Binder for Mine Backfilling: Effect of Binder Type and Activator Concentration. Qiu, Jingping; Zhao, Yingliang; Xing, Jun; Sun, Xiaogang 7011
Heat-Treated Wood as a Substrate for Coatings, Weathering of Heat-Treated Wood, and Coating Performance on Heat-Treated Wood. Jirous-Rajkovic, Vlatka; Miklecic, Josip 7275
Impact of Leather on the Fire Resistance of Leather-Wood Fibreboard: FT-IR Spectroscopy and Pyrolysis-GC-MS Investigation. Schnabel, T.; Barbu, M.C.; Windeisen-Holzhauser, E.; Petutschnigg, A.; Tondi, G. 4069
Induction Heating and Healing Behaviors of Asphalt Concretes Doped with Different Conductive Additives. Li, Hechuan; Yu, Jianying; Liu, Quantao; Li, Yuanyuan; Wu, Yaqi; Xu, Haiqin 5396
Influence of Hydrogen Content on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of ER5183 Wires. Han, Yilong; Xue, Songbai; Fu, Renli; Lin, Lihao; Lin, Zhongqiang; Pei, Yinyin; Sun, Huawei 4271
Influences of Vibration Parameters on Formability of 1060 Aluminum Sheet Processed by Ultrasonic Vibration-Assisted Single Point Incremental Forming. Yang, Mingshun; Bai, Lang; Li, Yan; Yuan, Qilong 5012
Innovative Materials, New Design Methods, and Advanced Characterization Techniques for Sustainable Asphalt Pavements. Al-Khateeb, Ghazi G.; Haider, Syed W.; Rahman, Mujib; Nazzal, Munir Concert review 1630
Lowering Emissivity of Concrete Roof Tile's Underside Cuts Down Heat Entry to the Building. Chen, Xuejun; Wang, Lei; Liu, Zhikui; Qin, Yinghong; Bao, Ting 4083
Mechanical Properties and Failure Modes of Rock Specimens with Specific Joint Geometries in Triaxial Unloading Compressive Test. Duan, Guoyong; Li, Jianlin; Zhang, Jingyu; Assefa, Eleyas; Sun, Xushu 6301
Microstructure Characteristics of GFRP Reinforcing Bars in Harsh Environment. El-Hassan, Hilal; Maaddawy, Tamer El 11527
Model of Consecutive, Steady-State Underflow for Vertical Tailing Silos. Ren, Wei-Cheng; Gao, Ru-Gao; Gan, De-Qing; Zhang, You-Zhi 4193
Molecular Sieving Film Prepared by Vacuum Filtration for the Efficient Removal of Tetracycline Antibiotics from Pharmaceutical Wastewater. Song, Zhi; Ma, Yu-Long; Li, Cong-Er; Xu, Man; Zhang, Cong 6445
New Textile Composite Solutions for Armouring of Vehicles. Boussu, F.; Provost, B.; Lefebvre, M.; Coutellier, D. 9130
Numerical Investigation of Distribution Laws of Shear Force in Box Girder Webs. Xue, Xingwei; Zang, Chao; Zhou, Junlong; Zhang, Hai 6343
Optimization of Low-Carbon Footprint Quaternary and Quinary (37% Fly Ash) Cementitious Nanocomposites with Polycarboxylate or Aqueous Nanosilica Particles. Papatzani, Styliani; Paine, Kevin 12127
Performance Damage Characteristics of Asphalt Binder Suffered from the Action of Sulfate. Xiong, Rui; Qiao, Ning; Yang, Fa; Chu, Ci; Li, Liding; Wu, Jiayu; Jiang, Wenyu; Li, Kehong; Chen, Hu 4440
Physicochemical Performance of Portland-Rice Husk Ash-Calcined Clay-Dried Acetylene Lime Sludge Cement in Sulphate and Chloride Media. Wachira, Jackson Muthengia; Thiong, Joseph Karanja; Marangu, Joseph Mwiti; Murithi, Leonard Genson 7274
Recent Advances in Characterization Techniques for the Interface in Carbon Nanotube-Reinforced Polymer Nanocomposites. Chen, Junjie; Gao, Xuhui; Xu, Deguang 15238
Rockburst in Sandstone Containing Elliptic Holes with Varying Axial Ratios. Wang, Yang; He, Manchao; Liu, Dongqiao; Gao, Yubing 6964
Rutting and Fatigue Properties of Cellulose Fiber-Added Stone Mastic Asphalt Concrete Mixtures. Irfan, Muhammad; Ali, Yasir; Ahmed, Sarfraz; Iqbal, Shahid; Wang, Hainian 5532
Simultaneous Determination of Amlodipine, Hydrochlorothiazide, and Valsartan in Pharmaceutical Products by a Combination of Full Spectrum Measurement and Kalman Filter Algorithm. Trang, Nguyen Thi Quynh; Van Hop, Nguyen; Chau, Nguyen Dang Giang; Tran, Thuc Binh 6598
Simultaneous Determination of Zn(II), Cd(II), Pb(II), and Cu(II) Using Differential Pulse Anodic Stripping Voltammetry at a Bismuth Film-Modified Electrode. Thanh, Nguyen Mau; Van Hop, Nguyen; Luyen, Nguyen Dinh; Phong, Nguyen Hai; Toan, Tran Thanh Tam 7566
Structural Design of Partitioned Stator Doubly Salient Permanent Magnet Generator for Power Output Improvement. Sriwannarat, Warat; Siritaratiwat, Apirat; Khunkitti, Pirat 4350
Study of Structural Properties of BiOI on ZnO Thin Films and ZnO Nanorods. Gutierrez-Lazos, C.D.; Fundora-Cruz, A.; Solis-Pomar, F.; Perez-Tijerina, E. 4433
Study on Preparation of Water-Soluble Chitosan with Varying Molecular Weights and Its Antioxidant Activity. Du, Dang Xuan; Vuong, Bui Xuan 5934
Surface Laser Processing of Additive Manufactured 1.2709 Steel Parts: Preliminary Study. Cernasejus, O.; Skamat, J.; Markovic, V.; Visniakov, N.; Indrisiunas, S. 4069
Synthesis of Magnetic Biochar for Efficient Removal of Cr(III) Cations from the Aqueous Medium. Frolova, Liliya; Kharytonov, Mykola 3636
Synthesis of Platinum Nanoparticles by Gamma Co-60 Ray Irradiation Method Using Chitosan as Stabilizer. Nguyen, Thi Kim Lan; Nguyen, Ngoc Duy; Dang, Van Phu; Phan, Dinh Tuan; Tran, Thai Hoa; Nguyen, Quoc 3061
Temperature Field and Optimal Design of Duct-Ventilated Tower Foundation in Permafrost Regions. Liu, Fengyun; Shao, Zhushan; Wang, Yan 5195
The Effect of Calcium Formate, Sodium Sulfate, and Cement Clinker on Engineering Properties of Fly Ash-Based Cemented Tailings Backfill. Xu, Wenbin; Li, Qianlong; Haruna, Sada 6723
The Effect of CuO on the Thermal Behavior of the High-Energy Combustion Agent of the Al/Mn[O.sub.2] System. Wang, Hao; Guo, Tao; Ding, Wen; Yao, Miao; Fang, Xiang; Song, Jia-Xing 4680
The Effect of Microsized Aluminum Powder on Thermal Decomposition of HNIW (CL-20). Mao, Xiaoxiang; Zhu, Chenguang; Li, Yanchun; Li, Yifan; Jiang, Longfei; Wang, Xiaoming 4517
Titanium Alloy Repair with Wire-Feed Electron Beam Additive Manufacturing Technology. Wanjara, P.; Watanabe, K.; de Formanoir, C.; Yang, Q.; Bescond, C.; Godet, S.; Brochu, M.; Nezaki, K 10916
Use of Vegetation as Biomaterial for Controlling Measures of Human Impact on the Environment. Termini, Donatella 4279

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