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Articles from Advances in Materials Science and Engineering (January 1, 2016)

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A cell-based smoothed XFEM for fracture in piezoelectric materials. Zhou, Li Ming; Meng, Guang Wei; Li, Feng; Gu, Shuai 7282
A fire-retardant composite made from domestic waste and PVA. Surtiyeni, Neni; Rahmadani, Raidha; Kurniasih, Neny; Khairurrijal; Abdullah, Mikrajuddin 6497
A fractographic study of bending/torsion fatigue failure in metallic materials with protective surface layers. Slamecka, Karel; Sestak, Petr; Vojtek, Tomas; Kianicova, Marta; Hornikova, Jana; Sandera, Pavel; Pok 2873
A microstructure based strength model for slag blended concrete with various curing temperatures. Zhang, Li-Na; Xiao-Yong, Wang; Koh, Kyung-Taek Report 6289
A new appliance for improving the miniscrew stability. Ozkalayci, Nurhat; Yetmez, Mehmet 2818
A novel environmental route to ambient pressure dried thermal insulating silica aerogel via recycled coal gangue. Zhu, Pinghua; Zheng, Meng; Zhao, Shanyu; Wu, Junyong; Xu, Haixun 5723
A novel inward gradient self-lubrication layer with soft alloys and its lubricating mechanism. Yan, Songshan; Qin, Ling; Hu, Rui; Liu, Zuomin 3086
A review on fatigue life prediction methods for metals. Santecchia, E.; Hamouda, A.M.S.; Musharavati, F.; Zalnezhad, E.; Cabibbo, M.; Mehtedi, M. El; Spigar 21458
A16061 hybrid metal matrix composite reinforced with alumina and molybdenum disulphide. Pitchayyapillai, G.; Seenikannan, P.; Raja, K.; Chandrasekaran, K. Report 6159
An experimental study on the water-induced strength reduction in zigong argillaceous siltstone with different degree of weathering. Yang, Yu-chuan; Zhou, Jia-wen; Xu, Fu-gang; Xing, Hui-ge Report 6743
An investigation on strength development of cement with cenosphere and silica fume as pozzolanic replacement. Kannan, K. Senthamarai; Andal, L.; Shanmugasundaram, M. 2915
Analytical evaluation of reinforced concrete pier and Cast-in-Steel-Shell Pile connection behavior considering Steel-Concrete Interface. Moon, Jiho; Lehman, Dawn E.; Roeder, Charles W.; Lee, Hak-Eun; Lee, Tae-Hyung 6221
Atomic force microscopy of structural-mechanical properties of polyethylene reinforced by silicate needle-shaped filler. Morozov, Ilya A.; Garishin, Oleg K.; Shadrin, Vladimir V.; Gerasin, Victor A.; Guseva, Maria A. 3670
Bias magnetic field of stack giant magnetostrictive actuator: design, analysis, and optimization. Yang, Zhaoshu; He, Zhongbo; Li, Dongwei; Rong, Ce Report 7076
Bifurcation study of thin plate with an all-over breathing crack. Chen, Lihua; Xue, Jian; Zhang, Zhijie; Zhang, Wei 5768
Calculation of constrained stress in expansive mortar with a composite creep model. Choi, Hyeonggil; Cho, Bongsuk 5599
Comparison of conventional and advanced concrete technologies in terms of construction efficiency. Spak, Matej; Kozlovska, Maria; Strukova, Zuzana; Baskova, Renata Report 4192
Comparison of effects of using geosynthetics and lime stabilization to increase bearing capacity of unpaved road subgrade. Pancar, Erhan Burak; Akpinar, Muhammet Vefa Report 4821
Comparison of electronic structure and magnetic properties of few layer graphene and multiwall carbon nanotubes. Ray, Sekhar Chandra 3122
Computational modelling strategies for nonlinear response prediction of corroded circular RC bridge piers. Kashani, Mohammad M.; Lowes, Laura N.; Crewe, Adam J.; Alexander, Nicholas A. 8732
Correction of earth pressure and analysis of deformation for double-row piles in foundation excavation in Changchun of China. Zhou, Yijun; Yao, Aijun; Li, Haobo; Zheng, Xuan Correction notice 3344
Crack closure effects on fatigue crack propagation rates: application of a proposed theoretical model. Correia, Jose A.F.O.; De Jesus, Abilio M.P.; Moreira, Pedro M.G.P.; Tavares, Paulo J.S. 5544
Damage identification and performance assessment of regular and irregular buildings using wavelet transform energy. Kaloop, Mosbeh R.; Hu, Jong Wan Report 5258
Description of concrete creep under time-varying stress using parallel creep curve. Park, Yeong-Seong; Lee, Yong-Hak; Lee, Youngwhan 6596
Development and physicochemical characterization of desonide-loaded nanocapsule suspensions. Antonow, M.B.; Lorenzoni, R.; Barbosa, G.M.; Ourique, A.F.; Gomes, P.; Raffin, R.P. Report 9258
Diffusion decay coefficient for chloride ions of concrete containing mineral admixtures. Park, Jae-Im; Lee, Kwang-Myong; Kwon, Soon-Oh; Bae, Su-Ho; Jung, Sang-Hwa; Yoo, Sung-Won Report 4540
Dye sensitized solar cells with low cost carbon nanotubes electrodes. Al-Marzouki, F.M.; Abdalla, S.; Al-Ameer, S. Report 9053
Dynamic behaviours of a single soft rock-socketed shaft subjected to axial cyclic loading. Zhang, Ben-jiao; Huang, Bin; Mei, Can; Fu, Xu-dong; Luo, Gang; Yang, Zhi-jun Report 4611
Effect of Al on microstructure and properties of hot-rolled 2205 dual stainless steel. Meng, Qian; La, Peiqing; Yao, Liang; Zhang, Peng; Wei, Yupeng; Guo, Xin 3838
Effect of molecular chain structure on fracture mechanical properties of aeronautical polymethyl methacrylate using extended digital image correlation method. Shang, Wei; Yang, Xiaojing; Ji, Xinhua; Liu, Zhongxian 4047
Effect of nanosilica on the fresh properties of cement-based grouting material in the portland-sulphoaluminate composite system. Li, Shengli; Xu, Tingting 6111
Effect of rubberized bitumen blending methods on permanent deformation of SMA rubberized asphalt mixtures. Katman, Herda Yati; Ibrahim, Mohd Rasdan; Karim, Mohamed Rehan; Koting, Suhana; Mashaan, Nuha Salim Report 8109
Effect of Sr-P interaction on the microstructure and tensile properties of A413.0 type alloys. Samuel, A.M.; Doty, H.W.; Valtierra, S.; Samuel, F.H. 4187
Effect of the yield criterion of matrix on the brittle fracture of fibres in uniaxial tension of composites. Alexandrov, Sergei; Erisov, Yaroslav; Grechnikov, Fedor 3916
Effects of aluminum on hydrogen solubility and diffusion in deformed Fe-Mn alloys. Huter, C.; Dang, S.; Zhang, X.; Glensk, A.; Spatschek, R. 6729
Effects of calcination on the crystallography and nonbiogenic aragonite formation of ark clam shell under ambient condition. Loy, Chee Wah; Matori, Khamirul Amin; Lim, Way Foong; Schmid, Siegbert; Zainuddin, Norhazlin; Wahab, 7177
Effects of heat-treatment on the microstructure and wear resistance of a high-chromium cast iron for rolls. Guo, Zhi-hong; Xiao, Fu-ren; Lu, Su-ling; Li, Han-yun; Liao, Bo 3467
Effects of magnetite aggregate and steel powder on thermal conductivity and porosity in concrete for nuclear power plant. Kwon, Han-Seung Lee Seung-Jun 4071
Effects of thermal and humidity aging on the interfacial adhesion of polyketone fiber reinforced natural rubber composites. Lee, Han Ki; Kim, Dae Sik; Won, Jong Sung; Jin, Da Young; Lee, Hyun Jae; Lee, Seung Goo 4066
Efficiency of sodium polyacrylate to improve durability of concrete under adverse curing condition. Manzur, Tanvir; Iffat, Shohana; Noor, Munaz Ahmed Report 5108
Electromagnetic stirring versus ECAP: morphological comparison of Al-Si-Cu alloys to make the microstructural refinement for use in SSM processing. Torres, Luis Vanderlei; Torres, Luis Fernando; Zoqui, Eugenio Jose 3340
Emergency communication and quick seismic damage investigation based on smartphone. Han, Ruicong; Zhao, Xuefeng; Yu, Yan; Guan, Quanhua; Peng, Deli; Li, Mingchu; Ou, Jinping Report 6922
Enhanced thermal performance and impact strength of UHMWPE/recycled-PA6 blends synthesized via a melting extrusion route. Yang, Xiuying; Cheng, Junye; Zheng, Guangping; Zhang, Deqing 2823
Evaluation of subsurface damage in concrete deck joints using impact echo method. Rickard, Larry; Choi, Wonchang Report 3713
Evaluation of sustainable structural concrete using recycled aggregate and aramid fiber sheet. Cho, Y.3.; Jang, H.S.; Back, S.K.; Choi, M.I.; Hong, S.U.; Lee, Y.T. 3921
Experimental analysis of the feasibility of shaving process applied for high-strength steel sheets. Phanitwong, Wiriyakorn; Sontamino, Arkarapon; Thipprakmas, Sutasn Report 3044
Experimental investigation of the matching relationship between asphalt particle and reservoir pore in profile control process. Ren, Chengfeng; Li, Junjian; Li, Yiqiang; Yuan, Jingshu; Xi, Yanqiang; Xiao, Kang; Wang, Yuxi 5654
Experimental investigation of the relationship between the P-wave velocity and the mechanical properties of damaged sandstone. Ding, Qi-Le; Song, Shuai-Bing 6311
Experimental research on 2:1 parametric vibration of stay cable model under support excitation. Zhang, Li-Na; Li, Feng-Chen; Yu, Xiang; Cui, Peng-Fei; Wang, Xiao-Yong 3655
Experimental research on quick structural health monitoring technique for bridges using smartphone. Zhao, Xuefeng; Ri, Kwang; Han, Ruicong; Yu, Yan; Li, Mingchu; Ou, Jinping Report 5328
Experimental study on hygrothermal deformation of external thermal insulation cladding systems with glazed hollow bead. Xiong, Houren; Xu, Jinming; Liu, Yuanzhen; Wang, Shimeng 6082
Experimental study on reinforced concrete column incased in prefabricated permanent thin-walled steel form. Oh, Jae Yuel; Lee, Deuck Hang; Lee, Jungmin; Kim, Kang Su; Kim, Sung-Bae Report 4724
Experimental tests and analytical modelling of a scaled isolated structure on sliding and elastomeric bearings. Mazza, Fabio; Vulcano, Alfonso 4882
Flexural strength evaluation of reinforced concrete members with ultra high performance concrete. Bae, Baek-Il; Choi, Hyun-Ki; Choi, Chang-Sik 5057
Flow topology of three-dimensional spherical flame in shock accelerated flows. Zhu, Yuejin; Yu, Lei; Dong, Gang; Pan, Jianfeng; Pan, Zhenhua 4976
Frequency analysis of functionally graded curved pipes conveying fluid. Liang, Feng; Yang, Xiao-Dong; Bao, Ri-Dong; Zhang, Wei 4845
Frost durability and strength of concrete prepared with crushed sand of different characteristics. Zhou, Ming-kai; Liu, Zhan-ao; Chen, Xiao 4801
Improved morphology of poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene):poly(styrenesulfonate) thin films for all-electrospray-coated organic photovoltaic cells. Liao, Yingjie; Fukuda, Takeshi; Kamata, Norihiko 4195
Influence of alkali treatment on the surface area of aluminium dross. Zauzi, N.S. Ahmad; Zakaria, M.Z.H.; Baini, R.; Rahman, M.R.; Sutan, N. Mohamed; Hamdan, S. Report 2520
Influence of annealing methods on the magnetic properties and flexural strength of iron-OER soft magnetic composites. Xiao, Ling; Li, Ming; Cheng, Wenjie; Fan, Hongwei; Chen, Xingzhou; Sun, Yanhua; Ding, Chunhua; Yu, L 4295
Influence of concrete properties on molten core-concrete interaction: a simulation study. Jiang, Jin-yang; Yu, Ying-jun; Chu, Hong-yan; Sun, Wei; Gao, Yun Report 5130
Influence of deposition condition on [Y.sub.2][O.sub.3] coatings produced by pulsed electrophoretic deposition. Miyazaki, Hidetoshi; Ichikawa, Asumi; Suzuki, Hisao; Ota, Toshitaka 3189
Influence of freeze-thaw damage on the steel corrosion and bond-slip behavior in the reinforced concrete. Zhu, Fangzhi; Ma, Zhiming; Zhao, Tiejun 5918
Influence of Nano-Si[O.sub.2] on the consistency, setting time, early-age strength, and shrinkage of composite cement pastes. Chen, Yu; Deng, Yi-fan; Li, Meng-qiang 5190
Influence of pore size on the optical and electrical properties of screen printed Ti[O.sub.2] thin films. Domtau, Dinfa Luka; Simiyu, Justus; Ayieta, Elijah Omollo; Asiimwe, Godwin Mwebeze; Mwabora, Julius Report 3290
Influence of temperature on typical texture distribution in primary recrystallization matrix of 3% Si CGO silicon steel. Li, Zhi-chao; Dang, Ning; Mi, Zhen-li 3188
Investigation of thermostressed state of coating formation at electric contact surfacing of "shaft" type parts. Berezshnaya, Olena V.; Gribkov, Eduard P.; Kuznetsov, Valeriy D. 6861
Kinetics of free radical polymerization of N-substituted amides and their structural implications. Aldea, Anca; Albu, Ana-Maria; Nicolescu, Alina; Tecuceanu, Victorita 5588
Long bubble penetration through viscoelastic fluids in a suddenly contracting and expanding tube. Chang, Ching-Chuan; Lin, Huang-Chih; Lin, Ming-Yuan; Tsai, Te-Hui 4830
Long-span wooden structural floors with self-tensioning system: performance under asymmetrical loads. Estevez-Cimadevila, J.; Otero-Chans, D.; Martin-Gutierrez, E.; Suarez-Riestra, F. 6195
Magnetodielectric and metalomagnetic 1D photonic crystals homogenization: [epsilon]-[mu] local behavior. Mora, J.I. Rodriguez; Mendez, J. Flores; Mateo, B. Zenteno; Carrillo, F. Severiano; Lazaro, R.C. Amb Report 2155
Microstructure and mechanical property of hot-pressed [Al.sub.2][O.sub.3]-Ni-P composites using Ni-P-coated [Al.sub.2][O.sub.3] powders. Kim, Hyeong-Chul; Han, Jae-Kil 3317
Modelling thermal shock in functionally graded plates with finite element method. Burlayenko, Vyacheslav N. Report 7529
Molding properties of Inconel 718 feedstocks used in low-pressure powder injection molding. Fareh, Fouad; Demers, Vincent; Demarquette, Nicole R.; Turenne, Sylvain; Scalzo, Orlando Report 4520
Numerical studies of the effects of water capsules on self-healing efficiency and mechanical properties in cementitious materials. Huang, Haoliang; Ye, Guang Report 5855
Off-axial tensile properties of precontraint PVDF coated polyester fabrics under different tensile rates. Zhang, Lanlan 5717
Optimization of CNFET parameters for high performance digital circuits. Sayed, Shimaa Ibrahim; Abutaleb, Mostafa Mamdouh; Nossair, Zaki Bassuoni Report 4164
Optimization of life cycle extension of asphalt concrete mixtures in regard to material properties, structural design, and economic implications. Mikolaj, Jan; Remek, Lubos; Kozel, Matus Report 4968
Optimizing cutting conditions for minimum surface roughness in face milling of high strength steel using carbide inserts. Abbas, Adel Taha; Ragab, Adham Ezzat; Al Bahkali, Essam Ali; El Danaf, Ehab Adel 5874
Performance and behaviour of ground granulated blast furnace slag imparted to geopolymer concrete structural elements and analyzed with ANSYS. Antonyamaladhas, Maria Rajesh; Chachithanantham, Selvamony; Ramaswamy, Anandakumar Report 4253
Polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell performance of a sulfonated poly(arylene ether benzimidazole) copolymer membrane. Gercel, Hasan Ferdi; Tosun, Cagla Gul; Akyalcin, Levent Report 4681
Predicting pumpability and shootability of crushed aggregate wet-mix shotcrete based on rheological properties. Yun, Kyong-Ku; Choi, Pangil; Yeon, Jung Heum 5469
Prediction intervals for the failure time of prestressed concrete beams. Szugat, Sebastian; Heinrich, Jens; Maurer, Reinhard; Muller, Christine H. 5678
Preparation of Antheraea pernyi silk fibroin microparticles through a facile electrospinning method. Li, Xiufang; Zhang, Qiang; Feng, Yanfei; Yan, Shuqin; Qu, Jing; You, Renchuan Report 3291
Preparation of magnetic hybrid microspheres with well-defined yolk-shell structure. Zhao, Yuan; Chen, Tao; Sun, Shaofa; Zhao, Long 4250
Properties of calcium acetate manufactured with etching waste solution and limestone sludge as a cementitious high-early-strength admixture. Kim, Deuck-Mo; Ryu, Hwa-Sung; Shin, Sang-Heon; Park, Won-Jun 5061
Properties of reactive powder concrete and its application in highway bridge. Song, Junwei; Liu, Shuhua 3359
Reexamination In vitro and In Situ of an antibacterially modified experimental dental resin composite with molecular methods: a pilot study. Henrich, Birgit; Hermann, Ilka; Giulio, Mara Di; Kohrer, Karl; Deenen, Rene; Sivalingam, Sugi; Peter 6962
Relationships between imperfections and shear buckling resistance in web plate with sectional damage caused by corrosion. Ahn, Jin-Hee; Kainuma, Shigenobu; Lee, Won-Hong; Jeong, Youn-Ju; Kim, In- Tae 5637
Research on cutting force of turn-milling based on thin-walled blade. Zhu, Lida; Liu, Baoguang; Wang, Xiaobang; Xu, Zhiwei 5183
Research on the impact of 3D printing on the international supply chain. Chen, Zhen 9332
Role of dielectric constant on ion transport: reformulated arrhenius equation. Aziz, Shujahadeen B. 5896
Self-healing photocurable epoxy/thiol-ene systems using an aromatic epoxy resin. Ortiz, Ricardo Acosta; Berlanga, Omar Acosta; Valdez, Aida Esmeralda Garcia; Flores, Rafael Aguirre; Report 6636
Semi-implicit algorithm for elastoplastic damage models involving energy integration. Zhang, Ji; Li, Jie Report 4116
Settlement analysis of saturated tailings dam treated by CFG pile composite foundation. Lai, Jinxing; Liu, Houquan; Qiu, Junling; Chen, Jianxun Report 5566
Sn[O.sub.2] nanostructure as pollutant gas sensors: synthesis, sensing performances, and mechanism. Yuliarto, Brian; Gumilar, Gilang; Septiani, Ni Luh Wulan Report 11344
Soil erosion estimation using remote sensing techniques in Wadi Yalamlam Basin, Saudi Arabia. Bahrawi, Jarbou A.; Elhag, Mohamed; Aldhebiani, Amal Y.; Galal, Hanaa K.; Hegazy, Ahmad K.; Alghaila 4618
Solidification/stabilization of fly ash from a municipal solid waste incineration facility using Portland cement. Tang, Qiang; Liu, Yang; Gu, Fan; Zhou, Ting Report 8095
Strain rockbursts simulated by low-strength brittle equivalent materials. Li, Lang; Wang, Mingyang; Fan, Pengxian; Jiang, Haiming; Cheng, Yihao; Wang, Derong 6372
Strengthening of steel columns under load: torsional-flexural buckling. Vild, Martin; Bajer, Miroslav 4962
Stress coupling effect on ideal shear strength: tungsten as a case study. Cerny, Miroslav; Sestak, Petr; Pokluda, Jaroslav Case study 3275
Structural and compositional characterization of fungus-derived pyrolytic carbon architectures. Campbell, Brennan; Ionescu, Robert; Ozkan, Cengiz S.; Ozkan, Mihrimah 3459
Structural stability and dynamics of FGM plates using an improved 8-ANS finite element. Park, Weon-Tae 4543
Studies on characterization of bovine hydroxyapatite/CaTi[O.sub.3] biocomposites. Ozturk, Suat; Yetmez, Mehmet Report 3417
Studies on pumice lightweight aggregate concrete with quarry dust using mathematical modeling aid of ACO techniques. Rex, J.; Kameshwari, B. 6435
Study effect of twist multipliers on loop length, loop shape, and tightness factors of single jersey and 1 x 1 rib knitted fabrics. Sitotaw, Dereje Berihun; Subramanian, Kathirrvelu Subban 4028
Study of electrical conductivity and microcosmic structure of tetrahedral amorphous carbon films doped by boron. Wang, Xiaoyan; Zhao, Yuqing Report 3308
Study on synthesis and photocatalytic activity of porous titania nanotubes. Liu, Huang; Zhang, Yanhua; Yang, Hongtao; Xiao, Wei; Sun, Lanlan 5327
Synthesis of cubic phase-co microspheres by mechanical solid-state reaction-thermal decomposition and research on its growth kinetics. Deng, Ying; Zhang, Yanhua; Peng, Lingling; Jing, Xiaolong; Chen, Hui 4702
Temperature-dependent generalized planar fault energy and twinnability of mg microalloyed with Er, Ho, Dy, Tb, and Gd: first-principles study. Liu, Lili; He, Yelu; Liu, Dingxing; Wu, Xiaozhi; Wang, Rui 6788
The adsorption capacity, pore structure, and thermal behavior of the modified clay containing SSA. Lu, Haijun; Zhang, Qian; Dong, Yiqie; Li, Jixiang; Zhang, Xiong 3643
The effect of morphological characteristic of coarse aggregates measured with fractal dimension on asphalt mixture's high-temperature performance. Wang, Hainian; Bu, Yin; Wang, Yanzhe; Yang, Xu; You, Zhanping Report 4803
The effect of salt solutions and absorption cycles in the capillary and drying coefficient of red brick samples with different joints. Guimaraes, A.S.; Delgado, J.M.P.Q.; de Freitas, V.P.; Albuquerque, A.P. 5998
The effect of short duration electric current on the quasi-static tensile behavior of magnesium AZ31 alloy. Nguyen, Trung Thien; Nguyen, Thai Vinh; Hong, Sung-Tae; Kim, Moon-Jo; Han, Heung Nam; Morestin, Fabr 5370
The effects of high alkaline fly ash on strength behaviour of a cohesive soil. Binal, A. 5780
The influence of [C.sub.3]A content in cement on the chloride transport. Kim, Min Jae; Kim, Ki Beom; Ann, Ki Yong 5049
The influence of salt solution on morphological changes in a geosynthetic clay liner. Budihardjo, Mochamad Arief 3330
The synchrotron radiation for steel research. Suwanpinij, Piyada 3682
Ultra-high and near-zero refractive indices of magnetron sputtered thin-film metamaterials based on [Ti.sub.x][O.sub.y]. Jokanovic, Vukoman; Colovic, Bozana; Nenadovic, Milos; Petkoska, Anka Trajkovska; Mitric, Miodrag; J 5429
Urea formaldehyde composites reinforced with sago fibres analysis by FTIR, TGA, and DSC. Chiang, Tay Chen; Hamdan, Sinin; Osman, Mohd Shahril 7331
Utilization of construction waste composite powder materials as cementitious materials in small-scale prefabricated concrete. Xue, Cuizhen; Shen, Aiqin; Guo, Yinchuan; He, Tianqin 6684
Weathering influence on properties of siltstones from Istria, Croatia. Prodan, Martina Vivoda; Arbanas, Zeljko 7560

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