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Articles from Advances in Materials Science and Engineering (January 1, 2014)

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A brief review of some local approaches for the failure assessment of brittle and quasi-brittle materials. Berto, F. Report 7738
A brief review on bioinspired ZnO superhydrophobic surfaces: theory, synthesis, and applications. Wu, Jun; Chen, Jing; Xia, Jun; Lei, Wei; Wang, Bao-ping 5351
A centimeter-sized quaternary Ti-Zr-Be-Ag bulk metallic glass. Zhao, S.F.; Shao, Y.; Gong, P.; Yao, K.F. 3446
A low cost carbon nanofiber based spiral inductor: inference and implementation. Wiselin, John; Suseela, Sreeja Balakrishnapillai; Jalaja, Bycil Viswambaran; Ramani, Sherin Dhas Sah 3814
A method to determine energy and power of a fracture process in polycrystals by means of HVTEM. Tamayo-Meza, Pedro Alejandro; Yermishkin, Viacheslav Alexandrovich; Sandoval-Pineda, Juan Manuel; Fl 3876
A new mathematical model for flank wear prediction using functional data analysis methodology. Jozic, Sonja; Lela, Branimir; Bajic, Drazen 5296
A new pull-out technique for in-place estimation of concrete compressive strength. Bovio, F. Latte; Bovio, G. Latte; Brencich, A.; Cassini, G.; Pera, D.; Riotto, G. Report 2232
A new solution for the compression of a two-layer strip and its application to analysis of bonding by rolling. Alexandrov, Sergei; Mustafa, Yusof Report 6295
A novel approach to measure the hydraulic capacitance of a microfluidic membrane pump. Wu, Chun-Hui; Chen, Chia-Wei; Kuo, Long-Sheng; Chen, Ping-Hei 4435
A novel sintered stainless steel fiber felt with rough surface morphologies. 3976
A numerical study on the progressive failure of 3D four-directional braided composites. Xu, Kun 8792
A one-dimensional thermoelastic problem due to a moving heat source under fractional order theory of thermoelasticity. He, Tianhu; Guo, Ying 4171
A review of removal of pollutants from water/wastewater using different types of nanomaterials. Amin, M.T.; Alazba, A.A.; Manzoor, U. Report 22148
A review on conduction mechanisms in dielectric films. Chiu, Fu-Chien 8880
A review on the use of agriculture waste material as lightweight aggregate for reinforced concrete structural members. Mo, Kim Hung; Alengaram, U. Johnson; Jumaat, Mohd Zamin 6493
A study of antibioactivity of nanosilver colloid and silver ion solution. Tseng, Kuo-Hsiung; Lee, Heng-Lin; Tien, Der-Chi; Tang, Ya-Lan; Kao, Yi-Syuan 2507
A study of parameters related to the etch rate for a dry etch process using [NF.sub.3]/[O.sub.2] and [SF.sub.6]/[O.sub.2]. Oh, Seon-Geun; Park, Kwang-Su; Lee, Young-Jun; Jeon, Jae-Hong; Choe, Hee-Hwan; Seo, Jong-Hyun 3678
A study on load carrying capacity of fly ash based polymer concrete columns strengthened using double layer GFRP wrapping. Nagan, S.; Karthiyaini, S. 3719
A study on occupancy and compressive strength of concrete with produced injection method. Ekinci, Cevdet Emin; Kelesoglu, Omer Report 4116
A study on surface modification of Al7075-T6 alloy against fretting fatigue phenomenon. Mohseni, E.; Zalnezhad, E.; Sarhan, Ahmed A.D.; Bushroa, A.R. Report 11736
A study on the effect of the boron potential on the mechanical properties of the borided layers obtained by boron diffusion at the surface of AISI 316L steel. Hernandez-Sanchez, E.; Dominguez-Galicia, Y.M.; Orozco-Alvarez, C.; Carrera-Espinoza, R.; Herrera-He 5140
A study on the void formation in residual wall thickness of fluid-assisted injection molding parts. Park, Hyung-Pil; Cha, Baeg-Soon; Park, Soo-Bin; Choi, Jae-Hyuk; Kim, Dong-Han; Rhee, Byung-Ohk; Lee, Report 2930
A Ti/Ti-based-metallic-glass interpenetrating phase composite with remarkable mutual reinforcement effect. Mu, J.; Zhu, Z.W.; Zhang, H.F.; Zhang, H.W.; Fu, H.M.; Li, H.; Wang, A.M.; Hu, Z.Q. 3221
Acoustic emission measurement by fiber Bragg grating glued to cylindrical sensor holder. Takuma, Masanori; Hisada, Shigeyoshi; Saitoh, Kenichi; Takahashi, Yoshimasa; Kobayashi, Yuuki; Kadon 3623
Advantages of the green solid state FSW over the conventional GMAW process. Dawood, Hasan I.; Mohammed, Kahtan S.; Rajab, Mumtaz Y. 4799
Alkali metal modification of silica gel-based stationary phase in gas chromatography. Naggar, Ashraf Yehia El- Report 4417
Ammonothermal synthesis and photocatalytic activity of lower valence cation-doped LaNbO[N.sub.2]. Izawa, Chihiro; Kobayashi, Takeshi; Kishida, Kazuhisa; Watanabe, Tomoaki 3169
Amorphous alloy: promising precursor to form nanoflowerpot. Lan, Guo; Xie, Zhiqiang; Huang, Zhenwei; Yang, Shengchen; Zhang, Xuhai; Zeng, Yuqiao; Jiang, Jianqin 2503
An analytical model for predicting the stress distributions within single-lap adhesively bonded beams. He, Xiaocong; Wang, Yuqi 2158
An experimental study on strength and durability for utilization of fly ash in concrete mix. Karasin, Abdulhalim; Dogruyol, Murat Report 4362
An FEM analysis with consideration of random void defects for predicting the mechanical properties of 3D braided composites. Xu, Kun; Qian, Xiaomei 8394
Analysis of heat transfer mechanism for shelf vacuum freeze-drying equipment. Cheng, Hong-Ping; Tsai, Shian-Min; Cheng, Chin-Chi 3539
Analysis on the behavior of nonpropagating fatigue cracks under steep stress gradients. Wu, Hao; Lu, Qiuying 4608
Annealing heat treatment of ZnO nanoparticles grown on porous Si substrate using spin-coating method. Eswar, K.A.; Rouhi, J.; Husairi, H.F.; Rusop, M.; Abdullah, S. Report 2542
Antibacterial characteristics of lotus-type porous copper. Lee, Jin-Soo; Lee, Yun-Soo; Kim, Mok-Soon; Hyun, Soong-Keun; Kang, Chang-Ho; So, Jae-Seong; Yoon, Eu 1969
Application of [T.sub.33]-stress to predict the lower bound fracture toughness for increasing the test specimen thickness in the transition temperature region. Lu, Kai; Meshii, Toshiyuki 7151
Application of different extraction methods for investigation of nonmetallic inclusions and clusters in steels and alloys. Janis, Diana; Inoue, Ryo; Karasev, Andrey; Jonsson, Par G. 3930
Application of interfacial propagation and kinking crack concept to ECC/concrete overlay repair system. ChiaHwan, Yaw; Wei, Li 3072
Application of optimum compaction energy in the development of bricks made with construction trash soils. Lopez-Lara, T.; Gonzalez-Vega, C.L.; Hernandez-Zaragoza, J.B.; Rojas-Gonzalez, E.; Carreon-Freyre, D Report 3568
Arc interference behavior during twin wire gas metal arc welding process. Ye, Dingjian; Hua, Xueming; Wu, Yixiong Report 2711
Assessment of size-dependent antimicrobial and cytotoxic properties of silver nanoparticles. Jeong, Yoon; Lim, Dong Woo; Choi, Jonghoon Report 3351
Bienzymatic Acetylcholinesterase and Choline Oxidase immobilized biosensor based on a phenyl carboxylic acid-grafted multiwalled carbon Nanotube. Lee, So-Ra; Lee, Hyo-Eun; Kang, Yun Ok; Hwang, Wan-Seok; Choi, Seong-Ho Report 4656
Bipolar switching characteristics of RRAM cells with Ca[Bi.sub.4][Ti.sub.4][O.sub.15] film. Lin, Jian-Yang; Wu, Chia-Lin 2153
Carbonation characteristics of alkali-activated blast-furnace slag mortar. Song, Keum-Il; Song, Jin-Kyu; Lee, Bang Yeon; Yang, Keun-Hyeok 5104
Catalyst-free synthesis of hollow-sphere-like ZnO and its photoluminescence property. Cheng, Junye; Yang, Xiuying; Tian, Hua; Zhao, Bin; Zhang, Deqing 3013
Cellular concrete bricks with recycled expanded polystyrene aggregate. Hernandez-Zaragoza, Juan Bosco; Lopez-Lara, Teresa; Horta-Rangel, Jaime; Lopez-Cajun, Carlos; Rojas- 3583
Characteristics of bilayer molybdenum films deposited using RF sputtering for back contact of thin film solar cells. Wang, Sea-Fue; Yang, Hsiao-Ching; Liu, Chien-Fong; Bor, Huy-Yun Y. 3356
Characterization and alumina leachability of 12CaO x 7[Al.sub.2][O.sub.3] with different holding times. Sun, Hui-lan; Wang, Bo; Zhang, Jian-xin; Zong, Shu-feng Report 3774
Characterization and neutron shielding behavior of dehydrated magnesium borate minerals synthesized via solid-state method. Kipcak, Azmi Seyhun; Baysoy, Derya Yilmaz; Derun, Emek Moroydor; Piskin, Sabriye Report 6190
Characterization of material stiffness on injection moulded microspecimens using different test methods. Drummer, Dietmar; Seefried, Andreas; Meister, Steve Report 3742
Characterization of oxide growth on surface of Al-Mg-Si welded joint. Jalar, Azman; Lah, Nur Azida Che; Othman, Norinsan Kamil; Shamsudin, Roslinda; Daud, Abdul Razak; Ba 5987
Comparison of [H.sub.2] and N[H.sub.3] treatments for copper interconnects. Chang, Yu-Min; Leu, Jihperng; Lin, Bing-Hong; Wang, Ying-Lung; Cheng, Yi-Lung Report 3521
Comparison of two powder processing techniques on the properties of Cu-NbC composites. Long, B.D.; Othman, R.; Zuhailawati, Hussain; Umemoto, M. 3901
Comprehensive analysis of fault diagnosis methods for aluminum electrolytic control system. Li, Jie-jia; Han, Xiao-yan; Zhou, Peng; Sun, Xiao-yu; Chang, Na Report 3601
Compression deformation behavior of AZ81 magnesium alloy at elevated temperatures. Luo, Xiaoping; Dang, Shue; Kang, Li Report 3038
Compressive behaviour of RC column with fibre reinforced concrete confined by CFRP strips. Vasumathi, A.M.; Rajkumar, K.; Prabhu, G. Ganesh 5912
Compressive fracture of brittle geomaterial: fractal features of compression-induced fracture surfaces and failure mechanism. Ren, L.; Xie, L.Z.; Li, C.B.; Wang, J. Report 3635
Compressive strength of compacted clay-sand mixes. Khan, Faseel Suleman; Azam, Shahid Report 2873
Compressive strength properties of natural gas hydrate pellet by continuous extrusion from a twin-roll system. Lee, Yun-Hoo; Koh, Bong-Hwan; Kim, Heung Soo; Song, Myung Ho 3226
Computational and simulation analysis of pull-out fiber reinforced concrete. Zhao, Xia; He, Xiong-Jun; Yan, Sheng; Anh, Nguyen Phan 3364
Concrete mix design for service life of RC structures under carbonation using genetic algorithm. Kwon, Seung-Jun; Lee, Byung Jae; Kim, Yun Yong Report 5999
Conductivity of the PGT synthesized by the high energy ball milling (HEBM). Parashar, S.K.S.; Ghoranneviss, M.; Elahi, A. Salar 4026
Constitutive investigation on viscoelasticity of polyvinyl butyral: experiments based on dynamic mechanical analysis method. Liu, Bohan; Xu, Jun; Li, Yibing Report 5048
Control of temperature and aluminum fluoride concentration based on model prediction in aluminum electrolysis. Shuiping, Zeng; Shasha, Wang; Yaxing, Qu 3304
Correlation between electrochemical impedance spectroscopy and structural properties of amorphous Tunisian metanacrite synthetic material. Jaafar, Nouha; Rhaiem, Hafsia Ben; Amara, Abdessalem Ben Haj 5218
Corrosion behavior of pure Cr, Ni, and Fe exposed to molten salts at high temperature. Sotelo-Mazon, O.; Cuevas-Arteaga, C.; Porcayo-Calderon, J.; Bravo, V.M. Salinas; Izquierdo-Montalvo, Report 6593
Crack detection in single-crystalline silicon wafer using laser generated lamb wave. Song, Min-Kyoo; Jhang, Kyung-Young Report 3500
Crack extension resistance of normal-strength concrete subjected to elevated temperatures. Chen, Jing; Lu, Zhoudao Report 6281
Current development in lead-free [Bi.sub.0.5][(Na, K).sub.0.5]Ti[O.sub.3]-based piezoelectric materials. Quan, Ngo Duc; Bac, Luong Huu; Van Thiet, Duong; Hung, Vu Ngoc; Dung, Dang Duc 16926
Cyclic load responses of GFRP-strengthened hollow rectangular bridge piers. Jia, Junfeng; Han, Qiang; Xu, Zigang; Zhang, Dongjie 5006
Damage simulation and ultrasonic detection of asphalt mixture under the coupling effects of water-temperature-radiation. Cheng, Yong-chun; Zhang, Peng; Jiao, Yu-bo; Wang, Ye-dan; Tao, Jing-lin Report 4678
Degradation of tetracycline by birnessite under microwave irradiation. Liu, Meng; Lv, Guocheng; Mei, Lefu; Wang, Xiaoyu; Xing, Xuebing; Liao, Libing 2693
Design and simulated characteristics of nanosized InSb based heterostructure devices. Subash, T.D.; Gnanasekaran, T.; Divya, C.; Jagannathan, J. 2372
Determination permeability coefficient from piezocone. Wang, Qiang; Tong, LiYuan 2839
Development of Pd alloy hydrogen separation membranes with dense/porous hybrid structure for high hydrogen perm-selectivity. Han, Jae-Yun; Kim, Chang-Hyun; Kim, Sang-Ho; Kim, Dong-Won 5784
Diamond-like carbon film deposition using DC ion source with cold hollow cathode. Shevchenko, E.F.; Tarala, V.A.; Shevchenko, M. Yu.; Titarenko, A.A. Report 4003
Dielectric behaviour of some woven fabrics on the basis of natural cellulosic fibers. Mustata, Florin St. C.; Mustata, Adriana 3851
Dielectric behaviour of Zn/Al-N[O.sub.3] LDHS filled with polyvinyl chloride composite at low microwave frequencies. Salih, Ethar Y.; Abbas, Zulkifly; Ali, Samer Hasan Hussein Al; Hussein, Mohd Zobir 3136
Dopant concentration and effective atomic number of copper-doped potassium borate glasses. Hossain, I.; Shekaili, N.K.; Wagiran, H. 2230
Dynamic characteristics of saturated silty soil ground treated by stone column composite foundation. Zhan, Yongxiang; Jiang, Guanlu; Yao, Hailin Report 3742
Dynamic recrystallization behavior of TA15 titanium alloy under isothermal compression during hot deformation. Luo, Yuanxin; Heng, Yuqing; Wang, Yongqin; Yan, Xingchun 3853
Effect of aerogel particle concentration on mechanical behavior of impregnated RTV 655 compound material for aerospace applications. Sabri, Firouzeh; Marchetta, Jeffrey G.; Faysal, K.M. Rifat; Brock, Andrew; Roan, Esra Report 4574
Effect of casting parameters on the microstructural and mechanical behavior of magnesium AZ31-B alloy strips cast on a single belt casting simulator. Changizi, Ahmad; Medraj, Mamoun; Isac, Mihaiela 4885
Effect of cement asphalt mortar debonding on dynamic properties of CRTS II slab ballastless track. Wang, Ping; Xu, Hao; Chen, Rong 3805
Effect of chopped basalt fibers on the mechanical properties and microstructure of high performance fiber reinforced concrete. Ayub, Tehmina; Shafiq, Nasir; Nuruddin, M. Fadhil 6387
Effect of cooling rate on the microstructure of Al-Zn alloys with addition of silicon as nanocomposite. Garcia-Villarreal, S.; Arizmendi-Morquecho, A.; Chavez-Valdez, A.; Aguilar-Martinez, J.A.; Esneider- Report 3866
Effect of filler content on the performance of epoxy/PTW composites. Sudheer, Mudradi; Prabhu, Ravikantha; Raju, Kandavalli; Bhat, Thirumaleshwara Report 7711
Effect of filler loading on mechanical and tribological properties of wood apple shell reinforced epoxy composite. Shakuntala, Ojha; Raghavendra, Gujjala; Kumar, Acharya Samir 5103
Effect of fly ash on mortar mixes with quarry dust as fine aggregate. Rai, Baboo; Kumar, Sanjay; Satish, Kumar 3805
Effect of heat input on microstructure and hardness distribution of laser welded Si-Al trip-type steel. Grajcar, Adam; Rozanski, Maciej; Stano, Sebastian; Kowalski, Aleksander; Grzegorczyk, Barbara Report 4974
Effect of laser welding parameters on formation of NiTi shape memory alloy welds. Wang, Wei; Yang, Xiaohong; Li, Hongguang; Cong, Fuzhong; Liu, Yongbing 2954
Effect of liquid phase additions on microstructure and thermal properties in copper and copper-diamond composites. Rape, A.; Liu, X.; Kulkarni, A.; Singh, J. Report 3134
Effect of material thickness on attenuation (dB) of PTFE using finite element method at X-band frequency. Yakubu, Abubakar; Abbas, Zulkifly; Hashim, Mansor Report 2314
Effect of Na content on the physical properties of [Ba.sub.0.5][Sr.sub.0.5]Ti[O.sub.3] powders. Tubchareon, Tassanee; Soisuwan, Soipatta; Ratanathammaphan, Somchai; Praserthdam, Piyasan 4575
Effect of nanofillers on the polarization and depolarization current characteristics of new LLDPE-NR compound for high voltage application. Jamail, N.A.M.; Piah, M.A.M.; Muhamad, N.A.; Salam, Z.; Kasri, N.F.; Zainir, R.A.; Kamarudin, Q.E. 3459
Effect of Nd addition on the microstructure and martensitic transformation of Ni-Ti shape memory alloys. Dovchinvanchig, M.; Zhao, C.W.; Zhao, S.L.; Meng, X.K.; Jin, Y.J.; Xing, Y.M. 3033
Effect of plasma pretreatment on thermal durability of thermal barrier coatings in cyclic thermal exposure. Myoung, Sang-Won; Lu, Zhe; Jung, Yeon-Gil; Jang, Byung-Koog; Yoo, Young-Soo; Seo, Seong-Moon; Choi, 4401
Effect of polarization fatigue on harvesting energy using pyroelectric materials. Mohammadi, Saber Report 2527
Effect of PVA-co-MMA copolymer on the physical, mechanical, and thermal properties of tropical wood materials. Islam, Saiful; Hamdan, Sinin; Ahmad, Mansor B.; Hasan, Mahbub; Hassan, Azman; Haafiz, M.K. Mohamad; 5352
Effect of silicon addition on high-temperature solid particle erosion-wear behaviour of mullite-SiC composite refractories prepared by nitriding reactive. Li, Xiaochao; Chen, Shusen; Huang, Zhaohui; Fang, Minghao; Liu, Yan'gai; Wu, Xiaowen; Huang, Juntong Report 4192
Effect of surface microstructures on hydrophobicity and barrier property of anticorrosive coatings prepared by soft lithography. Zhang, Dawei; Li, Haiyang; Chen, Xiaoli; Qian, Hongchang; Li, Xiaogang 3386
Effect of zeolite modification via cationic exchange method on mechanical, thermal, and morphological properties of ethylene vinyl acetate/zeolite composites. Zaharri, N.D.; Othman, N.; Ishak, Z.A. Mohd 4823
Effect of Zn site for ca substitution on optical and microwave dielectric properties of Zn[Al.sub.2][O.sub.4] thin films by Sol Gel method. Jalal, Wan Nasarudin Wan; Abdullah, Huda; Zulfakar, Mohd Syafiq 5251
Effects of additives and sintering time on the microstructure of Ni-Zn ferrite and its electrical and magnetic properties. Hajalilou, Abdollah; Hashim, Mansor; Kamari, Halimah Mohamed 2901
Effects of aggregate gradation on the physical properties of semiflexible pavement. Husain, Nadiah Md.; Karim, Mohamed Rehan; Mahmud, Hilmi B.; Koting, Suhana 6708
Effects of electric pulse current on the aging kinetics of 2219 aluminum alloy. Zhang, Jiao; Zhan, Lihua; Jia, Shufeng 4252
Effects of surface modification of Nanodiamond particles for nucleation enhancement during its film growth by microwave plasma jet chemical vapour deposition technique. Lin, Chii-Ruey; Wei, Da-Hua; BenDao, Minh-Khoa; Chang, Hong-Ming; Chen, Wei-En; Lee, Jen-Ai Report 2340
Elastic behavior of borate glasses containing lead and bismuth oxides. Khanisanij, Mehrdad; Sidek, Haji Abdul Aziz 4591
Elastic module study of the radial section of Guadua angustifolia Kunth variety Bicolor. Cardenas, J.I.; Vargas-Hernandez, C. Report 2964
Electrical characterization of sol-gel derived Ti[O.sub.2] film on c-Si substrate by admittance measurement. Saatc, Ayse Evrim; Ozdemir, Orhan 2508
Estimating Young's modulus of materials by a new three-point bending method. Zeng, Xiaohu; Wen, Shifeng; Li, Mingxi; Xie, Gongnan 3171
Estimation of elasticity of porous rock based on mineral composition and microstructure. Liu, Zaobao; Shao, Jianfu; Xu, Weiya; Shi, Chong 6890
Estimation of the pumping pressure from concrete composition based on the identified tribological parameters. Mai, Chanh-Trung; Kadri, El-Hadj; Ngo, Tien-Tung; Kaci, Abdelhak; Riche, Mustapha 8069
Evaluation of concrete durability performance with sodium silicate impregnants. Park, Sang-Soon; Kim, Yun Yong; Lee, Byung Jae; Kwon, Seung-Jun Report 5270
Evaluation of the response of posttensioned steel frames with energy dissipators using equivalent single-degree-of-freedom systems. Rivera, J. Luz; Lopez-Barraza, Arturo; Ruiz, Sonia E.; Reyes-Salazar, Alfredo Report 5598
Evaluation technique of chloride penetration using apparent diffusion coefficient and neural network algorithm. Kim, Yun-Yong; Lee, Byung-Jae; Kwon, Seung-Jun 4652
Evidence of a lead metathesis product from calcium hydroxyapatite dissolution in lead nitrate solution. Saisa-ard, Oratai; Somphon, Weenawan; Dungkaew, Winya; Haller, Kenneth J. 3523
Examining the abrasion behaviour of PA 66 gears in different cycles. Yakut, Rifat; Duzcukoglu, Hayrettin Report 2231
Experimental and numerical studies on tire tread block friction characteristics based on a new test device. Wu, J.; Wang, Y.S.; Su, B.L.; Liu, Q. Report 3469
Experimental investigation of the variation of concrete pores under the action of freeze-thaw cycles by using X-Ray CT. Yuan, Jie; Liu, Yang; Li, Hongxia; Zhang, Baokun 3656
Experimental investigation on material transfer mechanism in WEDM of pure titanium (grade-2). Kumar, Anish; Kumar, Vinod; Kumar, Jatinder Report 9967
Experimental investigation on use of wheat straw ash and bentonite in self-compacting cementitious system. Khushnood, Rao Arsalan; Rizwan, Syed Ali; Memon, Shazim Ali; Tulliani, Jean-Marc; Ferro, Giuseppe An Report 6263
Experimental research on compression properties of cement asphalt mortar due to drying and wetting cycle. Wang, Ping; Xu, Hao; Chen, Rong; Xu, Jingmang; Zeng, Xiaohui Report 3581
Experimental study and numerical solution of poly acrylic acid supported magnetite nanoparticles transport in a one-dimensional porous media. Golzar, M.; Saghravani, S.F.; Moghaddam, M. Azhdari Report 4651
Experimental study of ultralight (<300kg/[m.sup.3]) foamed concrete. Tan, Xianjun; Chen, Weizhong; Hao, Yingge; Wang, Xu 4119
Experimental study on early-age crack of mass concrete under the controlled temperature history. Shi, Nannan; Ouyang, Jianshu; Zhang, Runxiao; Huang, Dahai Report 5017
Experimental study on thermal performance of externally insulated walls of intermittent air-conditioned rooms in summer in hot summer and cold winter region, China. Ding, Yong; Xu, Lu; Li, Baizhan; Liu, Xiaoqing Report 5012
External thermal insulation composite systems: critical parameters for surface hygrothermal behaviour. Barreira, Eva; de Freitas, Vasco P. 7301
Fabrication and characterization of electrospun wool keratin/poly(vinyl alcohol) blend nanofibers. Li, Shuai; Yang, Xu-Hong 3572
Fabrication of porous and nanoporous aluminum via selective dissolution of Al-Zn alloys. Suarez, Oscar Marcelo; Estremera, Elvin G.; Soler, Rafael; Hernandez-Maldonado, Amarilis Decleand Ar Report 2844
Fabrication of silver interdigitated electrode by a stamp method. Chou, Kan-Sen; Lee, Chia-Hsuan 2220
Fabrication of upconverting hybrid nanoparticles for near-infrared light triggered drug release. Zhang, Ranran; Yao, Risheng; Ding, Binbin; Shen, Yuxin; Shui, Shengwen; Wang, Lei; Li, Yu; Yang, Xia 4418
Fast formation of surface oxidized Zn nanorods and urchin-like microclusters. Lopez, R.; Diaz, T.; Garcia, G.; Rosendo, E.; Galeazzi, R.; Coyopol, A.; Juarez, H.; Pacio, M.; Mora 1930
Fatigue durability analysis of collecting rapping system in electrostatic precipitators under impact loading. Neyestanak, Ali Akbar Lotfi; Nazari, Saeed Adib; Imam, Ali; Aghanajafi, Cyrus 4809
Fatigue performance and multiscale mechanisms of concrete toughened by polymers and waste rubber. Chen, Bo; Guo, Liping; Sun, Wei Report 3399
Fiber bragg grating-based performance monitoring of piles fiber in a geotechnical centrifugal model test. Weng, Xiaolin; Chen, Jianxun; Wang, Jun Report 3499
Finite element modeling of crack generation in laser shock peening processed airfoils. Li, Fang; Qi, Xue; Xiang, Dan Report 5413
Fluidization and spouting of fine particles: a comparison. Sahoo, Pranati; Sahoo, Abanti 3383
Formation and mechanical properties of Pd-Si binary bulk metallic glasses. Chen, Na; Zhang, Hongxia; Yao, Ke-Fu 2469
Free vibration analysis of fiber metal laminate annular plate by state-space based differential quadrature method. Rahimi, G.H.; Gazor, M.S.; Hemmatnezhad, M.; Toorani, H. 4130
Free-form rapid prototyped porous PDMS scaffolds incorporating growth factors promote chondrogenesis. Lantada, Andres Diaz; Iniesta, Hernan Alarcon; Sanchez, Beatriz Pareja; Garcia-Ruiz, Josefa Predesti Report 6061
Friction stir spot welding: a review on joint macro- and microstructure, property, and process modelling. Yang, X.W.; Fu, T.; Li, W.Y. Report 7255
Friction welding of aluminium and aluminium alloys with steel. Ambroziak, Andrzej; Korzeniowski, Marcin; Kustron, Pawel; Winnicki, Marcin; Sokolowski, Pawel; Harap Report 7525
Functionalization of natural cork composite with microcapsules after plasma treatment. Oliveira, Fernando Ribeiro; Silva, Etienne Albino A.; do Carmo, Sidney Nascimento; Steffens, Fernand Report 4429
Geometric models for isotropic random porous media: a review. Hermann, Helmut; Elsner, Antje 10864
Growth and device performance of AlGaN/GaN heterostructure with ALSiC precoverage on silicon substrate. Lee, Jae-Hoon; Lee, Jung-Hee 2597
Impact of high temperature on the compressive strength of ECC. Shang, Xingyan; Lu, Zhoudao Report 3562
Improving the efficiency enhancement of photonic crystal based InGan solar cell by using a GaN cap layer. Gundogdu, T.F.; Gokkavas, M.; Ozbay, E. 4419
In situ preparation of polyether amine functionalized MWCNT nanofiller as reinforcing agents. Yildrim, Ayber; Seckin, Turgay 2764
Influence of grain size and texture on the yield strength of Mg alloys processed by severe plastic deformation. Lin, Jinbao; Ren, Weijie; Wang, Qudong; Ma, Lifeng; Chen, Yongjun 4777
Influence of heat treatment on residual stress in cold-forged parts. Neves, Frederico Ozanan; Oliviera, Thiago Luis Lara; Braga, Durval Uchoas; da Silva, Alex Sander Cha Report 3681
Influence of humidity on Fiber Bragg grating sensors. Montero, Ander; Aldabaldetreku, Gotzon; Durana, Gaizka; Jorge, Iagoba; de Ocariz, Idurre Saez; Zubia 4405
Influence of molybdenum content and Mo[O.sub.x.sup.y-] species on the textural and structural Zr[O.sub.2] properties. Zapien, Alberto Hernandez; Enriquez, Juan Manuel Hernandez; Alamilla, Ricardo Garcia; Robles, Guille 4368
Influence of pH and fluoride species on the corrosion behavior of Ti-xNb-13Zr alloys in Ringer's solution. Robin, A.; Carvalho, O.A.S. 3856
Influence of Sc on Microstructure and mechanical properties of high Zn-containing Mg alloy. Wang, Lidong; Yang, Jie; Wang, Limin; Cao, Zhanyi Report 2695
Influence of styrene-acrylic ester dispersion on the early hydration of cement. Wang, Ru; Shi, Xiaoxin Report 5974
Influence of surface modification of alumina on improvement of wetability in aluminium matrix composite. Samiee, Alireza; Bina, Mohammad Hosein; Meratian, Mahmood Report 2793
Influence of the molecular adhesion force on the indentation depth of a particle into the wafer surface in the CMP process. Jianhua, Zhou; Jianzhong, Jiang; Xueming, He Report 3956
Influence of ultrafine natural steatite powder on setting time and strength development of cement. Sudalaimani, K.; Shanmugasundaram, M. 3762
Investigating the possibility to reduce the residual stress level in 2.5D cutting using titanium coated carbide ball end mill. Masmiati, N.; Chan, H.S.; Sarhan, Ahmed A.D.; Hassan, M.A.; Hamdi, M. 7622
Investigation of dielectric properties of industrial waste reinforced particulate polymer composites. Nimmagadda, Vijaya Kumar; Sarcar, M.M.M.; Koona, Ramji 3082
Investigation of mechanical and structural properties of blend lignin-PMMA. Soygun, Koray; Simsek, Selcuk; Yilmaz, Ersen; Bolayir, Giray 3001
Investigation of mechanical properties and plastic deformation behavior of [([Ti.sub.45][Cu.sub.40][Zr.sub.10][Ni.sub.5]).sub.100-x][Al.sub.x] metallic glasses by nanoindentation. Huang, Lanping; Hu, Xuzhe; Guo, TaoTao; Li, Song 2302
Investigation of soil liquefaction potential around Efteni Lake in Duzce Turkey: using empirical relationships between shear wave velocity and SPT blow count (N). Ates, Ali; Keskin, Inan; Totic, Ermedin; Yesil, Burak 8986
Investigation on dynamic recrystallization behavior of martensitic stainless steel. Ren, Facai; Chen, Fei; Chen, Jun Report 5800
Investigation on the crack initiation of V-shaped notch tip in precision cropping. Zhang, Lijun; Zhao, Shengdun; Wang, Zhenwei Report 4109
Isolation and characterisation of 2-Tert-butyl-8-hydroxyquinoline as a crystalline solid and its blue fluorescent Li complex. Kathirgamanathan, Poopathy; Surendrakumar, Sivagnanasundram; Ravichandran, Seenivasagam; Blake, Alex 2718
Laboratory mix design of asphalt mixture containing reclaimed material. Presti, Davide Lo; Khan, Rawid; Hassan, Norhidayah Abdul; Airey, Gordon; Collop, Andrew 4203
Macroscopic and microscopic mechanisms of cement-stabilized soft clay mixed with seawater by adding ultrafine silica fume. Li, Qiang; Chen, Jie; Shi, Qian; Zhao, Shihao Report 6157
Magnesium removal from an aluminum A-332 molten alloy using enriched zeolite with nanoparticles of Si[O.sub.2]. Munoz-Arroyo, R.; Hdz-Garcia, H.M.; Escobedo-Bocardo, J.C.; Granda-Gutierrez, E.E.; Acevedo-Davila, Report 3700
Magnetic behavior of sintered NdFeB magnets on a long-term timescale. Haavisto, Minna; Tuominen, Sampo; Santa-Nokki, Timo; Kankaanpaa, Harri; Paju, Martti; Ruuskanen, Pek Report 4253
Magnetic-field-orientation dependent magnetoelectric effect in FeBSiC/PZT/FeBSiC composites. Ye, Jun-Xian; Hu, Jia-Mian; Shi, Zhan; Li, Zheng; Shen, Yang; Ma, Jing; Nan, C.W. 2649
Material characterization of strontium ferrite powders for producing sintered magnets by ceramic injection molding (MagnetPIM). Drummer, Dietmar; Messingschlager, Susanne Report 2314
Material weakening of slip zone soils induced by water level fluctuation in the ancient landslides of three gorges reservoir. Jiao, Yu-Yong; Song, Liang; Tang, Hui-Ming; Li, Yun-An 5194
Mechanical behavior of interface between composite geomembrane and permeable cushion material. Wu, Haimin; Shu, Yiming; Dai, Linjun; Teng, Zhaoming 4137
Mechanical behaviors of friction stir spot welded joints of dissimilar ferrous alloys under opening-dominant combined loads. Hossain, Abu Mowazzem; Hasan, Tariqul; Hong, Sung-Tae; Miles, Michael; Cho, Hoon-Hwe; Han, Heung Nam 4855
Mechanical properties and thermal stability of TiN/Ta multilayer film deposited by ion beam assisted deposition. Shang, Hongfei; Li, Jian; Shao, Tianmin 4148
Mechanical properties measurement of polymer films by bulge test and fringe projection. Lin, C.S.; Horng, T.L.; Chen, J.H.; Chen, K.H.; Wu, J.J.; Chen, C.Y.; Ma, S.H. 4935
Mechanical properties of recycled aggregate concrete at low and high water/binder ratios. Peng, Gai-Fei; Huang, Yan-Zhu; Wang, Hai-Sheng; Zhang, Jiu-Feng; Liu, Qi-Bing Report 4230
Membrane material-based rigid solar array design and thermal simulation for stratospheric airships. Sun, Kangwen; Zhu, Ming; Liu, Qiang 3953
Microstructural characterization and wear properties of Fe-based amorphous-crystalline coating deposited by twin wire arc spraying. Arizmendi-Morquecho, Ana; Leyva-Porras, Araceli Campa-Castilla C.; Martinez, Josue Almicar Aguilar; Report 5423
Microwave analysis for two-dimensional C-V and noise model of AlGaN/GaN MODFET. Kumar, Ramnish; Arya, Sandeep K.; Ahlawat, Anil 4839
Misfit in inconel-type superalloy. Strunz, Pavel; Petrenec, Martin; Davydov, Vadim; Polak, Jaroslav; Beran, Premysl 3782
Modified multiwalled carbon nanotubes for treatment of some organic dyes in wastewater. Mohammed, M.I.; Razak, Adnan A. Abdul; Al-Timimi, Dhiyaa A. Hussein 4346
Molecular dynamics simulation of solidification of Pd-Ni clusters with different nickel content. Gang, Chen; Peng, Zhang; Hongwei, Liu Report 3437
Molecular simulation of hydrogen storage in ion-exchanged X zeolites. Du, Xiaoming 5186
Morphological, structural, and optical properties of single-phase Cu(In,Ga)[Se.sub.2] thin films from the selenization of thermally evaporated InSe/Cu/GaSe precursors. Dejene, Francis B. 3520
Mosaic structure characterization of the AlInN Layer grown on sapphire substrate. Arslan, Engin; Demirel, Pakize; Cakmak, Huseyin; Ozturk, Mustafa K.; Ozbay, Ekmel Report 6874
Multiscale analysis of the interfacial mechanical behavior for composite of carbon nanotube and [alpha]-alumina. Yan, Tingting; Wei, Gaofeng 2576
Nanocomposite thin film of poly(3-aminobenzoic acid) and multiwalled carbon nanotubes fabricated through an electrochemical method. Netsuwan, Paphawadee; Chaisu, Wirat; Phanichphant, Sukon; Sriwichai, Saengrawee Report 2538
Nanocrystalline 6061 Al powder fabricated by cryogenic milling and consolidated via high frequency induction heat sintering. Hanna, Walid; Maung, Khinlay; El-Danaf, Ehab A.; Almajid, Abdulhakim A.; Soliman, Mahmoud S.; Mohame Report 5593
Nanocrystalline Al composites from powder milled under ammonia gas flow. Cintas, J.; Caballero, E.S.; Montes, J.M.; Cuevas, F.G.; Arevalo, C. 4102
Nanocrystalline phase formation inside shear bands of Pd-Cu-Si metallic glass. Shao, Yang; Yang, Guannan; Yao, Kefu 2132
Narrowband, visible-blind UV-A sensor based on a [Mg.sub.0.52][Zn.sub.0.48]O film deposited by radio-frequency sputtering using a ZnO-Mg composite target. Kohama, Yuki; Nagai, Takuya; Inada, Mitsuru; Saitoh, Tadashi 2273
New developments in geotechnical earthquake engineering. Changwei, Yang; Tianbao, Su; Jianjing, Zhang; Lin, Du Report 3077
New measurement method and uncertainty estimation for plate dimensions and surface quality. Ali, Salah H.R.; Buajarern, Jariya Report 6838
New trends in energy harvesting from Earth long-wave infrared emission. Mescia, Luciano; Massaro, Alessandro 8538
New two-dimensional polynomial failure criteria for composite materials. Zhao, Shi Yang; Xue, Pu 4587
NiTi intermetallic surface coatings by laser metal deposition for improving wear properties of Ti-6Al-4V substrates. Mokgalaka, Mokgadi Nomsa; Pityana, Sisa Lesley; Popoola, Patricia Abimbola Idowu; Mathebula, Tebogo 4182
Nonlinear finite element analysis of the fluted corrugated sheet in the corrugated cardboard. Zhang, Zhiguo; Qiu, Tao; Song, Riheng; Sun, Yaoyu Report 3663
Numerical analysis of erosion caused by biomimetic axial fan blade. Zhang, Jun-Qiu; Han, Zhi-Wu; Cao, Hui-Na; Yin, Wei; Niu, Shi-Chao; Wang, Hui-Yuan 4167
Numerical analysis of hot cracking in laser-hybrid welded tubes. Gebhardt, Moritz Oliver; Gumenyuk, Andrey; Rethmeier, Michael 4215
Numerical simulation and response of stiffened plates subjected to noncontact underwater explosion. Fathallah, Elsayed; Qi, Hui; Tong, Lili; Helal, Mahmoud Report 6176
Numerical simulation of the vibration behavior of curved carbon nanotubes. Yengejeh, Sadegh Imani; Delgado, Joao M.P.Q.; de Lima, Antonio G. Barbosa; Ochsner, Andreas Report 3108
Numerical simulation procedure for modeling TGO crack propagation and TGO growth in thermal barrier coatings upon thermal-mechanical cycling. Jun, Ding; Xia, Huang; Song, Chen; E.-Chuan, Yang 6587
Obtaining and characterizing alginate/k-carrageenan hydrogel cross-linked with adipic dihydrazide. Pascalau, Violeta; Popescu, Violeta; Popescu, George L.; Dudescu, Mircea C.; Borodi, Gheorghe; Dines 6534
Optical and electrical properties of Ag-doped [In.sub.2][S.sub.3] thin films prepared by thermal evaporation. Lin, Peijie; Lin, Sile; Cheng, Shuying; Ma, Jing; Lai, Yunfeng; Zhou, Haifang; Jia, Hongjie 2323
Optimization of blending parameters and fiber size of kenaf-bast-fiber-reinforced the thermoplastic polyurethane composites by Taguchi method. Shekeil, Y.A. El-; Sapuan, S.M.; Azaman, M.D.; Jawaid, M. Report 3028
Optimization of the cathode arc plasma deposition processing parameters of ZnO film using the grey-relational taguchi method. Hsu, Shuo-Fu; Chou, Jyh-Horng; Fang, Chun-Hsiung; Weng, Min-Hang 3784
Palm olein as renewable raw materials for industrial and pharmaceutical products applications: chemical characterization and physicochemical properties studies. Derawi, Darfizzi; Abdullah, Bashar Mudhaffar; Huri, Hasniza Zaman; Yusop, Rahimi M.; Salimon, Jumat; 3001
Parametric optimization of squeeze cast AC2A-Ni coated Si[C.sub.p] composite using Taguchi technique. Ravikumar, A.R.; Amirthagadeswaran, K.S.; Senthil, P. 7473
Percolation of carbon nanoparticles in poly(3-hexylthiophene) enhancing carrier mobility in organic thin film transistors. Lee, Chang-Hung; Hsu, Chun-Hao; Chen, Iu-Ren; Wu, Wen-Jong; Lin, Chih-Ting Report 4781
Performance analysis of [gamma]-radiation test monitor using monocrystalline n+pp++ silicon solar cell: CsI(Tl) scintillator. Ibrahim, Ali Abd El-Salam; Aasser, Mostafa Abd El-Fattah El- 2273
Performance evaluation of stone mastic asphalt and hot mix asphalt mixtures containing recycled concrete aggregate. Pourtahmasb, Mohammad Saeed; Karim, Mohamed Rehan Report 6097
Performance of BFRP retrofitted RCC piles subjected to axial loads. Ramaswamy, Anandakumar; Chachithanantham, Selvamony; Arumugam, Seeni 4382
Perspectives for titanium-derived fillers usage on denture base composite construction: a review article. Elshereksi, Nidal W.; Ghazali, Mariyam J.; Muchtar, Andanastuti; Azhari, Che H. Report 10920
Phase pure synthesis and morphology dependent magnetization in Mn doped ZnO nanostructures. Saleem, Murtaza; Atiq, Shahid; Ramay, Shahid M.; Mahmood, Asif; Siddiqi, Saadat A.; Shar, Muhammad A Report 3355
Photocatalytic degradation of methylene blue using Ti[O.sub.2] impregnated diatomite. Zuo, Ranfang; Du, Gaoxiang; Zhang, Weiwei; Liu, Lianhua; Liu, Yanming; Mei, Lefu; Li, Zhaohui 3256
Phytoremediation potential of Vetiver system technology for improving the quality of palm oil mill effluent. Darajeh, Negisa; Idris, Azni; Truong, Paul; Aziz, Astimar Abdul; Bakar, Rosenani Abu; Man, Hasfalina Report 5898
Predicting concrete compressive strength and modulus of rupture using different NDT techniques. Martinez-Molina, Wilfrido; Torres-Acosta, Andres Antonio; Jauregui, Juan Carlos; Chavez-Garcia, Hugo Report 9404
Prediction of effects of geogrid reinforced granular fill on the behaviour of static liquefaction. Hemalatha, A.; Mahendran, N.; Prabhu, G. Ganesh 5484
Prediction of the flash point of binary and ternary straight-chain alkane mixtures. Li, X.; Duan, P.P.; Sun, K.N.; Yan, X. 3091
Prediction of three-dimensional milling forces based on finite element. Zhu, Lida; Zhu, Chunxia; Pei, Jiaying; Li, Xuebing; Wang, Wei Report 3144
Preparation and characterization of cetyl trimethylammonium intercalated sericite. Ding, Hao; Wang, Yuebo; Liang, Yu; Qin, Faxiang 4705
Preparation and stability of inorganic solidified foam for preventing coal fires. Qin, Botao; Lu, Yi; Li, Fanglei; Jia, Yuwei; Zhu, Chao; Shi, Quanlin 5298
Preparation of Al-Mg alloy electrodes by using powder metallurgy and their application for hydrogen production. Hsu, Wen-Nong; Shih, Teng-Shih; Lin, Ming-Yuan 3313
Preparation of aligned ZnO Nanorod arrays on Sn-doped ZnO thin films by sonicated sol-gel immersion fabricated for dye-sensitized solar cell. Saurdi, I.; Mamat, M.H.; Malek, M.F.; Rusop, M. 4800
Preparation of flame retardant modified with titanate for asphalt binder. Li, Bo; Liu, Jianxun; Han, Feng; Li, Xiaoling; Li, Liangying; Li, Yanbo; Duan, Xiaofeng 4458
Preparation of N-doped Ti[O.sub.2]-Zr[O.sub.2] composite films under electric field and heat treatment and assessment of their removal of methylene blue from solution. Mei, Lefu; Zuo, Ranfang; Xie, Jing; Liao, Libing; Ding, Hao 2615
Preparation of silica aerogel and its adsorption performance to organic molecule. Shi, Hong-xin; Cui, Jing-tao; Shen, Hai-min; Wu, Hong-ke Report 4747
Preparation, microstructure, and mechanical properties of spinel-corundum-sialon composite materials from waste fly ash and aluminum dross. Huang, Juntong; Fang, Minghao; Huang, Zhaohui; Liu, Yan'gai; Yang, Jingzhou; Huang, Saifang; Xu, You Report 5447
Processing parameters influence on wear resistance behaviour of friction stir processed Al-TiC composites. Akinlabi, E.T.; Mahamood, R.M.; Akinlabi, S.A.; Ogunmuyiwa, E. Report 6195
Promising poly([epsilon]-caprolactone) composite reinforced with weft-knitted polyester for small-diameter vascular graft application. Wang, Fu-Jun; Mohammed, Abedalwafa; Li, Chao-Jing; Wang, Lu 4269
Rare earth doped lanthanum calcium borate polycrystalline red phosphors. Xiong, H.H.; Zhu, C.; Zhao, X.; Wang, Z.Q.; Lin, H. Report 6118
Reactivity and microstructure of [Al.sub.2][O.sub.3]-reinforced magnesium-matrix composites. Mounib, Maher; Pavese, Matteo; Badini, Claudio; Lefebvre, Williams; Dieringa, Hajo 3129
Reducing railway noise with porous sound-absorbing concrete slabs. Zhao, Caiyou; Wang, Ping; Wang, Li; Liu, Dan 5535
Research of joining brittle Nonmetallic materials with an active solder. Kolenak, Roman; Prach, Michal Report 5106
Research on deterioration mechanism of concrete materials in an actual structure. Zhang, Shiping; Dong, Xiang; Zhang, Houxian; Deng, Min 3165
Research on static triaxial mechanical properties of new cementsoil reinforced with polypropylene fiber. Wang, Qiang; Tang, Rui; Cheng, Qun; Wang, Xiankun; Liu, Fang-ling 3014
Researches on the constitutive models of artificial frozen silt in underground engineering. Yang, Yugui; Gao, Feng; Cheng, Hongmei; Lai, Yuanming; Zhang, Xiangxiang Report 4329
Review of mechanics and applications of auxetic structures. Mir, Mariam; Ali, Murtaza Najabat; Sami, Javaria; Ansari, Umar Report 6538
Rock-arch instability characteristics of the sandstone plate under different loading conditions. Wang, Shuren; Hagan, Paul; Hu, Baowen; Gamage, Kanchana; Yan, Cheng; Xu, Dianfu Report 3627
Room-temperature voltage stressing effects on resistive switching of conductive-bridging RAM cells with Cu-doped Si[O.sub.2] films. Lin, Jian-Yang; Wang, Bing-Xun 2865
Safety analysis in large volume vacuum systems like Tokamak: experiments and numerical simulation to analyze vacuum ruptures consequences. Malizia, A.; Lupelli, I.; Richetta, M.; Gelfusa, M.; Bellecci, C.; Gaudio, P. 17075
Seismic behavior of short concrete columns with prestressing steel wires. Zong-Cai, Deng; Daud, Jumbe R.; Hui, Li 6345
Selection of the composition with high glass forming ability in Zr-Cu-Ni-Al bulk metallic glasses. Sun, Yajuan; Li, Yumin; Wang, Hongjing Report 3696
Simulation of hydraulic fracture in unsaturated soils with high degree of saturation. Chen, Tielin; Zhang, Liangyi; Zhang, Dingli Report 6313
Sintering behavior and mechanical properties of biphasic calcium phosphate ceramics. Yetmez, Mehmet Report 2642
Sintering behavior of CNT reinforced a16061 and a12124 nanocomposites. Saheb, Nouari 4624
Sintering of hydroxyapatite/yttria stabilized Zirconia nanocomposites under nitrogen gas for dental materials. Leong, C.H.; Muchtar, A.; Tan, C.Y.; Razali, M.; Amat, Noor Faeizah 3201
Size controlled synthesis of FeCo alloy nanoparticles and study of the particle size and distribution effects on magnetic properties. Shokuhfar, A.; Afghahi, S. S. S. 5519
Smooth particle hydrodynamics simulation of micro-cup-extrusion using a Graphit-ic coating. Shi-Cheng, Li; Ze-Zhong, Chen; Jie, Zheng; Dong-Feng, Wang Report 2661
Span length variance effect on the fatigue life of FRP bridge deck. Park, Ki-Tae; Yu, Young-Jun; Shin, Hyunseop 2400
Spontaneous emission of an excited atom in a dusty unmagnetized plasma medium. Alinejad, Naser; Pishbin, Noushin Report 2243
Strain rate dependent ductile-to-brittle transition of graphite platelet reinforced vinyl ester nanocomposites. Pramanik, Brahmananda; Mantena, P. Raju Report 2716
Strengthening of hollow square sections under compression using FRP composites. Sundarraja, M.C.; Sriram, P.; Prabhu, G. Ganesh 5826
Strengthening reinforced concrete beams with CFRP and GFRP. Onal, Mehmet Mustafa 3904
Stress distribution on the Fe based amorphous toroidal transducer core. Goktepe, Mustafa Report 3478
Structural and electrochemical investigation of [Li.sub.1.02][Mn.sub.1.92][Al.sub.0.02][Fe.sub.0.02][Cr.sub.0.02][O.sub.4-x][F.sub.x] (x = 0, 0.08) synthesized by solid-state method. Zhang, Hai-Lang; Xiang, Nanchun 5133
Structural and morphological properties of nanostructured ZnO particles grown by ultrasonic spray pyrolysis method with horizontal furnace. Flores-Carrasco, G.; Carrillo-Lopez, J.; Luna-Lopez, J.A.; Martinez-Martinez, R.; Espinosa-Torres, N Report 2992
Structural and optothermal properties of iron ditelluride layered structures in the framework of the lattice compatibility theory. Messaoud, K. Ben; Gantassi, A.; Essaidi, H.; Ouerfelli, J.; Colantoni, A.; Boubaker, K.; Amlouk, M. 3020
Structural modification of sol-gel synthesized [V.sub.2][O.sub.5] and Ti[O.sub.2] thin films with/without erbium doping. Gokdemir, Fatma Pinar; Saatci, Ayse Evrim; Ozdemir, Orhan; Kutlu, Kubilay Report 3601
Structural, electrical, and ethanol-sensing properties of [La.sub.1-x][Nd.sub.x]Fe[O.sub.3] Nanoparticles. Thuy, Nguyen Thi; Minh, Dang Le; Giang, Ho Truong; Toan, Nguyen Ngoc Report 2978
Structural, morphological, and LPG sensing properties of Al-doped ZnO thin film prepared by SILAR. Mondal, Shampa; Bhattacharya, Shatabda; Mitra, P. 3809
Structure and physical properties of PZT-PMnN-PSN ceramics near the morphological phase boundary. Luan, Nguyen Dinh Tung; Vuong, Le Dai; Van Chuong, Truong; Tho, Nguyen Truong Report 2650
Study of interface charge densities for Zr[O.sub.2] and Hf[O.sub.2] based metal-oxide-semiconductor devices. Maity, N.P.; Maity, Reshmi; Thapa, R.K.; Baishya, S. 3344
Study of photocatalytic activity and properties of transition metal ions doped nanocrystalline Ti[O.sub.2] prepared by sol-gel method. Siddhapara, K.S.; Shah, D.V. 2701
Study of the mechanical and morphology properties of recycled HDPE composite using rice husk filler. Tong, Jia Ying; Royan, Nishata Royan Rajendran; Ng, Yong Chuen; Ghani, Mohd Hafizuddin Ab; Ahmad, Sa Report 3538
Study on strength and ultrasonic velocity of air-entrained concrete and plain concrete in cold environment. Shang, Huai-shuai; Yi, Ting-hua; Guo, Xing-xing Report 4801
Surface crystallization in Mg-based bulk metallic glass during copper mold casting. Wang, Xin Report 2574
Surface hardening of Ti-15V-3Al-3Cr-3Sn alloy after cyclic hydrogenation and subsequent solution treatment. Hung, Chia-Po; Wu, Tair-I; Wu, Jiann-Kuo 4751
Synthesis and characterization of acrylamide-based anionic copolymer and investigation of solution properties. Jamshidi, H.; Rabiee, A. Report 3406
Synthesis and characterization of Li[Ni.sub.0.7- x][Mg.sub.x][Co.sub.0.3][O.sub.2] (0 [less than or equal to] x [less than or equal to] 0.1) cathode materials for lithium-ion batteries prepared by a sol-gel method. Zhang, Hailang Report 5016
Synthesis and characterization of Li[Ni.sub.1/3][Co.sub.1/3][Mn.sub.1/3][O.sub.2-x][Cl.sub.x] as cathode materials for lithium ion batteries at 55[degrees]C. Zhang, Hai-Lang; Liu, Shuixiang 4365
Synthesis and characterization of Si[O.sub.2] nanoparticles and their efficacy in chemical mechanical polishing steel substrate. Kao, M.J.; Hsu, F.C.; Peng, D.X. Report 3674
Synthesis and characterization of star-shaped block copolymer sPCL-b-PEG-GA. Zhang, Yi; Zhao, Qian; Shao, Hewei; Zhang, Shiyu; Han, Xiaoyan 2635
Synthesis and dimerization behavior of five metallophthalocyanines in different solvents. Cheng, Zhenhua; Cui, Na; Zhang, Hongxiao; Zhu, Lijun; Xia, Daohong Report 2538
Synthesis of dendritic silver nanoparticles and their applications as SERS substrates. Yu, Jinshan; Zhou, Xingui 1661
Synthesis, characterization, and cytotoxicity of iron oxide nanoparticles. Kanagesan, S.; Hashim, M.; Tamilselvan, S.; Alitheen, N.B.; Ismail, I.; Hajalilou, A.; Ahsanul, K. Report 4983
Temperature effect on mechanical properties and damage identification of concrete structure. Jiao, Yubo; Liu, Hanbing; Wang, Xianqiang; Zhang, Yuwei; Luo, Guobao; Gong, Yafeng 4889
Templateless synthesis and characterization of hollow gadolinium doped cerium oxide nanofibers by electrospinning. Thiabdokmai, Chutima; Tangtrakarn, Apishok; Promsuy, Shatchai; Ngiewlay, Pilan; Mongkolkachit, Charu 4891
The anisotropy of replicated aluminum foams. Furman, Eugeny L.; Finkelstein, Arcady B.; Cherny, Maxim L. 3114
The controlled synthesis of carbon tubes and rods by template-assisted twin polymerization. Bottger-Hiller, Falko; Kempe, Patrick; Baumann, Gisela; Hietschold, Michael; Schafer, Philipp; Zahn, Report 4794
The crystallization, melting behavior, and thermal stability of poly(L-lactic acid) induced by N,N,N'-Tris(benzoyl) trimesic acid hydrazide as an organic nucleating agent. Cai, Yan-Hua; Zhang, Yan-Hua Report 3468
The dyeing procedures evaluation of wool fibers with Prangos ferulacea and fastness characteristics. Barani, Hossein; Rahimpour, Shahdokht 3684
The effect of Ag content of the chitosan-silver nanoparticle composite material on the structure and antibacterial activity. Akmaz, Solmaz; Adiguzel, Esra Dilaver; Yasar, Muzaffer; Erguven, Oray Report 3512
The effect of bedding structure on mechanical property of coal. Zhang, Zetian; Zhang, Ru; Li, Guo; Li, Hegui; Liu, Jianfeng Report 3366
The effect of Nb supplement on material characteristics of iron with lamellar graphite. Devecili, Ahmet Oktay; Yakut, Rifat 2000
The effect of variation of molarity of alkali activator and fine aggregate content on the compressive strength of the fly ash: palm oil fuel ash based geopolymer mortar. Bashar, Iftekhair Ibnul; Alengaram, U. Johnson; Jumaat, Mohd Zamin; Islam, Azizul 7775
The effects of gallium additions on microstructures and thermal and mechanical properties of Sn-9Zn solder alloys. Chen, Kang I.; Cheng, Shou C.; Cheng, Chin H.; Wu, Sean; Jiang, Yeu-L.; Cheng, Tsung-C. 4510
The impact of Traffic-Induced Bridge vibration on rapid repairing high-performance concrete for bridge deck pavement repairs. Wang, Wei; Liu, Shuo; Wang, Qizhi; Yuan, Wei; Chen, Mingzhang; Hao, Xiaotian; Ma, Shuai; Liang, Xuan 4994
The importance of materials data and modelling parameters in an FE simulation of linear friction welding. Turner, R.; Schroeder, F.; Ward, R.M.; Brooks, J.W. 4174
The increased production efficiency and optimization terms of stationarity by flat grinding with abrasive circle surface. Ahmad, Husseinov Hassan; Abbas, Bagirov Sahib; Krehel', Radoslav; Kocisko, Marek 3613
The influence of aggregate size and binder material on the properties of pervious concrete. Fu, Tun Chi; Yeih, Weichung; Chang, Jiang Jhy; Huang, Ran Report 6980
The influence of nickel and tin additives on the microstructural and mechanical properties of Al-Zn-Mg-Cu alloys. Naeem, Haider T.; Mohammed, Kahtan S.; Ahmad, Khairel R.; Rahmat, Azmi Report 4763
The mechanical behavior of fiber reinforced PP ECC beams under reverse cyclic loading. ChiaHwan, Yaw; JianBo, Han 3203
The photocatalytic reduction of hexavalent chromium by controllable mesoporous anatase Ti[O.sub.2] nanoparticles. Loryuenyong, Vorrada; Jarunsak, Natnapin; Chuangchai, Thirawich; Buasri, Achanai 2834
The research of degradation about 1,2,4-trichlorobenzene by the artificial media in microbe enrichment. Xu, Dong-ying Report 2278
The role of foaming agent and processing route in mechanical performance of fabricated aluminum foams. Byakova, Alexandra; Kartuzov, Iegor; Gnyloskurenko, Svyatoslav; Nakamura, Takashi 6251
The stabilization of weathered dolerite aggregates with cement, lime, and lime fly ash for pavement construction. Okonta, Felix N.; Ojuri, Oluwapelumi O. 5319

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