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Articles from Advances in High Energy Physics (January 1, 2017)

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(2 + 1)-Dimensional Duffin-Kemmer-Petiau Oscillator under a Magnetic Field in the Presence of a Minimal Length in the Noncommutative Space. Wang, Bing-Qian; Long, Zheng-Wen; Long, Chao-Yun; Wu, Shu-Rui 3679
(Anti)chiral Superfield Approach to Nilpotent Symmetries: Self-Dual Chiral Bosonic Theory. Srinivas, N.; Bhanja, T.; Malik, R.P. 7856
[K.sup.0] - [[bar.K].sup.0] Mixing in the Minimal Flavor-Violating Two- Higgs-Doublet Models. Cho, Natthawin; Li, Xin-Qiang; Su, Fang; Zhang, Xin 7722
A Correlation between the Higgs Mass and Dark Matter. Hertzberg, Mark P. 7232
A New Two-Component Model for Hadron Production in Heavy-Ion Collisions. Yin, Xuejiao; Zhu, LiLin; Zheng, Hua 5544
A Quantum Space behind Simple Quantum Mechanics. Chew, Chuan Sheng; Kong, Otto C.W.; Payne, Jason 7310
A Review of Elliptic Flow of Light Nuclei in Heavy-Ion Collisions at RHIC and LHC Energies. Haque, Md. Rihan; Jena, Chitrasen; Mohanty, Bedangadas 9096
A Specific N = 2 Supersymmetric Quantum Mechanical Model: Supervariable Approach. Shukla, Aradhya 4600
A Study of Charged Cylindrical Gravitational Collapse with Dissipative Fluid. Chakraborty, Sanjukta; Chakraborty, Subenoy 4679
A Study of Confinement for Q[bar.Q] Potentials on D3, M2, and M5 Branes. Quijada, Edward; Boschi-Filho, Henrique 6965
AdS Black Hole with Phantom Scalar Field. Zhang, Limei; Zeng, Xiaoxiong; Li, Zhonghua 4822
Algebraic Approach to Exact Solution of the (2 + 1)-Dimensional Dirac Oscillator in the Noncommutative Phase Space. Panahi, H.; Savadi, A. 3465
An Analysis of a Minimal Vectorlike Extension of the Standard Model. Beylin, V.; Bezuglov, M.; Kuksa, V.; Volchanskiy, N. 9999
An Experiment and Detection Scheme for Cavity-Based Light Cold Dark Matter Particle Searches. Bukhari, Masroor H.S.; Shah, Zahoor H. 8809
Analysis of Radial Excitations of Octet Baryons in QCD Sum Rules. Aliev, T.M.; Bilmis, S. 2764
Analysis of Various Projectile Interactions with Nuclear Emulsion Detector Nuclei at ~1 GeV per Nucleon Using Coulomb Modified Glauber Model. Marimuthu, N.; Singh, V.; Inbanathan, S.S.R. 11343
Anisotropic Universe in f(G,T) Gravity. Shamir, M. Farasat 5688
Applications of the Holographic Duality to Strongly Coupled Quantum Systems. Li, Li; Zhang, Hai-Qing; He, Song; Nie, Zhang-Yu; Zhang, Yun-Long; Lee, Bum- Hoon 711
Approximate Solutions of Schrodinger Equation with Some Diatomic Molecular Interactions Using Nikiforov-Uvarov Method. Okon, Ituen B.; Popoola, Oyebola; Isonguyo, Cecilia N. 7444
Astrophysical Aspects of Neutrino Dynamics in Ultradegenerate Quark Gluon Plasma. Adhya, Souvik Priyam 6884
Asymptotic Behaviour of the QED Perturbation Series. Huet, Idrish; de Traubenberg, Michel Rausch; Schubert, Christian 6996
Axially Symmetric Null Dust Space-Time, Naked Singularity, and Cosmic Time Machine. Ahmed, Faizuddin 5497
Big Bang as a Critical Point. Mielczarek, Jakub 3443
Black Hole Solution of Einstein-Born-Infeld-Yang-Mills Theory. Meng, Kun; Yang, Da-Bao; Hu, Zhan-Ning 4544
Black Holes and Information: A New Take on an Old Paradox. Bryan, K.L.H.; Medved, A.J.M. 6359
Bose-Einstein Condensate Dark Matter Halos Confronted with Galactic Rotation Curves. Dwornik, M.; Keresztes, Z.; Kun, E.; Gergely, L.A. 9676
Bounds on the Electromagnetic Dipole Moments through the Single Top Production at the CLIC. Koksal, M.; Billur, A.A.; Gutierrez-Rodriguez, A. 11689
Bulk Local Operators, Conformai Descendants, and Radial Quantization. Wang, Zhao-Long; Yan, Yi 5746
Bulk Viscous Cosmological Model in Brans-Dicke Theory with New Form of Time Varying Deceleration Parameter. Singh, G.P.; Bishi, Binaya K. 7194
Calabi-Yau Manifolds, Hermitian Yang-Mills Instantons, and Mirror Symmetry. Yang, Hyun Seok; Yun, Sangheon 20599
CFT and Logarithmic Corrections to the Black Hole Entropy Product Formula. Pradhan, Parthapratim Correction notice 5497
Charges and Electromagnetic Radiation as Topological Excitations. Faber, Manfried 5932
Charmonium Mass Spectrum with Spin-Dependent Interaction in Momentum-Helicity Space. Radin, M. 2945
Chiral Phase Transition in Linear Sigma Model with Nonextensive Statistical Mechanics. Shen, Ke-Ming; Zhang, Hui; Hou, De-Fu; Zhang, Ben-Wei; Wang, En-Ke 3875
Classical and Quantum Gravity and Its Applications. Hendi, Seyed Hossein; Corda, Christian; Mazharimousavi, S. Habib; Momeni, Davood; Sepehri-Rad, Masou 741
Classical Solution for Ghost D-Branes in String Field Theory. Zeze, Syoji 5817
Collectivity in High Energy Heavy-Ion Collisions. Nasim, Md.; Shi, Shusu; Chatterjee, Sandeep; Singha, Subhash; Roy, Victor 1051
Constrains of Charge-to-Mass Ratios on Noncommutative Phase Space. Ma, Kai 4110
Corrigendum to "Comparative Aspects of Spin-Dependent Interaction Potentials for Spin-1/2 and Spin-1 Matter Fields". Malta, P.C.; Ospedal, L.P.R.; Veiga, K.; Helayel-Neto, J.A. Correction notice 846
Cosmic Microwave Background as a Thermal Gas of SU(2) Photons: Implications for the High-z Cosmological Model and the Value of [H.sub.0]. Hahn, Steffen; Hofmann, Ralf 6303
Coulomb-Type Interaction under Lorentz Symmetry Breaking Effects. Vitoria, R.L.L.; Belich, H.; Bakke, K. 3904
Cross Section Prediction for Inclusive Production of Z Boson in pp Collisions at [square root of s] = 14 TeV: A Study of Systematic Uncertainty due to Scale Dependence. Ogul, Hasan; Dilsiz, Kamuran 5232
Cylindrically Symmetric, Asymptotically Flat, Petrov Type D Spacetime with a Naked Curvature Singularity and Matter Collapse. Ahmed, Faizuddin 3879
Dark Matter and Dark Energy Cosmologies and Alternative Theories of Gravitation. Reddy, Dandala R.K.; Odintsov, Sergei D.; Harko, Tiberiu 827
Dirac Field as a Source of the Inflation in 2 + 1 Dimensional Teleparallel Gravity. Gecim, Ganim; Sucu, Yusuf 6383
Double Hodge Theory for a Particle on Torus. Pandey, Vipul Kumar; Mandal, Bhabani Prasad 6143
Dreibein as Prepotential for Three-Dimensional Yang-Mills Theory. Mitra, Indrajit; Sharatchandra, H.S. 6164
Dynamical System Analysis of Interacting Hessence Dark Energy in f(T) Gravity. Mandal, Jyotirmay Das; Debnath, Ujjal 10898
Effect of Strong Magnetic Field on Competing Order Parameters in Two-Flavor Dense Quark Matter. Mandal, Tanumoy; Jaikumar, Prashanth 8806
Effective Models of Quantum Gravity Induced by Planck Scale Modifications in the Covariant Quantum Algebra. de Brito, G.P.; Caneda, P.I.C.; Gomes, Y.M.P.; Junior, J.T. Guaitolini; Nikoofard, V. 6220
Effective Natural Supersymmetry from the Yukawa Deflected Mediations. Liang, Tai-ran; Zhu, Bin; Ding, Ran; Li, Tianjun 6185
Emerging Translational Variance: Vacuum Polarization Energy of the [[phi].sup.6] Kink. Weigel, H. 6918
Entropic Destruction of Heavy Quarkonium from a Deformed [AdS.sub.5] Model. Zhang, Zi-Qiang; Luo, Zhong-Jie; Hou, De-Fu; Chen, Gang 3892
Entropic Entanglement: Information Prison Break. Yosifov, Alexander Y.; Filipov, Laehezar G. 5278
Entropy Product Formula for Gravitational Instanton. Pradhan, Parthapratim 5457
Exact Computations in Topological Abelian Chern-Simons and BF Theories. Mathieu, Philippe 2806
Excited Muon Searches at the FCC-Based Muon-Hadron Colliders. Caliskan, A.; Kara, S.O.; Ozansoy, A. 4523
Experimental Results on Charge Fluctuations in Heavy-Ion Collisions. Mishra, D.K.; Garg, P.; Netrakanti, P.K.; Pant, L.M.; Mohanty, A.K. 9856
Experimental Results on Chiral Magnetic and Vortical Effects. Wang, Gang; Wen, Liwen 12387
Finite Temperature QCD Sum Rules: A Review. Ayala, Alejandro; Dominguez, C.A.; Loewe, M. 19418
Gravitational Quasinormal Modes of Regular Phantom Black Hole. Li, Jin; Lin, Kai; Wen, Hao; Qian, Wei-Liang 8024
Hawking Radiation-Quasinormal Modes Correspondence for Large AdS Black Holes. Sun, Dao-Quan; Wang, Zi-Liang; He, Miao; Hu, Xian-Ru; Deng, Jian-Bo 3757
Heavy Quark Potential with Hyperscaling Violation. Zhang, Zi-Qiang; Ma, Chong; Hou, De-Fu; Chen, Gang 4309
Holographic van der Waals Phase Transition for a Hairy Black Hole. Zeng, Xiao-Xiong; Han, Yi-Wen 4608
Horizon Wavefunction of Generalized Uncertainty Principle Black Holes. Manfredi, Luciano; Mureika, Jonas 5277
Impact of Nonstandard Interactions on Neutrino-Nucleon Scattering. Papoulias, D.K.; Kosmas, T.S. 6423
Impact of Scalar Leptoquarks on Heavy Baryonic Decays. Azizi, K.; Olgun, A.T.; Tavukoglu, Z. 6975
Interacting Dark Matter and q-Deformed Dark Energy Nonminimally Coupled to Gravity. Dil, Emre 10352
Irreversible Thermodynamic Description of Dark Matter and Radiation Creation during Inflationary Reheating. Su, Juntong; Harko, Tiberiu; Liang, Shi-Dong 17714
Levy Distributions for One-Dimensional Analysis of the Bose-Einstein Correlations. Okorokov, V.A. 14729
LHC Probes of TeV-Scale Scalars in SO(10) Grand Unification. (Research Article). Aydemir, Ufuk; Mandal, Tanumoy 10141
Lie Symmetry and the Bethe Ansatz Solution of a New Quasi-Exactly Solvable Double-Well Potential. Baradaran, M.; Panahi, H. 3694
Localization of Massive and Massless Fermions on Two-Field Branes. Farokhtabar, Ali; Tofighi, Ali 5152
Mass of the Stabilized Radion in the Limit of Finite Quartic Coupling. Tofighi, Ali; Shajiee, Vahid Reza 3498
Massive Fluctuations in Deconfining SU(2) Yang-Mills Thermodynamics. Bischer, Ingolf 4716
Mimetic Gravity: A Review of Recent Developments and Applications to Cosmology and Astrophysics. Sebastiani, Lorenzo; Vagnozzi, Sunny; Myrzakulov, Ratbay 39483
Mirror Nuclei of [sup.17]O and [sup.17]F in Relativistic and Nonrelativistic Shell Model. Mousavi, M.; Shojaei, M.R. 2692
Neutrino Emission from Magnetized Microquasar Jets. Smponias, Theodoros; Kosmas, Odysseas 5168
Neutrino Masses and Oscillations 2015. Flaminio, Vincenzo; Mezzetto, Mauro; Camilleri, Leslie; Goswami, Srubabati; Seo, Seon-Hee 1659
Neutrino Pair Cerenkov Radiation for Tachyonic Neutrinos. Jentschura, Ulrich D.; Nandori, Istvan 5453
Neutrino Physics in the Frontiers of Intensities and Very High Sensitivities 2016. Kosmas, Theocharis; Ejiri, Hiroyasu; Hatzikoutelis, Athanasios 2127
Noncommutative Relativistic Spacetimes and Worldlines from 2 + 1 Quantum (Anti-)de Sitter Groups. Ballesteros, Angel; Bruno, N. Rossano; Herranz, Francisco J. 11278
Noncommutative Spacetime Symmetries from Covariant Quantum Mechanics. Moia, Alessandro 5420
Nonequilibrium Dynamics of the [sigma]-Model Modes on the de Sitter Space. Vancea, Ion V. 10492
Nonorthogonality and [kappa]-Dependence Eccentricity of Polarized Electromagnetic Waves in CPT-Even Lorentz Violation. Prudencio, Thiago; Belich, Humberto 5440
Note on Relation between Bottom-Up Holographic Models and Large-[N.sub.c] QCD. Afonin, S.S. 4597
On Boundedness of Entropy of Photon Gas in Noncommutative Spacetime. Alam, Kazi Ashraful; Faruk, Mir Mehedi 4160
On J/[psi] and Y Transverse Momentum Distributions in High Energy Collisions. Li, Bao-Chun; Bai, Ting; Guo, Yuan-Yuan; Liu, Fu-Hu 4159
On Quasinormal Modes for Scalar Perturbations of Static Spherically Symmetric Black Holes in Nash Embedding Framework. Ulhoa, Sergio C.; Amorim, Ronni G.G.; Capistrano, Abraao J.S. 6261
On the Emergence of the Coulomb Forces in Quantum Electrodynamics. Naudts, Jan 2269
On the Frequency Distribution of Neutral Particles from Low-Energy Strong Interactions. Colecchia, Federico; Khan, Akram 5473
Particle Collision Near 1 + 1-Dimensional Horava-Lifshitz Black Hole and Naked Singularity. Halilsoy, M.; Ovgun, A. 5361
Particle Ratios from Strongly Interacting Hadronic Matter. Bashir, Waseem; Uddin, Saeed; Nanda, Hamid 5841
Phase Transition of Black Holes in Brans-Dicke Born-Infeld Gravity through Geometrical Thermodynamics. Hendi, S.H.; Talezadeh, M.S.; Armanfard, Z. 7672
Phenomenological Aspects of Quantum Gravity and Modified Theories of Gravity. Ali, Ahmed Farag; Gubitosi, Giulia; Faizal, Mir; Majumder, Barun 637
Planck-Scale Dual-Curvature Lensing and Spacetime Noncommutativity. Amelino-Camelia, Giovanni; Barcaroli, Leonardo; Bianco, Stefano; Pensato, Laura 5208
Predictions for the Isolated Prompt Photon Production at the LHC at [square root of (s)] = 13TeV. Goharipour, Muhammad; Mehraban, Hossein 8354
Probe of the Anomalous Quartic Couplings with Beam Polarization at the CLIC. Senol, A.; Koksal, M.; Inan, S.C. 6595
Probing the Anomalous FCNC tq[gamma] Couplings at Large Hadron Electron Collider. Cakir, I. Turk; Yilmaz, A.; Denizli, H.; Senol, A.; Karadeniz, H.; Cakir, O. 4836
Propagating Degrees of Freedom in f(R) Gravity. Myung, Yun Soo 4605
Proposed Economical and Stable Lepton Mass Matrices with Texture Zeros. Rong, Shu-Jun 3445
Q-Deformed Morse and Oscillator Potential. Hassanabadi, H.; Chung, W.S.; Zare, S.; Bhardwaj, S.B. 2000
q-Deformed Relativistic Fermion Scattering. Sobhani, Hadi; Chung, Won Sang; Hassanabadi, Hassan 2894
Quantum Radiation Properties of General Nonstationary Black Hole. Singh, T. Ibungochouba 7963
Quantum Self-Frictional Relativistic Nucleoseed Spinor-Type Tensor Field Theory of Nature. Guseinov, I.I. 3886
Quantum Speed Limit for Relativistic Spin-0 and Spin-1 Bosons on Commutative and Noncommutative Planes. Wang, Kang; Zhang, Yu-Fei; Wang, Qing; Long, Zheng-Wen; Jing, Jian 6344
Quantum Tunneling in Deformed Quantum Mechanics with Minimal Length. Guo, Xiaobo; Lv, Bochen; Tao, Jun; Wang, Peng 5215
Radiative Decay Widths of Ground and Excited States of Vector Charmonium and Bottomonium. Negash, Hluf; Bhatnagar, Shashank 5618
Reentrant Phase Transitions and Triple Points of Topological AdS Black Holes in Born-Infeld-Massive Gravity. Zhang, Ming; Zou, De-Cheng; Yue, Rui-Hong 7042
Relativistic Energies and Scattering Phase Shifts for the Fermionic Particles Scattered by Hyperbolical Potential with the Pseudo(spin) Symmetry. Oyewumi, K.J.; Oluwadare, O.J. 6436
Relativistic Localizing Processes Bespeak an Inevitable Projective Geometry of Spacetime. Rubin, Jacques L. 12493
Remarks on the Static Potential Driven by Vacuum Nonlinearities in D = 3 Models. Gaete, Patricio; Helayel-Neto, Jose A. 5646
Renormalization of Chiral Nuclear Forces with Multiple Subtractions in Peripheral Channels. Batista, E.F.; Szpigel, S.; Timoteo, V.S. 5823
Response to: Comment on "Does the Equivalence between Gravitational Mass and Energy Survive for a Composite Quantum Body?". Lebed, A.G. Letter to the editor 2914
Ring-Shaped Potential and a Class of Relevant Integrals Involved Universal Associated Legendre Polynomials with Complicated Arguments. Li, Wei; Chen, Chang-Yuan; Dong, Shi-Hai 1971
Scattering and Bound States of a Spin-1/2 Neutral Particle in the Cosmic String Spacetime. Andrade, Fabiano M.; Filgueiras, Cleverson; Silva, Edilberto O. 5352
Search for Excited Spin-3/2 Neutrinos at LHeC. Ozansoy, A.; An, V.; Cetinkaya, V. 5166
Searches for the Anomalous FCNC Top-Higgs Couplings with Polarized Electron Beam at the LHeC. Wang, XiaoJuan; Sun, Hao; Luo, Xuan 4844
Singlet Fermion Assisted Dominant Seesaw with Lepton Flavor and Number Violations and Leptogenesis. Parida, M.K.; Nayak, Bidyut Prava 21519
Solution of Effective-Mass Dirac Equation with Scalar-Vector and Pseudoscalar Terms for Generalized Hulthen Potential. Arda, Altug 5711
Sources of Charged Higgs Pair through Double or Triple Higgs Production at Linear Colliders. Ahmed, Ijaz 5724
Space-Time Defects and Group Momentum Space. Arzano, Michele; Trzesniewski, Tomasz 8331
SppC Based Energy Frontier Lepton-Proton Colliders: Luminosity and Physics. Canbay, Ali Can; Kaya, Umit; Ketenoglu, Bora; Oner, Bilgehan Baris; Sultansoy, Saleh 4914
Stable Dyonic Thin-Shell Wormholes in Low-Energy String Theory. Ovgun, Ali; Jusufi, Kimet 5182
Starobinsky Inflation: From Non-SUSY to SUGRA Realizations. Pallis, Constantinos; Toumbas, Nicolaos 11554
Strong Coupling Constants of Negative Parity Heavy Baryons with [pi] and K Mesons. Aliev, T.M.; Bilmis, S.; Savci, M. 3765
Strong Electroweak Phase Transition in a Model with Extended Scalar Sector. Saeedhosseini, Mina; Tofighi, Ali 7575
Supersymmetry across the Hadronic Spectrum. Dosch, Hans Gunter 3810
Supersymmetry, Supergravity, and Superstring Phenomenology. Khalil, Shaaban; Kane, Gordon; Antoniadis, Ignatios; Moretti, Stefano 485
The Bekenstein-Hawking Corpuscular Cascading from the Back-Reacted Black Hole. Ovgun, Ali 6378
The Calculation of Single-Nucleon Energies of Nuclei by Considering Two-Body Effective Interaction, n(k, [rho]), and a Hartree-Fock Inspired Scheme. Mariji, H. 9420
The Minimal Geometric Deformation Approach: A Brief Introduction. Ovalle, J.; Casadio, R.; Sotomayor, A. 6957
The Potential Model in High Energy Physics. Zarrinkamar, Saber; Jia, Chun-Sheng; Ikoand, Akpan; Okninskil, Andrzej 539
The Production of Neutral [N.sup.*] (11052) Resonance with Hidden Beauty from [[pi].sup.-]p Scattering. Cheng, Chen; Wang, Xiao-Yun 4954
The Rapidity Distributions and the Thermalization Induced Transverse Momentum Distributions in Au-Au Collisions at RHIC Energies. Jiang, Zhi-Jin; Hui, Jia-Qi; Zhang, Yu 4886
The Relation between the Quasi-Localized Energy-Momentum Complexes and the Thermodynamic Potential for the Schwarzschild-de Sitter Black Hole. Yang, I-Ching 1795
The Statistical Properties of the q-Deformed Dirac Oscillator in One and Two Dimensions. Boumali, Abdelmalek; Hassanabadi, Hassan 6831
The Thermodynamic Relationship between the RN-AdS Black Holes and the RN Black Hole in Canonical Ensemble. Ma, Yu-Bo; Zhang, Li-Chun; Liu, Jian; Zhao, Ren; Cao, Shuo 5061
The Visualization of the Space Probability Distribution for a Moving Particle: In a Single Ring-Shaped Coulomb Potential. You, Yuan; Lu, Fa-Lin; Sun, Dong-Sheng; Chen, Chang-Yuan; Dong, Shi-Hai 3502
Thermodynamic Analysis of Gravitational Field Equations in Lyra Manifold. Moradpour, H.; Sadeghnezhad, N.; Ghaffari, S.; Jahan, A. 5587
Thermodynamics in f(T) Gravity with Nonminimal Coupling to Matter. Azizi, Tahereh; Borhani, Najibeh 5504
Thermodynamics of the Schwarzschild-AdS Black Hole with a Minimal Length. Miao, Yan-Gang; Wu, Yu-Mei 10094
Top Partner Production at [e.sup.+][e.sup.-] Collider in the Littlest Higgs Model with T-Parity. Wang, Haiyan; Yang, Bingfang 6301
Tunnelling of Massive/Massless Bosons from the Apparent Horizon of FRW Universe. Jusufi, Kimet; Ovgun, Ali; Apostolovska, Gordana 3145
Two-Center Gaussian Potential Well for Studying Light Nucleus in Cluster Structure. Roshanbakht, Nafiseh; Shojaei, Mohammad Reza 2930
Van der Waals-Like Phase Transition from Holographic Entanglement Entropy in Lorentz Breaking Massive Gravity. Liu, Xian-Ming; Shao, Hong-Bo; Zeng, Xiao-Xiong 5402
Worldline Path-Integral Representations for Standard Model Propagators and Effective Actions. Bhattacharya, Somdatta 17809

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