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Articles from Advances in High Energy Physics (January 1, 2014)

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A field theory with curvature and anticurvature. Wanas, M.I.; Kamal, Mona M. Report 9362
A new [S.sub.4] flavor symmetry in 3-3-1 model with neutral fermions. Vien, V.V.; Long, H.N. 14175
A nonparametric peak finder algorithm and its application in searches for new physics. Chekanov, S.V.; Erickson, M. 3219
A note on asymmetric thick branes. Bazeia, D.; Menezes, R.; da Rocha, R. 4839
A systematic study of magnetic field in relativistic heavy-ion collisions in the RHIC and LHC energy regions. Zhong, Yang; Yang, Chun-Bin; Cai, Xu; Feng, Sheng-Qin Report 4285
Amplifying the hawking signal in BECs. Balbinot, Roberto; Fabbri, Alessandro Report 5007
An analytical study of the nonsinglet spin structure function [g.sup.NS.sub.1](x, t) up to NLO in the DGLAP approach at small x. Borah, Neelakshi N.K.; Choudhury, D.K. 5719
Analytical BPS Maxwell-Higgs vortices. Casana, R.; Ferreira, M.M., Jr.; da Hora, E.; dos Santos, C. 5919
Analytical solution of the Schrodinger equation with spatially varying effective mass for generalised Hylleraas potential. Meyur, Sanjib; Maji, Smarajit; Debnath, S. Report 3266
Angular dependence of [phi] meson production for different photon beam energies. Kang, Jun-Hui; Wang, Ya-Zhou; Li, Bao-Chun Report 2121
Anomalous tq[gamma] couplings in [gamma]p collision at the LHC. Koksal, M.; Inan, S.C. Report 5429
Appearance of a minimal length in [e.sup.+][e.sup.-] annihilation. Dymnikova, Irina; Sakharov, Alexander; Ulbricht, Jurgen Report 7985
Astronomical signatures of dark matter. Gorenstein, Paul; Tucker, Wallace Report 7656
Big bang nucleosynthesis in visible and hidden-mirror sectors. Ciarcelluti, Paolo Report 5482
Black component of dark matter. Grobov, A.V.; Rubin, S.G.; Shalamova, V.Yu. 3887
Challenges in double beta decay. Cremonesi, Oliviero; Pavan, Maura Report 33306
Charged hadron multiplicity distribution at relativistic heavy-ion colliders. Kumar, Ashwini; Srivastava, P.K.; Singh, B.K.; Singh, C.P. 21487
Chemical evolution of strongly interacting quark-gluon plasma. Pan, Ying-Hua; Zhang, Wei-Ning Report 3953
Chemical potentials of quarks extracted from particle transverse momentum distributions in heavy ion collisions at RHIC energies. Zhao, Hong; Liu, Fu-Hu Report 6864
Chiral structure of scalar and pseudoscalar mesons. Chen, Hua-Xing Report 13040
Common behaviors of spinor-type instantons in 2D Thirring and 4D Gursey fermionic models. Aydogmus, Fatma; Tosyali, Eren 4157
Correspondence of f(R, [nabla]R) modified gravity with scalar field models. Jawad, Abdul; Debnath, Ujjal 6585
Cosmological constraints on mirror matter parameters. Ciarcelluti, Paolo; Wallemacq, Quentin 4756
CP violation for [B.sup.0] [right arrow] [[rho].sup.0]([omega])[[rho].sup.0]([omega]) [right arrow] [[pi].sup.+] [[pi].sup.-][[pi].sup.+][[pi].sup.-] in QCD factorization. Lu, Gang; Lei, Jia-Qi; Guo, Xin-Heng Report 5223
CvB damping of primordial gravitational waves and the fine-tuning of the C[gamma]B temperature anisotropy. Bernardini, A.E.; Santos, J.F.G. Report 6154
Cyclotrons as drivers for precision neutrino measurements. Adelmann, A.; Alonso, J.; Barletta, W.A.; Conrad, J.M.; Shaevitz, M.H.; Spitz, J.; Toups, M.; Winslo 17019
Dark atoms and the positron-annihilation-line excess in the galactic bulge. Cudell, J.-R.; Khlopov, M. Yu.; Wallemacq, Q. Report 3310
Dark photon searches using displaced vertices at low energy [e.sup.+][e.sup.-] colliders. Bossi, Fabio Report 6598
Development of a liquid scintillator using water for a next generation neutrino experiment. So, Sun Heang; Joo, Kyung Kwang; Kim, Ba Ro; Kim, Bong Keon; Kim, Seung Chan; Shin, Chang Dong; Yeo, 3965
Development of a real-time, large area, high spatial resolution particle tracker based on scintillating fibers. Presti, D. Lo; Bonanno, D.L.; Longhitano, F.; Pugliatti, C.; Aiello, S.; Cirrone, G.A.P.; Giordano, Report 5650
Dihadron azimuthal correlations in 200 GeV Au-Au and 2.76 TeV Pb-Pb collisions. Zhang, G.X.; Qian, Y.C.; Li, B.C. Report 2383
Dirac equation under scalar and vector generalized isotonic oscillators and Cornell tensor interaction. Hassanabadi, H.; Maghsoodi, E.; Ikot, Akpan N.; Zarrinkamar, S. Report 4167
Dirac particle for the position dependent mass in the generalized asymmetric woods-saxon potential. Alpdogan, Soner; Havare, Ali Report 4137
Double-differential production cross sections of charged pions in charged pion induced nuclear reactions at high momentums. Gao, Ya-Qin; Tian, Tian; Fakhraddin, S.; Rahim, Magda A.; Liu, Fu-Hu Report 4133
Dynamics of interacting tachyonic teleparallel dark energy. Banijamali, Ali Report 7311
Emission of protons and charged Pions in p + Cu and p + Pb collisions at 3, 8, and 15 GeV/c. Kang, J.H.; Qian, Y.C.; Li, B.C.; Wu, S.W. Report 2493
Energy loss of a heavy particle near 3D rotating hairy black hole. Naji, Jalil; Saadat, Hassan Report 2991
Entanglement in a QFT model of neutrino oscillations. Blasone, M.; Dell'Anno, F.; De Siena, S.; Illuminati, F. 4610
Equal area laws and latent heat for d-Dimensional RN-AdS black hole. Zhang, Li-Chun; Zhao, Hui-Hua; Zhao, Ren; Ma, Meng-Sen Report 3461
Error-disturbance uncertainty relations in neutron-spin measurements. Sponar, Stephan; Sulyok, Georg; Erhart, Jaqueline; Hasegawa, Yuji Report 3563
Eta prime gluonic contribution to the nucleon self-energy in an effective theory. Upadhyay, A.; Singh, J.P. Report 4079
Exact solutions of the Dirac Hamiltonian on the sphere under hyperbolic magnetic fields. Yesiltas, Ozlem 4387
Extracting the QCD cutoff parameter using the Bernstein polynomials and the truncated moments. Mirjalili, A.; Yazdanpanah, M.M.; Moradi, Z. 4983
Field equations and radial solutions in a noncommutative spherically symmetric geometry. Yazdani, Aref 6355
Four-neutrino analysis of 1.5 km baseline reactor antineutrino oscillations. Kang, Sin Kyu; Kim, Yeong-Duk; Ko, Young-Ju; Siyeon, Kim 4685
Fractional quantum field theory: from lattice to continuum. Tarasov, Vasily E. Report 10632
FRW cosmology with the extended chaplygin gas. Pourhassan, B.; Kahya, E.O. 5329
Galactic halo wormhole solutions in f(T) gravity. Sharif, M.; Rani, Shamaila Report 4816
Gamma-ray effects of dark forces in dark matter clumps. Belotsky, K.; Khlopov, M.; Kirillov, A. Report 4534
Gaseous detector with sub-keV threshold to study neutrino scattering at low recoil energies. Kopylov, A.V.; Orekhov, I.V.; Petukhov, V.V.; Solomatin, A.E. 4618
Gravitational resonance spectroscopy with an oscillating magnetic field gradient in the GRANIT flow through arrangement. Pignol, G.; Baessler, S.; Nesvizhevsky, V.V.; Protasov, K.; Rebreyend, D.; Voronin, A. Report 4501
Gurzadyan's problem 5 and improvement of softenings for cosmological simulations using the PP method. Eingorn, Maxim Report 2866
Halo-independent comparison of direct dark matter detection data. Del Nobile, Eugenio 9000
Hawking-Unruh hadronization and strangeness production in high energy collisions. Castorina, Paolo; Satz, Helmut 5043
Heavy scalar, vector, and axial-vector mesons in hot and dense nuclear medium. Kumar, Arvind 11694
High performance numerical computing for high energy physics: a new challenge for big data science. Pop, Florin Report 9275
Holographic screens in ultraviolet self-complete quantum gravity. Nicolini, Piero; Spallucci, Euro Report 7370
Hulthen and Coulomb-like potentials as a tensor interaction within the relativistic symmetries of the Manning-Rosen potential. Tokmehdashi, Hadi; Rajabi, Ali Akbar; Hamzavi, Majid Report 8845
Identification of parton pairs in a dijet event and investigation of its effects on dijet resonance search. Ozturk, Sertac Column 3124
In-pile [sup.4]He source for UCN production at the ESS. Klinkby, Esben; Batkov, Konstantin; Mezei, Ferenc; Pitcher, Eric; Schonfeldt, Troels; Takibayev, Ala 1475
Influence of neutral currents on electron and gamma polarizations in the process e + N [right arrow] e' + N + [gamma]. Samsonenko, N.V.; Manga, Adamou Ousmane; Aboubacar, Almoustapha; Moussa, Aboubacar 2799
Interacting quintessence dark energy models in Lyra manifold. Khurshudyan, M.; Sadeghi, J.; Myrzakulov, R.; Pasqua, Antonio; Farahani, H. Report 6859
Interaction between dark matter and dark energy and the cosmological coincidence problem. Nozari, Kourosh; Behrouz, Noushin; Rashidi, Narges 6792
Investigation of the rare exclusive [B.sup.*.sub.c] [right arrow] [D.sub.s]v[bar.v] decays in the framework of the QCD sum rules. Bashiry, V. Report 4046
Lepton flavour violation experiments. Cei, F.; Nicolo, D. Report 22880
Magnetic string with a nonlinear U(1) source. Hendi, S.H. Report 6802
Method of studying [[LAMBDA].sup.0.sub.b] decays with one missing particle. Stone, Sheldon; Zhang, Liming Report 3614
MicroBlack holes thermodynamics in the presence of quantum gravity effects. Soltani, H.; Kamali, A. Damavandi; Nozari, K. 7246
Milli-interacting dark matter interpretation of the direct-search experiments. Wallemacq, Quentin Report 7294
Neutrino oscillations in the atmospheric parameter region: from the early experiments to the present. Giacomelli, G.; Giorgini, M.; Patrizii, L.; Sioli, M. 16276
Neutrino oscillations. Bellini, G.; Ludhova, L.; Ranucci, G.; Villante, F.L. 26227
Neutrinos as probes of Lorentz invariance. Diaz, Jorge S. Report 9142
Neutron noise analysis with flash-Fourier algorithm at the IBR-2M reactor. Dima, Mihai O.; Pepelyshev, Yuri N.; Tayibov, Lachin Report 3087
NMC and the fine-tuning problem on the brane. Safsafi, A.; Bennai, M. Report 4800
Noncommutative phase space Schrodinger equation with minimal length. Hassanabadi, H.; Molaee, Z.; Zarrinkamar, S. 2128
Nonlocal quantum effects in cosmology. Dumin, Yurii V. 5561
Novel quantum encryption algorithm based on multiqubit quantum shift register and hill cipher. Khalaf, Rifaat Zaidan; Abdullah, Alharith Abdulkareem 3441
Nuclear stopping in central Au+Au collisions at RHIC energies. Yuan, Ying; Guan, Nana Report 2760
On descriptions of particle transverse momentum spectra in high energy collisions. Liu, Fu-Hu; Gao, Ya-Qin; Wei, Hua-Rong 6130
On finite interquark potential in D = 3 driven by a minimal length. Gaete, Patricio 3022
On particle production in lead-gold collision and azimuthal anisotropy at top SPS energy. Li, Bao-Chun; Zhang, Zhao 2396
On two-ridge structure in two-particle azimuthal correlations in proton-lead collisions at Large Hadron Collider energy. Liu, Fu-Hu; Tian, Tian; Gao, Ya-Qin 5602
Particle collisions in the lower dimensional rotating black hole space-time with the cosmological constant. Yang, Jie; Li, Yun-Liang; Li, Yang; Wei, Shao-Wen; Liu, Yu-Xiao 3960
Particle yields in heavy ion collisions and the influence of strong magnetic fields. de Paoli, M.G.; Menezes, D.P. 8719
Performance of water-based liquid scintillator: an independent analysis. Beznosko, D.; Batyrkhanov, A.; Duspayev, A.; Iakovlev, A.; Yessenov, M. 3798
Phase transitions, geometrothermodynamics, and critical exponents of black holes with conformal anomaly. Mo, Jie-Xiong; Liu, Wen-Biao Report 6156
Physics potential of long-baseline experiments. Agarwalla, Sanjib Kumar 19247
Pion [p.sub.T] spectra in p + p collisions as a function of [square root of s] and event multiplicity. Sett, Priyanka; Shukla, Prashant Report 3844
Precision measurement of the position-space wave functions of gravitationally bound ultracold neutrons. Kamiya, Y.; Ichikawa, G.; Komamiya, S. Report 4057
Present status and future perspectives of the NEXT experiment. Report 12755
Probes for 4th generation constituents of dark atoms in Higgs boson studies at the LHC. Khlopov, M. Yu.; Shibaev, R.M. 4467
Probing features of the Lee-Wick quantum electrodynamics. Turcati, R.; Neves, M.J. 6340
Probing the top quark flavour-changing neutral current at a future electron-positron collider. Hesari, Hoda; Khanpour, Hamzeh; Yanehsari, Morteza Khatiri; Najafabadi, Mojtaba Mohammadi 6518
Proposal to search for a dark photon in positron on target collisions at DA[PHI]NE linac. Raggi, Mauro; Kozhuharov, Venelin Report 8861
Pseudorapidity distribution of charged particles and square speed of sound parameter in p-p or p-[bar.p] collisions over an energy range from 0.053 to 7 TeV. Gao, Ya-Qin; Tian, Tian; Gao, Li-Na; Liu, Fu-Hu 5330
Quantized ultracold neutrons in rough waveguides: GRANIT experiments and beyond. Escobar, M.; Meyerovich, A.E. 5737
Quantum-spacetime scenarios and soft spectral lags of the remarkable GRB130427A. Amelino-Camelia, Giovanni; Fiore, Fabrizio; Guetta, Dafne; Puccetti, Simonetta 11041
Radio-wave propagation in salt domes: implications for a UHE cosmic neutrino detector. Badescu, Alina-Mihaela; Saftoiu, Alexandra Report 6642
Reconstructions of Einstein-Aether gravity from ordinary and entropy-corrected versions of holographic and new agegraphic dark energy models. Debnath, Ujjal 6665
Regge poles in neutron scattering by a cylinder. Protasov, K.V.; Voronin, A.Y. 5283
Residual symmetries applied to neutrino oscillations at NOvA and T2k. Hanlon, Andrew D.; Repko, Wayne W.; Dicus, Duane A. 5344
Rotating dilaton black strings coupled to exponential nonlinear electrodynamics. Sheykhi, Ahmad 6499
Rough mirror as a quantum state selector: analysis and design. Escobar, M.; Lamy, F.; Meyerovich, A.E.; Nesvizhevsky, V.V. Report 9372
Scattering and bound states of Duffin-Kemmer-Petiau particles for q-parameter hyperbolic Poschl-Teller potential. Yanar, Hilmi; Havare, Ali; Sogut, Kenan Report 4707
Schwarzschild-de sitter and anti-de sitter thin-shell wormholes and their stability. Sharif, M.; Mumtaz, Saadia Report 4538
Search for the anomalous interactions of up-type heavy quarks in [gamma][gamma] collision at the LHC. Koksal, M.; Inan, S.C. 5514
Searches for dark matter with superheated liquid techniques. Pullia, A. 4279
Semileptonic transition of tensor [[chi].sub.c2](1P) to [D.sub.s] meson. Sungu, J.Y.; Sundu, H.; Azizi, K. 3562
Sensitivity on the dipole moments of the [tau]-neutrino at [e.sup.+][e.sup.-] colliders: ILC and CLIC. Gutierrez-Rodriguez, A. 3806
Some implications of two forms of the generalized uncertainty principle. Khalil, Mohammed M. 5137
Spinless particles in exponentially varying electric and magnetic fields. Sogut, Kenan; Havare, Ali 3780
Status of the GERDA experiment at the Laboratori Nazionali del Gran Sasso. Brugnera, R.; Garfagnini, A. Report 9875
Studies of three-body decay of B to J/[psi][eta]K and B([B.sub.s]) to [[eta].sub.c][pi][K.sup.*]. Mohammadi, Behnam; Mehraban, Hossein 4777
Study of [[chi].sub.c0](1P) [right arrow] J/[psi][gamma] and [[chi].sub.b0](1P) [right arrow] Y(1S)[gamma] decays via QCD sum rules. Bashiry, V. 4246
Study of baryon spectroscopy using a new potential form. Abou-Salem, L.I. 2777
Study of confinement/deconfinement transition in AdS/QCD with generalized warp factors. Sachan, Shobhit 4472
Study on the neutrino oscillation with a next generation medium-baseline reactor experiment. Shin, Chang Dong; Joo, Kyung Kwang Report 5095
Testing general relativistic predictions with the LAGEOS satellites. Peron, Roberto Report 9661
The annual modulation signature for dark matter: DAMA/LIBRA-phase1 results and perspectives. Bernabei, Rita; Belli, Pierluigi; Cappella, Fabio; Caracciolo, Vincenzo; Castellano, Simone; Cerulli 7042
The critical phenomena and thermodynamics of the Reissner-Nordstrom-de Sitter black hole. Zhao, Ren; Ma, Mengsen; Zhao, Huihua; Zhang, Lichun 3944
The effect of nuclear elastic scattering on temperature equilibration rate of ions in fusion plasma. Mahdavi, M.; Azadifar, R.; Koohrokhi, T. Report 4051
The evolution-dominated hydrodynamic model and the pseudorapidity distributions in high energy physics. Jiang, Z.J.; Zhang, H.L.; Wang, J.; Ma, K. 5173
The final stage of gravitationally collapsed thick matter layers. Nicolini, Piero; Orlandi, Alessio; Spallucci, Euro Report 5485
The low-scale approach to neutrino masses. Boucenna, Sofiane M.; Morisi, Stefano; Valle, Jose W.F. Report 12060
The Majorana Demonstrator neutrinoless double-beta decay experiment. 12680
The NOMAD experiment at CERN. Vannucci, F. 16396
The scattering and bound states of the Schrodinger particle in generalized asymmetric Manning-Rosen type potential. Tas, Ahmet; Alpdogan, Soner; Havare, Ali 4014
The statistical properties of spin-one DKP oscillator under an external magnetic field in noncommutative space. Hassanabadi, S.; Ghominejad, M. 3442
The study of neutrino oscillations with emulsion detectors. Ereditato, A. 11518
The WArP experiment: a double-phase argon detector for dark matter searches. Zani, Andrea 12434
Theory and phenomenology of space-time defects. Hossenfelder, Sabine Report 4797
Theory of neutrino-atom collisions: the history, present status, and BSM physics. Kouzakov, Konstantin A.; Studenikin, Alexander I. 12707
Thomas-Fermi model in the presence of natural cutoffs. Nozari, Kourosh; Haghani, Z.; Vahedi, J. 5453
Towards thermodynamics with generalized uncertainty principle. Ali, Ahmed Farag; Moussa, Mohamed Report 5598
Transport coefficients for holographic hydrodynamics at scale scale. Ge, Xian-Hui; Leng, Hong-Qiang; Fang, Li Qing; Yang, Guo-Hong Report 11128
Transverse momentum and pseudorapidity distributions of charged particles and spatial shapes of interacting events in Pb-Pb collisions at 2.76 TeV. Liu, Fu-Hu; Gao, Ya-Qin; Tian, Tian; Li, Bao-Chun Report 5004
VOF modeling and analysis of the segmented flow in Y-shaped microchannels for microreactor systems. Wang, Xian; Hirano, Hiroyuki; Xie, Gongnan; Xu, Ding Report 4099
Warm inflation with nonminimal derivative coupling. Nozari, Kourosh; Shoukrani, M.; Rashidi, N. 5692
Wormhole solutions in the presence of nonlinear Maxwell field. Hendi, S.H. Report 6761

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