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Articles from Advances in Fuzzy Systems (January 1, 2018)

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[sigma]-Algebra and [sigma]-Baire in Fuzzy Soft Setting. Khalil, Shuker Mahmood; Ulrazaq, Mayadah; Abdul-Ghani, Samaher; Al-Musawi, Abu Firas 10032
A Direct Method to Compare Bipolar LR Fuzzy Numbers. Ghanbari, Reza; Ghorbani-Moghadam, Khatere; Mahdavi-Amiri, Nezam 3337
A Hesitant Fuzzy Set Approach to Ideal Theory in [GAMMA]-Semigroups. Abbasi, Mohammad Y.; Talee, Aakif F.; Khan, Sabahat A.; Hila, Kostaq 5635
A Hybrid Approach to Call Admission Control in 5G Networks. Al-Maitah, Mohammed; Semenova, Olena O.; Semenov, Andriy O.; Kulakov, Pavel I.; Kucheruk, Volodymyr 3356
A Hybrid System for Subjectivity Analysis. Rustamov, Samir 5641
A Lightweight Intrusion Detection Method Based on Fuzzy Clustering Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks. Qu, Hongchun; Lei, Libiao; Tang, Xiaoming; Wang, Ping 8056
A Method Based on Extended Fuzzy Transforms to Approximate Fuzzy Numbers in Mamdani Fuzzy Rule-Based System. Martino, Ferdinando Di; Sessa, Salvatore 8881
A Multicriteria Decision-Making Approach Based on Fuzzy AHP with Intuitionistic 2-Tuple Linguistic Sets. Faizi, Shahzad; Rashid, Tabasam; Zafar, Sohail 10103
A Study of Ordered Ag-Groupoids in terms of Semilattices via Smallest (Fuzzy) Ideals. Amjid, Venus; Yousafzai, Faisal; Hila, Kostaq 5251
A Study of the Impact of Underground Economy on Integral Tax Burden in the Proportional Growth Model under Uncertainty. Musayev, Akif; Musayeva, Aygun Report 3612
A Study on Some Fundamental Properties of Continuity and Differentiability of Functions of Soft Real Numbers. Thakur, Ramkrishna; Samanta, S.K. 7981
An Application of Interval Arithmetic for Solving Fully Fuzzy Linear Systems with Trapezoidal Fuzzy Numbers. Siahlooei, Esmaeil; Fazeli, Seyed Abolfazl Shahzadeh 4681
Aumann Fuzzy Improper Integral and Its Application to Solve Fuzzy Integro-Differential Equations by Laplace Transform Method. Eljaoui, Elhassan; Melliani, Said; Chadli, L. Saadia 6997
Common Fixed Points of Intuitionistic Fuzzy Maps for Meir-Keeler Type Contractions. Kanwal, Shazia; Azam, Akbar 5023
Context Adaptation of Fuzzy Inference System-Based Construction Labor Productivity Models. Tsehayae, Abraham Assefa; Fayek, Aminah Robinson Report 10578
Criterion for Generalized Weakly Fuzzy Invex Monotonocities. Khan, Meraj A.; Ahmad, Izhar; Aljohani, Abdulrahman 6914
Distance Based Entropy Measure of Interval-Valued Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets and Its Application in Multicriteria Decision Making. Rashid, Tabasam; Faizi, Shahzad; Zafar, Sohail 7958
Distribution Network Risk Assessment Using Multicriteria Fuzzy Influence Diagram. Janjic, Aleksandar 5643
Duals and Matrix Classes Involving Cesaro Type Classes of Sequences of Fuzzy Numbers. Dutta, Hemen; Gogoi, Jyotishmaan 4643
FCM-Type Fuzzy Coclustering for Three-Mode Cooccurrence Data: 3FCCM and 3Fuzzy CoDoK. Honda, Katsuhiro; Suzuki, Yurina; Ubukata, Seiki; Notsu, Akira Report 4926
Fuzzy Analytical Hierarchy Process Method to Determine the Quality of Gemstones. Putra, Mochammad Sobandi Dwi; Andryana, Septi; Fauziah; Gunaryati, Aris 3286
Fuzzy Dynamic Parameter Adaptation in ACO and PSO for Designing Fuzzy Controllers: The Cases of Water Level and Temperature Control. Valdez, Fevrier; Vazquez, Juan Carlos; Gaxiola, Fernando 8282
Fuzzy Sliding Mode Based Series Hybrid Active Power Filter for Power Quality Enhancement. Das, Soumya Ranjan; Ray, Prakash K.; Mohanty, Asit 3624
Gaussian Qualitative Trigonometric Functions in a Fuzzy Circle. Anand, M. Clement Joe; Bharatraj, Janani 5695
Implementing Fuzzy TOPSIS in Cloud Type and Service Provider Selection. Basu, Aveek; Ghosh, Sanchita 7575
Kaizen Selection for Continuous Improvement through VSM-Fuzzy-TOPSIS in Small-Scale Enterprises: An Indian Case Study. Kumar, Sunil; Dhingra, Ashwani Kumar; Singh, Bhim Case study 6022
Multiobjective Optimized Routing Protocol for VANETs. Fahad, Taqwa O.; Ali, Abduladhem A. 4389
Numerical Solution of Two-Dimensional Linear Fuzzy Fredholm Integral Equations by the Fuzzy Lagrange Interpolation. Nouriani, H.; Ezzati, R. 3888
On (L, M)-Double Fuzzy Filter Spaces. El-Latif, A.A. Abd; Aygun, H.; Cetkin, V. 11522
On Application of Ordered Fuzzy Numbers in Ranking Linguistically Evaluated Negotiation Offers. Piasecki, Krzysztof; Roszkowska, Ewa 8375
Optimization of Risk and Return Using Fuzzy Multiobjective Linear Programming. Panwar, Darsha; Jha, Manoj; Srivastava, Namita 5222
Ordered Semigroups Based on ([member of], [member of] V[g.sup.[delta].sub.k])-Fuzzy Ideals. Khan, Faiz Muhammad; Yufeng, Nie; Khan, Hidayat Ullah; Khan, Bakht Muhammad 10564
Parameter Estimation and Sensitivity Analysis of an Optimal Control Model for Capital Asset Management. Latunde, Tolulope; Bamigbola, Olabode Matthias 7231
Prediction of Ubiquitination Sites Using UbiNets. Yadav, Sarthak; Gupta, Manoj; Bist, Ankur Singh 5245
Pythagorean Fuzzy (R, S)-Norm Information Measure for Multicriteria Decision-Making Problem. Guleria, Abhishek; Bajaj, Rakesh Kumar 7759
Quaternionic Serret-Frenet Frames for Fuzzy Split Quaternion Numbers. Yormaz, Cansel; Simsek, Simge; Elmas, Serife Naz 3097
Retracted: Type-2 Fuzzy Logic Controller of a Doubly Fed Induction Machine. Correction notice 195
Search of Fuzzy Periods in the Works of Poetry of Different Authors. Nor, Artur; Korotkov, Eugene 7709
Simultaneous Resource Accumulation and Payoff Allocation: A Cooperative Fuzzy Game Approach. Borkotokey, Surajit; Neog, Rupok; Zhang, Qiang 9834
Solidarity Value and Solidarity Share Functions for TU Fuzzy Games. Biswakarma, Rajib; Borkotokey, Surajit; Mesiar, Radko 7137
Solving Fuzzy Volterra Integrodifferential Equations of Fractional Order by Bernoulli Wavelet Method. Shabestari, R. Mastani; Ezzati, R.; Allahviranloo, T. 5900
The Neural-Fuzzy Approach as a Way of Preventing a Maritime Vessel Accident in a Heavy Traffic Zone. Sedova, Nelly A.; Sedov, Viktor A.; Bazhenov, Ruslan I. 6548
Two Approximation Models of Fuzzy Weight Vector from a Comparison Matrix. Entani, Tomoe Report 7057
Ultra-Short-Term Prediction of Wind Power Based on Fuzzy Clustering and RBF Neural Network. Hui, Huang; Rong, Jia; Songkai, Wang 3601
Using Intuitionistic Fuzzy TOPSIS in Site Selection of Wind Power Plants in Turkey. Rouyendegh, Babak Daneshvar, "B. Erdebilli"; Yildizbasi, Abdullah; Arikan, Ummuhan Z.B. 6584
Why Are FGM Copulas Successful? A Simple Explanation. Sriboonchitta, Songsak; Kreinovich, Vladik 3236

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