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Articles from Advances in Environmental Biology (December 1, 2016)

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Acceptance of the oriental wasp Vespa orientalis L. (Hymenoptera: Vespidae) to different baits. Antary, Tawfiq M. Al; Heyari, Bassam N. Al-; Nazer, Ibrahim K. 3965
Anti-dermatophyte activity of Ti[O.sub.2] NPs colloidal prepared by pulsed laser ablation in liquid environment. Kadhim, A.; Haleem, Azhar M.; Abass, Ruaa H. 4283
Antibacterial and antitumor effects of bis-(4-bromobenzaldehyde-4-iminacetophenone) tetraaquocobalt(II) sulphate complex. Noureldeen, Amani F. H.; Qusti, Safaa Y.; Alamoudi, Wafa A.; Rawas, Anoud I. Al-; Ramadan, Ramadan M 7412
Biodegradation of epoxidized sunflower oil (ESO) and epoxidized soya bean oil (ESBO). Lardjane, N.; Medkour, Y.; Belhaneche-Bensemra, N. 1254
Characterization of epiphytic bacterial communities from Phoenix dactylifera growth in south east of Algeria and the effect of climatic changes on their biodiversity. Aimene, Wissame; Bouden, Ismail; Bouzyani, Mohammed; Ferry, Natalie; Swamy, Arvind; Benhizya, Yacine 5347
Comparative studies on efficacy of ethanolic extracts of Calligonum comosum plant and triclabendazole (TCBZ) "Fasinex on treatment of goats fascioliasis in Taif governorate. Jamila, S. Malki, Al-; Nabila, S. Degheidy; Fatimah, S. Harbi, Al- 3749
Effectiveness of some insecticide mixed with a bait, and Heptyl Butrate on the oriental wasp Vespa orientalis L. (Hymenoptera: Vespidae). Heyari, Bassam N. Al-; Antary, Tawfiq M. Al; Nazer, Ibrahim K. 5025
Effects of continuous use of cypermethrin in laboratory rats Wistar race. Jeffrey, Mora; Ramos, Olga; Dario, Amaya 2879
Effects of continuous use, excessive and/or prolonged of Diclorvos compound in laboratory rats CD (SD) BR. Jefry, Mora; Dario, Amaya; Ramos, Olga 3004
Evaluation of the attractiveness of the oriental wasp Vespa orientalis L. (Hymenoptera: Vespidae) to different bait traps. Heyari, Bassam N. Al; Antary, Tawfiq M. Al; Nazer, Ibrahim K. 4511
Freshwater fish fauna of Algeria. The fish fauna of inland waters of Great-Kabylia. Lounaci-Daoudi, Dhya; Lounaci, Abdelkader; Arab, Abdeslam 5340
Houseflies (Diptera: Muscidae) associated with rabbit carcasses in Jeddah City, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Shareef, Layla A. H. Al- 4686
Influence of the absence of irrigation water on the arthropod complex in a lucerne (Medicago sativa Linne) in Mitidja (Algeria). Houda, Bendoumia; Saida, Tergou; Salaheddine, Doumandji Report 2856
Introductory study of weeds with developing Taif Rosa crops in Al-Hada and Al-Shafa area. Majrshi, Abdullah A.; Khandaker, Mohammad Moneruzzaman Report 4312
Isolation and molecular identification (PCR-Delta and PCR-RFLP-ITS) of the yeast from Black Muscat grape cultived in El malah (Wilaya of Ain Temouchent, Algeria). Berber, Nadia; Aissaoui, Rachid; Bekada, Ahmed Mohamed Ali; Coarer, Morvan 3872
Molecular identification and phylogeny of different macrofungi in Mt. Bangkay, Cuyapo, Nueva Ecija, Philippines based on its NRDNA region. Undan, Jesusa Q.; Alfonso, Danny O.; Dulay, Rich Milton; De Leon, Angeles M.; Kalaw, Sofronio P.; Un 3424
Molecular identification and phylogeny of some wild microscopic fungi from selected areas of Jaen, Nueva Ecija, Philippines. Lopez, Ageo Boy V.; Aquino, John Dave C.; Undan, Jesusa Q.; Waing, Kristine Grace D.; Undan, Jerwin 3247
New medium for identification of low and moderate density biofilm production of Escherichia coli isolates from UTI patients. Alwan, Ali H.; Hassan, Ashraf S.; Khwen, Noor N.; Kareem, Haneen A.; Sahib, Rana A. 3830
Studies on spray pyrolysis Sn[O.sub.2]: [In.sub.2][O.sub.3] thin films for N[O.sub.2] gas sensing application. Fahad, Othman Abad; Jumaili, Hamid S. Al-; Suhail, Mahdi Hasan Report 3887
Study of some technological quality parameters in durum wheat under (Triticum durum Desf.) the influence of the environment: use of N.I.R.S method. Nesrine, Hacini; Dominique, Desclaux; Benbelkacem-Abdelkader; Sofian, Labar Report 2692
The bio-augmentation of Glyphosate and 2,4-D by Pseudomonas aeruginosa in two soil types of the Bou Namoussa' irrigable perimeter (Algerian extreme Northeast): effects on bioavailability of assimilable phosphorus ([P.sub.2][O.sub.5]) and nitrates (N[O.sub.3.sup.-]). Cheloufi, R.; Messaadia, H.; Alayat, H. 4909
Total antioxidant activity and insulin resistance in Iraqi male patients with active Acromegaly: a case control study. Ismail, Hajir Khalil; Abbas, Salma Abdul-Rudha; Abed, Baydaa Ahmed; Mohammed, Mustafa Taha; Mustafa, Report 3799
Treatment effect of gum Arabic on liver of glycerol-treated white male rats (histological and histochemical study). Batarfi, Nafisa Mohammd Report 2345

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