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Articles from Advances in Environmental Biology (March 1, 2015)

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A method for solving dual fuzzy system of linear equations. Kargar, Reza Report 2235
A method to determine a single point percentage daylight factor (%DF) value from field work data. Fadzil, Sharifah Fairuz Syed; Harun, Wan Mariah Wan; Abdullah, Adel Report 1342
A perspective on the advantages of healing garden towards improving health in nursing home. Abas, Ani Shazwani; Yunos, Yazid Mohd; Isa, Nor Kalsum Mohd; Ismail, Nor Atiah; Aziz, Faziawati Abdu Report 1653
A research on the development of detailed solar radiation weather data for major cities in Malaysia. Baharum, Faizal; Ismail, Shahril Nizam; Rashid, Zulzakiyuddin Ahmad; Ismail, Radzi Report 1468
Accruals quality, dividend policy and investment efficiency and decisions using Generalized Method of Moments (GMM): empirical evidence from companies listed in tehran stock exchange. Moradi, Mahdi; Shakeri, Mahrokh; Ghorbani, Mohamad Report 4122
An investigation on chemical formation damage in Iranian reservoir by focus on mineralogy role in shale swelling potential in Pabdeh and Gurpi formations. Mohammadian, Nima; Ghorbani, Hamzeh Report 2398
An investigation on the relation between spiritual and emotional intelligence and life satisfaction of the students of Azad University of Lamard. Hosseinpoor, Farzaneh; Mashinchi, Aliasghar; Askari, Ahmad Report 3047
An overview on issues related to fallen trees in Malaysia. Rashid, Zul Zakiyuddin Ahmad; Baharum, Faizal; Ismail, Radzi; Hussin, Abdul Aziz; Hanafi, Hanizun Report 1670
Analysis of farmer's perceptions and attitudes toward privatization of agricultural promotion a case study of Beyza section. Moayedi, Sedigheh; Mosavi, Nematolah; Taheri, Farzaneh Case study 6954
Assessing essential facilities for daily walking in a tropical campus. Afsar, Bijan; Yunos, Yazid Mohd; Yusof, Johari Mohd Report 1742
Assessing tourism economic impact on local community in Lenggong Valley. Wahi, Anis Fadhilah Mat; Yusop, Mohamad Azwan; Mustapha, Mastura Jaafar; Othman, Abdul Ghapar Report 1887
Community centre as a disaster relief centre for flood victims. Report 1750
Comparative study on sunlight penetration between post modern and neo-minimalist terraced house facade in Malaysia. Hassan, Ahmad Sanusi; Arab, Yasser; Bakhlah, Mohammed Salem Obaid Case study 2103
Component-based approach for steel joints in fire. Taib, Mariati; Mydin, Azree Othuman Report 1470
Corticolous lichen flora on Quercus suber L. in the wetlands of El Kala national park (North-Eastern Algeria). Boutabia, Lamia; Telailia, Salah; de Belair, Gerard Report 7243
Criteria and determinants for assessing the sustainability of conservation management and process of Malay Vernacular House. Roosli, Ruhizal; Bakar, Abu Hassan Abu; Abas, Noor Faisal; Ismail, Mazran; Abdullah, Shardy; Yusuf, Report 2145
Critical review on the role of street art of George Town, Pulau Pinang. Sadatiseyedmahalleh, Seyedehelham; Rahman, Suraiyati; Abdullah, Aldrin Report 2563
Developing a sustainable campus landscape criteria: an evaluation Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris as a Green Campus. Mahayudin, Rosa Malinda; Yunos, Yazid Mohd; Mydin, Azree Othuman; Tahir, Osman Mohd Report 1730
Developing appropriate metrics for enhancing construction industry innovation studies. Moohammad, Adinoyi Ya'qoob; Yusof, Nor'Aini; Kamal, Ernawati Mustafa Report 1760
Development of cultural heritage tourism: issues and challenges. Othman, Nur Izzati; Ismail, Nor Atiah; Yunos, Yazid Mohd Report 2006
Ecohydrology (EH) for enhancement of Kuala Lumpur urban storm water management system. Gombri, Hashim; Yunos, Yazid Mohd; Yusof, Johari Mohd; Ibrahim, Rahinah Report 1977
Effect of eight weeks of aerobic training on glucose and lipid profile of the young women employees of oil company in Ahwaz. Alahyar, Maryam Moozarm; Amirhosseini, Seyed Ehsan; Naghibi, Morteza Report 4546
Effect of temperature, drought and salinity stresses on germination of Portulaca Oleracea L., Trigonella Foenum-Graecium L., Borago Officinalis L. and Hypericum Perforatum L. Dehkordi, Reza Mirzaiyan; Yadegari, Mehrab; Hamedi, Behzad Report 3733
Effect of the aesthetics dimensions on tendency of women to recreational and sport space in Mazandaran Province's Parks. Bahramnezhad, Somayeh; Safania, Ali Mohammad; Moosavi, Seyyed Jafar Report 4854
Effectiveness of cognitive behavior therapy on the quality of life and reduction of symptoms in women with body dysmorphic disorder (BDD). Younesi, Seyyed Jalal; Ghadimi, Somayyeh; Sharifi, Mahdi; Sohrabnejad, Sajad; Mehraban, Shafiq; Azim Report 3198
Effectiveness of health-promoting lifestyle training on positive relationship with others and purposefulness in life of girl students living in the dormitory of Isfahan University. Tavakoli, Farzaneh Manzari; Tajrobekar, Mahshid; Tavakoli, Shiva Manzari Report 2042
Effects of salinity stress and drought due to different concentrations of sodium chloride and polyethylene glycol 6000 on germination and seedling growth characteristics of pinto bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.). Keshtiban, Rasoul Khodaverdivand; Carvani, Vahid; Imandar, Mojtaba Report 5416
Effects of simplicity and complexity interior design strategies in the identity of place. Abdulqader, Oday Qusay; Ibrahim, Fuziah; Bahauddin, Azizi Report 1804
Effects of soil and foliar applications of potassium sulfate on yield and yield components of maize SC. 704 under different irrigations levels in Iran. Frootan, Avaz; Yarnia, Mehrdad Report 4590
Energy efficiency for reducing carbon footprint in historic buildings: comparing case in the UK and Malaysia. Loron, Mehrdad Sahraei; Ismail, Sumarni; Yunos, Yazid B. Mohd Report 1681
Environmental impacts of building materials for minarets of historical mosques. Yahya, Hafedh Abed; Samad, Muna Hanim Abdul Report 1805
Evaluating diversity of commercial streets by the approach of sense of place. Obeidy, Musaab Sami Al-; Shamsuddin, Shuhana Report 1339
Evaluating the effect of bio fertilizers and nitrogen fertilizer on rate of biological nitrogen fixation (BNF) and nodulation of cowpea varieties in Ahwaz, Iran. Khouzani, Mohammad Reza Zargaran; Nejad, Tayeb Saki Report 4653
Factors affecting neighbourhood quality: a conceptual framework. Fattah, Hamizah Abdul; Badarulzaman, Nurwati; Ali, Kausar Report 2483
Fire resistance performance of coir fibre-reinforced foamed concrete wall panel. Ganesan, Shankar; Mydin, Azree Othuman; Yunos, Yazid Mohd Report 1575
Fire safety management problems in fire accidents in hospital building. Ong, Woon Chin; Suleiman, Zailan Report 1503
Governmental incentive instruments for developing energy efficient building: a comparative study between Malaysia and some developed countries. Samari, Milad; Ghodrati, Nariman; Shafiei, Wira Mohd Report 1881
How and where is urban growth? Analysis of urban growth in Colombo district, Sri Lanka. Weerakoon, Padma Report 1987
How do artificial lighting affects students in studying environment?: a case study of the design studio, housing building and planning, Universiti Sains Malaysia. Zakaria, Safial Aqbar; Bahauddin, Azizi Report 1558
Identification of factors affecting branding in commercial insurance companies of Iran. Karimian, Leila; Amirshahi, Mirahmad; Hanzaee, Kambiz Heidarzadeh Report 3435
Identifying and explaining the components of marketing paradise by using of Delphi fuzzy Technique. Rategh, Erfaneh; Ghaseminezhad, Mina; Hassani, Hossein ali Report 3429
Impact of leadership styles and employee training on the performance of graduates joining the real estate industry. Harthy, Fatma Nasser Al-; Yusof, Nor' Aini; Zainul, Nazirah Report 1727
Influence of Ti[O.sub.2] nanoparticle, summer savory and their combination on the growth of bacteria in meat. Qajar, Mahbobe; Baei, Mohammad T.; Seyedalangi, Seyede Zahra Report 2394
Influence of various densities and additives on mechanical properties of green foamed concrete. Mydin, M.A. Othuman; Ganesan, S.; Yunos, M.Y. Mohd Report 2144
Integrated design approach: a mode towards sustainability in building project. Isa, Nor Kalsum Mohd; Samad, Zulkiflee Abdul; Alias, Anuar; Yunos, Yazid Mohd; Ibrahim, Hairy Report 1928
Integrated project delivery (IPD) in Malaysian construction industry dealing with waste issue. Rahim, Syukran Abdul; Nifa, Faizatul Akmar Abdul; Nawi, Nasrun Mohd Report 1335
Investigating alterations of Caspian Sea level fluctuations and their impact on ostracodes of Boujagh pond. Parvane, Mohammadi; Mahnaz; Lak; Razieh; Fatemi; Reza, Seyd Mohamad; Keyvan, Khaksar Report 4313
Investigating factors and indicators of bonding and bridging social capital effective on Residents' Support of Domestic Production in the city of Kerman, Iran (based on structural equation (presenting path model). Sanatkhah, Alireza; Razavi, Vida Report 5140
Investigating the effect of media advertising (through TV) on attracting banks clients based on AIDA model: case study of Bank Mellat. Penhani, Dariush; Ghadami, Mohsen; Fard, Majid Jahangir Case study 4403
Knowledge management and growth performance in construction industry. Yusof, Mohamad Nizam; Bakar, Abu Hassan Abu; Razak, Nordin Abd.; Tabassi, Amin Akhavan Report 1490
Kuala Lumpur Historic City Centre through the lenses of international tourist. Najd, Meysam Deghati; Yunos, Yazid Mohd; Ismail, Nor Atiah; Maulan, Suhardi Report 1757
Linking organizational culture to lean implementation in the Malaysian construction industry: a conceptual framework. Hooi, Cheah Albert Chong; Bakar, Abu Hassan Abu Report 1982
Mechanical properties of concrete containing biomass ash as cement substitute. Mirzaei, Nasibeh Faghih; Far, Reza Esmaeili; Abas, Noor Faisal Report 1521
Optimization on the hybridization ratio of ground granulated blast furnace slag and high calcium wood ash (GGBS--HCWA) for the fabrication of geopolymer mortar. Samsudin, Muhammad Hasnolhadi; Ban, Cheah Chee Report 1848
Palliative nursing care impact on anxiety outcomes in patients waiting for cardiac catheterization. Hashemy, Sima; Zakerimoghadam, Masoumeh; Neisi, Leila Report 3241
Payment issues in Malaysia Industrialised Building System (IBS): a research framework. Nawi, Nasrun Mohd; Mydin, Azree Othuman; Nursal, Ahmad Taufik; Nifa, Faizatul Akmar Abdul; Hanafi, H Report 1741
Payment issues in Malaysia Industrialised Building System (IBS): literature visit. Nawi, Nasrun Mohd; Mydin, Azree Othuman; Nursal, Ahmad Taufik; Nifa, Faizatul Akmar Abdul; Bahaudin, Report 2033
Preference on social interaction with new people in high density condominiums in Malaysia. Fard, Parvin Amini; Sharif, Mustafa Kamal Mohd; Yunos, Yazid Mohd Report 1232
Problems in implementation of fire safety management in Malaysia government hospital. Ong, Woon Chin; Suleiman, Zailan Report 2197
Properties of thin-walled steel members exposed to high temperatures and fire condition. Mydin, Azree Othuman; Taib, Mariati Report 1734
Residential property hotspots forecasting in greater Kuala Lumpur--economic characteristics and property attributes approach. Alias, Anuar; Rashid, Wan Azlan Wan Abdul; Isa, Nor Kalsum Mohd Report 1649
Residents' preference towards rooftop garden: a case of the heritage condominium, Selangor. Jafari, Neda; Yunos, Yazid Mohd; Tahir, Osman Mohd Report 1963
Review of marketing margin of tomato in Bushehr province. Mohammadi, Nasrin; Najafi, Bahaedine; Mosavi, Nematolah Report 8668
Safe pedestrian environment: creation of safe sidewalk in university campus. Afsar, Bijan; Yunos, Yazid Mohd; Mydin, Azree Othuman; Yusof, Johari Mohd Report 1660
Strengthening of deficient steel box-shaped compressive members using CFRP. Ghaemdoust, Mohammad Reza; Narmashiri, Kambiz; Keykha, Amir Hamzeh Report 2767
Study on participation of Iranian rural women in different agricultural activities based on their characteristics. Naseri, Simin; Bevrani, Hossein Report 3135
Study the effects of soil compaction on growth characteristics of Alnus glutinosa. Firouzan, Amir Hossein; Nejad, Somayeh Mohammadi Report 2077
Studying the effect of intellectual capital on performance of optimizing fuel consumption firm mediated by Knowledge Management (KM). Largani, Bita Soltani; Mahmoudi, Seyyed mohammad Javad Report 3580
Sustainable roofs in Iranian vernacular residential buildings. Nia, Elham Maghsoudi; Rahman, Nordin Abdul; Yunos, Yazid Mohd; Mydin, Azree Othuman Report 1840
The effect of curing environment on oil palm shell lightweight concrete mechanical properties and thermal conductivity. Serri, E.; Suleiman, M.Z.; Mydin, M.A. Othuman Report 2275
The effect of electronic tax payment system on taxpayer satisfaction. Gomar, Tarideh; Nazaripour, Mohammad Report 4342
The effect of movement network on upgrading of informal settlements during spatial configuration: case of Erbil city--Kurdistan region--Iraq. Mawlan, Kayfi Akram; Sani, Norazmawati Md; Ali, Kausar Hj; Othman, Abdul Gaphar Report 1042
The health-promoting lifestyle group training effectiveness on self-acceptance, environmental dominance, aggression and sensitivity in interpersonal relationships among the female students of the Isfahan University dormitory. Tavakoli, Farzaneh Manzaree; Khezri, Anoushiravan Report 3107
The impact of logotherapy on marital burnout in mothers with children suffering from ADHD. Behzadpoor, Samaneh; Motahari, Zahra Sadat; Raissi, Arefeh Sajedi; Rahmati, Maryam Report 4223
The impact of the effectiveness of organizational communication on job satisfaction through job motivation of employees in Izeh county health and medical network. Matani, Dr.mehrdad; Sarkamaryan, Saeideh; Amiri, Farhad; Akson, Ajdar; Asharouznia, Katayoun Report 4811
The implementation of environmental management in construction project: a review. Ismail, Radzi; Muzni, Siti Syafiqah Mohd; Ibrahim, Fazdliel Aswad; Rashid, Zul Zakiyuddin Ahmad; Bah Report 1269
The influence of social-culture of Banten towards the changes of Banten Great Mosque complex. Darmayanti, Tessa E.K.A.; Bahauddin, Azizi Report 1932
The relationship between organizational structure and level of corruption in administrative systems of Kashmar, 2014. Darijani, Ali; Daroneh, Mohammad Samii; Pourroostaei, Mohammad Ali Report 4478
Thermal performance of selected heritage buildings in Penang, Malaysia. Fadzil, Sharifah Fairuz Syed; Omar, Nur Alia Mohamad Report 1436
Transliteration Quranic plants in verses of Holy Quran. Azarpour, Ebrahim; Moraditochaee, Maral; Bozorgi, Hamid Reza Report 3932
Web-based tourism decision support system (WBTDSS): architecture and application for Langkawi Island, Malaysia. Ayob, Norizawati Mohd; Masron, Tarmiji; Idris, Aizat; Seifi, Molood Report 1936
Youth preference of extreme parks design in urban areas. Khairuddin, Siti Aishah; Yunos, Yazid Mohd; Mydin, Azree Othuman; Ujang, Norsidah Report 1533

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