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Articles from Advances in Environmental Biology (October 1, 2014)

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"Chaos theory and its use in strategic management". Zabihi, Mohammadreza; Ghochani, Faranak Mohammadian; Sajed, Hanieh Report 4963
"DEMTI method for identifying effective enablers in portfolio selection (Case study of Tehran stock exchange)". Angoutin, Asghar; zadeh, Hamid Shahbandar Case study 6822
"Explaining and comparing the relation between financial markets development and economic growth in the Middle East countries". Darijani, Ali; Rezaei, Siavash; Soltani, Hassan Report 6599
"Identification and prioritization factors influencing investment in south pars special economic energy zone". Mohammadi, Ahmad; Talebbeydokhti, Abbas Report 4160
"Interpretive structural modeling for effective enablers in evaluating the performance of the bank (Case study: Bank of Bushehr)". Angoutin, Akbar; zadeh, Hamid Shahbandar Case study 5848
"Studying the effects of policy making networks on efficiency and effectiveness of policy". Daneshfard, Karamollah; Rajaei, Zahra; Baklu, Sarah Sheikh Report 3083
"Using EOQ model, the most favorable economic order to increase productivity (Case study: Parto Industrial Manufacturing Company)". Kavoosi, Mohammad; Rahpeima, Amanollah Case study 4868
A global challenge of air pollution and public health: a mini review. Basahi, J.M.; Ismail, I.M.; Hassan, I.A. Report 6088
A method for fault detection and location in distribution networks in the presence of micro-grids based on voltage sequence and network flow. Darani, Shirin Hassanzadeh; Gandomkar, Majid Report 5990
A study of the relationship between ethical intelligence and organizational health in the high schools of 5th educational zone. Ataloo, Jahanghir Yari Haj; Aliloo, Parvin Mahmood Report 2060
A Study on effective factors on customer satisfaction using neural network. Karimi, Saba; Nayebzadeh, Shahnaz; Denavi, Hassan Dehghan Report 5810
A study on the effect of marketing mix on the repurchase intention with the consideration of the mediating role of brand equity (Case study: Ghaem Shahr Refah Bank). Vahdati, Hojjat; Mousavi, Najmeddin; Moghadam, Javad Taheri Case study 5475
A study on the effects of company features on the level of internet data disclosure (internet financial reportage). Sharifi, Akbar; Heyrani, Forough; Zadeh, Shahnaz Nayeb Report 5863
A study on the relationship between organizations' characteristics and the satisfaction of patients in selected training hospitals covered by university of medical sciences in Tehran and health services of Shahid Beheshti university in 2011. Saadati, Masoomeh; Tafreshi, Mansoure Zagheri; Atashzadeh, Froozane; Majd, Hamid Alavi; Asghari, Ami Report 3326
Absorption and accumulation of heavy metals by Atriplex under phosphoric fertilizers (Phosphate rock, Organophosphate and TSP). Maalem, Souhail; Dellaa, Yasmina; Rahmoune, Chaabane Report 2259
Access to justice for conservation of the biodiversity: an important component of environmental justice. Ansari, Abdul Haseeb; Al-Gasim, Saad Abu Report 11511
Acid effect on ion changes from haemolymph of Orthetrum sabina nymph. Jitmanee, Chayanan; Chantara, Somporn; Phalaraksh, Chitchol Report 3248
An analysis of authorial presence in the theses of master's students. Zamanian, Mostafa; Rahavard, Shaahin Report 2701
An analytic investigation of aesthetics and imagery of wisdom in Sanaei's poems. Mosaffa, Akram; Pour, Morteza Razzagh Essay 4779
An energy efficient routing protocol in wireless sensor networks using genetic algorithm. Shokouhifar, Mohammad; Hassanzadeh, Alireza Report 3833
An investigation on the relation of organizational structure and climate with career path management. Danesh, Masoud Daliri; Afif, Ali Hemati; Nourbakhsh, Parivash Report 3625
Analysis of the effect of vehicles conflict on pedestrian's crossing speed in signalized and un-signalized intersection. Bargegol, Iraj; Gilani, Vahid Najafi Moghaddam; Farghedayn, Sadra Report 4683
Analyzing full decentralization based on power transition. Aghaee, Ehsan Agha Mohammad; Rahmatollahi, Hossein 5334
Application of quality function deployment for prioritization of customer needs and determination of product technical specifications (case study: Toos Chini Mashhad company). Hajitabar, Jaber; Katebi, Keivan; Kazemi, Mostafa Case study 3958
Appraise testees' behavior in the individual tests using fuzzy logic. Nourani, Mir Abolfazl; Garebagh, Somayeh Shoja Report 1480
Arsenic transport in soil columns and ground water (case study: Gorgan site). Avili, Fereshteh Ghomi; Mirbagheri, Seyed Ahmad; Javid, Amir Hossein Report 1257
Assessing the relationship between social marketing on consumer acceptance (materials and construction modern technology). Abbasimivekar, Alireza; Mousavi, Farank Report 2297
Assessment of genetic relationships among durum wheat genotypes based on molecular and morphological markers. Ghobadi, Ghazal; Mohammadi, Reza; Etminan, Alireza; Shooshtari, Lia Report 2507
Assessment of physiological and phytochemical responses of Althaea rosea l. to salinity stress. Abdolzadeh, Ahmad; Faghani, Elham; Asghari, Fathemeh Report 2639
Barriers to lack of implementation in-service training by nurses at the bedside patients. Mud, Maryam Salmani; Parviniannasab, Ali mohammad; Kavosi, Ali; Mohammadi, Gholamreza; Movahedi, Ali 4053
Biosorption of [Cd.sup.2+] from aqueous solutions by tolerant fungus Humicola sp. Netpae, Tinnapan; Suckley, Sawitree; Phalaraksh, Chitchol Report 2696
Border disputes and agreements between Iran and Ottoman (1908-1923). Maheri, Shahrooz Mashinchi; Isfahanian, Davood 5705
Comparison of microwave-assisted hydrodistillation and traditional hydrodistillation methods for extraction of the Vitex pseudo-negundo essential oils. Farjam, Mohammad Hossein; Zardosht, Mahsa; Joukar, Manijeh Report 1910
Comparison of spillway with floor ramp and duct in wall with spillway with floor ramp and ramps in walls on factors affecting cavitation. Nohani, Ebrahim; Nasrolahi, Sohrab Report 2875
Computing relative weights in AHP and ranked units in the presence of large dimensionality of data set based on orthogonal gram schmidt technique. Zanboori, Ehsan; Lotfi, Farhad Hosseinzadeh; Rostamy-Malkhalifeh, Mohsen; Jahanshahloo, Gholam Reza 2015
Controlling the corrosiveness of Fernana plant's water (Tunisia) using a new treatment estimation method. Farh, Mohamed Ali Ben; Hamrouni, Bechir Report 7258
Controlling the optimal amount of resin in carpet back sizing with assessing its mechanical properties by image processing method. Heravi, Mohammad Ehsan Momeni; Attar, Hamid Abedzade; Hemati, Noshin Report 3713
Copper removal by eucalyptus sawdust and determination of isotherms and kinetic of adsorption process. Ghasemi, Sadegh; Gholami, Roya Mafi Report 3666
Designing and evaluating of curriculum pattern based on critical thinking fostering, an innovative approach in secondary school education: perspectives of teachers and related professionals. Darabi, Maryam; Ahghar, Ghodsi; Naderi, Ezatolah Report 3695
Desilication and flotation techniques for separating them from the bauxite. Abroon, Aria; Rahimdad, Alireza Report 3681
Determination of the best traits effective on seed and protein yield in Iranian durum wheat (Triticum durum L.) genotypes. Keshavarz, Zahra; Golparvar, Ahmad Reza Report 2027
Determining farm program in line with sustainable agriculture (case study: coastal lands on the right side of Nekuabad irrigation system). Mardani, Mostafa; Ziaee, Saman; Kalbali, Elham Case study 5077
Determining the critical period of lentil weeds. Hadi, Mehryar; Farahvash, Farhad 4887
Developing local model of technology competency evaluation in Iranian libraries. Babalhavaeji, Fahimeh; Tabibiyan, Foroozan; Hariri, Nadjla; Esmaeil, Seddigheh Mohammad Report 3901
Developing measurement scale: performance evaluation dimensions for sports coaches. Hamidi, Mohsen; Manouchehri, Jasem Report 8422
Diversity and kinetics of bacterial nitrification isolated from soil of rubber and oil palm plantation in Jambi Indonesia. Antriana, Nur; Rusmana, Iman; Mubarik, Nisa Rachmania Report 4846
Do thief Moezzi and Montahel Farrokhi Sistani is an element? Nasab, Ahmad Aryaee Report 2598
Economic geology of prospecting areas of Moein Abad, Qaen, South Khorasan, East of Iran. Baghban, Morteza Karim; Zandi, Zahra 4312
Ecotourism and climate change: challenges and solutions. Shakouri, Bahram; Yazdi, Soheila Khoshnevis 3883
Ectoparasitic ecology of Algerian hedgehog Ateleris algirus (Lereboullet, 1842) (Erinaceidae, Mammalia)in some localities of Edough Montain (W. Annaba, Northest Algeria). Sakraoui, Feriel; Boukheroufa, Mehdi; Sakraoui, Walid; Madoui, Mouiz Bachir El Report 2041
Effect of Annealing on Structural Properties of [In.sub.2][S.sub.3] thin Film Prepared by PVD Method. Rahmati, Somayyeh; kangarlou, Haleh 907
Effect of attentional instructions and increasing frequency on relative phase stability of out-phase bimanual coordination movements. zareian, Ehsan Report 3637
Effects of foliar application of Methylobacterium and methanol on growth and yield of peanut (Arachise hypogaea L. cv.NC2). Gashti, Alireza Hosseinzadeh; Rashidi, Varahram; Vishkaei, Mohammad Naghi Safarzadeh; Esfahani, Maso Report 4185
Effects of nitrogen and potassium fertilization on septoria tritici development. Harrat, W.; Bouznad, Z. Report 2077
Effects of selenium red nanoparticles on leishmania infantum, cellular apoptosis and INF-[gamma] and IL-4 cytokine responses against visceral leishmaniasis. Jamshidi, Parvin; Soflaei, Saeid; Kooshki, Hamid Report 5546
Efficacy of narrative group therapy on the adjustment and self- efficacy of adolescent students. Dastbaz, Anvar; Fayyaz, Elham; Khoshnazar, Esmaeil Farshbaf; Alipour, Mehran; Rostami, Zeinab; Kerma 3920
Evaluate the impact of competencies of information technology on knowledge management. Asghari, Elham; Vedai, Ahmad Report 5695
Evaluating the impact of emotional and logical approach on genesis of ethics in the company accepted in Tehran stock exchange. Rocnabadi, Adeleh Ashtarzadeh Report 3855
Evaluation and forecasting of suppliers' performance using "fuzzy data envelopment analysis", a case study: Alfa company. Zendeh, Alireza Bafandeh; Zandi, Rahil; Norouzi, Davoud Case study 3122
Evaluation of social responsibility in non-state universities in the city of Amol, based on Davis model(the case study: the Islamic Azad university, ayatollah Amoli branch). Taboli, Hamid; Ghadirinezhad, Seyyed Jafar; Mahfoozi, Ali Case study 8223
Evaluation of strategic knowledge management and productivity in Tabriz universities. Talebi, Behnam; Mohammadi, Rooya Eini 4107
Evaluation of the effect of silymarin alone and in combination with calcium on bone formation, resorbtion and turn over in Ovariohysterectomized rat model. Aliabadi, Ali; Varzandian, Sara; Farahmand, Maryam; Dehghan, Aboozar Report 5052
Examining the effectiveness of cognitive emotion regulation training on negative affect decrease, anger control and emotional empathy increase in high school students with one/both divorced parents in Tabriz. Asadi, Seddiq; Hashemzadeh, Abolfazl; Asadi, Parvin; Vusoughi, Arash; Abedi, Vahid Seddigh; Shadbad, 6048
Examining the impact of family ownership on corporate information transparency. Mirza, Hadis Haj; Chashmi, Ali Nabavi 2696
Examining the role of global financial crisis on the relation between corporate governance mechanisms and performance of the listed companies in tehran stock exchange. Tabar, Fahime Ghomi; Darabi, Roya Report 2217
Exploring the effective teachers characteristics and their relationship with academic achievement from students' perspective. Nezhad, Asmar Hosein; Nezhad, Akbar Soleiman 3612
Forchheimer equation coefficients optimization to use in porous media. Nohani, Ebrahim; Alimakan, Ezatolah Report 4918
Grouping of some populations of Achillea tenifolia, regarding morphologic features by using multi-variety statistical methods. Jasemi, Mohammad; Javadian, Mahdi; Dalvand, Hadis; Bajalan, Iman Report 1375
Herpetofaunal Diversity and Endemism in selected Caves of Sarangani Province and Lanao Del Sur, Philippines. Belleza, Bryan George D.; Nuneza, Olga M. Report 5019
Human oriented package of BRT station design, a sustainable approach. Ahmadi, Ghazaleh; Haghighi, Hamidreza Shahabi; Emami, Jamshid Report 3932
Hydraulic characteristics of rectangular combined sharp-crest weir-gate. Arvanaghi, Hadi; Mahtabi, Ghorban Report 3090
Identify and prioritize the factors affecting the stock portfolio using Fuzzy AHP technique (Fuzzy AHP). Rvanpaknoodezh, Hamid; Salemi, Eshaq Report 3905
Identifying and Investigating of the Kinds of Competitive Strategies in the Level of Competitiveness. Shakki, Mohammad Hassan; baboli, Mohammadreza Heydarian; Jahanian, Fahimeh 3291
Impact evaluation of different riser heights on uniformity coefficient in sprinkler irrigation under different wind speeds. Dehkordi, Davoud Khodadadi Report 3365
Impact of information technology by efficiency on improving the functionality (Case study: Social security organization of Guilan). Dalohasan, Sekineh Jamali; Pour, Marhamat Hemmat Case study 2498
Impacts of oil palm cultivation on soil chemistry in a Malaysian tropical peatland. Adesiji, Richard Adeolu; Mohammed, Thamer Ahmed; Daud, NikNorsyahariati; Mustapha, Saari Report 3614
Implementation of distributed video coding in multimedia wireless sensor networks. Zaghari, Nayereh; Abdoos, Majid; Mohammadi, Somayeh Report 3053
Important factors in engaging in risky behavior among students: deterministic thinking. Golzarpour, Majid; Rostami, Mohammad; Kanani, Zahed; Heidari-ghadikolaei, Mehdi; Younesi, Seyyed Jal 3964
Income review of clinical outsourcing in Jahrom hospitals using six sigma and DMAIC approach. Jahromi, Elahe Pilban; Jahromi, Shapour Aminshayan 6414
International responsibility of Iraq for war reparations to Iran, and the war in violation of international treaties. Abbasi, Seyyed Bagher Mir; Kuhi, Hossein Sharifi Taraz; Kajbaf, Hossein Al; Miri, Hossein 5665
Investigating effect of steel plate shear wall opening change on amount of equivalent viscous damping. Hajilueei, Aida Mohammad; Alirezaei, Mehdi; Rozbahani, Mazaher 2570
Investigating factors affecting the export of barberry in Iran. Kargar, Mozhgan; Taheri, Farzaneh; Mosavi, Nematolah Report 3739
Investigating the effect of curriculum and educational tasks on religious beliefs among second grade high school students from the teachers and educational administrators' perspective. Sarab, Mahyar Amini; Nezhad, Akbar Soleiman 6164
Investigating the effects of reading short stories and the related word lists on reading skill among Iranian EFL learners. Faryadras, Safoora; Azizifar, Akbar; Gowhari, Habib Report 2276
Investigating the impact of ownership structure and tax rate on capital structure of the listed companies in Tehran stock exchange. Hoseinia, Fatemeh; Barzegar, Ghodratollah Report 2454
Investigating the influence of accounting conservatism on cost of debt in the listed companies in Tehran stock exchange (TSE). Jamei, Reza Report 4938
Investigating the relation of attachment styles with intimacy and satisfaction of the couples. Hasanvand, Banafshe; Merati, Ali Reza Report 3720
Investigation of BMP15 gene polymorphism by PCR-SSCP in Arabic sheep breed population in khuzestan province. Davoodi, Z.; Roshanfekr, H.; Fayazi, J.; Nasiri, M.T. Beigi Report 2304
Investigation of the relationship between quality of work life and customer relationship management in the police force of one of the cities in the west of Iran. Hashemi, Zabih Ullah; Kamrani, Mansour Yari Report 3875
Investigation the effects of intellectual capital management on organizational performance in Mellat Bank Staff in Shiraz. Maharlouei, Abbas Sabet; Saadi, Seyed Mohsen Fahandezh; Alipoor, Ghasem; Eftekhari, Abedin Case study 3710
Math anxiety: positive and negative affects toward mathematics. Matinpour, Amir 3683
Minimize radiative properties of non metallic thin films using simulated annealing algorithm. Mirjalili, Mohammad Hadi; Oloomi, Seyyed Amir Abbas; Zare-Shahabadi, Abolfazl Report 3327
Nuclear track and background dent discrimination by parametric class definition and membership calculation in nuclear tracks images. Azadbakht, Bakhtiar; Nejad, Hadi Chahkandi; Nowshiravan, Fereidoun; Hasani, Mohammad; Khayat, Omid Report 3242
Numerical modeling of lateral intake flow pattern using flow 3d (Case study: Eastern Intake of Shahid Al Ishaq diversion dam). Tghinasab, Froude; Nohani, Ebrahim; Dahanzadeh, Behrouz Case study 2201
Numerical simulation of flow and sediment transport of Karkheh river before the reservoir dam construction using MIKE 11 [a case study in Iran]. Azarang, Farhang; Telvari, AbdolRasoul; Sedghi, Hossein; Bajestan, Mahmoud Shafai 4196
Numerical study of flow patterns in lateral intakes upstream and downstream (case study: Gotvand diversion Dam). Nouri, Sajad; Nohani, Ebrahim Case study 2393
On alternatives measures of accruals. Nazemizade, Manije; Alobeidi, Mohammad Hosssein 7227
Performance efficiency of power plants under the ministry of energy during1988-2010 aspects of fossil fuel consumption. Asayesh, Hamid; Gharavi, Mehdi Zahed Report 4609
Performance indicator in online distance courses: evidence from Shiraz University. Mahmoudi, Mohammad Taghi; Samani, Mostafa Bayat; Babadi, Maryam Habibi; Boroojeni, Iraj Kiyani; Roha 2237
Phenotypic variability and relations between the morpho-physiological traits of three F5 populations of durum wheat (Triticum durum Desf.) Evaluated under semi-arid conditions. Oulmi, Abdelmalek; Benmahammed, Amar; Laala, Zahira; Adjabi, Abdelhamid; Bouzerzour, Hamenna Report 5905
Physicochemical, bacterial and antibioresistance in wastewater Ibn Sina Hospital, Rabat, Morocco. Iamy, Bouha; Maamar, Yagoubi; Karim, Souly; Moustapha, El Ouannas; Mohamed, Saadellah; Mimoun, Zouhd Report 3864
Physiological changes of longkong fruit during different storage conditions. Venkatachalam, Karthikeyan; Meenune, Mutita Report 4007
Portfolio optimization using particle swarm algorithm and compare it with the random walk model. Farajmandi, Elham; Abedini, Bijan Report 2798
Potency of natural sweetener: brown sugar. Abdullah, Weka Gusmiarty; Rianse, Usman; Iswandi, Raden Marsuki; Taridala, Sitti Aida Adha; Widayati Report 8113
Preparation emulsion of PANI - HPC/Ti[O.sub.2] nanocomposite blended with poly (vinylacetate) coating for corrosion protection and antibacterial applications. Khademian, Mohsen; Eisazadeh, Hossein Report 3367
Prioritizing the role of mass media in the development of public sport in Payam Noor University (Karaj unit). Ghare, Mohammad Ali; Anet, Zeynab; pour, Negar Gholi Report 4246
Proposing a model for cost-benefit analysis and launching electronic (online) banking services in Iran (case study: (Maskan) Bank). Salehi, Bakhtiar; Samizadeh, Zahra Reza 5612
Quality assessment of inputs in secondary vocational education in shiraz based on evaluation SIPP model. Rastegar, Ahmad; Haghighi, Maryam Keshavarz; Talebi, Saeed Report 2849
Relation between renewable energy, energy consumption and economic growth in Iran. Yazdi, Soheila Khoshnevis; Khanalizadeh, Bahman 3608
Relational marketing and its impact on the loyalty of customers of Kar Afarin insurance company. Larki, Mohmmdreza abasi; Dehnavi, Hasan Dehghan; Nayebzadeh, Shahnaz 5574
Response time of a variable rate fertilizer applicator. Hosseini, Morteza Sedaghat; Almassi, Morteza; Minaei, Saeid; Ebrahimzadeh, Mohamad Reza Report 2877
Review of effects of consumers' habits and their social relationships on loyalty to yazd's karafarin insurance company. Azadi, Seyedeh Asieh; Rabbani, Shahnaz Nayebzadeh Mozhdeh Report 5109
Salvia Aegyptiaca oil extracted by microwave-assisted and normal hydrodistillation: composition and antibacterial activity. Farjam, Mohammad Hossein; Kavoosifar, Afsaneh; Joukar, Manijeh 2569
Second trimester two-dimensional sonographic placental measurement and uterine artery doppler for prediction of adverse pregnancy outcome in low-risk pregnancy. Khazardoost, Soghra; Noorzadeh, Maryam; Rezaie, Khadije; Hantoushzadeh, Sedigheh; Borna, Sedigheh; S Report 3361
Seed production and germination of three rare Saussurea species in the Kuznetsk Alatau mountains (Russia). Shurupova, Margarita N.; Gureyeva, Irina I.; Nekratova, Natalya N. Report 4088
Selection of sumatra elephants (Elephas maximus sumatranus Temminck, 1847) toward habitat types and resources in wildlife sanctuary of padang sugihan, south sumatra province. Rizwar; Dahlan, Zulkifli; Setyawan, Dwi; Yustian, Indra Report 5139
Simulation and calculation of the parameters of PCF under terahertz wave band. Afroozeh, A.; Pourmand, S.E.; Zeinalinezhad, A. Report 2294
Sport and physical education in mithra (mitra) religion and their relations with roman-persian wars. Ahmadpour, Iran; Manouchehri, Jasem Report 5246
Sprinkle irrigation system, a way to achieve sustainable production of wheat in Kermanshah Province, Iran. Taherabadi, Faezeh; Motamed, Mohammadkarim; Khaledian, Mohammadreza Report 4749
Status Determination of Privatization in Agricultural Extension Services in Kermanshah Province using the SWOT-AHP Combined Method. papzan, Abdolhamid; sharafi, Leyla; shahmoradi, Mohana Report 6043
Stones and their Application in the Persian Poems. Emran, Asiyeh Zabihniyai Report 2432
Strategic development of Jask port in Oman seashores. Jamaladini, Ebrahim; Parpar, Mousa 6192
Strategies to motivate replanting tea gardens among tea growers in Iran. Vajari, Mahdokht Mansouri; Malekmohamadi, Iraj; Mirdamadi, Mehdi Report 5434
Structural analysis of story love of asli and karam on the basis of prop theory and comparing it with the Nezami'sLeily o majnun story. Tabrizi, Roqaye Neisari Report 4760
Study of algebraic structures (group) in a fuzzy finite state machines. Aslan, Doosti Report 1919
Study of appropriate of curriculum whit cultural globalization. Harzandi, Rogayieh; Ranjdoust, Shahram; Talebi, Behnam Report 2738
Study of effects of internal marketing on customer orientation (case study: national petrochemical industries company). Ansari, Yaghoub; Pordal, Abolhasan 3903
Study of main reasons of the students dissatisfaction from educational services. Salemi, Zahra Report 1868
Study of physico-chemical parameters of water quality in the Kannar river (Stehate-Chefchaouen, morocco). Morhit, Abdelatif El; Morhit, Mohammed El; Hajji, Kamilia; Fekhaoui, Mohamed; Yahyaoui, Ahmed Report 4637
Study of relationship between perfectionism and responsibility with the goaloriented among students Arsanjan branch, Islamic Azad University. Siadatan, Maryam; Aveh, Mahbobeh Chin Report 2960
Study the financial crimes of record field in punishment law of Iran. Karimi, Mohammad Sadiq; Razmjoo, Hossein Report 2108
Studying effect of income on the capital cost of listed companies in Tehran stock exchange. Ansari, Yaghub; Khalili, Fereshte Sadat; Sadri, Seyedeh Saeedeh 4107
Studying impact of seller interactive behavior on customer satisfaction (case study: Saipa). Gholami, Abdolkhalegh; Orejlu, Faraj Alah Heidari; Tayyebi, Khodadad Report 3870
Studying occupational stressors and their relationship with job performance electricity distribution company of kohgiloyeh and boyer ahmad province. Panahandeh, Abdollah; Gholami, Abdolkhalegh Report 3567
Studying the amount of attention to health education in science, persian language literature and civics textbooks in the sixth grade of elementary school. Seifi, Mohammad Hosein; Adib, Yousef Report 2684
Studying the effect of the spiral in commercials (case study companies offering mobile services "Rightel"). Jafari, Mohsen; dana, Hamidreza Hosseini Report 5075
Studying the relationship between information asymmetry and capital cost of listed companies in Tehran stock exchange. Rahmani, Hassan; Talebbeydokhti, Abbas Report 6064
Studying the ways of recovering debts from a bankrupt merchant. Cheraghi, Saba; Atasheneh, Mansoor; Panahpour, Ebrahim Report 2161
Supplier selection criteria used to develop dematel. Shakerian, Hamed; DehghanDehnavi, Hasan; Sadrabadi, Alireza Naser Report 4147
Synthesis and structural characterisation of zinc oxide thin layers deposited by chemical bath deposition. Ghadimi, Samaneh; Kangarlou, Haleh Report 920
Synthesis and study on optical reflection and photoluminescent properties of Si[O.sub.2]/AgO nanocomposite. A-Lashgari; Sh.Ghammamy; Gerli, L.; Moran, G. Salgado Report 2505
The analysis of relationship between the social investment and the organizational knowledge-making development: a case study from the Persian gulf university of Bushehr. Farrokhnezhad, Khodanazar; Ghasemi, Ali Akbar; ZeynabBlouki 4389
The association between credit risk and liquidity risk with predictability of profit of the banks listed in Tehran stock exchange. Kapourchali, Leila Gholizadeh; Darabi, Roya 2942
The effect of drought stress on germination characteristics and proline changes in two cultivars of alfalfa. bajelani, Behnaz; nejad, Tayeb saki Report 3340
The effect of education in creating the culture of environment conservation. Nabipour, Fateme sadat; Farbin, Mitra Report 3820
The effect of mathematical realias on spatial geometry training of grades 2 math courses on educational progress of female students. Valizadeh, Zeinab; Mohsenpour, Bahram Report 2521
The effect of pre-sowing plants and different levels of nitrogen consumption on quantitative and qualitative yield of grain maize. Asadian, Abbas; Nejad, Tayeb Saki 6566
The effect of privatization on functional performance and investment on capital assets of companies listed on Tehran Stock Exchange. Faradonbeh, Mohammad Malekmohammadi; Behzadian, Farimah; Dehghanpour, Babak; Farghani, Hossein 3023
The effect of privatization on profitability and the quality of companies' accounting earnings listed on Tehran Stock Exchange. Tarval, Somayeh; Pirouzeh, Masoud 3587
The effect of religiosity on organizational justice. Pourkiani, Masoud; Shafiee, Azam; Parsa, Mohammad javad; Shahsavari, Mohammad Javad 4668
The effect of renewable and non-renewable energy consumption on the value added of the agricultural sector. Oskooe, Seyyed Ali Paytakhti; Akbari, Laleh Tabaghchi 1533
The effect of salinity and drought stress on seed germination, seedling growth and biochemical changes in marigold. Rashidi, Mahrokh; Yadegari, Mehrab Report 4828
The efficacy of training life skills on reducing depression of the students. Khaledian, Mohamad; baghteyfouni, Zahra Karami; Sogolitappeh, Fatemeh Nemati Report 3378
The examine the impact of auditor choice on debt cost and capital of the listed companies in Tehran stock exchange. Ghannadi, Nassim; barzegar, Ghodratollah; Bakhshi, Majid Report 2818
The feasibility of applying green manure in Tehran city (municipal) region no.2 based on experts' points of view. Azadfar, Marjan; Hosseini, Seyed Jamal F.; Najafabadi, Maryam Omidi Report 4933
The generic theoretical frameworks on human resource outsourcing decision. Mansor, Mohd Fitri bin; Abu, Noor Hidayahbt; btJohari, Atikah Nor; Nasir, Hussen bin Report 4675
The impact of aloe vera on episiotomy pain and wound healing in primiparous women. Eghdampour, Farideh; shirazi, Homa Dastgheib; Haseli, Arezow; Kalhor, Mehri; Naghizadeh, Somayyeh Report 4246
The impact of financial and economic indicators on extent of human resource information disclosure (a study on listed companies in Tehran Stock Exchange-Iran). Avazzadehfath, Fariborz; Shafieinejad, Iman Report 7347
The impact of implementing accounting standards 30 and 31 on the financial performance of the firms listed on the Tehran stock exchange. Moghimi, Abolfazl; Taran, Ashraf Sadat; Yazdi, Ali Fazel; Harati, Shahin Dehghan 6540
The influence of mindfulness on self-regulation of students with dyscalculia. Akbari, Maryam; Arjomandnia, Ali Akbar; Afrooz, GholamAli; Kamkari, Kambiz Report 3325
The investigation of effective factors on credit repayment of Melii Bank in Kohgiloyeh and Boyer Ahmad Province 2007-2012. Monsef, Abdalali; Hortamani, Amir; Pirozeh, Masoud 4882
The investigation of people's rights and their guarantee in constitution and jurisprudence. Sajedi, Ahmad; Bayat, Hamzeh Esfandiyari 4044
The investigation of the situation of an initial general supply of stock in the companies listed in Tehran Stock Exchange. Raveh, Marziyeh; Najafi, Seed Bagher 4071
The investigation of the spiritual intelligence impact on the social responsibility of the small and moderate company staffs of Ardebil City. Azar, Sirous Fakhimi; Maasoumabad, Saleheh Abdi Report 2916
The issue of everydayness in the book "Being and Time" by Heidegger. Khairy, Mohammad; Mosleh, Ali Asghar Critical essay 4095
The legal status and causes of environmental refugees under international law. Alekajbaf, Hossein 3407
The magnetic properties of nanocrystalline fesoniso alloys prepared by mechanical alloying method. Farahbakhsh, Iman Report 2362
The opposition of classicism to romanticism from Madame de Stael's view. Fasanghari, Azadeh; Nezhad, Zahra Saadat Report 1817
The relationship between leadership styles (transformational and transactional) and time traps in directors-general and heads of government agencies in Kerman, Iran. Afghan, Abbas Pour; Poor, Ali Yaghoubi Report 5133
The relationship between ownership structure and accruals of the firms listed on the Tehran stock exchange. Farimani, Alireza; Yazdi, Ali Fazel Report 6242
The relationship between relationship marketing and customer's loyalty in the bank Mellat branches in Golestan province. Pagheh, Hamideh; Mehrani, Hormoz; khani, Hossein Dideh Report 3142
The relationship between service quality and customer satisfaction (social Security City of Rasht.). Pour, Marhamat Hemmat; Nooshmand, Ramin; Mehraban, Esmaeil; Mosavi, Seyed Hasan Case study 2976
The relationship between stress factors and absenteeism (case study: employees of training and education in Yasouj). Azimifar, Azam; Khah, Gholam Sajadi 3388
The relationship between the components of quality of work life and conflict and job alienation of physical education teachers in Shiraz city. Tajvaran, Marzieh; Seif, Mohammad Hassan 3586
The relationship between variables of spirituality, attitude toward the disease and suffering in aids cases. Mehr, Samad Eslami; Pirastehmotlagh, Aliakbar; Aliabad, Tayebeh Akbari; Ansari, Yaghoub; Rozeyan, Al Report 4060
The role of constitution in providing national security (looking at the Iran's constitutions since constitutional era to the present time). Ghorbanpour, Ali; Mazhari, Mohammad 9472
The role of eWOM in a consumer's group knowledge model. Virgilio, Francesca Di; Pietro, Loredana Di Report 6979
The role of gender in determining the writing anxiety level among high and low achievers. Izadpanah, Jafar; Kazemi, Seyyed Ali; Chenari, Mohsen 7695
The role of servant leadership in predicting of organizational learning (The case study of youth and sport general administration employees). Rastegar, Ahmad; Hashemi, Seyede Roghaye; Seif, Mohammad Hassan 2913
The social complaint review of Sanai Ghaznavi and Seif Farghani on judge. Refaei, Diyar; Sarrami, Qadam Ali 5136
The study of bioaccumulation of heavy metals (Zn, Cu, Cd, Pb) in (Metapenaeus affinis) and (Litopenaeus vannamei) in khouzestan province, the north of the persian gulf. Ehsani, Jafar; Roomiani, Laleh Report 5246
The study of Izeh and Dezful shear zones from north to Dezful embayment on east and south west of Zagros. Obaydi, Khaled Hamoodi; Solgi, Ali; Charchi, Abbas Report 6423
The study of rules governing the privacy of individuals using the satellite in Iran's law and international standards. Abdollahalameifar; Pour, Ali Jani 8080
Turning points of Iran in Samanian Era. Maleki, Yousef; Arbatani, Roghayeh Habibi; Abdolzadeh, Saeed; Faegh, Farnou; Taghizadeh, Rahim; Vali Report 4836
Using GPS in the path finding system of a tractor and the consideration of its influence on the tractor's function in the farm. Jamshidi, Amin Reza; Afrous, Ali Report 3522
Using imperialist competitive algorithm for optimal radiative properties of nano scale metal coatings. Rad, Somayyeh Amiri; Oloomi, Seyyed Amir Abbas; Mirjalily, Seyyed Ali Agha Report 2741
Variation of biological markers under hot and cold seasons in goats. Nawel, Aouaidjia; Abdennour, Cherif; Ouanes, Ilhem Report 5286

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