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Articles from Advances in Environmental Biology (February 14, 2014)

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A comparison of doctors, practice based on medical ethics through their students and patients opinions. Nangi, Shahnaz Ghasemi; Zadeh, Amir Houshang Rezaei; Nangi, Nosrat Ghasemi; Zare, Fatemeh; Kheirandi Author abstract 2429
A preliminary study of rotenone exhaustive extraction kinetic from Derris elliptica dried roots using normal soaking extraction (NSE) method. Zubairi, Saiful Irwan; Sarmidi, Mohamad Roji; Aziz, Ramlan Abdul Author abstract 2733
A structural equation model for performance based on knowledge management. Nazem, Fattah; Ojghaz, Zahra Najafzadeh Author abstract 4401
A structural equation model of organizational learning based on social capital in universities. Nazem, Fattah; Omidi, Mona; Sadeghi, Omalbanine; Hosseinzadeh, Allahverdi Author abstract 3628
Abrasion processes of Kuibyshev Reservoir as a factor of destruction of archaeological site Ostolopovo (Tatarstan, Russia). Gaynullin, Iskander Ilgizovich; Sitdikov, Ayrat Gabitovich; Usmanov, Bulat Mansurovich Author abstract 1760
An empirical investigation on the nature of corrupt practices at the grassroots level in Bangladesh: a way forward for environmental sustainability. Mohammad, Noor Report 4603
An examination of the process of producing bioethanol from sugarcane bagasse (molasses). Jamshidi, A.R. Author abstract 2608
ANFIS-aided grading of almonds by using sound signals. Ebrahimi, Ebrahim; Astan, Nasrollah; Mousavi, Seyed Farhad; Heydari, Magid Author abstract 2916
Anomalous river drain in the basin of Volga river. Safina, Guzel Rashitovna Report 1558
Assay of distribution meiobenthic Streblospiogynobranchiata (Polychaeta) in the sediments of the South Caspian Sea (Mazandaran province). Zarghami, Maryam; Moghaddasi, Babak; Mollayousefi, Masoomeh Sohrabi; Nadoushan, Rezvan Mousavi; Fate Report 3382
Basic principles of environmental ethics in Islamic discourse. Muhammadi, Muslim; Haftador, Hassan Rezaee Author abstract 4059
Bio-active constituents of rotenoids resin extracted from Derris elliptica roots: comparison between local plant extract and SAPHYR (France) cube resin. Zubairi, Saiful Irwan; Sarmidi, Mohamad Roji; Aziz, Ramlan Abdul Author abstract 3124
Biological properties of Algerian Cyclamen africanum extracts. Mazouz, Wissam; Djeddi, Samah Author abstract 2513
Comparative toxicological evaluation between different formulations of two selected neonicotinoid pesticides on Culex pipiens (Diptera: Culicidae) mosquito. Ahmed, Mohamed A.I.; Saba, Reda M. Author abstract 2380
Consumption of Iranian herbal medicine by infertile men can improve pregnancy outcome. Khoradmehr, Arezoo; Khalili, Mohammad Ali; Ramezani, Mina; Vahidi, Serajeddin; Moein, Mohammad Reza; Author abstract 3288
Effect of drought stress levels and organic manures on yield, essential oil content and some morphological characteristics of sweet basil (Ocimum basilicum). Sirousmehr, Alireza; Arbabi, Jalil; Asgharipour, Mohammad R. Author abstract 4147
Effect of hydro alcoholic extract of ginger rhizome on contraction force of trachea of male rat and its interaction with cholinergic system. Dadfar, F.; Bahaoddini, A.; Hoseini, E.; Mokhtary, M.; Razmi, N. Author abstract 1959
Effects of micronutrients foliar application on essential oils of lemon balm (Melissa officinalis L.). Yadegari, Mehrab; Shakerian, Amir Author abstract 5658
Environmental Ethics from the Qur'nic philosophy. Samsudin, Sofiah Bt.; Islam, Md. Sirajul Author abstract 6781
Evaluating the potential of Rhizobium Rhizogenese in production ouxin and nitrogen fixation. Sarayloo, Maryam; Olamaee, Mohsen; Arzanesh, Mohammad Hosein Author abstract 2183
Evaluation of annual and seasonal variation trends of rainfall and flow rate in Atrak water basin. Elham, Fahimi Nezhad; Gholamabbas, Fallah Ghalhari Report 4519
Evaluation of irrigation in triple-cropping of sugarcane. Saudi, J.; Kashkuli, H.A.; Dehkordi, D. Khodadadi Report 3156
Evaluation of the horizontal shading device effect on budding envelopes received solar radiation--a case with se orientation in Shiraz. Habib, Farah; Barzegar, Zahra Report 6053
Factors affecting maximal aerobic capacity (VO2 Max) in Iranian non-athletic women. Salehi, Shahin; Shekari, Mohammad Javad; Shahpar, Farhad Moradi Report 3383
Formation necessity of exclusive--commercial court with the approach to rights in Iran. Kabirabadi, Ghazaleh Report 5298
Identification and ranking of indicators on the quality of the casting silica sand by using a multi-criteria decision making technique. Alhamdy, S. Ahmad Shibet; Ghalandary, Mohammad 2321
Impact of antioxidant activity of the leaf extracts of trigonellafoenumgraecum c.v. (ardestani) on curing diabetes. Jadid, Roghieh Razeghi; Kiabi, Shadi; Kaboudmehri, Sahar Report 2061
Influence of the electromagnetic fields on some biological characteristics of Lepidium sativum L. Abyaneh, Elham Bagheri; Majd, Ahmad; Jafari, Sayeh; Tajaddod, Golnaz; Salimpour, Fahimeh Report 3935
Investigating the correlation between the organizational climate and health at Islamic Azad University of District 8. Eivazi, Hagreza; Nadri, Khadijeh; Hosseinzadeh, Allahverdi Report 2593
Investigating the relation between degree of liquidity of firms with overreaction behavior of investors in Tehran Stock Exchange. Faez, Ali; Moshari, Mohammad Report 5186
Investigating the right to life and the death penalty on the basis of international human rights law. Dahimi, Muhammad; Saedavi, Yusuf Tarafi 3327
Investigating the role of foreign direct investment on stock market: Evidence from Tehran Stock Exchange. Faez, Ali; Parvarinejad, Ghasem; Orooei, Mehran; Lajevardi, Mahsa 5532
Irrigation periods and Fe, Zn foliar application on agronomic characters of Boragoofficinalis, Calendula officinalis, Thymus vulgarisand Alyssum desertorum. Yadegari, Mehrab; Shakerian, Amir Report 6229
Isolation and in silico characterization of plant defensin, Ctd1, from the tropical forage legume (Clitoria ternatea L.). Amin, Noriha Mat; Bunawan, Hamidun; Bakar, Norliza Tendot Abu Report 3125
Lithostratigraphy, microfacies investigation and paleoenvironmental reconstruction of the Jahrum Formation in the west and north of the Bandar Abbass area, South Iran. Moallemi, S.A.; Daneshian, J.; Hosseinzadeh, M. 3706
Magnetic water and its benefit in cattle breeding, pisciculture and poultry. Tyari, E.; Jamshidi, A.R.; Neisy, A. Report 2133
Mentally retarded persons offences; causes of crime and prevention from the perspective of police officers, lawyers and judges. Sadeghi, Hossein Mir Mohammad; Sabet, Mohammad Ali Mahdavi; Ashuri, Muhammad; Dehdarzadeh, Fatmeh Report 3613
Microbial biotransformation of (R)-(+)-limonene by using two novel Pseudomonas sp. Abolghasemi, Zeynab; Heshmatipour, Zoheir; Meldstad, Fataneh Report 3560
Modeling organizational learning based on leadership style in universities. Nazem, Fattah; Sadeghi, Omalbanine; Omidi, Mona; Hosseinzadeh, Allahverdi Report 4322
Natural durability ratings in Fagus orientalis degraded by wood- rotting Basidiomycetes, Coriolus versicolor. Olfat, A.M. Report 2591
New data on the antipodal location of the largest landforms of the Earth. Gilyazov, Albert Fargatovich; Mozzherin, Vadim Vladimirovich Report 2770
Optical properties of silicon layers produced by PVD method as a function of thickness. Khezri, Kamal Hasan; Kangarlou, Haleh Report 1678
Optical properties of titanium very thin layers produced by physical vapor deposition method. Darghalu, Somayeh Jalilpour Report 1754
Peer influence and purchase of different products: evidence from Iran young adults. Mokhtaran, Mahrokh; Assar, Seyed Saber Report 4465
Phonetic based SoundEx&ShapeEx algorithm for Sindhi Spell Checker system. Bhatti, Zeeshan; Waqas, Ahmad; Ismaili, Imdad Ali; Hakro, Dil Nawaz; Soomro, Waseem Javaid Report 4421
Quantitative substantiation of pedogenesis model key components. Fedor, Lisetskii; Oleg, Chepelev Report 2821
Relationship between managers' emotional intelligence and their transformational leadership styles (case study universite). Hosseinzadeh, Allahverdi; Nasiri, Zohre; Ghanbari, Ali Report 3239
River discharge prediction using artificial neural network and support vector machine. Orimi, M. Gouran; Amiri, R.; Yazdi, S.I. Kazemi; Besheli, R. Amiri 5028
River valley direction and offset of Volga-Kama interfluve during Neogene-Quaternary. Petrova, Elena V. Report 2207
Rock lithology role at spatial analysis of Russian Plain eastern part climatic skewness. Kurzhanova, Anna Alekseevn 2382
Sodium balance structure within the elementary geosystems (by the example of basin of the Elva River in the Komi Republic). Khayrullina, Dinara Nikolaevna; Fedorova, Victoria Alekseevna Report 3681
Synthesis of optimal superstability-based controller for active vibroprotection systems with electromechanical and electrohydraulic actuators. Alexandrovna, Rybak Larisa; Valerievich, Chichvarin Alexey; Alexandrovna, Duyun Tatyana 4994
The comparison of general health in athletic and nonathletic elderly. Nemati, Nematallah; Zakizadeh, Bahador; Tojari, Farshad; Afshardoust, Mahmoud Report 1414
The effect of colors of sunglasses on the visual performance. Monireh, Mahjoob; Hamed, Momeni-Moghaddam; Marziyeh, Salehi Fadari Report 2648
The effect of Igf-1 and Pit-1 genes polymorphisms on fat-tail measurements (fat-tail dimensions) in Makooei sheep. Chelongar, Reyhaneh; Hajihosseinlo, Abbas; Ajdary, Marziyeh Report 4560
The effect of potassium and zinc sulfate application on grain yield of maize under drought stress conditions. Maleki, Abbas; Fazel, Shohreh; Naseri, Rahim; Rezaei, Kolsoum; Heydari, Mohammad Report 3361
The method of structural synthesis of parallel mechanisms with the set of the trajectory of output link on the plane. Rybak, Larisa Alexandrovna; Gosselin, Clement; Adrien-Pouliot, Pavillon; Chichvarin, Alexey Valeriev Report 2299
Validation scale for measuring emotional intelligence of the managers of higher educational institutes. Nazem, Fattah; Rezaie, Abbasali Report 4724
Validation scale for measuring social capital in universities. Nazem, Fattah; Madankar, Anahita; Hosseinzadeh, Allahverdi Report 3502

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