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Articles from Advances in Electrometallurgy (April 1, 2006)

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Application of steam-plasma process for pyrolysis of organic wastes including medical and other hazardous ones. Petrov, S.V.; Marinsky, G.S.; Chernets, A.V.; Korzhik, V.N.; Mazunin, V.M. Report 3176
Centrifugal electroslag casting of tractor bushings of turning hinge. Eryomin, E.N.; Zherebtsov, S.N. Report 1016
Composite materials on base of copper and molybdenum, condensed from vapor phase, for electric contacts. Structure, properties, technology: Part 2. Fundamentals of electron beam technology for producing materials for electric contacts. Grechanyuk, N.I.; Osokin, V.A.; Grechanyuk, P.P.; Kucherenko, R.V.; Golovkova, M.E.; Kopylova, G.E. Report 5386
Economic efficiency of railway wheel profile renovation by surfacing of worn treads. Matveev, V.V. Report 3994
Effect of allyying on composition, structure and properties of powders of alloy AlCuFe, containing quasi-crystalline PHASE. Borisova, A.L.; Borisov, L.I.; Adeeva, A.Yu; Tunik, M.V. Karpets; Doroshenko, L.K. Report 3919
Innovation technological processes of electric furnace ferronickel refining by progressive industrial methods: information 2. thermodynamic investigations of processes and technology of ladle desulfuration of electric furnace ferronickel by sodium carbonate. Novikov, N.V.; Kapran, I.I.; Gasik, M.I.; Ovcharuk, A.N. Report 4023
Investigation of structure and mechanical properties: of Ti-7.2Al-2.9Mo--2.7W-3Nb-2.3Zr-0.4Si alloy. Firstov, S.A.; Zamkov, V.N.; Brodnikovsky, N.P.; Topolsky, V.F.; Kotko, A.V. Report 2772
New functional material--oxide cathode of welding electric arc: Information 2. Lakomsky, V.I. Report 2475
On welding, metals science and metallurgy in the scientist heritage or on present status and future of special electrometallurgy. Paton, B.E.; Medovar, V.Ya; Saenko, A.K.; Tsykulenko, B.B.; Shevchenko, N.T. 1676
Plasma liquid-phase reduction of iron from its oxides using gaseous reducers. Zhadkevich, M.L.; Shapovalov, V.A.; Melnik, G.A.; Zhirov, D.M.; Zhdanovsky, A.A.; Tsykulenko, K.A.; Report 2274
The Danieli metallurgical equipment. Sojfer, V.M. Report 3309
Theses for a scientific degree. 861
To issue on specific electric resistance of thermoanthracite. Petrov, B.F.; Lakomsky, V.I. Report 2601

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