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Articles from Advances in Electrical and Computer Engineering (February 1, 2015)

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3D Object Metamorphosis with Pseudo Metameshes. Mocanu, Bogdan; Tapu, Ruxandra; Zaharia, Titus 5844
A Fractional Lower Order Statistics-Based MIMO Detection Method in Impulse Noise for Power Line Channel. Chen, Zhe; Geng, Xiaofu; Yin, Fuliang 4264
A Popularity-Aware Semantic Overlay for Efficient Peer-to-Peer Search. Lee, Choonhwa; Choi, Junwan; Kim, Eunsam 3371
A Simplified Analytical Technique for High Frequency Characterization of Resonant Tunneling Diode. Dessouki, Ahmed Ahmed Shaaban; Abdallah, Rania Mohamad; Aly, Moustafa Hussein 3947
A Two-Stage Matching Method for Multi-Component Shapes. Hassanpour, Reza 6059
An Evolutionary Approach to the Soft Error Mitigation Technique for Cell-Based Design. Park, Jong Kang; Kim, Jong Tae Report 6686
Analysis of Torque Ripple Reduction in Induction Motor DTC Drive with Multiple Voltage Vectors. Rosic, Marko M.; Bebic, Milan Z. 5754
Anomaly Detection Using Power Signature of Consumer Electrical Devices. Cernazanu-Glavan, Cosmin; Marcu, Marius 4276
Computer Vision Based Measurement of Wildfire Smoke Dynamics. Bugaric, Marin; Jakovcevic, Toni; Stipanicev, Darko 6442
Detection of Inter-turn Faults in Five-Phase Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors. Saavedra, Harold; Riba, Jordi-Roger; Romeral, Luis 4805
Efficiency Analyses of a DC Residential Power Distribution System for the Modern Home. Gelani, Hassan Erteza; Dastgeer, Faizan 5765
Enhanced Seamless Handover Algorithm for WiMAX and LTE Roaming. Hindia, Mohammad Nour; Reza, Ahmed Wasif; Noordin, Kamarul Ariffin; Kausar, Abu Sulaiman Mohammad Za 3770
Enhancing ASR Systems for Under-Resourced Languages through a Novel Unsupervised Acoustic Model Training Technique. Cucu, Horia; Buzo, Andi; Besacier, Laurent; Burileanu, Corneliu 4883
Fault Correspondence Analysis in Complex Electric Power Systems. Wang, Can; Zhang, Yagang 4021
Fingerprint Ridge Frequency Estimation in the Fourier Domain. Patriciu, Victor-Valeriu; Spinu, Stelian 3128
FIR Filter Sharpening by Frequency Masking and Pipelining-Interleaving Technique. Ciric, Milenko P.; Radonjic, Vojkan M.; Krneta, Radojka R.; Stefanovic, Nenad J. 3937
FPGA Based Compact and Efficient Full Image Buffering for Neighborhood Operations. Kazmi, Majida; Aziz, Arshad; Akhtar, Pervez; Kundi, Dur-E-Shahwar 6317
FPGA-Based Embedded System Architecture for Micro-Genetic Algorithms Applied to Parameters Optimization in Motion Control. Jaen-Cuellar, Arturo Yosimar; Morales-Velazquez, Luis; Romero-Troncoso, Rene De Jesus; Osornio-Rios, 5947
High Performance Processing and Analysis of Geospatial Data Using CUDA on GPU. Stojanovic, Natalija; Stojanovic, Dragan 5186
Implementation of Genetic Algorithm in Control Structure of Induction Motor A.C. Drive. Brandstetter, Pavel; Dobrovsky, Marek; Kuchar, Martin 4512
Incentive Driven Distributed Generation Planning with Renewable Energy Resources. Kaur, Sandeep; Kumbhar, Ganesh Balu 4957
Intrusion Detection in NEAR System by Anti-denoising Traffic Data Series using Discrete Wavelet Transform. Vancea, Florin 3684
Low Complexity V-BLAST MIMO-OFDM Detector by Successive Iterations Reduction. Ahmed, Karam; Abuelenin, Sherif; Soliman, Heba; Al-Barbary, Khairy 2626
Mathematical Formula Search using Natural Language Queries. Yang, Seon; Ko, Youngjoong 4786
Modeling of a Switched Reluctance Generator Using Cubic Spline Coefficients on the Phase Flux Linkage, Inductance and Torque Equations. Kerdtuad, Paiwan; Kittiratsatcha, Supat 4308
Modified Current Differencing Unit and its Application for Electronically Reconfigurable Simple First-order Transfer Function. Sotner, Roman; Jerabek, Jan; Herencsar, Norbert; Zak, Tomas; Jaikla, Winai; Vrba, Kamil 4816
Multi-objective Optimal Design of a Five-Phase Fault-Tolerant Axial Flux PM Motor. Saavedra, Harold; Riba, Jordi-Roger; Romeral, Luis 6203
Performance Analysis of Turbo-Coded Decode-and-Forward Relay Channels with Middleton Class-A Impulsive Noise. Andrei, Mihaela; Trifina, Lucian; Tarniceriu, Daniela 5451
Performance Improvement for Quasi Periodical Disturbances in PH Control. Stebel, Krzysztof; Choinski, Dariusz 6858
Performance Prediction of Double-Binary Turbo Codes with High Order Modulations in AWGN Channel. Balta, Horia; Douillard, Catherine; Stolojescu-Crisan, Cristina; Gal, Janos 3724
Simplified Genetic Algorithm: Simplify and Improve RGA for Parameter Optimizations. Ngamtawee, Ruksaphol; Wardkein, Paramote 6770
Sparse FIR Filter Design Based on Simulated Annealing Algorithm. Wu, Chen; Xu, Xinzhou; Zhang, Xinran; Zhao, Li 5305
Stochastic Simulation of Integrated Circuits with Nonlinear Black-Box Components via Augmented Deterministic Equivalents. Manfredi, Paolo; Stievano, Igor S.; Canavero, Flavio G. 4079
The Development of Models for Assessment of the Geomagnetically Induced Currents Impact on Electric Power Grids during Geomagnetic Storms. Vakhnina, Vera V.; Kuvshinov, Aleksey A.; Shapovalov, Vladimir A.; Chernenko, Aleksey N.; Kretov, Dm 4118
Visual Peoplemeter: A Vision-based Television Audience Measurement System. Skelin, Ana Kuzmanic; Supuk, Tamara Grujic; Bonkovic, Mirjana 6533
Voltage Control of Distribution Grids with Multi-Microgrids Using Reactive Power Management. Wlodarczyk, Piotr; Sumper, Andreas; Cruz, Miguel 3913

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