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Articles from Advances in Condensed Matter Physics (January 1, 2013)

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A new circuit model for spin-torque oscillator including perpendicular torque of magnetic tunnel junction. Lim, Hyein; Ahn, Sora; Kim, Miryeon; Lee, Seungjun; Shin, Hyungsoon 3092
Aging effect on electrical conductivity of pure and Al-doped Y[Ba.sub.2][Cu.sub.3][O.sub.7-[delta]] single crystals with a given topology of planar defects. Vovk, Ruslan V.; Vovk, Nikolaj R.; Dobrovolskiy, Oleksandr V. 5527
Alkali cation potential and functionality in the nanoporous prussian blue analogues. Moritomo, Yutaka; Tanaka, Hiroshi 6107
Catalytic mechanism of Pd adsorption on S-Terminated GaAs(001)-(2 x 6) surface. Li, Deng-feng; Guo, Zhi-cheng; Li, Bo-Lin; Luo, Ming 2057
Characterization of W[O.sub.3] thin films grown on silicon by HFMOD. Diaz-Reyes, Joel; Castillo-Ojeda, Roberto; Galvan-Arellano, Miguel; Zaca-Moran, Orlando 5805
Decomposition and oriented growth of Y[Ba.sub.2][Cu.sub.3][O.sub.7-x] films prepared with low fluorine TFA-MOD approach. Zhao, Xiaohui; Zhang, Pan; Wang, Yabing; Xiong, Jie; Tao, Bowan 2829
Dielectric properties of [PHI](BZT-BCT)-(1-[PHI]) epoxy composites with 0-3 connectivity. Mishra, P.; Kumar, P. 4669
Diffusion-limited aggregation in potato starch and hydrogen borate electrolyte system. Tiwari, Tuhina; Kumar, Manindra; Pandey, Kamlesh; Srivastava, Neelam; Srivastava, P.C. 3504
Dopant effect and cell-configuration-dependent dielectric properties of nematic liquid crystals. Lin, Feng-Ching; Wu, Po-Chang; Jian, Bo-Ru; Lee, Wei 2977
Dynamical properties of scaled atomic Wehrl entropy of multiphoton JCM in the presence of atomic damping. Abdel-Khalek, S.; Almalki, M.S.; Edfawy, E. 3860
Dynamics of the energy relaxation and decoherence of a photon-atom bound state in an anisotropic photonic crystal. Wu, Jing-Nuo; Hsieh, Wen-Feng; Huang, Hsin-Chien; Cheng, Szu-Cheng 7017
Effect of annealing temperature on the morphology and piezoresponse characterisation of poly(vinylidene fluoride-trifluoroethylene) films via scanning probe microscopy. Lau, K.; Liu, Y.; Chen, H.; Withers, R.L. 2309
Effect of electric field and temperature on average structure and domain wall motion in 0.93[Bi.sub.0.5][Na.sub.0.5]Ti[O.sub.3]-0.07BaTi[O.sub.3] ceramic. Wang, Jian; Liu, Yun; Studer, Andrew; Noren, Lasse; Withers, Ray 2189
Effect of ZnO on the thermal properties of tellurite glass. Sidek, H.A.A.; Rosmawati, S.; Azmi, B.Z.; Shaari, A.H. 4044
Electrical properties of amorphous titanium oxide thin films for bolometric application. Ju, Yongfeng; Wang, Mahua; Wang, Yunlong; Wang, Shihu; Fu, Chengfang 2801
Electrical transport properties of ([Bi.sub.1.6][Pb.sub.0.4][Sr.sub.2][Ca.sub.2][Cu.sub.3][O.sub.10])/Ag tapes with different nanosized MgO. Yahya, Nabil A.A.; Abd-Shukor, R. 2283
Electrodynamics of metallic superconductors. Dressel, M. 12175
Electronic structure and momentum density of BaO and BaS. Kumar, R.; Sharma, B.K.; Sharma, G. 3621
Electronic structure of single-wall silicon nanotubes and silicon nanoribbons: helical symmetry treatment and effect of dimensionality. Banacky, Pavol; Noga, Jozef; Szocs, Vojtech 12340
Electrostrictive mechanism of radiation self-action in nanofluids. Livashvili, Albert; Krishtop, Victor; Yakunina, Margarita 3959
Ellipsometric characterization of thin films from multicomponent chalcogenide glasses for application in modern optical devices. Todorov, R.; Tasseva, J.; Lozanova, V.; Lalova, A.; Iliev, Tz.; Paneva, A. 8969
Evanescent field enhancement in liquid crystal optical fibers: a field characteristics based analysis. Choudhury, P.K. 4266
Extraction of fast changes in the structure of a disordered ensemble of photoexcited biomolecules. Poon, H.-C.; Schmidt, M.; Saldin, D.K. 3303
Fabrication and electrical characterization of translucent [Bi.sub.12]Ti[O.sub.20] ceramics. Santos, D.J.; Barbosa, L.B.; Silva, R.S.; Macedo, Z.S. 4123
History-dependent patterns in randomly perturbed nematic liquid crystals. Ranjkesh, A.; Ambrozic, M.; Cordoyiannis, G.; Kutnjak, Z.; Kralj, S. 5572
Hydrothermal synthesis and tunable multicolor upconversion emission of cubic phase [Y.sub.2][O.sub.3] nanoparticles. Wang, Haibo; Qian, Chao; Yi, Zhigao; Rao, Ling; Liu, Hongrong; Zeng, Songjun 3359
Influence of excitation frequency on Raman modes of [In.sub.1-x] [Ga.sub.x]N thin films. Dixit, A.; Thakur, J.S.; Naik, V.M.; Naik, R. 2798
Intense red upconversion emission and shape controlled synthesis of [Gd.sub.2][O.sub.3]: Yb/Er nanocrystals. Yi, Zhigao; Wen, Boyun; Qian, Chao; Wang, Haibo; Rao, Ling; Liu, Hongrong; Zeng, Songjun 2756
Low-resistivity p-type doping in wurtzite ZnS using codoping method. Li, Deng-Feng; Luo, Min; Li, Bo-Lin; Wu, Cheng-Bing; Deng, Bo; Dong, Hui-Ning 2215
Magnetic and electric properties of [Sr.sub.2-x][Y.sub.x]Co[O.sub.4], (0.50 [less than or equal to] x [less than or equal to] 0.80) layered perovskites. Ali, A.I.; Hassen, A. 4314
Mix and inject: reaction initiation by diffusion for time-resolved macromolecular crystallography. Schmidt, Marius 7771
Modeling reorientation dynamics of electrically assisted light-induced gliding of nematic liquid-crystal easy axis. Pasechnik, S.V.; Dubtsov, A.V.; Shmeliova, D.V.; Semerenko, D.A.; Chigrinov, V.G.; Sinenko, M.A.; Ki 8004
Near-zero-refractive-index structure at optical frequencies. Ashour, Hassan S. 4412
Nonradiative and radiative recombination in CdS polycrystalline structures. Gaubas, E.; Borschak, V.; Brytavskyi, I.; Ceponis, T.; Dobrovolskas, D.; Jursenas, S.; Kusakovskij, 8537
Oxygen defects mediated magnetism of Ni doped ZnO. Liu, W.J.; Tang, X.D.; Tang, Z.; Bai, W.; Tang, N.Y. 3459
Phase transition and optical properties for ultrathin KNb[O.sub.3] nanowires. Yang, Shulin; Hu, Yongming; Wang, Shengfu; Gu, Haoshuang; Wang, Yu 3323
Photoreflectance spectroscopy characterization of Ge/[Si.sub.0.16][Ge.sub.0.84] multiple quantum wells on Ge virtual substrate. Hsu, Hung-Pin; Yang, Pong-Hong; Huang, Jeng-Kuang; Wu, Po-Hung; Huang, Ying-Sheng; Li, Cheng; Huang, 4221
Polar liquid crystal elastomers cross linked far from thermodynamic phase transitions: dislocation loops in smectic clusters. Yusuf, Yusril; Yamaguchi, Shohei; Kawano, Shinya; Okabe, Hirotaka; Krause, Simon; Finkelmann, Heino; 5870
Shape and size dependence of electronic properties of InSb diamondoids and nanocrystals: a density functional theory study. Abdulsattar, Mudar Ahmed; Sultan, Thamer R.; Saeed, Ahmed M. 2211
Simulation and analysis of GaN wafer bowing on sapphire substrate. Bin, Wang; Yu-xuan, Qu; Shi-gang, Hu; Zhi-jun, Tang; Jin, Li; Ying-lu, Hu 2904
Spectral investigation of crystalline (CuHP[O.sub.4 ], [Cu.sub.2][P.sub.4][O.sub.12], and [Cu.sub.2][P.sub.8][O.sub.22]) and glassy copper phosphates. Gunther, Christiane; Stachel, Dorte; Bogomolova, Lydia D. 4590
Structural and electrical characteristics of metal-ferroelectric [Pb.sub.1.1] ([Zr.sub.0.40] [Ti.sub.0.60])[O.sub.3]-insulator (ZnO)-silicon capacitors for nonvolatile applications. Krishnamoorthi, S.R.; Venkatesh, K.S.; Ilangovan, Rajangam 2861
Structural disorder in the key lead-free piezoelectric materials, [K.sub.x][Na.sub.1-x]Nb[O.sub.3] and (1 - x)[Na.sub.0.5][Bi.sub.0.5]Ti[o.sub.3] + xBaTi[O.sub.3]. Schiemer, Jason; Withers, Ray; Liu, Yun; Guo, Yiping; Yi, Zhiguo; Wang, Jian 2998
Structural, optical constants and photoluminescence of ZnO thin films grown by sol-gel spin coating. Gadallah, Abdel-Sattar; Nahass, M.M. El- 5011
Studies on AC electrical conductivity of Cd[Cl.sub.2] doped PVA polymer electrolyte. Prakash, M.B. Nanda; Manjunath, A.; Somashekar, R. 2918
Study of structure and electro-optical characteristics of indium tin oxide thin films. Khusayfan, N.M.; El-Nahass, M.M. 5567
Surface-assisted luminescence: the PL Yellow Band and the EL of n-GaN devices. Izpura, Jose Ignacio 10424
Synthesis, characterization, and low temperature sintering of nanostructured BaW[O.sub.4] for optical and LTCC applications. Vidya, S.; Solomon, Sam; Thomas, J.K. 7043
Synthesis, magnetization, and electrical transport properties of [Mn.sub.3][Zn.sub.0.9][Cu.sub.0.1]N. Yin, Y.; Han, J.C.; Ying, T.P.; Jian, J.K.; Zhang, Z.H.; Ling, L.S.; Pi, L.; Song, B. 2712
The anisotropic glassy properties of decagonal quasicrystals. Anghel, Dragon-Victor; Churochkin, Dmitry V. 3669
The influence of surface morphology of buffer layer on the critical current density in YBCO coated conductors. Xiong, Jie; Xia, Yudong; Zhang, Fei; Xue, Yan; Hu, Kai; Zhao, Xiaohui; Tao, Bowan 2247
The magnetic/electrical phase diagram of Cr-doped antiperovskite compounds GaC[Fe.sub.3-x][Cr.sub.x] (0 [less than or equal to] x [less than or equal to] 0.9). Lin, S.; Wang, B.S.; Tong, P.; Shao, D.F.; Huang, Y.N.; Lu, W.J.; Zhao, B.C.; Song, W.H.; Sun, Y.P. 4395
The study on hybridized two-band superconductor. Chanpoom, T.; Seechumsang, J.; Chantrapakajee, S.; Udomsamuthirun, P. 4343
Topological excitations in quantum spin systems. Chaudhury, Ranjan; Paul, Samir K. 5058
Transport, magnetic, and thermal properties of [La.sub.0.7][Ca.sub.0.24][Sr.sub.0.06]Mn[O.sub.3] single crystal. Tank, Tejas M.; Bodhaye, Ashish; Mukovskii, Ya.M.; Sanyal, Sankar P. 1856
Tunneling conductance in ferromagnetic metal/normal metal/spin-singlet s-wave ferromagnetic superconductor junctions. Emamipour, Hamidreza 3397
Understanding multiferroic hexagonal manganites by static and ultrafast optical spectroscopy. Wang, Yu Ting; Luo, Chih Wei; Kobayashi, Takayoshi 7882
X-ray cross-correlation analysis of disordered ensembles of particles: potentials and limitations. Kurta, R.P.; Altarelli, M.; Vartanyants, I.A. 8993
Zn[O.sub.1-x][S.sub.x] nanosphere in ferroelectric liquid crystal matrix: the effect of aggregation and defects on the dielectric and electro-optical properties. Singh, Dharmendra Pratap; Gupta, Swadesh Kumar; Manohar, Rajiv 5454

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