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Articles from Advances in Civil Engineering (May 31, 2020)

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Analytical Bending Solutions of Orthotropic Rectangular Thin Plates with Two Adjacent Edges Free and the Others Clamped or Simply Supported Using Finite Integral Transform Method. Xu, Qian; Yang, Zhong; Ullah, Salamat; Jinghui, Zhang; Gao, Yuanyuan Technical report 6330
Development of an Ensemble Intelligent Model for Assessing the Strength of Cemented Paste Backfill. Sun, Yuantian; Li, Guichen; Zhang, Junfei; Sun, Junbo; Xu, Jiahui 2971
Disturbance Evolution Behavior of Loess Soil under Triaxial Compression. Xu, Yali; Guo, Panpan 5548
Effects of Rapid Water-Level Fluctuations on the Stability of an Unsaturated Reservoir Bank Slope. Mao, Jin-Zhu; Guo, Jia; Fu, Yong; Zhang, Wei-Peng; Ding, Ya-Nan 4595
Evaluation of Design and Simulation of Creep Test Rig for Full-Scale Crossarm Structure. Asyraf, M.R.M.; Ishak, M.R.; Sapuan, S.M.; Yidris, N.; Ilyas, R.A.; Rafidah, M.; Razman, M.R. 6053
Experimental Analysis of Seismic Performance of Masonry Shear Wall Reinforced with PP-Band Mesh and Plastering Mortar under In-Plane Cyclic Loading. Zhou, Qiang; Yang, Lingyu; Zhao, Wenyang 6401
Experimental and Theoretical Analysis for Isolation Performance of New Combined Isolation Devices under Blast Loading. Liu, Yang; Liao, Zhen; Xue, Yulong; Li, Zhizhong; Shao, Luzhong; Tang, Degao 5118
Experimental Investigation on Hard Rock Breaking with Fiber Laser: Surface Failure Characteristics and Perforating Mechanism. Yang, Xiaofeng; Zhou, Xin; Zhu, Hongliang; Zhou, Jiaheng; Li, Yanhong 5080
Experimental Study of the Shear Performance of Scrap Tire-Granular Material Composite Columns. Wang, Fengchi; Nie, Xiaomei; Zhao, Hanyu; Hu, Haiming Report 11294
Experimental Study on Structural Form and Excavation Model of Urban Metro Cross Transfer Station with Super Large Cross Section and Shallow Excavation. Lin, Zhi; Chen, Xiang; Yang, Hongyun; Cheng, Chongguo; Wang, Huasong; Yang, Changjiang; Zhu, Genqiao Report 6297
Formulation of a Yield Surface for Sand Based on the Elastic Threshold Strain. Woo, Sang Inn 3404
Impact of LED Color Temperatures on Perception Luminance in the Interior Zone of a Tunnel considering Fog Transmittance. Dong, Lili; Zhao, Enzhong; Chen, Yang; Qin, Ge; Xu, Wenhai 7715
Influence of Gradation on Resilient Modulus of High Plasticity Soil-Gravel Mixture. Liu, Chuang; Ren, Tian-Zeng; Zhang, Rui; Gao, Qian-Feng; Zheng, Jian-Long Technical report 6694
Instability Analysis of a Low-Angle Low-Expansive Soil Slope under Seasonal Wet-Dry Cycles and River-Level Variations. Qi, Yongzheng; Wang, Zongzhi; Xu, Haoqing; Yuan, Zirui 6056
Integrating the Finite Element Method with a Data-Driven Approach for Dam Displacement Prediction. Shao, Chenfei; Gu, Chongshi; Meng, Zhenzhu; Hu, Yating 7728
Out-of-Plane Bending and Shear Behaviors of Steel Plate-Concrete Walls for Nuclear Power Plants. Chen, Zhihua; Wu, Jingshu; Liu, Jiadi; Hu, Chenghe 6210
Prediction of Residual Gas Content during Coal Roadway Tunneling Based on Drilling Cuttings Indices and BA-ELM Algorithm. Yang, Zhenhua; Zhang, Hongwei; Li, Sheng; Fan, Chaojun 5239
Prediction of Shear Lag Effect in Thin-Walled Single-Box Multicell Box Girder Based on the Modified Warping Displacement Function. Li, Xiayuan; Wan, Shui; Shen, Kongjian; Zhou, Peng; Wang, Xiao 9535
Quantitative Investigation of Aggregate Skeleton Force Chains of Asphalt Mixtures Based on Computational Granular Mechanics. Liu, Guoqiang; Han, Dongdong; Zhao, Yongli Technical report 5866
Relationship between Brittleness Index and Crack Initiation Stress Ratio for Different Rock Types. Jiang, Juyu; Wang, Dong; Han, Xinping; Di, Shuai 6800
Replacing Detonation by Compressed Balloon Approaches in Finite Element Models. Legrand, Pierre; Kerampran, S.; Arrigoni, M. 7892
Seepage Property of Crushed Mudstone Rock in Collapse Column. Zhang, Bo-Yang; Lin, Zhi-Bin 4760
Seismic Behavior of the Removable Links in Eccentrically Braced Frames with Semirigid Connections. Shi, Qiang; Yan, Shilin; Wang, Xinwu; Sun, Haisu; Zhao, Yan 10661
Seismic Performance Evaluation of Precast Concrete Beam-to-Shear Link Composite Connection with Bending Moment and Shear Force Separate Method. Hu, Shujun; Guo, Qi; Xiong, Xinfu; Xiong, Jingang Technical report 7474
Slope Stability from a Hydrological Perspective: Taking Typical Soil Slope as an Example. Zhu, Yuelu; Xiao, Yaoting 7195
Strength and Microscopic Damage Mechanism of Yellow Sandstone with Holes under Freezing and Thawing. Rong, Huren; Gu, Jingyu; Rong, Miren; Liu, Hong; Zhang, Jiayao; Dong, Hao Technical report 6725
The Propagation of Landslide-Generated Impulse Waves and Their Impacts on the Moored Ships: An Experimental Investigation. Mu, Ping; Wang, Pingyi; Han, Linfeng; Wang, Meili; Meng, Caixia; Cheng, Zhiyou; Xu, Haiyong 6671

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