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Articles from Advances in Civil Engineering (June 30, 2020)

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3D Limit Analysis of the Transient Stability of Slope during Pile Driving in Nonhomogeneous and Anisotropic Soil. Rao, Pingping; Wu, Jian; Mo, Zhihao 5118
A Methodology for the Zoning Danger Region in Small Arm Firing Range Using Aerial Photogrammetry with Drone. Baek, Jang-Woon; Jang, Chang-Su; Park, Young-Jun 6731
A New Method for Artificial Core Reconstruction of a Fracture-Control Matrix Unit. Liu, Qiang; Liu, Jianjun; Pei, Guihong; Zhu, Zhengwen; Lei, Yun 6125
A Semianalytical Solution for Passively Loaded Piles Adjacent to Surcharge Load. Zhang, Hao; Shi, Minglei; Yang, Lei; Guo, Yuancheng Report 8955
Advanced Driver-Assistance System (ADAS) for Intelligent Transportation Based on the Recognition of Traffic Cones. Wang, Liyong; Sun, Peng; Xie, Min; Ma, Shaobo; Li, Boxiong; Shi, Yuchen; Su, Qinghua 4125
An Approach for Estimating Underground-Goaf Boundaries Based on Combining DInSAR with a Graphical Method. Bu, Pu; Li, Chaokui; Liao, Mengguang; Yang, Wentao; Zhu, Chuanguang; Fang, Jun 7417
An Experimental Study on Stress Sensitivity of Tight Sandstones with Different Microfractures. Zhao, Xinli; Yang, Zhengming; Wang, Zhiyuan; Lin, Wei; Xiong, Shengchun; Luo, Yutian; Niu, Zhongkun; 5537
Analysis of Stress Asymmetric Distribution Law of Surrounding Rock of Roadway in Inclined Coal Seam: A Case Study of Shitanjing No. 2 Coal Seam. Xiong, Xianyu; Dai, Jun; Chen, Xinnian Case study 5298
Analysis of the Elastic-Plastic Theoretical Model of the Pull-Out Interface between Geosynthetics and Tailings. Du, Changbo; Yi, Fu Report 11942
Analytical Solution of Steady-State Temperature Field of Single Freezing Pipe under Action of Seepage Field. Wang, Bin; Rong, Chuanxin; Cheng, Hua; Cai, Haibing; Zhang, Shiqi Report 7915
Application of Artificial Intelligence for the Estimation of Concrete and Reinforcement Consumption in the Construction of Integral Bridges. Beljkas, Zeljka; Knezevic, Milos; Rutesic, Snezana; Ivanisevic, Nenad 5540
Assessment of Waterlogging Risk in the Deep Foundation Pit Projects Based on Projection Pursuit Model. Wu, Han; Wang, Junwu 8593
Automated Localization and Classification of Expressway Pole-Like Road Facilities from Mobile Laser Scanning Data. Ha, Tran Thanh; Chaisomphob, Taweep 10140
Automatic Monitoring System in Underground Engineering Construction: Review and Prospect. Wang, Lixin; Xu, Shuoshuo; Qiu, Junling; Wang, Ke; Ma, Enlin; Li, Chujun; Guo, Chunxia 9972
Axial Load Monitoring for Concrete Columns Using a Wearable Smart Hoop Based on the Piezoelectric Impedance Frequency Shift: A Feasibility Study. Liang, Yabin; Ye, Zhicheng; Feng, Qian Report 6157
Calculation of Friction Force for Slurry Pipe Jacking considering Soil-Slurry-Pipe Interaction. Ye, Yichao; Peng, Limin; Yang, Weichao; Zou, Yang; Cao, Chengyong Report 6539
Carbonation Depth Model and Prediction of Hybrid Fiber Fly Ash Concrete. Zhang, Jing-Shuang; Cheng, Meng; Zhu, Jian-Hua 6241
Combination of Spectral Representation and Wavelet Packets for Generating Long-Period Ground Motions. Dai, Minghui; Li, Yingmin Report 7835
Cost and C[O.sub.2] Emission Reduction Effects of a Partially Encased Composite Precast Concrete Beam. Zhang, Liufeng; Yang, Yinghua; Liang, Jiongfeng 4438
Damage Assessment of an SRC Frame-Core Tube Structure under the Action of a Main Aftershock Sequence. Wang, Peng; Shi, Qingxuan; Wang, Feng; Guo, Siusiu 11765
Damage-Based Seismic Retrofitting Approach for Nonductile Reinforced Concrete Structures Using FRP Composite Wraps. Van Cao, Vui; Pham, Son Quang 11098
Design Method and Verification of Electroosmosis-Vacuum Preloading Method for Sand-Interlayered Soft Foundation. Cui, Yunliang; Tu, Jianbo; Wang, Xinquan; Diao, Hongguo; Ge, Qianru 6523
Developing a Higher Performance and Less Thickness Concrete Pavement: Using a Nonconventional Concrete Mixture. Hassouna, Fady M.A.; Jung, Yeon Woo 5524
Direct Shear Test on Coarse Gap-Graded Fill: Plate Opening Size and Its Effect on Measured Shear Strength. Cai, H.; Wei, R.; Xiao, J.Z.; Wang, Z.W.; Yan, J.; Wu, S.F.; Sun, L.M. 6856
Energy Evolution and AE Failure Precursory Characteristics of Rocks with Different Rockburst Proneness. Pei, Feng; Ji, Hongguang; Zhao, Jiwei; Geng, Jingming Report 6647
Engineering Classification of Jointed Rock Mass Based on Connectional Expectation: A Case Study for Songta Dam Site, China. Song, Shengyuan; Xu, Qiang; Chen, Jianping; Zhang, Wen; Cao, Chen; Li, Yongchao Case study 7585
Experiment and Analysis of Wedge Cutting Angle on Cutting Effect. Yang, Deqiang; Wang, Xuguang; Wang, Yinjun; An, Huaming; Lei, Zhen Report 9238
Experimental Investigation of the Influence for Stoping Sequence and Granular Grading on Lateral Pressure during the Nonpillar Sublevel Caving Mining. Liu, Yang; He, Rongxing; Ren, Fengyu; Cao, Jianli; Zhang, Dongjie; Zhou, Yanjun; Liu, Huan; Li, Guan 6540
Experimental Study on Cumulative Damage Behavior of Steel-Reinforced Concrete Columns. Jiang, Lianjie; Bai, Guoliang Report 8788
Experimental Study on Dynamic Mechanical Properties and Energy Evolution Characteristics of Limestone Specimens Subjected to High Temperature. Ping, Qi; Zhang, Chuanliang; Su, Haipeng; Zhang, Hao 6494
Experimental Study on Flexural Properties of Side-Pressure Laminated Bamboo Beams. Lei, Jing; Chen, Bowang; Yuan, Ping Report 5734
Experimental Study on Influence of Connection Defects on Joint Strength of Half-Grouted Sleeve Splicing of Rebar. Guo, Hong; Zhang, Jiaxin; Wang, Changwei 6586
Experimental Study on Loading Capacity of Glued-Laminated Timber Arches Subjected to Vertical Concentrated Loads. Zhou, Jiale; Li, Chuanxi; Ke, Lu; He, Jun; Wang, Zhifeng 5405
Experimental Study on Stability Analysis of a Structure during Excavation beneath This Structure. Miao, Yichen; Liu, Baoxian; Liu, Changwu; Shu, Zhile; Wu, Haikuan Report 4389
Field Tests of Super-Long and Large-Diameter Drilled Shaft Pile Foundations. Wang, Peisen; Ding, Hongyan; Zhou, Jialin; Hu, Wenjun; Gu, Xuechen; Oh, Erwin Report 5589
Infill Modelling Influence on Dynamic Identification and Model Updating of Reinforced Concrete Framed Buildings. Bovo, Marco; Tondi, Michele; Savoia, Marco 9066
Influence of Fluid Viscous Damper on the Dynamic Response of Suspension Bridge under Random Traffic Load. Zhao, Yue; Huang, Pingming; Long, Guanxu; Yuan, Yangguang; Sun, Yamin 8307
Influence of Pier Settlement on Structural Stress of Longitudinal Connected Track in High-Speed Railways. Fang, Hui 4988
Influence of Tunneling in Cohesionless Soil for Different Tunnel Geometry and Volume Loss under Greenfield Condition. Kanagaraju, Raja; Krishnamurthy, Premalatha 5545
Investigation of the Models of Flow through Fractured Rock Masses Based on Borehole Data. Tan, Long; Xiang, Wei; Luo, Jin; Liu, Qingbing; Zuo, Xu Report 4802
Layered Grouting Technology Based on a Comprehensive Water-to-Cement Ratio for the Overlying Loess Stratum of Urban Shallow Tunnels. Yang, Teng; Zhang, Jiaqi; Zhang, Xiao; Zhang, Qingsong; Yin, Zhanchao 6620
Leveraging Micro-Level Building Information Modeling for Managing Sustainable Design: United Kingdom Experience. Liu, Zhen; Wang, Yifang; Osmani, Mohamed; Demian, Peter 7265
Mechanical Properties and Drying Shrinkage Investigation of Alkali-Activated Mortar Using Waste Glass Powder. Gong, Jianqing; Qu, Zhigang 6066
Mechanical Response of Gasketed Bell-and-Spigot Joint of Concrete Pipeline under Multifield Coupling. He, Hang; Fang, Hongyuan; Du, Xueming; Li, Bin 9065
Method for Determining Longitudinal Stiffness of Combined Double Thin-Walled Pier Based on Train-Track-Bridge Interaction. Fang, Hui; Chen, Zhaowei 4381
Mitigating the Bridge End Bump Problem: A Case Study of a New Slab System with a Lower Partition Slab-Pile Foundation. Yang, Yu; Yu, Chuang; Wu, Ze-Xiang; Tu, Dong-Mei Case study 5622
Mixture Design Study of Fiber-Reinforced Self-Compacting Concrete for Prefabricated Street Light Post Structures. Zatar, Wael; Nguyen, Tu Report 4790
Numerical and Experimental Study on Soil Plug Resistance of Open-Ended Pipe Pile with a Restriction Plate. Guo, Yuan; Dong, Shaoyang; Li, Jiale; Yu, Xiong (Bill) 7509
Numerical Simulation of Static Stress-Strain Relationship and Failure Mode for Freeze-Thaw Concrete. Yang, Xiaolin; Wang, Genhui; Li, Hongzhao; Fan, Jiang 3870
Numerical Simulation Research on Crack Bifurcation Mechanism of Bidirectional Cumulative Tensile Blasting. Guo, Pengfei; Ye, Kengkeng; Zhang, Xiaohu 6804
Performances and Working Mechanisms of Inclined Retaining Structures for Deep Excavations. Zheng, Gang; Wang, Yuping; Zhang, Peng; Cheng, Xuesong; Cheng, Wenlong; Zhao, Yuebin; Li, Xinhao 7236
Pile-Spacing Calculation of Anti-Slide Pile Based on Soil Arching Effect. Chen, Guangfu; Zou, Liangchao; Wang, Qing; Zhang, Guodong 3745
Propagation Laws of Blasting Seismic Waves in Weak Rock Mass: A Case Study of Muzhailing Tunnel. Chen, Lijun; Chen, Jianxun; Luo, Yanbin; Guo, Yalong; Mu, Yongjun; Zhong, Daochuan; Liu, Weiwei; Yan Case study 7245
Quantitative Calculation of Critical Depth in Typical Rockburst Mine. Rong, Hai; Yu, Shiqi; Zhang, Hongwei; Liang, Bing 5657
Quantitative Research and Characterization of the Loess Microstructure in the Bai Lu Tableland, Shaanxi Province, China. Deng, Longsheng; Fan, Wen; Liu, Shaopeng; Chang, Yupeng; Dai, Yan; Li, Yubo 6479
Research of the Rheological Modification Mechanism of Crumb Rubber-Modified Asphalt Containing Polyamide 6 Additive. Tan, Zhihua; Wang, Jijing 6259
Restoring Force Model of an Energy-Dissipation Joint in Hybrid Frames: Simplified Skeleton Curve and Hysteretic Rules. Wang, Yanhua; Feng, Yan; Huang, Dongsheng; Huang, Zirui; Chen, Zhongfan Report 8102
Small-Scale Void-Size Determination in Reinforced Concrete Using GPR. Yang, Yong; Lu, Junwei; Li, Rongzhe; Zhao, Weigang; Yan, Deli 5530
Stability Optimization of Trapezoidal Frame with Rigid Members and Flexible Joints. Wu, Chao; Li, Ya-Nan; Tam, Lik-Ho; He, Li Report 6162
Steel-Concrete Composite Bridges: Design, Life Cycle Assessment, Maintenance, and Decision-Making. Martinez-Munoz, D.; Marti, J.V.; Yepes, V. 10335
Structural Damage of Subway Tunnel Buried Shallowly in Silt Layer under Soil Mound Loading. Liu, Xue-Zeng; Sang, Yun-Long; Xin, Li-Min; Shi, Gang; Wu, Jian-Xun 4591
Study on Dynamic Response Laws and Shock Absorption Measures of Mountain Tunnel under Strong Earthquake. Lin, Zhi; Yan, Lei; Xiang, Chen; Yang, Hongyun 5212
Synthesis of a New Polycarboxylate at Room Temperature and Its Influence on the Properties of Cement Pastes with Different Supplementary Cementitious Materials. Xiang, Shuncheng; Gao, Yingli; Shi, Caijun 4965
Theoretical Framework for Creep Effect Analysis of Axially Loaded Short CFST Columns under High Stress Levels. Li, Shiwei; Yang, Yongqing; Wen, Wangqing; Yan, Aiguo 5564
Visco-Elastoplastic Constitutive Fatigue Model for Rocks. Liu, Jianhao; Pu, Shaoyun; Rao, Junying 7849

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