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Articles from Advances in Civil Engineering (March 31, 2019)

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A Comparative Test Study on the Seismic Damage Sustained by Frame-Core Tube Structures. Li, Zuohua; Chen, Liang; Teng, Jun Report 9607
A New Efficient Modified First-Order Shear Model for Static Bending and Vibration Behaviors of Two-Layer Composite Plate. Nam, Vu.H.; Nam, Nguyen H.; Vinh, Pham V.; Khoa, Dang N.; Thom, Do.V.; Minh, Phung V. 9296
A Predictive Model of Mining Collapse Extent and Its Application. Nan, Jia; Liu, Cheng; Liu, Yi 5700
Analysis of the Mechanical Behavior of Bolted Beam-Column Connections with Different Structural Forms. Yang, Rongqian; Zhou, Xuejun Technical report 3868
Analysis of Vibration Response Law of Multistory Building under Tunnel Blasting Loads. Huo, Runke; Li, Shuguang; Song, Zhanping; Fujii, Yoshiaki; Lei, Shan; Mao, Jianchao; Tian, Sisi; Mia 5596
Analytical Investigation of the Flexural Capacity of Precast Concrete Frames with Hybrid Joints. Kim, Ji-Hun; Hong, Won-Kee; Kim, Hee-Cheul; Kim, Seong-Kyum Technical report 5796
Augmented Reality for Identifying Maintainability Concerns during Design. Khalek, Imad A.; Chalhoub, Jad M.; Ayer, Steven K. 8693
Automated Conversion of Building Information Modeling (BIM) Geometry Data for Window Thermal Performance Simulation. Kim, Changmin; Park, Changyoung; Choi, Changho; Jang, Hyangin Case study 7093
Behaviour of Rubberized Concrete Short Columns Confined by Aramid Fibre Reinforced Polymer Jackets Subjected to Compression. Oprisan, Gabriel; Entuc, Ioana-Sorina; Mihai, Petru; Toma, Ionut-Ovidiu; Taranu, Nicolae; Budescu, M 6320
Buckling Analysis of Sandwich Plate Systems with Stiffening Ribs: Theoretical, Numerical, and Experimental Approaches. Zou, Guangping; Wang, Yuyang; Xue, Qichao; Zhang, Chunwei 6586
Calculation Methods of Seepage Coefficient for Clay Based on the Permeation Mechanism. Zhang, Yu; Chen, Tielin; Zhang, Yujun; Ren, Weizhong 5400
Calculation of Natural Frequencies of Retaining Walls Using the Transfer Matrix Method. Xu, Peng; Jiang, Guanlu 4114
Construction Database-Supported and BIM-Based Interface Communication and Management: A Pilot Project. Lin, Yu-Cheng; Jung, Shuh; Su, Yu-Chih 6305
Crack Initiation, Propagation, and Failure Characteristics of Jointed Rock or Rock-Like Specimens: A Review. Cao, Ri-Hong; Cao, Ping; Lin, Hang; Fan, Xiang; Zhang, Chunyang; Liu, Taoying 14525
Curing Effects on High-Strength Concrete Properties. Wedatalla, Afaf M.O.; Jia, Yanmin; Ahmed, Abubaker A.M. 7816
Decision Support Model for Design of High-Performance Concrete Mixtures Using Two-Phase AHP-TOPSIS Approach. Ahmed, Mohd; Qureshi, M.N.; Mallick, Javed; Hasan, Mohd. Abul; Hussain, Mahmoud 5154
Deformation and Mechanical Behaviors of SCSF and CCCF Rectangular Thin Plates Loaded by Hydrostatic Pressure. Gao, Jun; Dang, Faning; Ma, Zongyuan; Ren, Jie 5828
Determination of Hydraulic Ram Pump Performance: Experimental Results. Asvapoositkul, Wanchai; Juruta, Jedsada; Tabtimhin, Nattapong; Limpongsa, Yosawat 4569
Effect of Garnet Characteristics on Abrasive Waterjet Cutting of Hard Granite Rock. Oh, Tae-Min; Joo, Gun-Wook; Cha, Yohan; Cho, Gye-Chun Technical report 6041
Effect of Warm-Mix Agent EC-120 on Performance of Asphalt Binder and Its Microscopic Mechanism. Xiaoge, Tian; Zhang, Ren; Xv, Yichao; Chu, Yantian; Yang, Zhen; Zhen, Shaohua Technical report 4040
Effects of Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) on Stiffness of Hot Asphalt Mixtures. Movilla-Quesada, D.; Raposeiras, A.C.; Olavarria, J. 3541
Estimation of Time-Averaged Shear Wave Velocity (SWV) to 30 m considering Site SWV Structural Characteristic. Jiang, Zhijun; Li, Shengcai; Zhang, Lei; Song, Tuo; Chen, Lingkun 5766
Evaluating the Surface Free Energy and Moisture Sensitivity of Warm Mix Asphalt Binders Using Dynamic Contact Angle. Kakar, Muhammad Rafiq; Hamzah, Meor Othman; Akhtar, Mohammad Nishat; Saleh, Junita Mohamad 8998
Evaluation Method for the Liquefaction Potential Using the Standard Penetration Test Value Based on the CPTU Soil Behavior Type Index. Du, Guangyin; Gao, Changhui; Liu, Songyu; Guo, Qian; Luo, Tao 4031
Evaluation of the American Approach for Detecting Plan Irregularity. Alecci, V.; de Stefano, M.; Galassi, S.; Lapi, M.; Orlando, M. 6131
Experimental Study on Diffusion Law of Post-Grouting Slurry in Sandy Soil. Yang, Jianyu; Cheng, Yanhui; Chen, Weichao 6145
Experimental Study on the Permeability of a Soil-Rock Mixture Based on the Threshold Control Method. Ding, Xiaohua; Shi, Xuyang; Zhou, Wei; Luan, Boyu 4493
Exploration of Mechanical Behaviors of Argillaceous Siltstone through Photoelastic Model Test and DEM Modelling. Li, Weike; Han, Jianqiang; Cui, Jie; Luo, Weili; Zheng, Guangzao 6013
Failure Mechanism and Factor of Safety for Spatially Variable Undrained Soil Slope. Li, Liang; Chu, Xuesong Technical report 8300
Failure Modes and Resistance of Perforated Steel Rib Shear Connectors under Uplift Forces. Xu, Xiaoqing; Liu, Yuqing 8249
Finding Plausible Optimal Solutions in Engineering Problems Using an Adaptive Genetic Algorithm. Kilinc, Muslum; Caicedo, Juan M. 4566
Finite-Element Simulation on NPGCS Precast Shear Wall Spatial Structure Model. Wu, Dongyue; Liang, Shuting; Shen, Mengying; Guo, Zhengxing; Zhu, Xiaojun; Sun, Chongfang; Fu, Qian 4648
Flexural Capacity of Steel-Concrete Composite Beams under Hogging Moment. Liu, Jing; Ding, Fa-Xing; Liu, Xue-Mei; Yu, Zhi-Wu; Tan, Zhe; Huang, Jun-Wen 6946
Flexural Strengthening and Rehabilitation of Reinforced Concrete Beam Using BFRP Composites: Finite Element Approach. Kadhim, Asaad M.H.; Numan, Hesham A.; Ozakca, Mustafa 7905
IBIEM Analysis of Dynamic Response of a Shallowly Buried Lined Tunnel Based on Viscous-Slip Interface Model. Zhou, Xiaojie; Liang, Qinghua; Liu, Zhongxian; He, Ying 6714
Influence of Freeze-Thaw Cycles on Engineering Properties of Tonalite: Examples from China. Wang, Su-Ran; Chen, You-Liang; Ni, Jing; Zhang, Mu-Dan; Zhang, Heng Technical report 4962
Large-Scale Direct Shear Test on Scrap Tire Strip Reinforced Brick Powder. Ma, Qiang; Deng, Qian; Mou, Jia; Yang, Shuo; Zhang, Xu 6462
Lightweight Cement Mortars with Granulated Foam Glass and Waste Perlite Addition. Pichor, Waldemar; Kaminski, Adrian; Szoldra, Paulina; Frac, Maksymilian 4999
Loading Rate Effect of Rock Material with the Direct Tensile and Three Brazilian Disc Tests. Gong, Fengqiang; Zhang, Le; Wang, Shanyong Technical report 5043
Methodology for Building Information Modeling (BIM) Implementation in Structural Engineering Companies (SECs). Rivera, Felipe Munoz-La; Vielma, Juan Carlos; Herrera, Rodrigo F.; Carvallo, Jorge Technical report 10170
Numerical Evaluation of the Behavior of Steel Frames with Gypsum Board Infill Walls. Movahednia, Mehrdad; Mirhosseini, S. Mohammad; Zeighami, Ehsanollah Technical report 6037
Numerical Simulation and Microscopic Stress Mechanism for the Microscopic Pore Deformation during Soil Compression. Tao, Gaoliang; Peng, Wan; Xiao, Henglin; Wu, Xiaokang; Chen, Yin 9616
Optimization for U-Shaped Steel Support in Deep Tunnels under Coupled Static-Dynamic Loading. Zuo, Yujun; Wang, Jian; Dong, Longjun; Shu, Weiwei; Yu, Meilu; Sun, Wenjibin; Wu, Zhonghu 7286
Pavement Analysis and Design by Multiphysics. Luo, Xue; Lytton, Robert L.; Zhang, Yuqing; Gu, Fan; Wang, Jinchang; Tang, Qiang 850
Physical and Chemical Modifications of Plant Fibres for Reinforcement in Cementitious Composites. Ahmad, R.; Hamid, R.; Osman, S.A. Technical report 13604
Prediction of Compressive Strength of Stabilized Earth Block Masonry. Sajanthan, Kunasegaram; Balagasan, Balasingam; Sathiparan, Navaratnarajah Technical report 7970
Reliability Design of Soft Soil Foundation Preloading Method for Airport Runway. Yu, Qingkun; Cai, Liangcai; Shi, Xiang 4887
Research on Dust Suppression Technology of Shotcrete Based on New Spray Equipment and Process Optimization. Li, Pengcheng; Zhou, Zhi; Chen, Lianjun; Liu, Guoming; Xiao, Wei Technical report 6923
Research on Improved Equivalent Diagonal Strut Model for Masonry-Infilled RC Frame with Flexible Connection. Yang, Guang; Zhao, Erfeng; Li, Xiaoya; Tochaei, Emad Norouzzadeh; Kan, Kan; Zhang, Wei 8961
Research on Structural Characteristics of Dynamic Nuclear Zone in Dynamic System of Coal and Rock. Rong, Hai; Liang, Bing; Zhang, Hongwei; Zhu, Feng 6498
Research on the Mechanical Properties and NMR Characteristics of Cement Mortar during Freeze-Thaw Cycles. Liu, Taoying; Wang, Yunmin; Zhou, Keping; Gao, Feng; Xie, Shenghua Technical report 3815
Rotational Failure Mechanism for Face Stability of Circular Shield Tunnels in Frictional Soils. Zhou, Yuan; Zhu, Yuming; Wang, Shumao; Wang, Hu; Wang, Zhengxing 6184
Safety State Evaluation Method Based on Attribute Recognition Model for Ancient Timber Buildings. Huan, Junhong; Ma, Donghui; Wang, Wei; Wang, Ziyi 7572
Scenario-Planning Method for Cost Estimation Using Morphological Analysis. Ji, Sae-Hyun; Ahn, Joseph 6831
Seismic Interaction Characteristics of an Inclined Straight Alternating Pile Group-Soil in Liquefied Ground. Kong, Desen; Deng, Meixu; Zhao, Zhimin Technical report 6956
Stability Analysis and Reinforcement of a High-Steep Rock Slope with Faults: Numerical Analysis and Field Monitoring. Zhan, Qibing; Sun, Xinjian; Li, Cheng; Zhao, Yawei; Zhou, Xinjie; He, Yinpeng; Zhang, Yuxiang 4361
Structural Behavior of Ultrahigh-Performance Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Thin-Walled Arch Subjected to Asymmetric Load. Yang, Jun; Zhou, Jianting; Wang, Zongshan; Zhou, Yingxin; Zhang, Hong 5017
Study of Tunnel Damage Caused by Underground Mining Deformation: Calculation, Analysis, and Reinforcement. Li, Peixian; Yan, Lili; Yao, Dehua 6945
Study on the Process and Mechanism of Slope Failure Induced by Mining under Open Pit Slope: A Case Study from Yanqianshan Iron Mine, China. Hu, Yingpeng; Ren, Fengyu; Ding, Hangxing; Fu, Yu; Tan, Baohui Case study 9568
The Blocking Mechanism of the Vertical Feeding System of Roadside Support Body Material for Backfilling Gob-Side Entry Retaining. Gong, Peng; Ma, Zhanguo; Sun, Jian; Zhang, Ray Ruichong 7021
The Settlement Models of Deep Vacuum Dewatering Method. Huang, Feng; Lyu, Jianguo; Wang, Guihe 4064
Theoretical Analysis of Damaged Width & Instability Mechanism of Rib Pillar in Open-Pit Highwall Mining. Wang, Rui; Yan, Shuai; Bai, Jianbiao; Chang, Zhiguo; Zhao, Tianhao 9064
Verification of Formulas for Periods of Adjacent Buildings Used to Assess Minimum Separation Gap Preventing Structural Pounding during Earthquakes. Khatami, S.M.; Naderpour, H.; Barros, R.C.; Jankowski, R. 3048

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