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Articles from Advances in Civil Engineering (July 31, 2019)

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A Comprehensive Review on Reasons for Tailings Dam Failures Based on Case History. Lyu, Zongjie; Chai, Junrui; Xu, Zengguang; Qin, Yuan; Cao, Jing Case study 13750
A Method to Improve the Seismic Performance of Steel Moment Resisting Frames Based on Eigenfrequency Optimization. Arroyo, Orlando; Osorio, Angie V.; Vargas, Maria Catalina Technical report 6924
A Multistep Method for Automatic Determination and Optimization of Microseismic P-Phase Arrival Times in a Coal Mine. Zhu, Quanjie; Liu, Xiaohui; Liu, Xiaoyun; Chai, Haitao; Shi, Jianjun Technical report 7144
A New Method to Estimate the Joint Roughness Coefficient by Back Calculation of Shear Strength. Huan, Jiu-yang; He, Ming-ming; Zhang, Zhi-qiang; Li, Ning Technical report 8350
A New Simple Method for the Strength of High-Strength Steel Thin-Walled Box Columns Subjected to Axial Force and Biaxial End Moments. Shen, Hong-Xia Technical report 11096
A Novel Experiment to Study the Roll Motion Characteristics of a Sailing Ship in a Landslide-Generated Wave in the Three Gorges Reservoir. Yuan, Peiyin; Wang, Pingyi; Zhao, Yu Technical report 6138
A Predictive Model for Damage Assessment and Deformation in Blast Walls Resulted by Hydrocarbon Explosions. Aleyaasin, Majid Technical report 6122
A Review of Multicriteria Assessment Techniques Applied to Sustainable Infrastructure Design. Navarro, Ignacio J.; Yepes, Victor; Marti, Jose V. Technical report 12036
A Simplified Calculation Method for the Near-Slope Laterally Loaded Pile Based on a Passive Wedge Model. Yang, Minghui; Deng, Bo; Wang, Yuhui Technical report 6228
An Effective Approach to Input Variable Selection for Preliminary Cost Estimation of Construction Projects. Meharie, Meseret Getnet; Gariy, Zachary C. Abiero; Mutuku, Raphael Ngumbau Ndisya; Mengesha, Wubshet Technical report 9794
An Experimental Study of Seepage Properties in Crushed Sandstone and Mudstone. Ding, Qi-Le; Song, Shuai-Bing Technical report 4284
An Improved Low-Cost Continuous Compaction Detection Method for the Construction of Asphalt Pavement. Jia, Tong; He, Tiejun; Qian, Zhendong; Lv, Jian; Cao, Kaixin Technical report 6599
Analysis of the Seismic Performance of a Two-Span Specially Shaped Column Frame. Teng, Zhen-chao; Zhao, Tian-jia; Liu, Yu Technical report 4895
Attenuation Law of Stress Waves in Cracked Rock Mass under Different Confining Pressures. Lou, Xiaoming; Luo, Rui; Yu, Jin Technical report 4929
BIM Use by Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) Industry in Educational Facility Projects. Moreno, Cristina; Olbina, Svetlana; Issa, Raja R. Technical report 16098
BIM-Based Digital Fabrication Process for a Free-Form Building Project in South Korea. Lee, Joo-sung; Kwon, Nahyun; Ham, Nam-hyuk; Kim, Jae-jun; Ahn, Yong-han Technical report 9456
Bond Behavior of CRACFST Columns after Exposure to Elevated Temperatures. Hu, Peng; Liang, Jiong-Feng Technical report 4450
Calculation of Pile Side Friction by Multiparameter Statistical Analysis. Zhou, Zhijun; Dong, Yaqin; Jiang, Peijun; Han, Dandan; Liu, Tong Technical report 8090
Comparative Study of Wellhole Surrounding Rock under Nonuniform Ground Stress. Jiang, Zhongyu; Zhou, Guoqing Technical report 4507
Comparative Study on the Test Method for Tensile Elastic Modulus of Rock Materials. Zhang, Yan; Yu, Dawei Technical report 7867
Comparative Study on Two Types of Nonpillar Mining Techniques by Roof Cutting and by Filling Artificial Materials. Zhen, Enze; Gao, Yubing; Wang, Yajun; Wang, Siming Technical report 7326
Connection between Relationship Quality and Megaproject Success: Moderating Role of Contractual Functions. Wang, Dedong; Lu, Yongqiang; Fang, Shaoze Report 10154
Credit Default of Local Public Sectors in Chinese Government-Pay PPP Projects: Evidence from Ecological Construction. Yang, Jie; Song, Lingchuan; Xing, Zhongdan Technical report 14059
Deep-Learning-Based Bughole Detection for Concrete Surface Image. Yao, Gang; Wei, Fujia; Yang, Yang; Sun, Yujia Technical report 6073
Design of Flexible Structural System for Building Customization. Lozano, Diego; Martin, Angel; Serrano, Miguel A.; Lopez-Colina, Carlos Technical report 8257
Determination of Intervening Pillar Thickness Based on the Cusp Catastrophe Model. Ma, Shaowei; Luo, Zhouquan; Hu, Jianhua; Ren, Qifan; Qin, Yaguang; Wen, Lei Technical report 6292
Effect of Rock Particle Content on the Mechanical Behavior of a Soil-Rock Mixture (SRM) via Large-Scale Direct Shear Test. Liu, Longqi; Mao, Xuesong; Xiao, Yajun; Wu, Qian; Tang, Ke; Liu, Feifei Technical report 6158
Effect of Wetting-Drying Cycles on Mechanical Behaviour and Electrical Resistivity of Unsaturated Subgrade Soil. Hu, Zhi; Peng, Kai; Li, Lihua; Ma, Qiang; Xiao, Henglin; Li, Zhichao; Ai, Pinbo Technical report 5956
Estimating the Effects of Tunnelling on Preexisting Jointed Pipelines. Yu, Shao; Duan, Zhibo; Liu, Ying; Ma, Min; Ma, Shaokun Technical report 6022
Evaluating Iraqi Modified Asphalt Concrete Moisture Resistance Based on Strength Ratio and Fracture Energy Parameters. Taki, Zahir Noori M.; Abed, Alaa H.; Al-Mosawe, Hasan Technical report 3610
Experimental Investigation of Dynamic Characteristics of Subsea Sand-Silt Mixtures. Feng, Tugen; Tang, Yu; Wang, Qiyenan; Zhang, Jian; Song, Jian Technical report 6033
Experimental Investigation of Neutralisation of Concrete with Fly Ash as Fine Aggregate in Freeze-Thaw Environment. Zhang, Dongsheng; Mao, Mingjie; Yang, Qiuning; Zhang, Wenbo; Han, and Pengfei Technical report 7221
Experimental Investigation of the Shear Behavior of a Concrete Beam without Web Reinforcements Using External Vertical Prestressing Rebars. Xue, Xingwei; Wang, Xuan; Hua, Xudong; Wu, Meizhong; Wu, Longqing; Ma, Zhuang; Zhou, Junlong Technical report 6829
Experimental Investigation of the Size Effect of the Mode I Static Fracture Toughness of Limestone. Zhang, Sheng; Wang, Longfei; Gao, Mingzhong Technical report 6694
Experimental Investigation on Shear Strength and Liquefaction Potential of Rubber-Sand Mixtures. Enquan, Zhou; Qiong, Wang Technical report 4469
Experimental Investigation on the Influence of Regional Concrete Spalling on Shield Tunnel Segments. Wang, Shimin; Liu, Chuankun; Ma, Gaoyu; Cao, Songyu; Zhang, Junbo; Lu, Daiyue; He, Chuan Technical report 7678
Experimental Research on Antiseismic Performance of High-Strength Concrete High-Shear Walls with Built-In Steel Plates. Yu, Yu; Gan, Min; Zhang, Yan; Li, Liren; Zhang, Huakun Technical report 10749
Experimental Study on the Seismic Behaviour of Reinforced Concrete Bridge Piers Strengthened by BFRP Sheets. Li, Yong; Xie, Meng-Fei; Liu, Jing-Bo Technical report 4564
Experimental Verification of Applying Active Control Method as Virtual Support for Relief Bridge. Shih, Ming-Hsiang; Sung, Wen-Pei Technical report 6932
Explore Knowledge-Sharing Strategy and Evolutionary Mechanism for Integrated Project Team Based on Evolutionary Game Model. Du, Yanchao; Zhou, Hengyu; Yuan, Yongbo; Liu, Xiaoxue Report 18159
Failure Prediction of Two Types of Rocks Based on Acoustic Emission Characteristics. Sun, Bing; Hou, Shanshan; Xie, Jiehui; Zeng, Sheng Technical report 6277
Field Tests and Simplified Calculation Method for Static Drill Rooted Nodular Pile. Wang, Zhong-Jin; Zhang, Ri-Hong; Xie, Xin-Yu; Fang, Peng-Fei; Zheng, Ling-Wei; Li, Jin-Zhu; Zhu, Da- Technical report 7267
Finite-Element Analysis of Keying Process of Plate Anchors in Three-Layer Soft-Stiff-Soft Clay Deposits. Feng, Tugen; Xu, Huajiao; Song, Jian; Zhang, Jian; Zhou, Mi; Zhang, Fuhai Technical report 5576
GPS, Accelerometer, and Smartphone Fused Smart Sensor for SHM on Real-Scale Bridges. Guzman-Acevedo, G. Michel; Vazquez-Becerra, G. Esteban; Millan-Almaraz, Jesus R.; Rodriguez-Lozoya, Technical report 7956
Identifying Factors Affecting the Sustainability of Water Environment Treatment Public-Private Partnership Projects. Li, Huimin; Xia, Qing; Wen, Shiping; Wang, Lunyan; Lv, Lelin Technical report 11748
Implementing Fuzzy TOPSIS on Project Risk Variable Ranking. Husin, Saiful; Fachrurrazi, Fachrurrazi; Rizalihadi, Maimun; Mubarak, Mubarak Technical report 6437
Improving the Structural Reliability of Steel Frames Using Posttensioned Connections. Bojorquez, Eden; Lopez-Barraza, Arturo; Reyes-Salazar, Alfredo; Ruiz, Sonia E.; Ruiz-Garcia, Jorge; Technical report 6147
Influence of Fault on the Surrounding Rock Stability for a Mining Tunnel: Distance and Tectonic Stress. Zhang, Zhiqiang; Chen, Fangfang; Li, Ning; He, Mingming Technical report 7136
Investigation of Fresh and Hardened Characteristics of Self-Compacting Concrete with the Incorporation of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate and Steel-Making Slag. Khan, Kashif Ali; Nasir, Hassan; Alam, Muhammad; Khan, Sajjad Wali; Ahmad, Izhar; Rehman, Zia Ur Technical report 6495
Investigation of Pore Structure and Water Imbibition Behavior of Weakly Cemented Silty Mudstone. Wang, Shuai; Han, Lijun; Meng, Qingbin; Jin, Yuhao; Zhao, Weisheng Technical report 7174
Large-Scale Model Testing of High-Speed Railway Subgrade under Freeze-Thaw and Precipitation Conditions. Zhang, Shasha; Wang, Yantao; Xiao, Fei; Chen, Weizhi Technical report 8229
Measurement of Holistic Road Damage and Analysis of Its Corresponding Traffic Characteristics. Guo, Shun; Huang, Zhengfeng; Zheng, Pengjun; Lu, Ting; Lu, Lili; Li, Xuan Technical report 6375
Method to Calculate Working Surface Abutment Pressure Based on Key Strata Theory. Han, Hongkai; Xu, Jialin; Wang, Xiaozhen; Xie, Jianlin; Xing, Yantuan Technical report 11595
Microcrack Growth Properties of Granite under Ultrasonic High-Frequency Excitation. Zhao, Dajun; Zhang, Shulei; Wang, Meiyan Technical report 5575
Mitigation of Underground Engineering Disaster. Ma, Zhanguo; Sun, Jian; Zhang, Ray Ruichong Editorial 1339
Multidimensional Fragility Analysis for a NEES Frame Structure by Integrating a New Energy Damage Index: Cumulative Plastic Strain. Wang, Qiang; Wu, Ziyan Technical report 5462
Multiobjective Construction Optimization Model Based on Quantum Genetic Algorithm. He, Wei; Shi, Yichao Report 4685
Numerical Simulation of Surface Subsidence and Backfill Material Movement Induced by Underground Mining. Li, Xibing; Wang, Dongyi; Li, Chongjin; Liu, Zhixiang Technical report 9906
Performance Evaluation of JPCP with Changes of Pavement Mix Design Using Pavement Management Data. Oh, Han Jin; Park, Jun Young; Kim, Hyung Bae; Jung, Won Kyong; Lee, Jung Hun 6783
Permeability Characteristic and Failure Behavior of Filled Cracked Rock in the Triaxial Seepage Experiment. Liu, Xinyu; Zhu, Zhende; Liu, Aihua Technical report 6494
Predictive Analysis of Settlement Risk in Tunnel Construction: A Bow-Tie-Bayesian Network Approach. Liu, Wen; Zhai, Shihong; Liu, Wenli Technical report 11999
Quantifying Repeatability Reproducibility Sources of Error and Capacity of a Measurement: Demonstrated Using Laboratory Soil Plasticity Tests. Li, Cheng; Ashlock, Jeramy C.; Wang, Xuhao Technical report 7117
Research on M-Paul Dynamic Constitutive Relation of Q235B Steel. Lin, Li; Huang, Bo; Xiao, Xinke; Huang, Minyuan; Liu, Zhiying Technical report 6941
Research on Mechanical Performance of CRTS III Plate-Type Ballastless Track Structure under Temperature Load Based on Probability Statistics. Yu, Zhiwu; Xie, Ying; Tian, Xiuquan Technical report 5912
Research on the Obstruction Process of Rigid Netting Barriers toward Granular Flow. Fan, Yunyun; Wu, Fengyuan Technical report 11062
Shake Table Response of Unreinforced Masonry and Reinforced Concrete Elements of Special Moment Resisting Frame. Shah, Syed Azmat Ali; Khan, Junaid Shah; Ali, Syed Muhammad; Shahzada, Khan; Ahmad, Waqar; Shah, Jun Technical report 7923
Shear Capacity of Open Sandwich Steel Plate-Concrete Composite Slab: Experimental and Analytical Studies. Wu, Lili; An, Lipei; Li, Jiawei Technical report 7644
Stability Charts for Pseudostatic Stability Analysis of 3D Homogeneous Soil Slopes Using Strength Reduction Finite Element Method. Sun, Chaowei; Chai, Junrui; Ma, Bin; Luo, Tao; Gao, Ying; Qiu, Huanfeng Technical report 6502
Stiffness Analysis of Recycled Self-Compacting Concrete-Filled Circular Steel Tubular Columns under Eccentric Compression. Yu, Feng; Xu, Pengcheng; Fang, Yuan; Zhang, Yang; Jiang, Junjie Technical report 8484
Study of Shear Capacity of Jointed Rock Mass with Prestressed Anchor Bolt. Zhao, Yufei; Zhang, Hongtao; Nie, Yong Technical report 6141
Study on Energy Consumption Characteristics of Different Tools under Impact Load. Zhao, Fujun; Wang, Haifan; Ye, Zhouyuan; Liu, Yonghong; Li, Yu Technical report 3631
Study on Mechanical and Ecological Properties of Fly Ash Substrate for Ecological Slope Protection. Wan, Juan; Zhu, Jun; Xiao, Henglin; Ma, Qiang Technical report 6591
Study on Permeability of Steel Slag and Steel Slag Modifying Silt Soil as New Geo-Backfill Materials. Wang, Liyan; Yan, Jiatao; Wang, Qi; Wang, Binghui; Ishimwe, Aimable Technical report 8974
Study on the Creep Behaviors of Interactive Marine-Terrestrial Deposit Soils. Yan, Zhen; Li, Gang; Zhang, Jinli; Zhang, Rui Technical report 6277
Supporting Characteristics of Soldier Piles for Foundation Pits under Rainfall Infiltration. Huang, Changxi; Wang, Xinghua; Zhang, Min; Zhou, Hao; Liang, Yan Technical report 6742
Synergistic Effect of Integrated Project Delivery, Lean Construction, and Building Information Modeling on Project Performance Measures: A Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis. Nguyen, Phuong; Akhavian, Reza Report 6910
Time-Dependent Reliability Analysis of RC Deep Beams considering Linear/Nonlinear Creep and Shrinkage Using ANFIS Network and MCS. Beheshti, Seyed Bahram; Ghabdian, Mohsen Technical report 9744
Visualization of Component Status Information of Prefabricated Concrete Building Based on Building Information Modeling and Radio Frequency Identification: A Case Study in China. Ma, Guofeng; Jiang, Jun; Shang, Shanshan Case study 7064
Water Transport in Unsaturated Cracked Concrete under Pressure. Zhang, Yuanzhu; Zhang, Siming; Wei, Gang; Wei, Xinjiang; Jin, Liqiao; Xu, Kuixin Technical report 6029
Working Mechanism of Pile Group with Different Pile Spacing in Dense Sand. Chen, Yadong; Lu, Fan; Namdar, Abdoullah; Cai, Jiangdong Technical report 8298

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