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Articles from Advances in Civil Engineering (January 1, 2017)

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4D Applications of GIS in Construction Management. Kumar, A. Chaitanya; Reshma, T. 3897
A Comparative Study of First-Order Reliability Method-Based Steepest Descent Search Directions for Reliability Analysis of Steel Structures. Makhduomi, Hamed; Keshtegar, Behrooz; Shahraki, Mehdi Technical report 5634
A Simplified Parametric Study on Occupant Comfort Conditions in Base Isolated Buildings under Wind Loading. Ubertini, F.; Comodini, F.; Fulco, A.; Mezzi, M. Technical report 5658
Advanced Cementitious Building Materials with Applications in Civil Engineering. Zhang, Peng; Han, Song; Ng, Serina; Wang, Xu-Hao Technical report 2062
An Analytical Method for Determining the Load Distribution of Single-Column Multibolt Connection. Konkong, Nirut; Phuvoravan, Kitjapat Technical report 7166
Behavior of Low Grade Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete Made with Fresh and Recycled Brick Aggregates. Islam, Md. Shariful; Siddique, Mohammad Al Amin Technical report 6205
Bond Effects between Concrete and Steel Bar Using Different Diameter Bars and Different Initial Crack Width. Faye, Papa Niane; Ye, Yinghua; Diao, Bo Technical report 5032
Bond Strength between Hybrid Fiber-Reinforced Lightweight Aggregate Concrete Substrate and Self-Compacting Concrete as Topping Layer. Widodo, Slamet Technical report 5360
Construction Marketing: Developing a Reference Framework. Mokhtariani, Mahmood; Davoudpour, Mohammad Hassan Seband Hamid Report 10240
Cumulative Ductility and Hysteretic Behavior of Small Buckling-Restrained Braces. Sugihardjo, Hidajat; Tavio Technical report 5495
Design Diagrams for the Analysis of Active Pressure on Retaining Walls with the Effect of Line Surcharge. Ahmadabadi, Mojtaba; Faghirizadeh, Mohammad Karim Technical report 4207
Developing Pavement Distress Deterioration Models for Pavement Management System Using Markovian Probabilistic Process. Saha, Promothes; Ksaibati, Khaled; Atadero, Rebecca Report 4919
Effect of Modified Rubber Particles Mixing Amount on Properties of Cement Mortar. Xue, Gang; Cao, Mei-ling Technical report 3589
Experimental Research and Finite Element Analysis on Mechanical Property of SFRC T-Beam. Sun, Min; Zhu, Jiapeng; Li, Ning; Fu, C.C. Technical report 2681
Experimental Studies on Punching Shear and Impact Resistance of Steel Fibre Reinforced Slag Based Geopolymer Concrete. Karunanithi, Srinivasan Technical report 4914
Experimental Study on Structural Performance of RC Exterior Beam-Column Joints Retrofitted by Steel Jacketing and Haunch Element under Cyclic Loading Simulating Earthquake Excitation. Dang, Cong-Thuat; Dinh, Ngoc-Hieu Technical report 4712
Experimental Study on the Utilization of Fine Steel Slag on Stabilizing High Plastic Subgrade Soil. Aldeeky, Hussien; Hattamleh, Omar Al Technical report 5385
Influence of Crumb-Rubber in the Mechanical Response of Modified Portland Cement Concrete. Retama, J.; Ayala, A.G. Technical report 5033
Inversion Calculation Analysis of Operational Tunnel Structure Based on the Distributed Optical-Fiber Sensing System. Zhao, Jie; Feng, Jiang; Ren, Liang Technical report 4770
Measurement of Pozzolanic Activity Index of Scoria, Pumice, and Rice Husk Ash as Potential Supplementary Cementitious Materials for Portland Cement. Mboya, Hieronimi A.; Kingondu, Cecil K.; Njau, Karoli N.; Mrema, Alex L. Technical report 5860
Moment-Curvature Behaviors of Concrete Beams Singly Reinforced by Steel-FRP Composite Bars. Sun, Zeyang; Yang, Yang; Yan, Wenlong; Wu, Gang; He, Xiaoyuan Report 6686
Numerical Simulations of Restrained Shrinkage Cracking in Glass Fibre Reinforced Shotcrete Slabs. Sjolander, Andreas; Ansell, Anders Technical report 6762
Optimization of Rigidly Supported Guyed Masts. Belevicius, R.; Jatulis, D.; Rusakevicius, D.; Maciunas, D. Technical report 6926
Parameter Analysis on Wind-Induced Vibration of UHV Cross-Rope Suspension Tower-Line. Li, Xilai; Yu, Dengke; Li, Zhengliang Technical report 3430
Permeability and Tensile Strength of Concrete with Arabic Gum Biopolymer. Mohamed, Abdeliazim Mustafa; Osman, Mohd Hanim; Smaoui, Hichem; Ariffin, Mohd Azreen Mohd Technical report 3940
Proposal of Design Formulae for Equivalent Elasticity of Masonry Structures Made with Bricks of Low Modulus. Ridwan, Muhammad; Yoshitake, Isamu; Nassif, Ayman Y. Technical report 7351
Research on Fatigue Strain and Fatigue Modulus of Concrete. Liu, Fangping; Zhou, Jianting Technical report 4027
Seismic Fragility Assessment of an Isolated Multipylon Cable-Stayed Bridge Using Shaking Table Tests. Pang, Yutao Technical report 5205
Series-Based Solution for Analysis of Simply Supported Rectangular Thin Plate with Internal Rigid Supports. Musa, Abubakr E.S.; Gahtani, Husain J. Al- Technical report 3538
Static and Dynamic Mechanical Properties of Long-Span Cable-Stayed Bridges Using CFRP Cables. Kuihua, Mei; Shengjiang, Sun; Guoqing, Jin; Yamin, Sun Technical report 6738
Study of Split-Flow Wall Located at Exit. Zhao, Guomin; Li, Min; Zhao, Yunfeng; Zhng, Qingsong; Liu, Zhongxian Technical report 3834
Tests and Analyses of Slotted-In Steel-Plate Connections in Composite Timber Shear Wall Panels. Girhammar, Ulf Arne; Kallsner, Bo Technical report 11633
The Effect of Aging on the Cracking Resistance of Recycled Asphalt. Mohammadafzali, Mojtaba; Ali, Hesham; Musselman, James A.; Sholar, Gregory A.; Massahi, Aidin Technical report 4351
Using Expert Opinion to Quantify Uncertainty in and Cost of Using Nondestructive Evaluation on Bridges. Hesse, Alex A.; Atadero, Rebecca A.; Ozbek, Mehmet E. Technical report 8829

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