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Advances in Baking Technology.

Here is a very ancient craft that is being changed continuously in our era. The ages-old craft has seen the introduction of new ingredients designed to improve the finished product and new methods of heating being introduced. In one adds to that, consumer desires to continue to eat food but with fewer calories, increased fibre content, decreased fat and sodium content, then one can appreciate there has been a need to make changes.

Convenience is another attribute of modern food products that can determine whether they become best sellers or not. To discuss these issues, the editors and 14 other contributors have developed 14 chapters. Their titles run: Wheat and wheat flours; Rye flour, wholemeal breads and rye breads; Advances in breadmaking technology; Frozen dough production; Dough rheology and physical testing of dough; Texture measurements on finished baked goods; Enzymes as dough improvers; Emulsifiers in baking; Lecithin and phospholipids in baked goods; Sensory evaluation; Microwave technology in baking; Extrusion of baked products; Fats and fat replacers; and Dietary fibre, analysis, physiology and calorie reduction.

These chapter titles are fairly self-explanatory but, of course, they are divided into numerous subsections and carry illustrations where they enhance the text.

As the whole subject of baking is so old, it might have been assumed that we know all about it but that is some way from the truth. In one sense, bread is very much a living material and the call of the marketplace has brought about the development of many variations on an old theme. All these needed to be understood and the science behind them explained, which is what this book sets out to do.
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Date:Jun 1, 1993
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