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Articles from Advances in Astronomy (January 1, 2013)

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A characterization of the diffuse galactic emissions at large angular scales using the Tenerife data. Macias-Perez, J.F.; Davies, R.D.; Watson, R.; Gutierrez, C.M.; Rebolo, R. 8773
A characterization of the diffuse galactic emissions in the anticenter of the galaxy. Fauvet, L.; Macias-Perez, J.F.; Hildebrandt, S.R.; Desert, F.-X. Abstract 5262
A numerical simulation of Chern-Simons inflation. Garrison, David; Underwood, Christopher Abstract 3604
Anomalous microwave emission from star forming regions. Scaife, Anna M.M. Abstract 21785
Are Wolf-Rayet stars able to pollute the interstellar medium of galaxies? Results from integral field spectroscopy. Perez-Montero, Enrique; Kehrig, Carolina; Brinchmann, Jarle; Vilchez, Jose M.; Kunth, Daniel; Durret 8403
Cosmic ray investigation in the stratosphere and space: results from instruments on Russian satellites and balloons. Logachev, Yu.I.; Lazutin, L.L.; Kudela, K. Abstract 13814
Diffusion coefficients, short-term cosmic ray modulation, and convected magnetic structures. Quenby, John J.; Mulligan, Tamitha; Blake, J. Bernard; Shaul, Diana N.A. Abstract 6598
Hubble diagram test of expanding and static cosmological models: the case for a slowly expanding flat universe. Marosi, Laszlo A. Abstract 3328
Incorporation of [sup.36]Cl into calcium-aluminum-rich inclusions in the solar wind implantation model. Bricker, Glynn E.; Caffee, Marc W. Abstract 2904
Investigating the source of Planck-detected AME: high-resolution observations at 15 GHz. Perrott, Yvette C.; Scaife, Anna M.M.; Hurley-Walker, Natasha; Grainge, Keith J.B. Abstract 5609
Observations of anomalous microwave emission from HII regions. Dickinson, Clive Abstract 3649
On the effects of viscosity on the shock waves for a hydrodynamical case--part I: basic mechanism. Cavus, Huseyin Abstract 4514
On the onset time of several SPE/GLE events: indications from high-energy gamma-ray and neutron measurements by CORONAS-F. Kurt, Viktoria; Kudela, Karel; Yushkov, Boris; Galkin, Vladimir Abstract 8898
Signature of plausible accreting supermassive black holes in Mrk 261/262 and Mrk 266. Ter-Kazarian, Gagik; Sargsyan, Lusine Abstract 8986
Spinning dust radiation: a review of the theory. Ali-Haimoud, Yacine Abstract 10112
Studying the interstellar medium of H II/BCD galaxies using IFU spectroscopy. Lagos, Patricio; Papaderos, Polychronis Abstract 6247
The discovery of anomalous microwave emission. Leitch, Erik M.; Readhead, A.C.R. Abstract 4127
The Mitchell spectrograph: studying nearby galaxies with the VIRUS prototype. Blanc, Guillermo A. Abstract 13550
The study of nebular emission on nearby spiral galaxies in the IFU era. Rosales-Ortega, Fernando Fabian Abstract 9530

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