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Advances in Aseptic Processing Technologies.

This text is based on papers presented at the 2nd International Conference on Aseptic Processing Technologies, held in Chicago back in March 1991. In this context, aseptic processing is defined as the technique whereby a commercially sterilized product is filled into a presterilized container and sealed hermetically in a sterile environment. Such technology has been applied to both liquid and acid or acidified particulate food materials. In recent years t here has been great interest in the processing of low acid foods containing particulates. The challenges are to ensure the microbiological safety and quality of aseptically processed and packaged products.

The work in this field has involved gaining an understanding of the heat transfer and flow phenomena in continuous heat exchangers and developing techniques to measure and/or predict the lethality at the centre of continuously flowing particles. Alongside these problems have been the examination and testing of new packaging materials and finding reliable methods for testing package integrity in-line. The final challenge is to gain sufficient information on critical control factors so that processes and systems can be safely used.

The 11 chapters carry titles: The Nordic project on aseptic processes; Residence time distributions of foods with/without particulates in aseptic processing systems; Liquid-to-particle heat transfer coefficient in aseptic processing; Heat transfer in aseptic processing of particulate foods; Modelling sterilisation and quality in Ohmic heating; Efforts to create an environmentally compatible aseptic carton container; Principles, technology and applications of destructive and non destructive package integrity testing; Aseptic processing of foods - market advantages and microbiological risks; Potential applications of bacteriocins in processed foods; Quality considerations during aseptic processing of foods; and Acceptance procedures for aseptically processed particulate foods.
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