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Advances in Accounting Education: Teaching and Curriculum Innovations.


Advances in Accounting Education: Teaching and Curriculum Innovations

Edited by Timothy J. Rupert and Beth B. Kern



220 pages



Advances in Accounting Education: Teaching and Curriculum Innovations; Volume 20


The special section in this volume of the series looks at courses in accounting ethics from the perspectives of designing a theme-based ethics course, integrating leadership topics to prepare students for a challenging profession, and a wisdom-based ethics course. The other topics are an empirical investigation of student career interest in auditing using the big five model of personality, the efficacy of using Monopoly to improve undergraduate students' understanding of the accounting cycle, analytical procedures: an in-class exercise, and journal lists and steps to develop them. Distributed in North America by Turpin Distribution. ([umlaut] Ringgold, Inc., Portland, OR)

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Article Type:Book review
Date:Apr 1, 2017
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