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Advanced shooting kit from Action Airgun.

ActionAirgun is an unprecedented timed-action shooting sport designed to be played each week in your own garage, basement, spare room or clubhouse range. Scores are uploaded to the Internet, where shooters instantly find out how they measure up against the world's finest. Everyone shoots the same gun, at the same targets, set up in the same course of fire. It is just like being at a USPSA or IDPA sanctioned action-shooting event--without the travel expenses. All participants use the exclusive Advanced Shooting Kit, with high-quality gear, including an all-metal C02 airsoft 1911-style pistol. It has the same form, fit and function as the real thing and the slide even cycles every time the trigger is pulled.


Also included is a CED 7000 timer (made exclusively for ActionAirguns), pellets, C02, safety glasses, a holster, spare magazine, manuals and instructions, targets and target stands. The consumables (pellets and standard 12 gram C02 cartridges) are available through or any local sporting goods store. Three courses of fire per week are made available to each shooter for online downloading and printing. Alter that, the action gets fast and furious, with the 1911 sending a 3-grain pellet down range at 300 feet per second. Contact: ActionAirgun, 14 Corporate Circle, East Syracuse, NY 1305, (877) 724-0157, Fax: (315) 448-0157,
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Title Annotation:NEW PRODUCTS
Author:Morey, Jeff
Publication:Guns Magazine
Date:May 1, 2009
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